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It’s quite straightforward to look up any a website how many times each team has been over or under in the previous 10 games for instance. You have an interest in virtually every kick of the ball; every time the ball goes into the ‘final’ third you are either willing the ball into the net (if you are on the ‘overs’), or hoping the attack fizzles out (if you are on the ‘unders’). You can do this at any time prior to kick-off, about 4-5 hours before kick-off is ideal.4)As soon as this first bet is matched,, then you need to place your lay bet. I usually go for two pips pf profit, so my lay bet would be for 100 at 1.88 in this example. Trading the Under / Over 2.5 Goals Market in Football (Soccer) MatchesOne of the most popular markets to trade in football matches is the under/over 2.5 goals. To trade you need to have an account with a Betting Exchange which enables you to back or lay an outcome. The bet is simply a lay for the same value at a shorter price than your back bet. The reasons for this are obvious; it doesn’t matter to the bet which team wins, or if one team is much superior to another. It is absolutely essential that you only pick matches which are traded in-play.2)Select a match from the in-play list which is one of the bigger leagues in Europe, i.e. 9)More details of this and other betting systems on my website Online Bookmakers.

. If you are using Betfair then you should check the box to ‘keep’ the bet when the match goes in-play.5)Your lay bet will probably not get matched immediately, and you can leave your computer and go out now, as long as you have checked the box to keep the bet when the in-play market forms.6)Quite often your lay bet will be matched before the match starts as prices fluctuate during the hours prior to kick-off (this is why it is best to choose the games with the most liquidity). English Premier League, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga. If the lay bet isn’t matched before kick-off then an interesting thing happens when the game goes in-play; as the minutes tick by without a goal the price for the unders drops until a goal is scored. Unfortunately, the bookmakers also look at the statistics and set their prices accordingly. To do this you just place a back bet with your exchange at the current price, lets say the bet is 100 at 1.90 . Within about 2-3 minutes of kick-off your lay bet will be matched.7)The obvious risk is that if you haven’t traded out prior to kick-off then if there is a goal in the first minute or two then your original bet may not get matched, as soon as a goal is scored all bets are cancelled and a new market forms which will have new prices depending on how many goals have been scored, and how long is left in the game.8)Most of the time your lay bet will be matched and you will have a profitable outcome. If a goal fest is expected then the price for over 2.5 goals will be set at 1.60 for example. This is how you do it.1)Each morning have a look at your betting exchange and check which games are going to go ‘in-play’, this means that you can carry on betting on it after the match has started – in fact right through to the final whistle. Betfair is the one I use, and full details on how to open an account can be obtained from my website.Trading on the under/over 2.5 goals is a low risk, low profit system. These are the games which attract the biggest turnover, and work best with this method.3)Your first bet of the trade is to Back the Unders. Another way to play the market is to trade, and that is what this article is about. The bet is only finished when the final whistle goes, or the third goal is scored.You can just make a judgement by looking at the scoring statistics for the two teams, and place a straight bet on the unders or the overs, and lots of people do just that

Guide to sports betting |

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Mason Porter

The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher for Business Development. Visit at to know more about betting on sports and sports betting website
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If the bookmakers return percentage is 95 percent, then 95 percent of the amount placed on the winning result will be given back to bettors and 5 percent goes to the bookmaker.

It is estimated that over a million adults in Britain engage in sports betting in sports such as horse racing, football, golf, tennis, boxing, rugby, cricket, and motor racing. There are several types of bets.

There are other types of sports betting. Similarly, a teaser allows the bettor to combine his bets on two or more different games. For instance, a punter can bet that a certain tennis player will win the Wimbledon championship in an upcoming season.

As the term implies, a second half (or halftime) bet only concerns the outcome of a sporting event in the second half. For example, a bettor can predict that one racehorse or jokey will finish ahead of a rival in the Epsom Derby.

Finally, in-play betting allows bettors to place new bets while a sporting event is in progress. In a parlay, a bettor can predict that three football teams will all win on a given Saturday. Thus, a punter can take advantage of teams that perform unusually well in the later stages of an athletic contest.

