Why is everyone saying Luis Suarez cheated?

That is highly unlikely to happen. More likely, he will be fined a crapload of money and suspended from all FIFA play for some length of time.

. For example, Suarez will miss at least the remainder of the tournament, because the penalty for an ejection for a goal-stopping handball is automatically TWO matches (if Uruguay loses the next round, Suarez will have to sit out Uruguay’s next international match). FIFA’s disciplinary rules call out special penalties for a handball that prevents a goal.

The FIFA disciplinary committee can levy additional penalties for Suarez’ act, and I believe those penalties will be forthcoming if Ghana seeks them. In theory, Suarez could be banned for life for what he has done. “Cheating” is not the right word for what Suarez did, but it is an egregious act of foul play

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Mason Porter

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