Should the US government legalize prostitution?

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Mason Porter

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. — Just what do you think all those USO dances in WWII really were? Though, granted, they tended to be staffed by amateurs.)

But all the libertarian “It’s none of the government’s business” assertions are just false. For better or for worse, governments have been granted the authority to regulate commerce in their jurisdictions, even to the point of forbidding certain trades and products within their jurisdictions, for whatever reason they think fit.

But in all more domestic situations where the male-to-female ration approaches parity, prostitution is rightly prohibitted on the grounds of the social costs: increased STD rates; increased organized crime activity; increased exploitation and degradation of young desperate women; increased rates of domestic violence, divorce and marital problems; etc.

Well it can’t legalize it for the simple reason it isn’t currently illegal: there is no Federal statute prohibiting prostitution, and none that requires (or even pressures) States to make it and keep it illegal.

Prostitution laws are simply a State, County Municipal matter. We’re not talking about recreational sex between consenting adults. Prostitution is a business transaction.

As soon as money changes hands it becomes the business of the IRS, the Commerce Department, the Health Department, the CDC, the Labor department, OSHA, the Zoning Board … And last I checked it was legal in Nevada.

The fact is, prostitution has typically been legal in “wild West” situations (5 or more young men per 1 woman in the territory) for the reason that it’s necessary to maintaining public order. (The US military has always discreetly sponsored it around bases, occupied areas, and near warzones, the top brass considering it essential to morale and discipline. in short, just about every Federal, State, and local regulatory agency there is

Why are Mormons listed in the Christian Denominations section?

Mason Porter

Mason Porter

The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher for Business Development. Visit at to know more about betting on sports and sports betting website
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Peter’s Church, and after others of the ancient Apostles;” and one who had never studied the pattern which God has given of the Christian Church would almost really believe that they are Christian Churches. In these hands it ceased to be the book it once was.”

This is an excellent question. “With a regard to true theology, a more ignorant people never lived than the present so-called Christian world.”

“But as there has been no Christian Church on the earth for a great many centuries past, until the present century, the people have lost sight of the pattern that God has given according to which the Christian Church should be established, and they have denominated a great variety of Christian Churches … all the millions of apostate Christendom have abased themselves before the mythical throne of a mythical Christ…. How long has this order of things existed, this dreadful apostacy, this class of people that pronounced themselves Zion, or Christians, without any of the characteristics of Zion? It has existed for some sixteen or seventeen centuries. This great and corrupt power is also represented by John as presenting a golden cup to the nations, full of all manner of filthiness and abominations.”

“Christianity…is a perfect pack of nonsense…the devil could not invent a better engine to spread his work than the Christianity of the nineteenth century.”


“…the time came when Paganism was engrafted into Christianity, and at last Christianity was converted into Paganism rather than converting the Pagans. John’s Church, St. This is the Church and kingdom of God, the only true Church upon the face of the earth…”


“Where shall we look for the true order or authority of God? It cannot be found in any nation of Christendom.”

“Believers in the doctrines of modern Christendom will reap damnation to their souls.”

“Both Catholics and Protestants are nothing less than the ‘whore of Babylon’ whom the Lord denounces by the mouth of John the Revelator as having corrupted all the earth by their fornications and wickedness. Any person who shall be so corrupt as to receive a holy ordinance of the Gospel from the ministers of any of these apostate churches will be sent down to hell with them, unless they repent.”

j Taylor

“Nothing less than a complete apostasy from the Christian religion would warrant the establishment of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”


“What is it that inspires professors of Christianity generally with a hope of salvation? It is that smooth, sophisticated influence of the devil, by which he deceives the whole world”

“… Why so far as the things of God are concerned, they are the veriest fools; they know neither God nor the things of God.”

“Brother Taylor has just said that the religions of the day were hatched in hell. Since Mormonism is clearly an anti Christian doctrine. Paul’s Church, St.


“…all the priests who adhere to the sectarian religions of the day with all their followers, without one exception, receive their portion with the devil and his angels.”

“He did send His angel to this same obscure person, Joseph Smith jun., who afterwards became a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator, and informed him that he should not join any of the religious sects of the day, for they were all wrong; that they were following the precepts of men instead of the Lord Jesus; that He had a work for him to perform, inasmuch as he should prove faithful before Him.”

“This class of men, calling themselves Christian, uniting with the various forms of the pagan religion, adopting many of their ceremonies and institutions, became very popular, and finally some of the pagans embraced Christianity and were placed, as it were, upon the throne, and what they termed Christianity became very popular indeed. But there has been a long apostasy, during which the nations have been cursed with apostate churches in great abundance”


“Q. John as a woman sitting upon a scarlet colored beast, having a golden cup in her hand, full of filthiness and abominations, full of the wine of the wrath of her fornication; that in her forehead there was a name written–”Mystery, Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots.” This kind of a church has existed in great abundance, for as John the Revelator says, she was to have her dominion upon many waters, and she was to make all nations drunken with the wine of the wrath of her fornication.”

“What does the Christian world know about God? Nothing… They say, “We have built chapels unto the name of the Lord; we call our Churches Christian Churches, they are called the Church of Christ, St. And subsequently the Priesthood was taken from among men, this authority was re-called into the heavens, and the world was left without the Priesthood–without the power of God–without the Church and Kingdom of God.”

“The Christian world, so-called, are heathens as to the knowledge of the salvation of God”

Joe jr

“Christians–those poor, miserable priests brother Brigham was speaking about–some of them are the biggest whoremasters there are on the earth, and at the same time preaching righteousness to the children of men. It has spread itself and grown and gone into the four quarters of the earth. After the Church of Christ fled from earth to heaven, what was left? A. The eggs were laid in hell, hatched on its borders, and then kicked on to the earth.”


“This is not just another Church. I want nothing to do with such a Gospel, I would rather prefer the Gospel of the dark ages, so called”

“But as there has been no Christian Church on the earth for a great many centuries past, until the present century, the people have lost sight of the pattern that God has given according to which the Christian Church should be established, and they have denominated a great variety of people Christian Churches, because they profess to be. The poor devils, they could not get up here and preach an oral discourse, to save themselves from hell; they are preaching their fathers’ sermons –preaching sermons that were written a hundred years before they were born. This is not just one of a family of Christian churches. It is the great ecclesiastical power that is spoken of by the revelator John, and called by him the most corrupt and most wicked of all the powers of the earth, under the name of spiritual Babylon, or in other words Babel, which signifies confusion. A set of wicked Apostates, murderers, and idolaters, who, after having made war with the saints, and overcome them, and destroyed them out of the earth, were left to follow the wicked imaginations of their own corrupt hearts, and to build up churches by human authority, and to follow after the cunning craftiness of uninspired men; having no Apostle, Prophet, or Revelator to inquire of God for them: and thus, because of wickedness, the Church, and Priesthood, and gifts, and ordinances and blessings of the everlasting Gospel, were taken from the earth, and reserved in heaven until the fulness of times, when it was predicted that they should again be restored among men to continue until the end should come.”


“When the light came to me I saw that all the so-called Christian world was groveling in darkness.”

“The Gospel of modern Christendom shuts up the Lord, and stops all communication with Him. …You may get a Methodist priest to pour water on you, or sprinkle it on you, and baptize you face foremost, or lay you down the other way, and whatever mode you please, and you will be damned with your priest.

“What! Are Christians ignorant? Yes, as ignorant of the things of God as the brute beast.”

“I was answered that I must join none of them, for they were all wrong; and the Personage who addressed me said that all their creeds were an abomination in His sight; that those professors were all corrupt; that: ‘they draw near to me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me, they teach for doctrines the commandments of men, having a form of godliness, but they deny the power thereof.’”. But there has been a long apostacy, during which the nations have been cursed with apostate churches in great abundance, and they are represented in the revelations of St. in large part the worship of apostate Christendom is performed in ignorance, as much so as was the worship of the Athenians who bowed the Unknown Gods.”

“For hundreds of years the world was wrapped in a veil of spiritual darkness, until there was not one fundamental truth belonging to the place of salvation …Joseph Smith declared that in the year 1820 the Lord revealed to him that all the ‘Christian’ churches were in error, teaching for commandments the doctrines of men.”

“…the Book of Mormon remains secure, unchanged and unchangeable, …But with the Bible it was not and is not so….it was once in the sole and exclusive care and custody of an abominable organization [Christianity], founded by the devil himself, likened prophetically unto a great whore, whose great aim and purpose was to destroy the souls of men in the name of religion

Solid Numbers at Netflix Fail to Impress

Mason Porter

Mason Porter

The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher for Business Development. Visit at to know more about betting on sports and sports betting website
Mason Porter

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The US Energy Department says the average nationwide rose to $3.68 a gallon – an increase of 5 cents in the past week. Gas prices are on the rise with the cost in most states at a five-year high. The falling share of first-timers means many younger buyers have missed out on the historic dip in interest rates. “We’re very close to a summer top for gasoline and these prices are a little bit frothy,” says Tom Kloza, a senior analyst at “I think the disconnect will disconnect, frankly I think we will see lower gasoline prices in the last 100 days of the year.”

Richard Davies Business Correspondent ABC News Radio Twitter: daviesabc

Morning Business Memo… Higher prices and restrictive lending prices by banks as well as a weak jobs market are factors.

Many first-time homebuyers are being shut out of the housing recovery. The move was driven by physical demand from Asia, as well as investors betting that the Federal Reserve will continue its intervention in the US economy, analysts said. They usually account for about 40 percent of home sales, but in recent months that number has dipped to around 30 percent. Silver jumped 5 percent. They include Apple, which reports after the stock market closes. Copper and platinum both rose more than 1 percent.

. The company issued excellent second-quarter numbers, but its shares fell more than 5 percent on the news. Gold for December delivery jumped $43.30 an ounce to $1,337.30. “Home prices continue to roll,” says Walter Maloney of the National Association of Realtors, who cites “seven straight months of double digit gains over the previous year.”

It’s a busy week of corporate earnings reports, and more are coming out today. But the downer for some investors was the number of new subscribers – up 630,000, which is impressive, but not as much as Wall Street analysts looking for. The results may show why investors are clamoring for Apple to come out with another trend-setting device.

When is really good not quite good enough? Answer: when you’re Netflix. Gold prices rose more than 3 percent – their biggest gain of the year. The price of gas may go up a bit more in the next few weeks. Netflix now has more than 28 million subscribers.

