Paul the Octopus – The Luckiest Octopus to Ever Live

Paul’s owner announced on July 12th 2010 that Paul wont be making any more predictions.

Is Paul responsible for German defeat against Spain in 2010 Football World Cup Semifinals?

Uruguay VS Germany Third Place Match Results

Paul does it again … The chance of getting 8/8 lucky is 1/28 = 0.0039 or 0.39%.

Here are the two final football world cup predictions by Paul the Octopus.

Spain on other side is desperate to get Paul and they have announced to beat any offer already on the table.

I had a poll on my hub which i am removing now and according to poll 35% people said Spain would win and 65% people voted in favor of Netherlands. With this final football prediction Paul the psychic octopus has kept its unbeaten record of predicting football matches.

Paul has chosen Spain to win 2010 FIFA World Cup

Paul magic:

Paul the psychic Octopus made 8 worldcup prediction and 8 of them cam true. Paul’s prediction came true as Germany was defeated by Spain in semifinals.Paul proved that he knows more about football than most of experts out there. Madrid Zoo has made a bid to transfer Paul the octopus from Germany to Madrid Zoo where it will become their major attraction. So here we are, tomorrow is the FIFA 2010 world cupfinal and according to Octopus prediction Spainis going to win. Paul was born in England but currently its working as a fortune teller at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany.

Unfortunately Octopus selected Spain over Germany to play football 2010 finals. This world cup was more thrilling than all previous world cups just because of Octopus predictions. However Paul will continue his job of entertaining visitors.

Spain wants to buy Paul the octopus

Paul has been given honorary Spanish citizenship by the Mayor of O Carballio, Carlos Montes. Keep your fingers crossed and pray for your team. Paul the octopus have correctly predicted 5 of the 6 Germany games. That makes is 8/8 or 100% accuracy.

So Paul the Octopus is now according to me most successful predictor of all times.

Leave you answers in comment section below.

Paul the psychic Octopus Chooses The Worldcup 2010 Winner

Football or soccer fever continues and now its the grand finale the 2010 FIFA world cup final. An odds defying 21st century oracle, or a brilliant trickery, remains a warmly debated topic.

Paul only predicts for Germany and before each match Paul is presented with two identical boxes of food. This iphone app is now available on iphone app store for 99 cents only. Not to forget that Paul is yet to make another prediction about the third place match between Germany and Uruguay. I hope Paul sticks to its successful and unique predicting skill.

Paul the octopus died on October 2010. Philippe this is a very interesting documentary. Written and produced by Alexandre O. It was anotherclassic world cup match. Germany defeated Uruguay 3-2 securing third place in 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Paul hits iphone— Octopus predictions are now available on your iphone. Just like the rest of the world Russians bookmakers also want Paul to be a major attraction, in addition they want to study whether Paul can actually predict games or not.

Comment Question:

Russian company offers 100,000 euros for Paul the octopus.

Do not forget to post your interesting comments below. Paul the predicting octopus is almost two years old and its bread in captivity.

What if you were Paul’s owner?

For third place match Paul predicts that Germany will defeat Uruguay. After this successful prediction Paul has become the most hated Octopus in German history.

Paul the psychic Octopus on iphone app:

Paul the Octopus retires from making predictions. As a retirement gift Paul gets his own world cup trophy garnished by his favorite food mussels. With the end of world cup Paul maintains his record of being 100% correct in predicting world cup matches .

If you were the owner of Octopus predicting world cup matches with that accuracy you would have easily made 5 Million in betting and at least 2 Million in form of royalties and increased business sale.

Paul in Trouble

Paul the psychic octopus is in deep trouble as his owner received death threats and even recipe suggestion from angry German football fans. Germany wins the third place match against Uruguay. Now Paul will help you choose between two options.

A Russian Bookmaking company has offered a bid of 100,000 euros to buy Paul the octopus however Paul’s owner insist that its not for sale. It seems like mother nature is back to favor Germans once again.

Paul the psychic Octopus

Paul is a psychic octopus and believe it or not, Paul is really good at its job. So thank your Paul the Octopus for making this world cup so unique and worth remembering. At the time of its death Paul was aged two-and-a-half, a normal lifespan for any octopus.

Results: FIFA World Cup 2010 Finals Spain VS Netherland

So we have our results for the finals and like Octopus predicted, Spain are the 2010 soccer world champions. In this short life span paul became a world sensation and will always be remembered as an Octopus with a very special talent.

Documentry: The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus

The amazing story of the world’s most loved and hated creature, who became a worldwide superstar by eight correct ‘predictions’ during the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Do you know that Octopus is most intelligent of all invertebrates.. Paul the psychic Octopus gets it right again. Believe it or not Paul the psychic Octopus is now the most famous invertebrate in history of mankind. Each box has contender’s flag on it and octopus predicts the wining team by selecting the box. Next time we should tune into channel Octopus to find out who will win. The bid is being describes as “too good to refuse”, so lets wait and see what happens next.

If Paul survives the consequences of this daring prediction then hopefully we’ll see one more octopus prediction for the third place match between Uruguay and Germany. Now what’s the probability of making 8 world cup predictions correct in strait line. This app is designed by the Brazilian developers who also designed uTouchLabs for iphone.

Finally German fans get something to celebrate. However Paul’s owner denies any contact from any zoo stating that Paul is not for sale. I cant believe it.

As life departs a legend is born.

So get prepared to watch this mega event and may the best team win

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