An if bet consists of at least two straight bets joined together by an if clause which determines the wager process. They assign odds and probabilities on players, teams, and sporting events. It is made against the spread or line, which is a number assigned by the bookmakers which handicaps one team and favors another. However, if the punter is correct in his prediction, he receives a substantially higher payout. A futures wager involves long-term predictions on a team or player. Essentially, bookmakers price odds on the likelihood of one team winning against another by a certain margin.

In head-to-head bets, a punter predicts competitors results against each other and not on the overall result of the event. The punter creates the conditions that give him the chance to win a payout, and those conditions need to be met. These are also referred to as flexible rate bets. The resulting bet that is placed is won or lost only on the points scored by both teams in the second half only. This type of wager is typically restricted to online betting sites.. The bookmaker accepts wagers on both sides, and maintains a spread which will ensure a profit regardless of the outcome of the wager. A punter can predict the number of goals each team scores in a football match. If any of the three teams lose, the bettor loses the parlay. Predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome has received greater media coverage in recent years.

Parlays involve multiple bets and will reward a successful bettor with a large payout. A straight bet is the most common type of wager. A bookmaker acts as a market maker for sports wagers. The bettor can adjust the point spreads for the two games, but must get all the games correct to win and recognizes a lower return in comparison to parlays.

A proposition bets is a wager made on a very specific outcome of a match. This type of wager is popular in race events such as motor racing and horse racing. A run line, puck line or goal line bet features a fixed point spread that usually offers a higher payout for the favorite and a lower payout for the underdog. If the players first selection complies with the condition (clause), then the second selection will have action; if the second selection complies with the condition, then the third selection will have action and so on.

In totalizators, the odds change in real-time according to the betting trends and the return rate of the bookmaker offering the bet. There are countless possibilities in making proposition bets in sports, and it can prove profitable for punters who possess substantial expertise in a certain game.

Bookmakers usually assign prices in such a way that approximately the same number of bettors will choose either side. That allows the operator to gain a profit regardless of which side wins or loses.

Sports betting is typically performed through a bookmaker or via the internet

Why We Watch Sports – free article courtesy of

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Mason Porter

The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher for Business Development. Visit at to know more about betting on sports and sports betting website
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We just hide our true feelings and thoughts with highly developed skills (or at least most of us do). Sports teach us about loyalty, perseverance and honor. Not only are the answers interesting in themselves, but they may just help you in other ways too.

We’re All Just Big Children:

But there are some deeper, more powerful and fascinating reasons too.

Our basic flight or fight mentality is manifested in sports. There are never any monkey wrenches thrown into a sports game, like the rules changing mid-game for instance. We’re not just close to nature; we’re a part of it! Evolutionarily speaking, we are much closer in time to our unintelligent animal ancestors than we are to a transcended sentient species apart from nature. We may not say it out loud anymore, but we still think to ourselves sometimes, “That’s not fair!” We would rather play than work. We still want to belong or be accepted by our peers, we all still want to be loved, we still feel emotional pain, and we still find ourselves giving in to immediate gratification when we know better. We identify with a team like our ancestors would identify with their tribe. And we are all constantly affected by our primitive brain. If we identify with a player and he wins, we are vicariously happy for the success. You might even liken it to a mob mentality.

You see, watching sports gives us a perfect, safe and secure, black and white, little microcosm of life. We all want to belong to something; it’s a basic human need since we are such social animals. And yes, some of us still lie and cheat in our normal day to day lives. Or we may follow a sport now that we used to play as a child. There is a beginning and an end. Following a player, team or game allows us to experience ups and downs and a whole array of emotions, just like in real life, but we aren’t actually affected. It gives us the illusion of reality where there are no consequences.

This article was posted on January 10, 2006

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Our predatory nature is lit up when we see a linebacker following a running back through a mass of football players, waiting for the perfect moment to strike his prey with a tackle. We get to pretend that the game we’re watching is life, where everything is perfectly fair, everyone plays by the rules and everything makes sense.

What Do Watching A Horror Movie And Sports Have In Common?