A big bounce for precious metals. Some consumers are bypassing Apple products altogether. “Generally we’ve seen prices go up on gasoline because crude oil prices have moved up.” Kloza says there’s a speculative bubble in futures markets. “The larger we get, the harder it is to grow,” says CEO Reed Hastings. Netflix says its earnings were four times as high as last year as sales jumped 20 percent. But that trend may not last long. Analysts predict Apple will say it’s making less money as more customers buy its lower-priced iPhones and iPads instead of the top-of-the-line models

Archive News & Video for Tuesday, 07 Oct, 2008

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Mason Porter

The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher for Business Development. Visit at to know more about betting on sports and sports betting website
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Jack Layton, Leader of the New Democrats 04:06 PM EDT

Walgreens Informs Customers on New Children’s Dosing Directions for over-the-Counter… 04:06 PM EDT

Tom Hayden, Mitch Pearlstein to Speak at Metropolitan State University 04:06 PM EDT

Sourcefire Schedules 2008 Third Quarter Results and Conference Call 04:06 PM EDT

Safe Bulkers, Inc. actors union leader confident on strike vote 06:00 AM EDT

New National Report Reveals the High Price of Low Self-Esteem 06:00 AM EDT

Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day Highlights: Canadian Solar, Charlotte Russe, Skechers,… 06:00 AM EDT

Range Provides Update 06:00 AM EDT

Zacks Analyst Interview Highlights: Abbott Labs, Bristol-Myers, General Dynamics,… 06:00 AM EDT

Sino Express Travel Announces New Hotel Management in Macau 06:00 AM EDT

Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Sanofi-Aventis S.A., Highwoods Properties, Inc., SRS… 06:00 AM EDT

Advanced Medical Optics Receives FDA Approval for Healon D(R) Viscoelastic for Ophthalmic… 06:00 AM EDT

Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Coca-Cola Hellenic, Semiconductor Manufacturing International,… 06:00 AM EDT

Best Western International Interior Designer Becomes Hotel Chain’s First LEED Accredited… 06:00 AM EDT

Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Hoku Scientific, Merrill Lynch, ArthroCare, 3SBio… 06:00 AM EDT

Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: United States Steel Corp., China Petroleum and Chemical… 06:00 AM EDT

New Key Executive Takes RLI Fidelity to 50+ Years’ Experience 06:00 AM EDT

Plastic Jungle Launches Fundraising Program, Turning Unused Gift Cards into Cash 06:00 AM EDT

Two-Time NFL Pro Kassim Osgood Joins Healthy Coffee USA 06:00 AM EDT

8th Annual Women on Boards Survey Released 06:00 AM EDT

Ascent Solar to Exhibit at the Solar Power Conference Expo 06:00 AM EDT

AMD and Advanced Technology Investment Company of Abu Dhabi to Create New Leading-Edge… 06:00 AM EDT

VendorRate Announces Partnerships With SQL Server Worldwide Users Group and International… 06:00 AM EDT

Steve Schepke Named General Manager of Tsavo Agency 06:00 AM EDT

BofA earnings tumble, cuts dividend 05:59 AM EDT

Japan MOF cancels Wednesday’s CPI-linked JGB offer 05:59 AM EDT

Jesse Eisenberg takes on “Zombieland” 05:59 AM EDT

GOOD MORNING — October 07, 2008 05:59 AM EDT

“5th Quarter” tackles real-life football drama 05:58 AM EDT

UPDATE 3-Bank of Japan plays down coordinated rate cut talk 05:57 AM EDT

Boyden Executive Outlook Reveals Increasing Need for Management Talent to Negotiate… 05:57 AM EDT

Zimbabwe talks deadlocked, mediation needed: MDC 05:56 AM EDT

Palin warns Florida voters of “rough” campaigning 05:56 AM EDT

TABLE-Taiwan corporate results in September 05:55 AM EDT

Reuters Summit-Delay in UN project approval worries Japan 05:54 AM EDT

Russia may unveil new crisis measures Tues: Klepach 05:53 AM EDT

D.Bahn, govt to mull IPO price range Thurs -sources 05:52 AM EDT

A Key Guide to the Polish Insurance Sector for Q3 2008 – with Forecasts, Company… 05:52 AM EDT

A Change in the Nokia Siemens Networks Board of Directors: Siemens Manager Siegfried… 05:51 AM EDT

FACTBOX-Icelandic banks in crisis, looking to Russia 05:51 AM EDT

Research and Markets: An Essential Review of HBOS Plc, the Fourth Largest Bank in… 05:51 AM EDT

Vopak lifts oil, chemicals storage in Singapore 05:50 AM EDT

China toughens some banks’ capital ratios -sources 05:50 AM EDT

Aricent Names Sudip Nandy as Chief Executive Officer 05:50 AM EDT

Banks lead Europe shares lower in choppy trade 05:49 AM EDT

REG-nCipher Plc RE: Scheme Sanction 05:49 AM EDT

French govt wants golden parachute pledges this yr 05:47 AM EDT

PGS to Qualify for the Norwegian Tonnage Tax Regime 05:46 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-India’s Bharti to launch DTH services this week 05:46 AM EDT


Sistema Launches Movie and TV Production at RWS St Petersburg 05:46 AM EDT

Iceland to intervene to boost crown-Kaupthing 05:45 AM EDT

The Latest Slovakia Insurance Report for Q3 2008 – Providing Company Profiles, a… 05:44 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-Russia may unveil new crisis measures Tues-Klepach 05:42 AM EDT

HIGHLIGHTS 2-BOJ Shirakawa: cenbank steps must suit own economy 05:40 AM EDT

Turkey PM says takes measures against turmoil 05:40 AM EDT

Iraq presidency formally approves election law 05:38 AM EDT

FACTBOX-Death toll from Algerian violence drops in September 05:37 AM EDT

BRIEF-Malaysia’s Hytex cancels Islamic debt issue 05:36 AM EDT

Greek stocks Sept foreign outflows 246 mln euros 05:35 AM EDT

UAE’s Etislat says planned acquisition will be in Iraq 05:35 AM EDT

Veolia Environnement and Mubadala Launch a Joint Venture Company to Build a Strategic… 05:35 AM EDT

Greek says rumour mongers may face charges -media 05:34 AM EDT

Siemens Building Technologies Selects Techwell’s TW2815 4-Channel Video Decoders… 05:33 AM EDT

Short sale ban hurt 05:33 AM EDT

Research and Markets: A Comprehensive Profile of the Hartford Financial Services… 05:33 AM EDT

Russia says no decision made on loan to Iceland 05:32 AM EDT

REG-Altin AG Notice of AGM 05:31 AM EDT

Euribor rates hit new multi-year highs 05:30 AM EDT

Russia markets watchdog tightens trading limits 05:30 AM EDT

Following Is a Test Release 05:30 AM EDT

Caldecott Medalist Ed Young Illustrates Simplicity of Wabi Sabi in New Picture Book 05:30 AM EDT No Better Time to Buy Life Insurance to Protect Your Family Financially 05:30 AM EDT

MyNetworkTV(R) Body Slams Previous Ratings Record 05:30 AM EDT

Daimler says has “extremely comfortable” liquidity 05:28 AM EDT

Autumn retail JGB sale slumps on low coupons 05:28 AM EDT

SAS sees 500 mln SEK impact from Madrid crash 05:28 AM EDT

Landsbanki’s UK bank icesave suspends operations 05:28 AM EDT

Mystery S.Africa killer disease may be Congo fever 05:26 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Norway sees oil/gas output rising 3.8 pct in 2009 05:25 AM EDT

Russia, Middle East boost presence in art market 05:22 AM EDT

SEB says has small exposure to Iceland banks 05:22 AM EDT

Reuters Summit-China shying from climate obligations-adviser 05:21 AM EDT

Trafigura fund sees metals weak, but long-term buy 05:20 AM EDT

EU lawmaker panel adopts insurance reform 05:20 AM EDT

Termites Lurking Year-Round Pose Significant Threat to Homeowners 05:20 AM EDT

Naturally … Consumers Take Notice of a New Trend, Natural Color Diamonds 05:20 AM EDT

CORRECTED – Raiffeisen Intl confirms 2008 outlook 05:19 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Daimler says has “extremely comfortable” liquidity 05:17 AM EDT

India lifts Kashmir curfew as separatists call for calm 05:16 AM EDT

Talks between UK government, banks ongoing: source 05:16 AM EDT

Intercast Networks Expands Kazam Video Service to Universities Across the US 05:15 AM EDT

Comprehensive Survey of the Main Market Metrics and Companies Involved in the Sapphire… 05:15 AM EDT

Swedbank says exposure to Iceland banks small 05:14 AM EDT

Oslo bourse suspends Landsbanki’s trading rights 05:13 AM EDT

Key advertising report downgrades global forecasts 05:13 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Iceland crown surges on news of Russian loan 05:11 AM EDT

China top refiners to raise Oct runs after repairs 05:11 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-Bhs full-year profit down 4O pct and no dividend 05:10 AM EDT

AVMA Offers Safety Tips on Introducing Your Dog to the New Baby 05:10 AM EDT

Blasts near Iraq ministry as U.S. allows Cove Point LNG expansion to continue 03:42 PM EDT

UPDATE 3-Don’t use cold drugs in kids under 4, industry says 03:41 PM EDT

Circulation: Heart Failure Publishes Clinical Study of InterCure’s RESPeRATE Device 03:40 PM EDT

Oil price unlikely to derail biofuels boom: Bodman 03:40 PM EDT

Inflation becomes afterthought as credit crisis worsens 03:39 PM EDT

Toxin Alert Grants License in People’s Republic of China 03:39 PM EDT

US Army presses Lockheed to cut weight of big robot 03:39 PM EDT

UIL Announces New Appointment to Board of Directors 03:39 PM EDT

A.M. Spectator Sports Industry Report Contains Timely and Accurate Industry… 10:32 AM EDT

DUCTZ Indoor Air Professionals Stresses Importance of Dryer Vent Maintenance in Preventing Home Fires 10:32 AM EDT

Centerline forms venture for commercial real estate 10:31 AM EDT

DUCTZ Indoor Air Professionals Stresses Importance of Dryer Vent Maintenance in Preventing Home Fires 10:31 AM EDT

McNeil Consumer Healthcare Supports Voluntary Initiatives to Help Encourage Safe,… 10:31 AM EDT

Wall Street Journal Sunday Adds Key Partners to Its Network of Newspapers Across… 10:30 AM EDT

Inspiration Intersects 1.553% Ni Over 16.93m or 55.55ft Including 5.891% Ni Over 3.81m or 12.49ft (True Width) 10:30 AM EDT

The Orthopedic Specialty Clinic Selects SRS Hybrid EMR Solution 10:30 AM EDT

NYMEX-Crude up on Australia cut, Fed, OPEC talk 10:30 AM EDT

CVS/pharmacy Supports New Pediatric Dosing Directions for OTC Cough and Cold Products 10:30 AM EDT

New Experian Research Highlights Shifting Consumer Delinquency Trends 10:30 AM EDT

