Biography of Augusta Ada Lovelace, Nee Byron

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It seems she was not as constrained as some Victorian wives as she was able to pursue her interests in the sciences and mixed socially with Babbage and other worthies like Sir Charles Wheatstone and Charles Dickens.

One of her teachers was the renowned mathematician Mary Somerville (after whom Somerville College, Oxford is named) and it was probably through her that she was first introduced to Charles Babbage.

Encouraged by her mother to study the sciences and mathematics rather than literature, possibly through a fear of her taking up poetry like her father, young Ada excelled at all things metaphysical and mathematical.

Bentley’s Miscellany of 1853 described Ada as resembling her father “… His thoughts and implementation ideas were written down in an article by General Menabrea (who later became the Prime Minister of Italy). Wildman asking if she could be buried next to her father in the Byron vault at Hucknall Torkard church. But she was never to know her father because Lord and Lady Byron separated when Ada was just five weeks old.

The Darker Side of Lovelace and Babbage’s Relationship

During her final illness, Ada contacted Col. She is also immortalised in the name of a computer programming language devised in 1979 and called ADA in her honour.

By 1851, Ada had begun to show symptoms of the uterine cancer that was to ultimately kill her. inherited whatever was grand and good in his character.” She shared his love of the sea and was referred to by him as “Ada, sole daughter of my house and heart.”

This news was a real eye opener for her and she confessed to the Colonel that she had no idea her father had written such things. By him she had three children: Byron Noel in 1836, Anne Isabella in 1837 and Ralph Gordon in 1839.. This translation and her notes were published in September 1843.

Ada Byron’s Gift for Mathematics

Augusta Ada Byron Becomes the Countess of Lovelace

The Death and Burial of the First Computer Programmer

Lady Lovelace Discovers Byron’s Poetry

Ada married, in July 1835, William King, eighth Baron of Ockham, who became the Earl of Lovelace in 1838. According to the Limerick Chronicle of 1851, Lady Lovelace was so convinced that one particular horse would win the Derby, she bet £20,000 on it. She is commemorated with a plaque on the wall of the church. Yes, I will be buried there; not where my mother can join me, but by the side of him who so loved me, and whom I was not taught to love.”

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The Countess of Lovelace, Ada Byron, finally succumbed to cancer in November 1852 and was buried, as she had wished, in the Byron vault next to her father’s remains on 3rd December 1852. were a complete demonstration that the operations of analysis are capable of being executed by machinery.”

Augusta Ada Lovelace, First Computer Programmer?Born on 10th December 1815, Augusta Ada Byron was the only legitimate child of the poet Lord Byron and his wife, Annabella Milbanke. It was Ada who translated Menabrea’s work into English and added notes to it, some of which are regarded to be the earliest computer program. Her mother, it seems, had deliberately withheld any information about her father from her. On a visit to Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire, (which had originally been owned by the Byron family) in that year, the Abbey’s then owner, Colonel Wildman, read a few lines of Byron’s poetry to her. weaves algebraical patterns just as the Jacquard loom weaves flowers and leaves.a” Mrs Andrew Crosse, writing in Bentley’s Miscellany in 1891 said that Babbage himself recognised that Countess Lovelace’s additional notes to the article “… The Colonel pointed to a portrait of her father hanging on the wall.

Her claim to fame arose in 1843. only in genius, and in the generosity and nobleness of feeling, which shone out from the midst of all the madness of her father’s mind,” and she also “… They became obsessed with trying to devise an infallible system for betting on horses. Babbage had been working on the concept of an analytical engine. Entranced by it, she asked who had written them. This obsession led to heavy gambling losses. She wrote “…. The horse lost.

During the ensuing judicial separation proceedings, Annabella was granted sole custody of the baby and brought her up at the Milbanke ancestral home in Kirkby Mallory, Leicestershire.

She was quite far seeing in her understanding of Babbage’s concept and wrote that the Analytical Engine “.. From then on, Ada began to study the works and life of the father she had never met.

However, there was a darker side to the relationship between Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver: Legalize Betting on Pro Sports Games

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Mason Porter

The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher for Business Development. Visit at to know more about betting on sports and sports betting website
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could learn.

Silver argues in the New YorkTimes, published Thursday, that fans already skirt the law to bet on sports games — an estimated $400 billion is wagered per year — and writes that those actions should be controlled. “We will ultimately participate in that.”

By Eliana Dockterman

But Silver also believes the benefits of legalization on sports gambling outweigh the potential pitfalls: “Without a comprehensive federal solution, state measures such as New Jersey’s recent initiative will be both unlawful and bad public policy.”. Silver’s message is a radical change from the NBA’s official stance just two years ago, when the league joined the NCAA, NFL, MLB and NHL in suing New Jersey over its efforts to legalize sports betting in casinos and race tracks. “I believe that sports betting should be brought out of the underground,” he says, “and into the sunlight where it can be appropriately monitored and regulated.”

This article is published in cooperation with And he points to global examples like England from which the U.S. The leagues won the suit, though Gov. Chris Christie has since signed a bill lifting the ban on betting in the state.

Eliana Dockterman@edockterman

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has penned an op-ed that calls for the legalization and regulation of gambling on professional American sports.