Why We Watch Sports

by: Jason OConnor

Whether you want to believe it or not, we like to watch sports for very different reasons than you may think. And it gives us the illusion of being a child again, even if it’s all temporary.

Whether you want to believe it or not, all adults are just big children. So the next time you deal with a difficult person, remember that they are just a large child, like you and everyone else, and maybe that knowledge will help you deal with them a little more easily.

And unlike life, sports and games are generally fair! There are rules and a crystal clear framework, or paradigm that all the participants and spectators know about. When things are only seen in black or white, things indeed seem simpler and easier, but life isn’t so clear-cut.

Our primitive desire for dominance is represented in sports. However, if the player’s team loses, we feel the defeat a little as well. We live vicariously through the players we watch. Some may argue, depending on whether they pee standing up or sitting down, that this is especially true for men. It gives us the illusion of battle, war, victory and defeat, without the consequences. Again, this goes back to the fact that we are ruled more by our ‘primitive’, survival-driven, fight or flight brain than our reasonable and intelligent ‘modern’ brain. Again, watching sports allows us to enter a perfect world where the suspenseful outcome has no bearing on our real lives (unless you have a nasty sports gambling problem of course).

One of the reasons going to a game is more exciting than watching it on TV is that there is a kind of energy created when so many people get together and root for one cause. The neocortex has not had much time to develop, and so our primitive brain plays a significant role in our lives.

We certainly hide things better and often successfully ‘act’ as if we don’t care about belonging, or love, or pain, or whatever. Sports can be the same way. Watching someone chase the man with the ball in basketball, soccer, or baseball affects us in similar ways.

Every sports game is like a tiny war between tribes, with an end and a declared victor. But there’s one important distinction; unlike war, no one has to die in sports. Watching sports is one excellent way for people to reconcile these inescapable facts.

And since our modern lives no longer contain any real physical danger and all our basic needs are immediately taken care of, we now have a void that needs to be filled somehow, our primitive brain expects it. In fact, the closer the game, the more suspension there is. There is a scene and setting, the stadium at noon, and there is a plot, which is the action. Deep down inside we are a little more mature and wise, but basically still just children. And sports announcers usually only add to the drama and suspension.

Our primitive warring nature is satisfied by sports. We’re all just big kids. We all yearn for some level of drama in our lives.

Ever wonder why so many people, including maybe you, enjoy watching horror movies so much? They provide a safe way for people to experience high levels of suspension without actually being in any real danger. In fact, the real things that cause us to like sports are in every person, whether we like sports or not.

Watching sports allows us a temporarily safe and socially acceptable way to be more like our true nature, and our true nature is frighteningly childlike.

There are some fairly straightforward and obvious explanations for why we like sports to be sure. If rules are broken, the offender is penalized. We don’t have to look farther than our own stadiums where pandemonium has broken out in protest to a call or in celebration of a win. Only after the games ends, and depending on if your team won or not, is it decided to be called a fairy tale ending or a tragedy.

A common, yet erroneous concept is that the human brain is the result of billions of years of evolution. Our primitive or reptilian part of the brain is that old, but our brain’s extra large neocortex, the thing that separates us from other mammals, came about only a couple million years ago, a mere drop in the evolutionary bucket. Our behavior is guided much more by our ‘primitive brain’ than our more recently developed neocortex, which is the seat of our intelligence. Maybe that’s why there are more men sports fans than women.

Our tribal instincts are fulfilled by sports. A sports game is a sort of story. Sports fit the bill. It gives us a way to bond, it’s cathartic, and we identify with teams and players. Sports strongly appeals to the gaming and struggle instincts of humans.

People love drama, suspension, and resolution, which are all elements inherent in sports. Indeed, look at the world today and how many current wars are going on, and you’ll see how far we are to real peace. But we all still long for a simpler and easier life.

Reptilian Brain and War

At the end, there is an unambiguous winner and loser. But our lives are unaffected. There is a protagonist (your team) and an antagonist (the other team). Pathetically, that last statement holds true for almost any time in history, regardless of when you’re reading this. The primitive brain, or lower brain function, deals with fight or flight behavior, hunger, fear, and sex, among other things.