ID Experts Joins the Center for Applied Identity Management Research 10:30 AM EDT

Alba Therapeutics Presents New Data for Larazotide Acetate at the 2008 American College… 10:30 AM EDT

FamilyFun Magazine Unveils the 17th Annual Toy of the Year (T.O.Y.) Award Winners 10:30 AM EDT

PathGuide Technologies Announces Latitude Version 9.0 Warehouse Management System 10:30 AM EDT

Weather Risk Solutions(TM) to Launch Hurricane Risk Landfall Options – HuRLOs(TM) 10:30 AM EDT

Ramtron Announces Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Date 10:30 AM EDT

Flyff Welcomes All to Version 12 – October 7th, 2008 10:30 AM EDT

Sisson Promoted to President of Furmanite’s United States Operations 10:30 AM EDT

Green Globe International, Inc. John’s Wort effective for depression-study 07:00 PM EDT

Architecture Firm DeStefano + Partners Signs Lease at 330 N Wabash; Longtime Tenant… 07:00 PM EDT

Telstra Awards Accenture Five-Year Application Outsourcing Contract 07:00 PM EDT

Analysts cut 2009 cell phone growth estimates 06:58 PM EDT

Tycoon Pickens sues Lehman over collateral 06:57 PM EDT

Fear index ends at record high for second straight day 06:56 PM EDT

Enstar Group Limited Announces Proposed Acquisition 06:56 PM EDT

U.S., India to sign civil nuclear deal on Friday 06:52 PM EDT

Court Confirms Goody’s Family Clothing, Inc.’s Plan of Reorganization 06:52 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-U.S. Retains Investor Relations 07:00 AM EDT

Nexstar Broadcasting Enters into Definitive Agreement to Acquire KWBF-TV in Little… 07:00 AM EDT

Can You Haiku? Coffee Lovers Get Poetry “Published” on Millions of Eco-Friendly Cups 07:00 AM EDT

Thunderhead NOW Helps HML Improve Service with Multi-branded, Multi-channel Communications 07:00 AM EDT Reaches Milestone With an Estimated 27 Percent of U.S. Reports 41% Increase in First Quarter Results for Fiscal Year 2009 and… 04:05 PM EDT

Hercules Technology Announces Portfolio Company, Teleflip, Inc., a Previously Graded… 04:05 PM EDT

Hedge funds losses balloon in September: HFR 04:04 PM EDT


Asia shares dive in global slide 11:59 PM EDT

Debate ends on introspective note 11:51 PM EDT

McCain, Obama on Pakistan 11:16 PM EDT

Obama better for renewable energy 10:50 PM EDT

Police, protesters clash in Bangkok 10:14 PM EDT

Debate opens with U.S economy 10:01 PM EDT

Scars linger 3 years after quake 08:58 PM EDT

Former AIG execs under fire 08:52 PM EDT

Global rate cut 08:18 PM EDT

Brown defends UK bank bailout 08:05 PM EDT

Talk of the Town: Halle still sexy 07:28 PM EDT

How the Fed’s move affects Main St. 05:49 PM EDT

Obama gets independent votes 05:42 PM EDT

Wall Street in record spiral 05:41 PM EDT

Bush: US to recover from tough times 05:14 PM EDT

Bush talks bailout and beyond 04:01 PM EDT

Bernanke signals possible rate cut 03:29 PM EDT

Time for pedicures at AIG? 02:06 PM EDT

Fed in uncharted waters 01:15 PM EDT

EU raises deposit guarantee level 01:00 PM EDT

Nepal’s new three-year-old goddess  12:47 PM EDT

Iceland battles economic crisis 12:20 PM EDT

Fed steps in again 12:13 PM EDT

Starbucks accused of wasting water 12:06 PM EDT

UK banks slide further 09:42 AM EDT

Palace skinny dip spares no blushes 07:56 AM EDT

Scores injured in Thai clashes 07:08 AM EDT

Turkish Army bombs rebel targets  07:01 AM EDT

Central Asia quake aftermath 06:10 AM EDT

So long and thanks for all the fish 05:09 AM EDT

Oz rate cut lifts Asia 03:51 AM EDT

China: World shouldn’t foot US bill 03:25 AM EDT

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RPT-PRESS DIGEST-Indonesian newspapers – Oct 8 11:43 PM EDT

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Nikkei down 4.5 pct on economy fears, Toyota report 10:59 PM EDT

MOVES-NZ’s AMP Capital Investors names strategy chief 10:59 PM EDT

CORRECTED: TV’s “Mr Clean” dies at age 92 10:58 PM EDT

PRESS DIGEST – British business – Oct 8 10:57 PM EDT

PRESS DIGEST-Indonesian newspapers – Oct 8 10:55 PM EDT

PRESS DIGEST-Indonesian newspapers – Oct 8 10:55 PM EDT

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China urges fund JVs to report health of foreign partners 10:52 PM EDT

Monster Worldwide Completes Acquisition of ChinaHR 10:50 PM EDT

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Silicon Valley’s Khosla not keen on Pickens plan 10:39 PM EDT

Following Is a Test Release 10:30 PM EDT

Reuters Summit-Indian politics makes climate a tough sell 10:26 PM EDT

Japan govt expects strong G7 message on fin system 10:25 PM EDT

Alcoa third-quarter net down; cutting back spending 10:25 PM EDT

Alcoa CEO sees positive long-term aluminum prospects 10:25 PM EDT

FACTBOX: Obama, McCain comments on economy, financial woes 10:24 PM EDT

Alcoa CEO sees positive long-term aluminum prospects 10:24 PM EDT

FACTBOX: A look at North Korea’s missile arsenal 10:22 PM EDT

FACTBOX-Obama, McCain comments on economy, financial woes 10:22 PM EDT

PRESS DIGEST – Vietnam newspapers – Oct 8 10:21 PM EDT

Bengals’ Blackstock gets ban for violating substance policy 10:20 PM EDT

MetLife releases third-quarter expected results 10:20 PM EDT

HK main index down 5 pct; drops below 16,000 pts 10:13 PM EDT

Nikkei down 4.5 pct on economy fears, strong yen 10:05 PM EDT

Credit crisis, political unrest to hit Thai shares 10:02 PM EDT

S.Korea says Oaktree plans $3 bln investment 10:01 PM EDT

HK shares open 4.1 pct lower at new 27-month low 10:00 PM EDT

Following Is a Test Release 10:00 PM EDT

Key Trends in the Competitive Landscape of the Internet Access in Singapore Market 10:00 PM EDT

REFILE-JGBs gain as Tokyo shares fall to five-year lows 09:57 PM EDT

LA Clippers part company with GM Baylor 09:57 PM EDT

McCain, Obama discuss possible Treasury secretary picks 09:55 PM EDT

Electric cars to dominate green car race 09:55 PM EDT

McCain, Obama discuss possible Treasury secretary picks 09:53 PM EDT

Oaktree Capital, Korea pension service ink deal 09:47 PM EDT

Auto workers launch $3 million ad campaign for Obama 09:42 PM EDT

US auto workers launch $3 mln ad campaign for Obama 09:39 PM EDT

Astrata Group Makes First Deliveries on Contract for Senegal Government 09:36 PM EDT

REvolution Computing’s New ParallelR Version 1.2 Product Enhances Statistical Analyses… 09:36 PM EDT

APA Poll Finds Women Bear Brunt of Nation’s Stress, Financial Downturn 09:36 PM EDT

The Unraveling Economy Puts Dallas Residents Under Pressure 09:36 PM EDT

Collagen Matrix, Inc. Announces New Mobile Data System for Public Safety First Responders 02:15 AM EDT

TEXT-BOJ statement after Oct 6-7 meeting 02:14 AM EDT

Dmatek says in talks over potential LMS offer 02:13 AM EDT

Asustek sees record notebook shipments in Oct 02:11 AM EDT

Northern Foods says on track to meet FY expectations 02:08 AM EDT

Toll rises to 17 in latest Pakistani suicide attack 02:08 AM EDT

Michael Page Q3 profit rises, UK job market slows 02:08 AM EDT

Financial crisis drives Nikkei to 5-year closing low 02:08 AM EDT

Seoul shares up; exporters, defensive issues rise 02:07 AM EDT

Lehman’s Fuld: Where was our U.S. CBO says FY08 budget deficit hit $438 billion 06:50 PM EDT

U.S. Army Competition for M299 Launcher Modernization 10:00 AM EDT

Computer Geeks Rejoice: Resize Windows 2003 Server with EASEUS Partition Manager… 10:00 AM EDT

AVerMedia(R) Launches the Successor to the AVerTV Box 7! 10:00 AM EDT Weds San Antonio With New Online Wedding Guide 10:00 AM EDT

OnDialog(TM) Hosts MarketingSherpa Expert to Share Best Practices for Landing Pages;… 10:00 AM EDT Marries New Mexico Couples With Premier Online Wedding Guide 10:00 AM EDT

Kimberly-Clark Wins U.S. Richardson Jr. September 2008 Consolidated Revenue Totaled NT$34.6 Billion 04:55 AM EDT

Delta Electronics Receives Two National Innovation Awards 04:54 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Schedules Release of Third Quarter Results and Conference… 03:32 PM EDT

Tonogold Resources, Inc. Announces Preliminary Results for Third Quarter 2008 09:00 AM EDT

Best-Selling Author Ian Ayres to Keynote SPSS Directions User Conference 2008 09:00 AM EDT

Tetra Tech Wins $500 Million USAID Global Architect-Engineer Infrastructure Services… 09:00 AM EDT

Vantage Learning Announces Countdown to Election 2008 National Writing Contest 09:00 AM EDT

104 West Partners Promotes Courtney Walsh to Account Manager; Hires Kim Schloss as… 09:00 AM EDT

ACG Orange County Presents “An Evening with Mr. Joins Oracle Identity Assurance Partner Alliance Initiative 04:05 PM EDT

Team, Inc. $11 bln in beef exports -ITC 04:59 PM EDT

N.Y. says Afghan war comments “defeatist” 04:00 PM EDT

CIBT Provides Enrolment Update and Forecasted Revenue for 2009 04:00 PM EDT

MonArc Corporation (MONA) to Issue 20c Cash Dividend 04:00 PM EDT

Anixter International Announces Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Conference Call 04:00 PM EDT

Domino’s Pizza Tracker Poll: Conservatives Not So Conservative 04:00 PM EDT

Lilly Sets Date and Conference Call for Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results Announcement 04:00 PM EDT

Sigma-Aldrich and the University of Illinois Offer New Boronic Acid Surrogates to… 04:00 PM EDT

Old Navy picks new ad agency as it repositions 04:00 PM EDT

CBRL Group Presents at Wachovia Consumer Growth Conference 04:00 PM EDT

Conceptus to Hold 2008 Third Quarter Financial Results Conference Call October 29,… 04:00 PM EDT

Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Holds its Annual Public Meeting in Montreal, Quebec 03:58 PM EDT

Gold soars on flight to safety, stock sell-off 03:58 PM EDT

Boots Coots Schedules Third Quarter Earnings Call for November 6 03:58 PM EDT

/C O R R E C T I O N — Peet’s Coffee Tea, Inc. Strong 09:16 AM EDT

Open Text Furthers Content Services for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server with New… 09:15 AM EDT

Oriens Travel Hotel Management Exceeds Projections With Recent Contract Worth Estimated… 09:15 AM EDT

SkyRecon Systems Appoints Charles Le Director of Product Management 09:15 AM EDT

Cytiva Shows a 98% Increase in Year Over Year Sales Contract Value for the Third Quarter 09:15 AM EDT

Adify Empowers Global Entrepreneurs to Create First African Vertical Ad Network 09:15 AM EDT

FOREX-Dollar jumps vs yen after Fed creates facility 09:15 AM EDT

Britain exceeds biofuels target – govt agency 09:15 AM EDT

Arbios Sells HepatAssist Bioartificial Liver System to HepaLife Technologies, Inc. 09:15 AM EDT Expands the Online Playing Field for Gamers of Every Stripe 09:15 AM EDT

Ohio Manufacturing Jobs Down 2.7% Over Twelve Months According to State Industrial… 09:15 AM EDT

Visioneer RoadWarrior Receives LAPTOP Magazine Editors’ Choice Award for Best Portable… 09:15 AM EDT

REG-db x-trackers DJ STOXX@ Telecommunications Short ETF Net Asset Value(s) 09:15 AM EDT

Baby Bee Bright Corporation Sees a Bright Future 09:15 AM EDT

The Provident Bank Touts First-Call Problem Resolution Rate of 95 Percent Coupled… 09:15 AM EDT

HepaLife(TM) Acquires Liver Support Technology, Tested in America’s Largest-Ever… 09:15 AM EDT

Sun Microsystems Announces 2009 Partner Summit to Focus on Growth, Partner Investments… 09:15 AM EDT

Renew Energy Resources, Inc. EPT Disclosure 10:18 AM EDT

TREASURIES-Bonds fall as Fed’s CP program hits any safety bid 10:17 AM EDT

Moody’s raises EDS ratings after HP takeover 10:17 AM EDT

REG-AQR Capital Management Short Selling Disclosure 10:17 AM EDT

LinuxWorld Expands To OpenSource World Conference Expo 10:17 AM EDT

HealthPort’s EDMS Software Benefits Students and Educators Using AHIMA’s E-HIM Virtual… 10:17 AM EDT

Mint halts some American Eagle coin production 10:16 AM EDT

SAP(R) Central Process Scheduling by Redwood Featured at SAP TechEd 2008 Berlin 10:16 AM EDT

REG-Lloyds TSB Group Plc Rule 8.3 – Cable Wireless 10:16 AM EDT

REG-INVESCO Limited Rule 8.3 – WPP GROUP PLC 10:16 AM EDT

The 2009 U.S. EPT Disclosure 07:53 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – MSCI EM LATAM TRN INDEX ETF Net Asset Value(s) 07:53 AM EDT

BEFORE THE BELL-AMD shares rise on plant spin-off plan 07:52 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-AtheroGenics files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy 07:52 AM EDT

InVitria’s Cellastim Showcased in Nature Article 07:52 AM EDT

MED3OOO Appoints Angela Hoffman as Chief Compliance Officer 07:52 AM EDT

InsightExpress Research Identifies Strategies to Help Marketers and Agencies in Tough… 07:52 AM EDT

UMB Scout Funds’ James Moffett and International Team Named Front-Runners for Morningstar’s… 07:52 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Plans to Announce Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results and Host a Conference… 08:15 AM EDT

PanGenex (PGXC) Director and Cardiologist Ronald P. Undertakes Normal Course Issue Bid to Buy Back Shares 06:17 PM EDT

Judge orders Chinese Muslims at Guantanamo freed 06:17 PM EDT

W.House disagrees with court on Guantanamo ruling 06:17 PM EDT

Pyramid Petroleum, Inc. Increases Capital Share Dividend 04:30 PM EDT

TD Split Inc. Launches Second Product, Z-Payments, with Integration to PayPal 07:08 AM EDT

Orange County, California Standardizes on Voltage SecureMail to Safeguard Email Communications 07:07 AM EDT

Japan advertising firm Dentsu posts big sales fall 07:07 AM EDT

FACTBOX-Governments struggle with financial crisis 07:06 AM EDT

Tessera Technologies to Announce Third Quarter 2008 Results 07:05 AM EDT

Kiwa Bio-Tech Sells $175,000 of Bio-fertilizer to Hainan Yuanhenglida Industry and… 07:03 AM EDT

Plug Power Expects Tax Credit Extension to Help Drive Commercialization of Products 07:03 AM EDT

Aladdin Beverage Begins Distribution of Patagonia Blond Ale 07:03 AM EDT

Elysium Internet Q3 Sequential Sales Increase More Than 100% 07:03 AM EDT

DineEquity, Inc. to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Common… 01:13 PM EDT

Pharsight and InforSense Establish Strategic Partnership 01:13 PM EDT

Afilias Releases Proposal for “Internet of Things” Architecture in Advance of EU… 01:13 PM EDT

Fed funds trade at 5.0 percent, above 2 pct target 01:12 PM EDT

Shareholders block Spain Telefonica Chile unit buy-out 01:12 PM EDT

CREW Renews Request for Investigation into Rep. Announces Class Action Lawsuit Against The Spectranetics Corporation — SPNC 04:24 PM EDT

Yum third-qtr profit rises, sees FY08 US profit down 04:24 PM EDT’s “Sidewinder” Video Report: Bank of America (BAC) Options on the Move 04:24 PM EDT

Mauritanian police beat union members in coup protest 04:23 PM EDT and TodaysMama Team Up to Offer Free Babysitting on Election Day 04:23 PM EDT

“Save Miguel” – Hollywood Joins Fight to Save Cork Forests 04:23 PM EDT

Stanford University Uses Fluidigm Integrated Fluidic Circuits to Help Develop Maternal… 04:23 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-Canada’s Liberals mull higher deposit insurance 04:22 PM EDT

No proof circumcision cuts gay male HIV risk: study 04:22 PM EDT

Service Corporation International Withdraws Proposal For Stewart Enterprises 04:22 PM EDT

Brazilian fertilizer companies cut sales view 04:21 PM EDT

NASA and NIA Challenge Students to Imagine Moon Designs 04:21 PM EDT

Fitch Takes Various Actions on 1 Bear Stearns Resecuritization Transaction 04:21 PM EDT

20 Free Downloads in Every Bag of HevyD’s Kettle Korn 04:20 PM EDT

Frontier Financial Corporation Announces Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Conference Call 04:20 PM EDT

General Dynamics NASSCO Starts Construction of Tenth T-AKE Ship 04:20 PM EDT

Micrel Board Increases Amount Authorized Under Share Repurchase Plan 04:20 PM EDT

Silvercrest Asset Management Acquires Marathon Capital Group 04:20 PM EDT

Alcoa Reports Third Quarter 2008 Results; Taking Action to Preserve Profitability,… 04:20 PM EDT

Wayne County Community College District Hosts The Plight of Women in Darfur and Southern… 04:19 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-California Pizza Kitchen stands by earnings view 04:19 PM EDT

First New York Hospital Adopts the SurgiCount Medical Safety-Sponge(TM) System 04:18 PM EDT

Europe funds seek money market fund liquidity plan 04:18 PM EDT

Fitch Rates YPF’s USD150MM Proposed Debt Issuance ‘BB+’ 04:18 PM EDT

EU says informed of U.K. Retirement Services Releases White Paper by Fred Reish on… 12:54 PM EDT

CA to Webcast Quarterly Conference Call 12:54 PM EDT

REG-DB x-trackers MSCI JAPAN TRN INDEX ETF Net Asset Value(s) 12:54 PM EDT

Basis Technology Powers Mark Logic Entity Enrichment 12:54 PM EDT

Verizon Adds 77 New Channels to FiOS TV Lineup – Including 57 in HD – for Customers… 12:53 PM EDT

Construction to Begin on Luxury Apartments in Owings Mills, Maryland 12:53 PM EDT

Many adolescents not up to date on their shots 12:53 PM EDT

US STOCKS-Wall Street drops as credit concerns weigh 12:53 PM EDT

IP Communications Veteran Anders Eriksson Joins Ingate Systems as Chief Executive Officer 12:53 PM EDT

General Mills, Inc.’s Que Rica Vida, Bisquick, Launch Sweepstakes for a Mother’s… 12:53 PM EDT

Breast Cancer Awareness Blooms in October With ProFlowers 12:52 PM EDT

RPT-Polish Millennium net profit at $49.7 mln 12:52 PM EDT

Register Your Company Now for the 2009 IR Global Rankings 12:52 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Jordan Arab Bank 9-month pre-tax profit up 18 pct 12:52 PM EDT

REG-DB x-trackers MSCI EUROPE TRN INDEX ETF Net Asset Value(s) 12:52 PM EDT

Trust Builders, Inc. Residents Under Pressure 09:00 AM EDT

The Unraveling Economy Puts Chicagoans Under Pressure 09:00 AM EDT

DigitalGlobe Announces New Content Partnership for Virtual Earth With Microsoft 09:00 AM EDT

interCLICK Opens Expanded New York City Headquarters, Adds National Sales Team Members 09:00 AM EDT

Cranes Software Announces the Release of NISA Version 16.0 09:00 AM EDT

Zhone Secures Mobile Access Equipment Product Line with Mocana Technology 09:00 AM EDT

As Energy Costs Rise, Survey Finds U.S. Department of Labor announces second $47 million YouthBuild competition 03:12 PM EDT

CAIR Joins Interfaith Leaders in Condemning ‘Obsession’ Distribution 03:12 PM EDT

OKI Data Americas and the 1950′s Automotive Classic Will Help Raise Money to Support… 03:12 PM EDT

The Promenade at Westlake Unveils a Fresh New Look with Weekend of Celebration October… 03:12 PM EDT

SCI Solutions Launches New Version of Schedule Maximizer 03:11 PM EDT

Great Panther Continues Record-Setting Trend With Q3 Production 03:11 PM EDT

Hamas takes its turn at reconciliation talks 03:11 PM EDT

SEIU Member Will Be in Town Hall Audience, Ready to Ask John McCain Why He Won’t… 03:11 PM EDT

