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12bet this might not be the sexiest topic of football conversation and it might be a pain to get anybody reading it, but we have to. For the good of the game, and for the health of the people playing it.

When people say “ooh £50million for Raheem Sterling, that’s an awful lot”, they’re wrong. Bournemouth could storm to the title with 110 points. What those people refuse to acknowledge is that things are actually looking promising at the back already.

At this stage, anything could happen this season. Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal could all get relegated. As a footballing community, we have to keep talking about this. The quiet before the storm. Nobody is denying that on the scale of things £50million is a substantial amount of money, but to men who command oil empires around the world and probably employ butlers to roll them the finest tobacco in $100 notes, it’s just about the square root of diddly squat.


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It’s that time again. They are all improbable, however (although I’m still not sure about Rogers).. They are all possibilities. The football season has arrived…

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Most fans who make themselves heard on social media comment ‘We NEED Otamendi’ probably without really knowing anything about him. Brendan Rogers could be revealed as a terrifying space lizard from Mars. The anticipation building to an almost explosive level when passions, excitement and more than anything, pure nerves take over the central nervous system of the most placid of people

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