You may not like sports at all, but we are all a quite childlike inside. What things can we learn about human nature by simply looking at our fascination with competition? The answers may surprise you. They don’t frustratingly get away sometimes like in real life. Or we can sympathize with the NASCAR driver who gets passed by a competitor, but throws it into a higher gear and chases after him.

This helps explain why politicians who break their platform down into simple sound bites and into terms devoid of complexity often do better than politicians who talk about life like it really is, a complex, interrelated world of nuances.

Whether you want to believe it or not, humans are a lot closer to nature and the animal world than most people like to think. We have our favorite players, and there are teams we’ve grown up rooting for because our brother or dad used to love them, and now we still root for them today. This is especially true for the Western world’s modern man, where community has taken a back seat to independence.

Children tend to think of things in much more black and white terms. We can understand what it feels like to check another player in hockey and slam him into the boards. When our team wins, we experience a sort of dominance over the opposing team and their fans. It is only through living and maturing that we realize that all of life is a series of grays. There seems to be an innate desire for war, even in so-called ‘modern’ man. We can relate, on some deeper and unconscious level, with the guy running with the football towards the end zone and being chased by a pack of angry men.

How To Win Big on Slot Machines and slot machine patterns. A strategy for Casino Slots

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Mason Porter

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The casino will make between 5 and 15 cents of every dollar spent…..No matter what.

The mechanics of a slot machine

Winning on a slot machine first requires knowledge of how they work. It’s a term often misinterpreted as a broken machine. I like both, but I have been leaning more toward the video slots over last few years.

The Myth about “loose” machines

People often hear about “loose” slot machines. The casino will not pay you if a machine malfunctions.

A “loose” machine in reality applies to a slot machine that is on a higher pay cycle. There is a reason that “The House Always Wins”…..State Laws.

A slot machine in a casino under state law, (all legal gambling states have laws), are required to pay out a certain percentage. First things first here. Do they exist? Not really. Some casinos in Vegas I have seen advertise a 95% payout to draw people in. The modern mechanical slot reels are still governed by a computer. These aren’t “old” machines. In other words both types of machines still have equal payout rules. Although this is true for both mechanical slots as well as video slots, we need to take a serious look at how “random” they really are.

00.jpg” width=”269″ />

Understand now that a slot needs to be programmed to pay out at least 85% of what is put into it. I recommend the latter. Usually at least 85%. If slot machines were truly 100% random, the casino itself would be gambling themselves wondering if their business is going to make money or have to pay out everything and shut down. More line options, different ways of betting and they are much more entertaining. Remember that they have to pay a certain percentage. Think about this for a minute. So is it really totally random? I think not.

Mechanical Verses Video Slots

“Mechanical slots” are being outnumbered these days by video slots. If the RNG (random number generator) has lacked the percentage payout over a period of time, it may start paying higher win amounts in order to reach a percentage threshold. Mechanical slots are not any “less smart” than the video slots. Most people know that a slot machine works on randomly generated patterns.

. But people still like the mechanical slots so the casinos still have many mechanical slot machines. Most video slots give you a broader choice as far as betting. There is not really any way to tell if a machine is on a higher payout cycle unless you watch people play and see what the machine is doing (that may creep out some people though, so be polite) Or by playing a machine and betting a few small amounts and determining the reaction of the pattern

Daily fantasy sports betting going down the same road as online poker

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Mason Porter

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Some are still waiting.

The legal wrangling has already begun in one state. PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker were closed for business to all American players. There has been the scandal questioning the integrity of the game. These sites gain popularity. There are the various buy-ins, ranging from free, to a single dollar, to as much as several hundreds of dollars. Online poker sites that once would be lucky to have 1,000 players online at any given time now had over 200,000– many of them “fish,” a term used to describe bad players. On April 15, 2011 — a day known as “Black Friday” among the online poker community — the United States government shut down the three big online poker sites. The government will, eventually, shut down daily fantasy sports betting just like it did to online poker wagering.

