Gerard Butler Hires More Bodyguards After Death Threats

The actor hired extra bodyguards for his red carpet appearance after receiving messages of threats against him. Hopefully the nuts behind those threats are the kind who don’t follow through. The movie is based on a true life story. This is one actor who certainly has a lot more to bring to the screen.

Reports in the Scotland Daily Record quote a source as saying, “It is quite a controversial subject and some people are upset by the strong religious theme. The star of 300 plays a Hells Angel member who converts to Christianity and begins rescuing orphans in the Muslim-dominant nation of Sudan.

According to KOIN, the threats appear to be related to his promotion of his role in the new controversial movie Machine Gun Preacher. We are treating this matter seriously.” Religion is a very touchy topic for many people, but Gerard Butler shouldn’t be threatened with death after playing the role of a religious man saving the lives of children.

Security has been increased for actor Gerard Butler at the Toronto Film Festival due to death threats. There really should be no reason for the actor to be receiving threats though. Previously, Gerard Butler had talked about how the role affected him and the extreme amount of emotion it evokes talking about the story. Who, besides some jealous husbands, would want to off the actor?

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