Atikwa Minerals Corporation-News Release 03:10 PM EDT

Race/Gender Must Not Be a Factor in Presidential Elections, Says AFGE 03:09 PM EDT

UPDATE 3-Toronto stocks sink on fears of global slowdown 03:09 PM EDT

Telco would raise funds for T.Italia covenants 03:09 PM EDT

National Archives Features Oscar(R)-Winning Animated Films on October 23rd 03:09 PM EDT

Davydenko and Kuznetsova win, Venus sent packing 03:08 PM EDT

ONA-PCE Announces Final Round of Endorsed Candidates for Ohio General Assembly 03:08 PM EDT

SNB’S Hildebrand urges coordinated govt action on crisis 03:07 PM EDT

President of Slovak Republic Pays Tribute to September 11th Victims at Pentagon Memorial 03:07 PM EDT

Statement From ACCCE Regarding Dingle/Boucher Discussion Draft 03:07 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-PREVIEW-Financial crisis adds to Sept US retail woes 03:06 PM EDT

IPRO Spins Off Managed Care Review Affiliate 03:06 PM EDT

Biothera Completes Enrollment of First Arm of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Trial 03:06 PM EDT

SMU Cox’s Maguire Energy Institute and Leading Industry Experts Discuss “The Promise and Peril of Alternative Energy” 03:05 PM EDT

Cheats will get caught, says Tour chief 03:05 PM EDT

BH Macro swings to NAV discount 03:04 PM EDT

IOC approves Sochi 2014 Games sports sites 03:03 PM EDT

AmerenUE Offers Tips to Help Customers Prepare for Heating Season 03:03 PM EDT

Mother and Son That Lost Over $250,000 in Morgan Keegan Mutual Funds Filed An Arbitration… 03:03 PM EDT

ACSM, AHA Support Federal Physical Activity Guidelines 03:03 PM EDT

ProMetic Presents at Prion 2008 03:03 PM EDT

Dresner Corporate Services Offers Briefing on Investor Relations Best Practices for 144a Companies 03:03 PM EDT

“Virtually” Virtual Worlds — IBM to the Rescue 03:03 PM EDT

Dr. Short Selling Disclosure 02:00 AM EDT


PR Newswire Broadcast Minute for Tuesday, October 7, 2008 04:00 AM EDT

Inaugurating a New Decade of Sustainable Investment: 10th Annual TBLI CONFERENCE(TM) 04:00 AM EDT

French Biotechnology Industry Remains Contrasted and is Shaken by International Financial… 04:00 AM EDT

France Biotech Presents the 7th Edition of its Annual Biotechnology Industry Report… 04:00 AM EDT

Arup Signs European Email Backup and Recovery Deal with COPAN Systems 04:00 AM EDT

arXes and newScale Enter Partnership for Implementing Service Catalog Solutions in… 04:00 AM EDT

Kineto Wireless Receives Funding for FMC Solutions 04:00 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Turkey plans 3G tender for December – sources 03:58 AM EDT

Consumer Spending on Mobile Broadcast TV to Reach $2.7 Billion by 2013, but Revenues to Be Hit by Free-to-Air Services, 03:58 AM EDT

U.S. Featured in Profile at 08:45 AM EDT

Perini Corporation Announces Over $248 Million in New Contract Awards 08:45 AM EDT

FoldRx Announces Rapid Progress with Development Program for Lead Candidate 08:45 AM EDT

EMRISE Corporation Receives More Than $1.0 Million in Orders for Electronic Devices… 08:45 AM EDT

Corning CFO to Address Maxim Group Growth Conference 08:45 AM EDT

Crane Wireless Monitoring Solutions Awarded Contract by DRS to Provide Unattended… 08:45 AM EDT

CDISC Announces the Publication of CDASH Version 1.0 – Standard for Clinical Research… 08:45 AM EDT

Dynasil Provides Update to Stockholders 08:45 AM EDT

InterContinental Chicago O’Hare Celebrates the “Art of Meetings” 08:45 AM EDT

Joe Maddon, Manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, Selected as the Second Annual “Chuck Tanner… 08:45 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – DJ STOXX 600 HEALTH CARE ETF Net Asset Value(s) 08:45 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – DJ STOXX 600 OIL GAS ETF Net Asset Value(s) 08:44 AM EDT

US fed funds hold at 4 pct after TAF announcement 08:43 AM EDT

India’s Tata Motors to make Nano in Gujarat state 08:43 AM EDT

Advance Auto warns on 3rd quarter sales growth 08:43 AM EDT

Senator Barack Obama $100 Million Launched By GNET.COM – Powered By… 08:43 AM EDT

Russia to use oil wealth fund for bank loans-Kudrin 08:42 AM EDT

PECO II, Inc. Introduces Patent Pending Tax Wise Distribution Strategy 12:52 PM EDT

Simpson Gumpertz Heger Named a “Best Firm to Work For” Fourth Year Running 12:52 PM EDT

CORRECTED – Jordan Arab Bank 9-month pre-tax profit up 18 pct 12:51 PM EDT

Little Mosque on the Prairie Launches New Interactive Fan Website 12:51 PM EDT

Italian watchdog probes Enel for dominant position 12:51 PM EDT

Intellifares Pre-Registration Opens at 12:51 PM EDT

Kemin Introduces LYSOFORTE(TM) – A Unique and Powerful Biosurfactant 12:51 PM EDT


AMERIGROUP Corporation to Discuss Third Quarter Earnings on October 23 12:50 PM EDT

Gene discovery may help hunt for blindness cure 12:50 PM EDT

Update: The Lilly TB Drug Discovery Initiative Begins Work on New Compounds to Fill… 12:50 PM EDT

Corporacion Durango seeks creditor protection; unit sale 12:50 PM EDT

Gadgets to Make Mom’s Life Easier 12:50 PM EDT

Pavia Day Spa Announces BodyTalk Access Services 12:50 PM EDT

XOJET Continues Expansion with Addition of Four Senior Management Team Members 12:50 PM EDT

CORRECTED-Polish Millennium net profit at $49.7 mln 12:49 PM EDT

Sanswire’s New Ticker Symbol SNSR Effective October 8, 2008 12:49 PM EDT

AEN Wins ITFlorida Competition 12:49 PM EDT

New IT Optimization Offerings From IBM Reduce Cost and Complexity for Midsize Companies 12:49 PM EDT

Seaport Capital Acquires American Internet Services 12:49 PM EDT

US STOCKS-Wall Street extends losses on credit concerns 12:48 PM EDT

Mercury Multimedia Wins Platinum PR Award for Real Estate TV Show 12:48 PM EDT Launches ‘Voices On the Election’ 12:47 PM EDT

Majesco Entertainment and Interactive Game Group Announce ‘Jillian Michaels’ Fitness… 12:47 PM EDT

Game Commission Deer Management Program Continues to Earn Praise From Scientific… 12:47 PM EDT

Ski Season Kicks Off With Two Free Days of Ski Rental Equipment 12:47 PM EDT

FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, Oct 7 12:46 PM EDT

Canada PM shrugs off calls for special measures 12:46 PM EDT

TREASURIES-Bonds ease as Fed’s CP program hits safety bid 12:46 PM EDT

BOOMj, Inc. tax rules on borrowing from subsidiaries eased 03:58 AM EDT

MTelekom says not changing 2008 guidance 03:57 AM EDT

ELX, Societe Generale, Alliance Trust 03:56 AM EDT

Reuters Summit-India hopes to attract over $4bln in green energy 03:55 AM EDT

Two more TNK-BP executives to leave 03:54 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Fortis shares suspended pending statement on assets 03:52 AM EDT

Kazakhs drop Gazprom Neft in oil asset talks-source 03:51 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Large-size designer clothes help N Brown buck gloom 03:50 AM EDT

STOXX to Launch New Indexes for Eastern Europe 03:50 AM EDT

3CX and VegaStream Announce Interoperability With Price Discount Offer 03:50 AM EDT

Thai police, anti-govt protesters clash in Bangkok 03:49 AM EDT

Breakaway Tiger leader sworn into Sri Lanka parliament 03:49 AM EDT

Breakaway Tiger leader sworn into Sri Lanka parliament 03:49 AM EDT

REG-The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. Paul Protect Critical Infrastructure for RNC 10:09 AM EDT

Bank of Canada 91-day PRA yields 3.736 pct 10:08 AM EDT

ClickSquared Delivers Model Linking Engagement to Equity With New Cliquity Marketing Approach 10:08 AM EDT

NewMarket Technology, Inc. Expands Deployment of MicroStrategy to Enhance Hospital Performance… 08:01 AM EDT

PriceSmart Announces September Sales 08:01 AM EDT

Over 145 Million Consumers Online for Health – New Media Offers Cost-Efficient Ways… 08:01 AM EDT

Jack Henry Associates Announces Gladiator Enterprise Security Monitoring (ESM)… 08:01 AM EDT

BlueStar’s VARTECH2008 Conference Trade Show Is a Tremendous Success 08:01 AM EDT

Toshiba Launches Its First ARM(R) Cortex-M3(TM) Microcontroller 08:01 AM EDT

New Florida Survey Shows More Than 52% of ‘Main Street’ Business Owners Will Vote… 08:01 AM EDT

Canadian Managed Service Provider Chooses Monolith Software for Its Technology Management Needs 08:01 AM EDT

In-Demand FogScreen Creates Exciting Atmosphere for Memorable Events This Holiday… 08:01 AM EDT

Kent State University Deploys Proofpoint SaaS and Appliance Solutions for Comprehensive Email Security 08:01 AM EDT

Gold Horse International, Inc. Partial Early Repurchase 08:27 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Wachovia widens Q3, 2008 loss view for Merrill Lynch 08:26 AM EDT

Goldman sees oil slump until global GDP stabilises 08:26 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Barroso warns of renationalisation of financial system 08:25 AM EDT

REG-Merrill Lynch SA Partial Early Repurchase 08:25 AM EDT

ATP to Present at 6th Annual Oil and Gas Investment Symposium 08:25 AM EDT

Lifeline Biotechnologies, Inc. Pension Plan Funding Status Slips Slightly in September, According to BNY Mellon… 07:25 AM EDT

ANSYS POLYFLOW 3.12 Enables Improved Manufacturing Engineering Simulation and Virtual… 07:25 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Irish PM says will work with EU on bank plan 07:24 AM EDT

Richemont’s new luxury focus will not yield riches 07:23 AM EDT

Terna nears 1.5 bln euro offer for Enel grid-sources 07:22 AM EDT

Greek closed-end funds discounts deepen in Sept 07:19 AM EDT

FOREX-Euro holds gains vs dlr, stg sinks to 2-1/2 yr low 07:18 AM EDT

SMPTE to Develop Mastering and Packaging Standard for Entertainment Distributed over… 07:17 AM EDT