The bottom line is the government will always want a piece of the action. The public outcry will be huge if fantasy sports betting is deemed illegal.

The online poker player is very familiar with these game setups. Mike Sexton became a household name for many. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, because as popular as online poker may have been (and it was enormously popular), fantasy football is even bigger and more mainstream. It’s the same pattern. Poker is just as much a game of skill as betting on fantasy sports. Online players were in heaven. Basically, the New York A.G. And they must sit and wonder how these sites have gotten away with this as long as they have. They enjoyed the proliferation of the game into mainstream media. The government, especially, notices they aren’t getting their piece of the action. Just a word of advice– Don’t keep too much money on the sites.

So what is happening to daily fantasy sites like FanDuel and DraftKings comes as no surprise to former online poker players. FanDuel and DraftKings are suing the New York Attorney General.

Former online poker players have seen this story play out before. Some, eventually, got their money back. You want to play in a tournament against thousands of others with the chance for a huge payout? Or do you want to just “grind” out a steady profit? You could play single “games” against only fifty people, twenty, or nine– how many ever you want. No one was being hurt. A poker player can calculate the odds of a certain card hitting the table as much as any fantasy sports bettor can calculate the odds of a certain hitter getting a base hit against a certain pitcher.

It was only a matter of time. The government has begun to take notice. Advertising is annoyingly saturating the airwaves. The government calls daily fantasy sports betting “gambling.” The accused sites argue that fantasy sports is a “game of skill” and not “gambling.” The government goes after the payment processors for the various sites.. Not everyone may know how to play poker, but nearly everyone watches football. And you can play as many times as you want. They witnessed the boom of poker. They generate a lot of money. Any online poker player who has visited DraftKings will find an eery familiarity between the lobby area of the online fantasy sports site and their old favorite online poker websites. Advertising for sites like PokerStars and PartyPoker were inundating the airwaves. is banning fantasy sports betting by New York residents. World Series of Poker. How about head-to-head with just one other opponent? You could even create your own tournaments with as many, or as few, players as you like.

Enjoy it while it lasts, friends. Poof! Just like that. They cause a lot of buzz. Right?

Those who played online poker for a living know how this is going to end. You can play against how many ever opponents you want. Money was changing hands. Money in players’ accounts was frozen and seized. ESPN and NBC couldn’t get enough poker programming. People were having fun. Wrong, said the United States government. The New York State Attorney General sent out cease and desist letters a week ago to FanDuel and DraftKings. Poker After Dark. The two fantasy sports sites have chosen to ignore the injunction and elected to continue to take bets from New York residents

A Bet You ALWAYS Win – How Sports Betting Arbitrage Works

Mason Porter

Mason Porter

The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher for Business Development. Visit at to know more about betting on sports and sports betting website
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Whatever happens to price, they make a profit on the difference between the original 2 prices. Are the odds always as good as in the example? No. That is why you need large accounts.


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. No one knew for sure which way it would go.

A Bet You ALWAYS Win – How Sports Betting Arbitrage Works

by: Kevin Schultz

Betting arbitrage is a method of creating a bet that has a zero risk – in other words, you always win! The concept of ‘arbitrage’ comes from the financial world, and describes the activities of traders who find two different places offering the same trade, but at different prices. Sometimes, the differences are deliberate. The main problem is the size of the account you need to make a useful profit. For example, in a boxing match, the US champ will, of course be favored by the US bookies, but the UK challenger will be top bet at the UK bookies. Usually the difference will be small. a US 1.5 – bet $800, return $2,000).

About The Author

At the same time, your fave US bookie might have given you odds of 6/4 on Bush! That means if you took both bets, you are betting (risking) $1,600, but will win $2,000 WHATEVER the result! Easy money or what? Bank a cool $400 for nothing.

How often does this happen? Quite a lot.

So ok, you know the risks, but how does it actually work? Let’s go back to the US election between Bush and that Herman Munster guy, the Democrat fella with the long face (Kerry? Curry?). It works even within the US too – a Varsity football match, for example, may find the out of state team offering you an opportunity to arbitrage within the home team state depending on the demographics of the customers using two US online bookies.