He notes that many states sanction other types of betting like lotteries, legal casinos and even online gambling. “It’s inevitable that, if all these states are broke, that there will be legalized sports betting in more states than Nevada,” Silver said at the Bloomberg Business Summit in September. The original can be found here.

This isn’t the first time Silver has suggested the NBA would benefit from such a move

First Bettors Score at Delaware Park With Start of “Parlay-Mania”

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Mason Porter

The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher for Business Development. Visit at to know more about betting on sports and sports betting website
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For more information on Delaware Park, visit

Many of the fans this past weekend chose to gather in the expansive sport book area at Delaware Park. Patrons can watch NFL games from around the league on one of the largest indoor video displays, keep track of line information on a large video board and place bets at the sports book counter.

Meanwhile on the floor above, fans enjoyed food and drink specials in Delaware Park’s Club 3 Sports Bar. Delaware Park is located minutes south of Wilmington and the Delaware Memorial Bridge and just north of the Maryland state line on I-95 at exit 4B. Gentile said the Delaware Lottery Office should have the final tally for the first week of parlay sports betting later this week.

Delaware Park is a multi-faceted gaming facility offering guests live seasonal thoroughbred racing, year-round simulcasting from around the globe, nearly 3,000 exciting slot machines on two spacious levels, one of the only parlay betting venues on the East Coast and White Clay Creek Country Club, featuring a world class 18-hole championship golf course. Parlay bets are accepted on a minimum of three NFL games. Parlay cards will be available in the Delaware Park Race and Sports Book area each Thursday by noon.. “As the season goes on, we expect to offer more promotions and bring in even larger crowds.”

Delaware Park offers parlay sports betting on NFL games in the ultimate gaming facility, including half-point parlay, teaser and super teaser cards, and “off the board” parlays. Patrons entered drawings for tickets to professional sporting events and entered a season-long drawing with a grand prize of air fare, room accommodations and two tickets to the BIG GAME in Miami, Florida.

“We’re very happy, very pleasantly surprised at the turnout and level of interest for week one,” said Delaware Park Chief Operating Officer Andrew Gentile.

About Delaware Park

WILMINGTON, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hundreds of eager sports fans from Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland packed the Delaware Park Race and Sports Book this past weekend to place their first parlay sports bets on NFL games and enjoy the first Sunday of the NFL season.

“With our outstanding customer service, great food and drink specials and huge, state-of-the-art video walls, word is spreading fast that Delaware Park isn’t just the only legal game in town for parlay sports betting, it’s the best place in town to watch the NFL,” Gentile said.

For more information on parlay sports betting at Delaware Park, visit

Delaware Park opened the sports book on Thursday after the Delaware Legislature earlier this year reinstituted parlay sports betting on NFL games

Sports Bettor Billy Walter’s Winning Streak

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Mason Porter

The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher for Business Development. Visit at to know more about betting on sports and sports betting website
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The Super Bowl: America’s Biggest Bet

More people bet on the Super Bowl than any other sporting event. So, how does a professional gambler approach the big game?

Walters has been almost as elusive as Howard Hughes, avoiding publicity, reluctant to reveal his secrets.

But after 30 years of unprecedented success, the man who calls himself a Kentucky hillbilly agreed for the first time to open the door into his betting life in Las Vegas – a life he describes as one long hustle – in betting parlors, in pool rooms and on the golf course.

“I’ll take 15,” Walters countered.

When it comes to gambling, everybody knows the house has the advantage. Small potatoes for Walters.

“He is,” both men replied simultaneously, laughing.

“You got it for a dime!” Walters agreed.

“Yes. I never got to bed to with it. Most bettors come to a sports book inside the casino, to lay their bets, wagering $2.5 billion dollars every year.

Asked if there’s anything he doesn’t gamble on, Walters replied, “Not really.”

On the day we went along, the two buddies decided to play for $5,000 a hole, with a few side bets along the way.

The Gambler

Extra: The “Keyser Soze” of Las Vegas?

Extra: Billy Walters’ Analytics

Extra: The $3.5 Million Bet

When Walters golfs, it’s mostly for fun. “Ten,” McCarlie said.

He gambled on the Super Bowl last year and won $3.5 million. Believe me,” McCarlie added.

“Five-to-one for birdie,” McCarlie replied.

“How much money have you taken off him over the years?” Logan asked.

“Who’s the better golfer?” correspondent Lara Logan asked Walters and McCarlie on a golf course.

Walters just missed a 60-foot putt, but after only three holes, he was up $17,000. Nevada is the only state in the country where taking bets on individual games is legal. And he showed us how the hustle worked with Gene McCarlie, an old friend and casino owner.

“That’s a lot of money,” Logan remarked.

“What’s the most you’ve ever made on a hole?” Logan asked.

Copyright 2011 CBS. Had no air conditioning. Now, he’s a very wealthy man,” Walters replied.

“Probably $400,000,” Walters said.

“What’s the price?” Walters asked.

“By far. He used to make his living off it. I lost it all in the Horseshoe Hotel playing blackjack before I went to bed,” he replied.. But there are some high rollers who consistently win, and it’s hard to find anyone better at winning than Billy Walters.

He bets on football and basketball, is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and has been so successful that many Las Vegas bookmakers are afraid to even take his bets.

Asked what his biggest win was on a round of golf, Walters said, “Probably a million bucks, around a million dollars.”

“When I met him, he was driving an old Cadillac full of bullet holes