BRIEF-Exista completes Sampo sale at EUR 11.50/shr 07:16 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Fresh bank sector aid cheers Russia market 07:15 AM EDT

Search and Sound Recognition Innovator MELODIS, Creator of midomi, Raises $7 Million in Series B Funding 07:15 AM EDT

REMINDER: ORLive Presents: Scoliosis Surgery: A Minimally Invasive Approach 07:15 AM EDT

Breakaway Tiger leader sworn into Sri Lanka parliament 07:14 AM EDT

Breakaway Tiger leader sworn into Sri Lanka parliament 07:14 AM EDT

REFILE-Quintain seeks to sell big Wembley City stake 07:14 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Budweiser renews sponsorship of Britain’s Man Utd. 07:14 AM EDT

South Korea dismisses North’s nuclear “ultimatum” 07:11 AM EDT

DIARY – European Central Bank (ECB) events to November 30 07:11 AM EDT

RRSAT Schedules Third Quarter 2008 Results Release for Thursday, October 30, 2008 07:11 AM EDT

QinetiQ North America Wins $206 Million SPAWAR Contract 07:11 AM EDT

Allianz sale of Dresdner to Commerzbank on track 07:10 AM EDT

Running Press Founder Consulting for New Indie Publishing Venture 07:10 AM EDT

U.I.N.A. Treasury Money Market Guarantee… 04:33 PM EDT

Biotech 2008 to Feature Cephalon CEO, Frank Baldino, Jr., Ph.D. Jones, Local Health Care Workers to Sound the Alarm on McCain’s Radical Health… 08:07 PM EDT

DNC – Wednesday: Washington Republican Economic Policies Devastate Dayton 08:07 PM EDT

Whiting Petroleum Corporation to Present at IPAA Oil and Gas Investment Symposium 08:05 PM EDT

US Air Force hires nonprofit to help assess bids 08:05 PM EDT

FACTBOX-Investing in Africa: Land and agriculture 08:04 PM EDT

FACTBOX-Investing in Africa: Land and agriculture 08:04 PM EDT

Margit Eyraud Resigns as CEO of Marani Brands, Board Names Ara Zartarian as Successor 08:03 PM EDT

Whiting Petroleum Announces Appointment of Jack R. Third Quarter 2008 Conference Call and Webcast for Investors and Analysts 04:30 PM EDT

Bio-Rad Announces Intent to List on the New York Stock Exchange 04:30 PM EDT

American Technology Receives Notification From Nasdaq Regarding Bid Price Deficiency 04:30 PM EDT

Mexico’s Walmex third-quarter net down 2 percent 04:30 PM EDT

Alcoa profit drops on lower aluminum prices 04:30 PM EDT

TROY Group, Inc. Certified as Preferred Employer 12:37 PM EDT

Road Rail in Mexico Report Is Supported By The Key Macroeconomic And Demographic… 12:37 PM EDT

Webcast Alert: Compartamos Banco Announces Third Quarter 2008 Conference Call 12:36 PM EDT

Spain to boost deposit guarantee, create fund 12:36 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Fed’s Stern says credit rescue moves will succeed 12:36 PM EDT

Chief Electoral Officer of Canada Announces Election Expenses Limits 12:35 PM EDT

meteocontrol at the Solar Power International in San Diego 12:35 PM EDT

Economic woes may give planet a breather 12:35 PM EDT

Quad/Graphics Earns EPA SmartWay(SM) Environmental Excellence Award for Third Consecutive… 12:35 PM EDT

BP adds Tengiz crude to BTC pipeline 12:34 PM EDT

Popular Youth Web Sites Expose Teens, Tweens to Images of Violent Behavior, Substance… 12:34 PM EDT

Entrepreneur Growth Capital and Financing in Tough Times 12:33 PM EDT

EU lawmakers vote to save factories from carbon cost 12:33 PM EDT

EU vote backs tough carbon caps for power plants 12:33 PM EDT

ECB’s Quaden says rate cut no longer ruled out 12:33 PM EDT

Crayola Glow Station Wins FamilyFun Magazine Toy of the Year (T.O.Y) Award 12:33 PM EDT

2009 U.S. 5 09:59 AM EDT

Buchanan Adds Federal Government Relations Authority Alan Rubin; Practice is Based… 09:59 AM EDT

Kazakhstan confident in oil sector despite crisis 09:58 AM EDT

Democratic National Committee: Sen. Reports Third Quarter Revenues Increased 138% 09:05 AM EDT

Evolver Inc., Named Among the Washington, D.C. to Announce Third-Quarter Financial Results on October 21, 2008 11:00 AM EDT

Musculoskeletal Clinical Regulatory Advisers, LLC Launches Patent Intelligence Services 11:00 AM EDT

Volt Soft Drinks Sponsors’s Ultimate College Bowl Voter Registration… 11:00 AM EDT

Governor and First Lady to Teach Statewide Civics Class 11:00 AM EDT

Selective Insurance Group, Inc. EPA Smartway Environmental Excellence Award 10:00 AM EDT Reports Highlights Market Potential of China’s Valve Market 10:00 AM EDT

New National Survey Shows Cat and Dog Owners Aren’t Feeding Their Pets What They… 10:00 AM EDT

General Dynamics Awarded $183 Million Contract for Integrated Logistics Support to… 10:00 AM EDT

Thermacore to Solve Thermal Challenges in Future High-Power Radars 10:00 AM EDT

Morria Biopharmaceuticals Plc Announces Results From its Pre-Clinical Screening of… 10:00 AM EDT

UXalliance Noted for Its Global Presence in Usability Field 10:00 AM EDT

Honeywell Sells Novel Low-Global-Warming Blowing Agent to European Customers 10:00 AM EDT Reports Large Growth Potential in Chinese Wallpaper Market 10:00 AM EDT

Study Shows EUFLEXXA(R) Patients Report Significant Improvements in Osteoarthritis… 10:00 AM EDT

Viacom Inc. Joe Company (NYSE: JOE) to Host Conference Call to Review Third Quarter Results 04:45 PM EDT

Pacific Harbor Line Wins U.S. to Host Special Stockholders’ Meeting 07:06 PM EDT

Grim Bernanke makes rate cut seem inevitable 07:05 PM EDT

Wall Street Media Presents Exclusive Conference Videos 07:05 PM EDT

Petraeus sees increasingly durable gains in Iraq 07:04 PM EDT

Undelete 2009 Fills the Black Hole in File Back-Ups 07:04 PM EDT

US Fed: Mitsubishi UFJ won’t control Morgan Stanley 07:02 PM EDT

Damaged option dealers at risk if yen surges more 07:01 PM EDT

Great Lakes Aviation, Ltd. Completes Acquisition 11:26 AM EDT

RPT-UPDATE 1-China slams US arms sale to Taiwan, puts off visits 11:26 AM EDT

KCS Receives Stockholder Approval of 2008 Stock Option and Performance Award Plan 11:26 AM EDT

Correction to Information Statement: Bancolombia S.A. court denies Samsung appeal 08:48 AM EDT

GeckoGo Becomes the Fastest-Growing Source of User-Generated Travel Content 08:48 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-D.Bahn, govt to mull IPO price range Thurs-sources 08:48 AM EDT

Compiere Closes Third Quarter with Continued Global Expansion and 195 Percent Growth 08:48 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – DJ STOXX 600 TELECOMMUNICATIONS ETF Net Asset Value(s) 08:48 AM EDT

Green policies can have big economic spinoffs: U.N. 08:47 AM EDT

Wonderware Announces Availability of IntelaTrac V3.2 Mobile Workforce Decision… 08:47 AM EDT

Riot Games to Summon ‘League of Legends’ in 2009 08:47 AM EDT

Research and Markets: Sonatrach Oil and Chemicals Storage Operation Asset Summary… 08:46 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – DJ STOXX 600 BANKS ETF Net Asset Value(s) 08:46 AM EDT

Calif. to Report Second Quarter 2009 Earnings On October 21, 2008 07:31 AM EDT

PC Gold Defines 11.7 Million Cubic Metres of Gold Zones at Pickle Crow Mine, Open for Expansion 07:31 AM EDT

DigitalPost’s Breakthrough Partnership With Kiddie Kandids Profiled by Image Industry’s Top Publication — PMA Magazine 07:31 AM EDT

Defining Americas Styrenics — A Venture Focused on Polystyrene Expansion, an Industrial Info News Alert 07:31 AM EDT

Interact-TV Partners With TotalQ Pty Ltd to Establish International Sales Channel 07:31 AM EDT

Girl, 3, becomes Nepal’s new “living goddess” 07:30 AM EDT

IMAX Signs First Joint Venture Theatre Deal in Europe 07:30 AM EDT

Oncolytics Biotech Inc. EPA for Conserving Energy and Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions 09:00 AM EDT

Evident Technologies Announces the Formation of the NightMarker Business Unit, Commercializing… 09:00 AM EDT

Planitax Launches Professional Edition of Market-Defining Horizons Tax Software 09:00 AM EDT

Key Tronic Announces First Quarter Reporting Date 09:00 AM EDT

Exact Software Senior Product Expert to Speak at the 2008 FABTECH International … 09:00 AM EDT

International Rectifier to Exhibit at Major Vehicle Electronics Conference 09:00 AM EDT

HR Policy Association Awards Certification to UnitedHealthcare for Achieving Industry-Leading… 09:00 AM EDT

Verari Systems Named as Finalist in AeA High Tech Awards Clean Technology Category 09:00 AM EDT

iET Solutions Offers Service Request Fulfillment, Knowledge Management, and Other… 09:00 AM EDT

Safeway Inc. Announces Initial Sale of Organic Fertilizer to Matosantos… 08:30 AM EDT

Verint Witness Actionable Solutions and PowerHouse Consulting Help Companies Enhance… 08:30 AM EDT

Burst Media Launches Thought Leaders Ad Network 08:30 AM EDT

Receipt of Remaining Antitrust Clearances in Connection with the Acquisition of Greenfield… 08:30 AM EDT

LLR Partners Provides Capital for RecoverCare Acquisition of T.H.E. Wilson 01:12 PM EDT

Now Available – 2009 U.S. Air Force 09:00 AM EDT

SRA to Support Small Business Administration’s New Loan Management and Accounting… 09:00 AM EDT

Genius Products and Genco Interactive Partner With 7 Studios and Quincy Jones III… 09:00 AM EDT

American Reprographics Company Acquires Firm in United Kingdom 09:00 AM EDT

Cree, Inc. Army UH-60 Helicopters with Vehicle Health Management Systems 08:55 AM EDT

Sims Acquires Global Investment Recovery, Inc. 08:55 AM EDT

Raser Technologies Issues Update and Financial Guidance on Geothermal and PHEV Developments 08:55 AM EDT