So how does 100% winners, no risk sound? Groovy, huh? But there are, of course, problems. They then exploit this difference by selling in one location and buying in the other. Simply exploit the difference. Each online betting site has to maintain it’s own ‘book’, and it would be a strange world indeed if they all had the same number of punters, all betting the same way and the same amount, meaning they all had to offer the same odds!

Mr Schultz is a writer for bet site an archive of free tips and trix for betting fans, where he concentrates on sports betting rules.

This article was posted on February 10, 2005

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Generally, you can bet risk free on any sporting event with either 2 or 3 outcomes, such as Football, Baseball, Boxing, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Snooker, Cricket, Hockey, Ice Hockey and Darts. The same thing applies to betting arbitrage, typically on sporting events. The difference between the odds offered by 2 bookies, and exploited by an arbitrageur, may only amount to a fraction of a percent, meaning that you may have to wager several thousand dollars to win 5 bucks. But what you could have done is put on a bet with UK bookie Coral that Kerry would win, and the odds they would give you would have been 6/4 (i.e. Nothing wrong with that, you think? Not if the bet is 100% guaranteed? But what about if thru the vagaries of the internet, you manage to get one side of the bet on at the right odds, but not the other? You are left holding a LARGE position. By exploiting the inefficiencies of some brokers, a win can therefore be guaranteed. Also, accounts of this size are viewed with some suspicion by the bookies – they will want to know that you aren’t (for example) money laundering.

The advent of online betting sites meant that the punter could suddenly check prices at a multitude of different locations very quickly, and open bets at those that had ‘slipped’ out of line. As you recall, it was close

Sports :: Bowling Tips for the 2-4-6 Spare

Mason Porter

Mason Porter

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However, using the 2-4-6 method is the best way to avoid problems, and to accurately pick up spares in all conditions. When players are trying to knock down the six-pin, the target should be moved four boards to the right. The left-handed players who start from the far left side of the approach are able to use the 2-4-6 system effectively. Using the system can help players become more confident in there “spare-getting” abilities. Sometimes players aren’t able to move their feet because the ball return may be in the way, or the player might be playing on an end-lane, which is near a wall. If the player is trying to pick of the 3-pin spare, then the target should be moved two boards to the right. A four-board shift in the target will knock over the 4-pin(6-pin for left-handed bowlers), and a six-board adjustment will knock over the 7-pin(10-pin for left-handed bowlers). The starting position will remain the same, but the target will change depending on the spare that must be made. The system is not as widely used as the 3-6-9 spare system, but it is one of the most popular basic spare systems. In the 2-4-6 system the feet are not moved opposed to the 3-6-9 system. In this system the feet remain in the same place, and players must visually adjust the target. Players should visually target the two, four, or six boards off of the key line in order to pick up spares. In these instances, moving the feet can create problems in the 3-6-9 spare system. All players that use the 2-4-6 system should not move their feet, if they want to pick up their spares effectively. There are also two aiming targets in the 2-4-6 system; the strike aim and the 10-pin aim, used for all the spare combinations.

The 3-6-9 spare system is the most commonly taught system, but the 2-4-6 system may be the most accurate system for picking up spares.

The use of the 2-4-6 system is applicable on all lane conditions, so players don’t have to worry about any problems that might arise when trying to pick up spares.

. Like the 3-6-9 system, players must adjust off the corner-pin line to pick up their spares on the other side of the lane. The two starting positions in this system are the strike starting position and the 10-pin starting position. The targets should always be moved, but the feet should remain in the same starting place each time. Two starting positions are used on the approach in the 2-4-6 spare system. For left-handed bowlers are trying to pick up the 10-pin spare, the target arrow should be moved six boards to the right. The 2-4-6 spare system also works for left-handed bowlers.

If a player has a strike-line (the yellow line) of 17-10, then that player can deliver the ball two more boards inside in order to knock over the next pin(2-pin for right-handed players, and 3-pin for left-handed players). When using this system for picking up spares, the bowler must be able to bowl on the arrows, and able to bowl on the boards between the arrows. The spare system can give bowlers many advantages.