Forecast 2009 non-OPEC oil output growth cut: EIA 08:54 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – DJ STOXX 600 INSURANCE ETF Net Asset Value(s) 08:54 AM EDT

Toll rises to 17 in latest Pakistani suicide attack 08:52 AM EDT

Wonderware Recognizes Innovative Customer Implementations of Its Software Solutions… 08:52 AM EDT

Petrolia, Junex and Gastem Complete a 3D Seismic Survey on the Haldimand Project 08:51 AM EDT

Miranda Technologies Inc. Beer Wine Liquor Stores Industry Report Now Available 10:00 AM EDT

15 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

10 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Medelis Expands Worldwide CRO Services with New European Division Led by Deirdre… 10:00 AM EDT

11 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Photo of UPS’s ”Circle of Honor” Now Totals 4,648, 25 Years or More of Accident… 10:00 AM EDT

An Analysis of the Ethylene Global Market Outlook for 2008 – Discover the Major Suppliers,… 10:00 AM EDT

25 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Three Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Advaxis Incorporated Collaborates on Groundbreaking Listeria Moncoytogenes Immunotherapy… 10:00 AM EDT

Two Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS ”Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

AOC’s 2230Fm HD3 Display is Named Best Monitor by PC World Latin America 2008 Awards 10:00 AM EDT

Nine Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Elite Local Driver Added to UPS ”Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

3M Licenses Vaccine Adjuvants to Sanofi Pasteur 10:00 AM EDT

Elite Local Driver Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Three Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Emerson Network Power Conference to Tackle Data Center Efficiency and Flexibility… 10:00 AM EDT

Elite Local Driver Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

10 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Aluratek Unveils New Internet Radio Jukebox 10:00 AM EDT

HGTV’s Popular Series “My First Place” Comes to 10:00 AM EDT

41 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

25 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS ”Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Media Advisory: Duke Energy’s Third Quarter 2008 Earnings to be Announced Nov. plane violated Iran’s airspace 09:42 AM EDT

Greeting Cards Company Celebrates 15th Annual Customer Service Week 09:42 AM EDT

Mexican stocks jump after Fed measures 09:42 AM EDT

The Center for Adoption Support and Education Named ‘One of the Best Small Charities’… 09:42 AM EDT

Fitch Affirms 5 classes from 1 Summit Mortgage Trust Resecuritization Transaction 09:42 AM EDT

CA Delivers Powerful Solutions for Virtualized and Physical Environments to Manage… 09:42 AM EDT

Schools closed for safety after Tibet quake 09:41 AM EDT

Upcoming ‘Energy Psychology’ Event – New Breakthrough ‘Do It Yourself’ Healing 09:41 AM EDT

FOREX-Euro rises 3 pct vs yen after Fed creates facility 09:41 AM EDT

US STOCKS-Market opens up on Fed commercial paper move 09:40 AM EDT

Enhanced Oil Resources Inc. in worst crisis since Depression 09:12 PM EDT

NetScout Systems Reaffirms Guidance for FY 2009 and Announces Strong Preliminary… 09:05 PM EDT

Former AIG execs draw fire from lawmakers 09:04 PM EDT

MetLife releases third-quarter expected results 09:03 PM EDT

JGB futures rally over a full point as Nikkei plummets 09:03 PM EDT

RPT-TOPWRAP 16-Fed steps in; US stocks dive; UK to rescue banks 09:01 PM EDT

2008 Golden Triangle Award Winners Announced by IABC/Pittsburgh; Bayer Wins Best… 09:00 PM EDT

Join in the Launching of an Innovative New Population, Health, and Environment Alliance 09:00 PM EDT

Philippines Insurance Report Q3 2008 – Independent Forecasts and Competitive Intelligence 09:00 PM EDT

Key Points Examined for the Chilled Food Market in Japan Which Includes Forecasts… 09:00 PM EDT

China cement maker BBMG plans $600 mln HK IPO-paper 08:59 PM EDT

INTERVIEW-Harris Corp CEO upbeat about growth 08:57 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Nissin Food may buy stake in China firm -report 08:56 PM EDT

ACORN Statement: Nevada Secretary of State ‘Stunt’ Serves No Useful Purpose 08:56 PM EDT

Gold slips after stock-led gains, platinum down 08:54 PM EDT

Chevron can’t arbitrate Ecuador liability-US court 08:54 PM EDT

Chevron can’t arbitrate Ecuador liability-US court 08:54 PM EDT

Sun Generates Nearly 75% of Power at Fresh Easy Distribution Center 08:53 PM EDT

Brokaw in seclusion for presidential debate 08:51 PM EDT

Vanguard Policy Manager Enhances RACF Security, Prevents Security Breaches 08:50 PM EDT

Nikkei down 4.4 pct on economy fears, strong yen 08:50 PM EDT

Bruce Springsteen sings for Obama in Michigan 08:48 PM EDT

PRESS DIGEST – Malaysia – Oct 8 08:47 PM EDT

Pink Jeep Tours Unveils Much Anticipated Tour Trekker, the Juggernaut of Sightseeing… 08:46 PM EDT

Esquire crowns Halle Berry ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ 08:45 PM EDT

American Media, Inc. EPA SmartWay(SM) Environmental Excellence Award 07:00 AM EDT

InMage Systems Announces Expansion in Asia Pacific Region 07:00 AM EDT

American Biotech Labs(R) (ABL) SilverSol Technology(R) Products Show Promising Results… 07:00 AM EDT

SQI Diagnostics Announces Appointment of Senior VP, Sales and Marketing 07:00 AM EDT

Redpine Signals Releases 802.11n Single Stream SiP Modules for Mobile Consumer… 07:00 AM EDT

UCN inContact Signs Agreement With RightScale 07:00 AM EDT

Brian Moore International Tours Launches 2009 Escorted Tours 07:00 AM EDT

National Law Journal Selects Baron Budd as One of Fifteen Firms on ’2008 Plaintiffs’… 07:00 AM EDT

ProLogis Recognized as Leader for Carbon Disclosure Practices 07:00 AM EDT

Lufkin Industries Announces 2008 Third Quarter Earnings Release and Conference Call… 07:00 AM EDT

Funambol Launches Free Ad-funded Open Source Mobile’We’ Showcase 07:00 AM EDT

Monitise Americas Hires Soren Bested as Chief Operating Officer 07:00 AM EDT

Who’s Going To Bailout Small Business? 07:00 AM EDT

Landry’s Restaurants, Inc. Announces Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2008… 08:01 AM EDT

Florida Prepaid College Plan Annual Enrollment Begins Oct. official says online drug videos threaten teens 03:42 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-U.S. Fox Foundation Announces ‘Team Fox Challenge’: A Program to Inspire Increased… 12:14 PM EDT

It’s Learning and Development’s Time to Shine! 12:14 PM EDT

Greek hurdler Halkia says dope tests were sabotaged 12:14 PM EDT

Trusted Voice for Vacation Home Rental Industry Expands Nationally 12:14 PM EDT

CBS EcoZone(R) Call for San Francisco Entries in Their Green Schools Initiative 12:14 PM EDT

REG-Norges Bank Rule 8.3 – BHP Billiton Plc 12:14 PM EDT

Business Technology Partners Attains Gold Certified Partner Status in Microsoft Partner… 12:14 PM EDT

The Siebel Foundation Announces 2009 Siebel Scholars 12:14 PM EDT

New Enterprise Forum Discusses Strategies for Entrepreneurs in Expanding Sales for… 12:13 PM EDT

Act on depositors’ and investors’ guarantee fund: The new legislation in short 12:13 PM EDT

Zimbabwe talks deadlocked, mediation needed – MDC 12:13 PM EDT

REG-Alliance and Leicester PLC FRN Variable Rate Fix 12:13 PM EDT

easyhome Announces Take-Up of Insta-Rent Shares Deposited Under Its Offer and Commencement of Compulsory Acquisition 12:12 PM EDT

Giller book prize announces finalists 12:12 PM EDT

Ciena says caution spreading, but demand robust 12:12 PM EDT

Waste Services Announces Successful Completion of Consent Solicitation of Bond Holders 12:12 PM EDT

Enbridge says Lehman small part of credit group 12:12 PM EDT

REG-Abbey National Treasury Services plc FRN Variable Rate Fix 12:12 PM EDT

ACCION USA Provides Credit Help for Strapped ”Main Street” Entrepreneurs 12:12 PM EDT

Neiman Marcus Reveals the 82nd Edition of Its Legendary Christmas Book 12:11 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-EU vote backs tough carbon caps for power plants 12:11 PM EDT

REG-Abbey National Treasury Services plc FRN Variable Rate Fix 12:11 PM EDT

CTS Secures Next Generation Pedal Business with a Major Japanese Automotive Manufacturer 12:11 PM EDT

Delta Toasts Culinary Icons as Official Airline Sponsor of Inaugural Food Network… 12:10 PM EDT

Main Street Dealers Feel the Affects of Wall Street Troubles 12:10 PM EDT

CHDT Corp. worries 04:08 PM EDT

Panel not likely to call a recession soon 04:08 PM EDT

YRC Worldwide Reaffirms Financial Condition 04:08 PM EDT

Career Education Corporation Announces Third Quarter Earnings and Conference Call… 04:08 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-Landsbanki’s UK bank icesave suspends operations 04:07 PM EDT

No proof circumcision cuts gay male HIV risk-study 04:07 PM EDT

New Non-Scripted Reality Series Follows 500-Pound Ruby Gettinger’s Unforgettable… 04:07 PM EDT

Fitch Rates CoxHealth’s (Missouri) $70MM 2008B Health Facilities Revs ‘AA+/F1+’ 04:07 PM EDT

ETA/Cuisenaire Products Featured in New U.S. EPT Disclosure 07:46 AM EDT

TABLE-US chain store sales rose 0.1 pct last week-ICSC 07:45 AM EDT

Jacobs Receives EPCOR Contract 07:45 AM EDT

2K Sports Announces NBA(R) 2K9 Now Available in Retail Stores 07:45 AM EDT

Beverage Giant Pernod Ricard Pacific Overhauls IT Service Desk with BMC Software 07:45 AM EDT

Alert Logic Teams with NaviSite to Deliver IT Compliance, Security Solutions 07:45 AM EDT

Fred’s Comparable Store Sales for September Increase 1.1% 07:45 AM EDT

CaridianBCT and American Red Cross Sign Strategic Agreement on Automated Blood Collection… 07:45 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. and Allied Electronics Sign Contract to Promote EOS Brand Power… 02:37 PM EDT

Canada’s Harper sees possible stock-market bargains 02:36 PM EDT

Manhattan office vacancy rate jumps in third quarter 02:35 PM EDT

Grubb Ellis Expands Relationship With Ingersoll-Rand Company Limited as Global… 02:34 PM EDT