The 2-4-6 spare system is also known as the Swedish Spare System, and is usually recommended for advanced bowlers. Also, like the 3-6-9 system players can adjust the movements to fit their own personal bowling style, and create the most accurate way of picking up spare. The 2-4-6 system is not simple, so it is most commonly used by professionals

Ultimate Fight Night 21 Betting Odds and Parlay Advice

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Mason Porter

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He has huge wrestling and BJJ credentials both of which will likely be tested big time against Gerald Harris. The size and strength are just gonna be way too much of a factor in this fight. I’m talking about mma betting parlays and there are some good ones here on this Ultimate Fight Night 21 UFC event.

It’s worth noting that there are more fights than what was listed above in the article. Can you guess how big of a favorite Brock Lesnar is over Shane Carwin at UFC 116?

If you look at the fights above that are expected to be shown during the Ultimate Fight Night 21 (UFN 21) UFC broadcast there are some big lines and bloated odds. I think Roy Nelson has too much power, too much experience and has the edge standing up or on the ground. I know that some people stay away from parlays. Gleison Tibau walks around around 185 pounds whereas Caol Uno weighs right at the 155 pound mark. That means if you bet $10 you would win $22 if all those fighters win on the card.

Here today I want to take a look at some betting odds and parlay lines for the upcoming Ultimate Fight Night 21 (UFN 21) UFC event. Jorge Rivera has been given plenty of chances in the UFC but seemingly loses every fight against name opponents like Chris Leben and Martin Kampmann. So the mma betting line of -300 for Roy Nelson may seem bad but I consider him a lock to win this fight. As in most cases though these odds are so large for a reason. I don’t think that Jorge Rivera can get this fight down and keep it down long enough to finish while Nate Quarry can land some big bombs standing up and turn off the lights for Rivera. If you’re interested feel free to click the link at the bottom of the article to join the site.

Sign Up For BetUS for the best MMA bets and parlays

The other fights on this card that I feel are worth a look are Kenny Florian vs Takanori Gomi and Nate Quarry vs Jorge Rivera. I consider myself a fan of both fighters and really was upset to see them matched together at this point in their careers. Just like the odds with Roy Nelson I feel that Gleison Tibau is nearly a lock to win this fight. These are from BetUS where they offer some of the best mma gambling options in the business.

Kenny Florian (-300) vs Takanori Gomi (+220)

Roy Nelson (-300) vs Stefan Struve (+220)

Nate Quarry (-300) vs Jorge Rivera (+220)

Gleison Tibau (-300) vs Caol Uno (+220)

Ross Pearson (-230) vs Dennis Siver (+180)

Yushin Okami (-550) vs Lucio Linhares (+375)

I’m probably a little more sold on the betting odds for the fight between Nate Quarry and Jorge Rivera on Ultimate Fight Night 21 (UFN 21). The first one is a 4-fighter parlay consisting of Gleison Tibau, Roy Nelson, Nate Quarry and Kenny Florian with a payout of 2.2 to 1 or +220. I feel that this fight was a bit too soon for Stefan Struve who is so young and still developing as a fighter. But there are some interesting ones to pay attention to and see the initial lines when they come out. I was lucky to hop on the early mma betting lines at BetUS and get Tibau around -200.

Now here comes the interesting part of the conversation. . But the odds do reflect how many people think about the fighters.

The thought in the mma community is that Jacob Volkmann and Mario Miranda have the possibility to be solid underdogs in their fights against Ronnys Torres and Gerald Harris. But if you like those mma betting odds and parlays then feel free to check out BetUS at the link below where they also have more odds like UFC 112. This fight is destined to go to the ground and probably just as likely to go to a decision.

When we see Gleison Tibau vs Caol Uno it will probably be the smallest lightweight in the UFC against the largest lightweight. From a personal standpoint I would recommend a minimum bet on the 4-fight parlay mentioned above, a minimum bet on a Florian and Quarry parlay and a decent bet on the Nelson and Tibau parlay. Unlike many other sites there you can parlay fights together to increase your chances of winning some money. I didn’t list them yet because usually for undercard fights BetUS waits to release the lines until the day of the event or sometimes the night before on bigger cards. Meanwhile Nate Quarry has beaten everybody he has fought in the last 6 years with the exception of Rich Franklin and Demian Maia. I feel this fight will go the same way but Takanori Gomi has a chance to end it with some good striking power. If you feel like placing the money down it wouldn’t be a horrible move to bet on Tibau or Nelson straight up. Let’s talk about some of these fights and where there is an opportunity to possibly make some money. Jacob Volkmann has the overall game to keep from getting schooled on the ground by Torres but his weight cut is something to keep in mind fighting for 155 for the first time. Kenny Florian has looked every bit as a top lightweight runner-up to BJ Penn as he has easily beaten tough guys like Clay Guida, Joe Stevenson and Roger Huerta. But the mma parlay that I feel the best about in terms of betting on this event is Roy Nelson and Gleison Tibau with a payout of nearly even odds around -120.

The fight that immediately stood out once the lines were released for Ultimate Fight Night 21 was Roy Nelson vs Stefan Struve. If you want to get right down to it often than a close decision I cannot see how Stefan Struve wins this fight. I don’t feel as confident about these the odds for these Ultimate Fight Night 21 matchups. Then you have Mario Miranda a guy that many people feel is gonna have a huge coming out party on this event

Casino-Gaming :: Great Gambling Board Games Of The Past

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The low roller must place 5 coins on either row 1 or row 7, with one being in each of the squares; the high roller places two coins on the same row. In the Tablero version the game is played with coins, when converted to Toblaro it is then a game played with shot glasses. The player with the most money at the end of the game is the winner.

In order to change the game from Tablero to Toblaro, the coins are replace with shot glasses filled with alcoholic beverages, when the money (or the glasses) are captured, the winner gets to drink it and the loser must refill the contents with his alcohol.

After throwing the dice, the players will lose their coins should the player throw a 7, 11, or 12. Otherwise the moving player will get those two coins and keep running calling the run and rolling the dice again until he gives up the coins, or the opponent can no longer stake the money. The game has two dice, a checkerboard with 7 by 7 squares and 15 coins anted by each of the players. When they get the dice they must throw at least one time.. Some of these games were changed to include drinking, still a gambling game they were converted into games that included taking alcoholic beverages. If another person throws any other number he will move 2 of the coins, one per dice. Each turn moves in the same column it is in, not diagonally or across. The game is played starting with each of the players rolling the dice, with high tying players re-rolling the die. These games were designed with adult entertainment in mind and they are great party favorites of the past.

If there is a row of 7 coins together, the player who is moving can pronounce that it is a “run” and then the opponent must stake two more coins and throw the dice, if he gets a 7,11, or 12 he will then lose all 9 coins. The game was a popular game by the Spanish lower class citizens, and was eventually banned by the Pope.

These games are great games for adults to play, and have introduced other games that have almost the same concepts such as bingo where the person with the right amount of chips on the numbers wins the pot and Yahtzee for money where the die tells the person what he can fill in on his card. These games allowed winners to not only win the bragging rights that they beat their friends and other great players, but also allowed then to walk away from the board richer than when they came to it. The player is limited to moving the coin toward him or away from him, by the number of rows that are indicated on the die. However, some games were played for gambling. The player cannot move the same pieces more than once in a turn. The lowest roller plays the game first to start the game.

In the past history, people have played many board games for many reasons, some which includes camaraderie, competition and skill building, as well as family bonding. Should the player not be able to use both dice, he loses his turn to his opponent, as both dice must be used.

One such game is an old Scottish drinking game, which was converted from a gambling game called Tablero and Toblaro. In this case the opponent may put his coins in the spaces and take his turn, however if the opponent does not have enough money the game is over. All of these gambling games are an exciting way to enjoy board games for adults.

After moving the coins associated with the two dice, if there are two or more coins lined up in a row, other than 1 and 7, then the player may take them off the board