UK’s Darling to announce bank support plan Wed 02:34 PM EDT

Zacks Releases Four Powerful ”Buy” Stocks: Trina Solar Limited, Massey Energy Company,… 02:34 PM EDT

AARP Helps Thousands of Illinoisans Claim Federal Rebate Checks 02:33 PM EDT

Wells likely to win 75-80 pct Wachovia deposits-source 02:33 PM EDT

TREASURIES-30Y bond falls 1 point as stocks pare losses 02:33 PM EDT

VTech’s Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train(TM) Named 2008 ‘Hot Dozen’ by Toy Wishes Magazine 02:33 PM EDT

US STOCKS-Credit concerns rattle Wall Street 02:33 PM EDT

New Issue-Export Development Canada sells $1 bln global notes 02:32 PM EDT

Esquire crowns Halle Berry ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ 02:31 PM EDT

Canada budget surplus ahead of predictions-Flaherty 02:31 PM EDT

Pratt Whitney Canada Signs Engine Maintenance Agreement With JetSuite 02:31 PM EDT

Corning sees weakness, plans spending cuts 02:30 PM EDT

How Companies Gain a Competitive Edge by the Clothes Their Employees Wear 02:30 PM EDT

Improving on No Child Left Behind: Recommendations for a New President and Congress 02:30 PM EDT

Britain seeks further U.N. settlement over body armor 05:21 PM EDT

Fusion-io Achieves Record Sales in First Quarter ’09 05:21 PM EDT

River Valley Community Bank Reports September 30, 2008 Financial Results with Record… 05:20 PM EDT

Virgin Atlantic pretax profit up in first half 05:19 PM EDT

Canada’s Flaherty says savings bonds on sale Wed 05:18 PM EDT

Jerry L. Discusses New Trading Symbol… 07:00 AM EDT

Season Three of Bob Dylan’s Award-Winning ‘Theme Time Radio Hour’ Premiering Wednesday,… 07:00 AM EDT

Elysium Internet Q3 Sequential Sales Increase More Than 100% 07:00 AM EDT

Nimbit Integrates Redemption Card Program With Storefront Network on MySpace, Facebook, and Artist Websites 07:00 AM EDT

Exobox Announces Development Schedule for First Product 07:00 AM EDT

Margot Fenner Chavellier Launches “THE ONE” Executive Matchmaking and Relational Coaching Business 07:00 AM EDT

Verizon Wireless To Host PDA and Smartphone Tutorials at Manhattan Communications… 07:00 AM EDT

Emerging Capital Partners Buys Stake in African Commercial Bank 07:00 AM EDT

MKS Instruments Announces Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Conference Call 07:00 AM EDT

The Recording Academy(R) to Announce Lang Lang as GRAMMY(R) Cultural Ambassador to… 07:00 AM EDT

Advanced Energy(R) Introduces a Utility-Scale Solar Inverter With Unsurpassed 97.5… 07:00 AM EDT

Lansinoh Laboratories Secures Number One Position in Breastfeeding Accessories 07:00 AM EDT

Calando Patent Issued for Active Ingredient of Lead siRNA Drug Candidate, CALAA-01 07:00 AM EDT

Actuate To Announce Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results on October 27th, 2008 07:00 AM EDT

Green Mountain Energy Company-Sponsored Survey Reveals That 1 in 5 Americans Know… 07:00 AM EDT

CONMED Corporation To Announce Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results On October 23,… 07:00 AM EDT

Ciena Simplifies and Scales Carrier Ethernet Services Delivery to Accelerate Time… 07:00 AM EDT

Galleria and Retail Systems Research Present Recent Findings on the Value of Holistic… 07:00 AM EDT

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals To Present Data On Lead Anti-Infective Compound at First-Ever… 07:00 AM EDT

Unisys Elects Corporate Transformation Leader J. calls for tougher financial regulation 04:36 PM EDT

FACTBOX: Governments struggle with financial crisis 04:36 PM EDT

FACTBOX: Icelandic banks in crisis, looking to Russia 04:36 PM EDT

TIMELINE: Financial mayhem strikes global markets 04:36 PM EDT

Inflation becomes afterthought as credit crisis worsens 04:36 PM EDT

Wounded Iceland takes over top bank, seeks Russia loan 04:36 PM EDT

SIPC: James W. Announces Family of WS_FTP Servers 02:18 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-U.S. John’s Wort effective for depression: study 07:34 PM EDT

RPT-Aflac may buy AIG’s Japan unit Alico – paper 07:32 PM EDT

Maldives heads to historic presidential poll 07:30 PM EDT

FACTBOX: Key facts about the Maldives 07:30 PM EDT

TIMELINE: Idyllic Maldives’ rocky road to political reform 07:30 PM EDT

Nikkei set to fall on Wall St slide, strong yen 07:30 PM EDT

China milk scandal province reveals mine disaster cover-up 07:26 PM EDT

Petraeus sees increasingly durable gains in Iraq 07:25 PM EDT

California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools Awards $20,000 in Scholarships… 07:25 PM EDT

Malaysian Stocks – Factors to watch 07:24 PM EDT

Fed steps in but stocks dive; UK to rescue banks 07:23 PM EDT

Financial crisis weighs on executives’ minds 07:23 PM EDT

Australia’s CBA to raise A$2 bln in shares-sources 07:23 PM EDT

WRAPUP 1-Financial crisis weighs on executives’ minds 07:20 PM EDT

Bank of America Announces Pricing of Common Stock 07:18 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-Mexico’s Walmex posts first net fall in five years 07:17 PM EDT

Clearfly Communications Announces Regional Expansion Throughout the Western US 07:17 PM EDT

New Poll Shows Traditional Marriage in the Lead 07:16 PM EDT

International Game Technology and Las Vegas Gaming, Inc. Schedules 2008 Third Quarter Results Conference Call and Webcast 05:41 PM EDT

24 Alleged Rollin’ 30s Harlem Crips Gang Members Arrested on Firearms and Narcotic… 05:41 PM EDT

Thousands of Boy Scouts to Converge on North Falmouth for Regional Jamboree This… 05:40 PM EDT

Yum Q3 net rises, sees 2008 profit down 05:39 PM EDT

Premier Exhibitions, Inc. author of critical Obama book 07:03 AM EDT

ComponentOne Releases FrontLine 2008 07:03 AM EDT

AppDeploy Founder Bob Kelly Co-Authors the ‘Bible’ on Windows Vista Deployment 07:03 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-S.Africa business confidence at new 5-year low 07:02 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Japan cancels CPI-linked JGB offer, blames crisis 07:01 AM EDT

Protester fires shots at police lines in Bangkok 07:01 AM EDT

Parent-Teacher Conferences Present Optimal Time for Parents to Provide School Rankings, Ratings and Reviews of Public 07:01 AM EDT

Sportline Introduces Qlip and TraQ – Fitness Pedometers That Give Wearers Ability… 07:01 AM EDT

The NAMM Foundation and Disney Channel Announce Sequel to ‘Disney’s High School Musical: The Music in You’ Grant 07:01 AM EDT

“Preschooler Learns Spanish” in Stores Now for National Hispanic Heritage Month 07:01 AM EDT

Enwisen and Hershey Entertainment Resorts to Present Session on “Creating a Dynamic Employee Portal” at Upcoming HR 07:01 AM EDT

Halo Credit Solutions, LLC Sets the Bar for Affordable Credit Repair 07:00 AM EDT

Untangle Joins The Linux Foundation 07:00 AM EDT

DuPont to Research Truly Alternative Fuels at $140 Million Switchgrass Ethanol Plant, an Industrial Info News Alert 07:00 AM EDT

Centennial Communications Announces Fiscal First-Quarter Results 07:00 AM EDT

Con-way Freight Wins U.S. Declares Dividend 10:07 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-India’s Reliance to commission new plant by Nov-end 10:07 AM EDT

OBS Medical Completes BioQT Cardiac Safety Analysis Supporting Prospective Drug Study 10:07 AM EDT

REG-Lloyds TSB Group Plc Rule 8.3 – BHP Billiton 10:07 AM EDT

Fairchild Semiconductor Features Technologies to Help Designers Reduce Energy Consumption… 10:07 AM EDT

Niger releases RFI reporter held over rebel links 10:06 AM EDT

Virginia Lottery ‘Pop Quiz’ Wins Advertising Award 10:06 AM EDT

Barr Will Host An Earnings Conference Call on November 6, 2008 to Discuss the Results… 10:06 AM EDT

Rhode Island Road and Bridge Conditions Likely to Worsen Unless $1.3 Billion Transportation… 10:05 AM EDT

M-Factor Launches 4th Generation Solution Suite and Platform 10:05 AM EDT

Serta International Improves Business Communications at Multiple Locations with NEC… 10:05 AM EDT

Jakarta sinks as citizens tap groundwater 10:04 AM EDT

India hopes to attract over $4 bln in green energy 10:04 AM EDT

REG-Lloyds TSB Group Plc Rule 8.3 – WPP Group 10:04 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-Poland to raise bank guarantees but not right away 10:03 AM EDT

Nation’s Top Healthcare Organizations Announce Strategies to Prevent the Six Most… 10:03 AM EDT

INSTANT VIEW: Fed moves to backstop ailing CP market 10:02 AM EDT

Sensormatic Strengthens Technology Platform for Retailers Through Acquisition of… 10:02 AM EDT

First Coast Service Options Wins National Medicare Contract 10:02 AM EDT

Toronto stock index turns negative after big open 10:02 AM EDT

REG-Lloyds TSB Group Plc Rule 8.3 – Centrica 10:02 AM EDT

Aetna Selects Chesapeake’s T-Recs Enterprise for Global Treasury Operations 10:02 AM EDT

Imaging Diagnostic Systems Receives its First Order for its CT Laser Mammography… 10:01 AM EDT

Statement from CHPA on the Voluntary Label Updates to Oral OTC Children’s Cough and… 10:01 AM EDT

SP says Bank of America ratings unaffected by earns 10:01 AM EDT

Veteran Aviation and Public Relations Executive to Join Englander Associates as… 10:01 AM EDT

Puget Systems Adds Innovative New Thermal Image Diagnostic Testing to Stringent QA Testing Process for All New Desktop 10:01 AM EDT

EADS North America Begins Deliveries of U.S. FRN Variable Rate Fix 12:22 PM EDT

KIT digital Acquires IPTV Solutions Provider Visual Connection 12:21 PM EDT

FTSE rebounds on commods as RBS, HBOS sink 40 pct 12:21 PM EDT

REG-Centauri Corporation FRN Variable Rate Fix 12:21 PM EDT

Develop Strategies Based On The Latest Product, Brand, Expansion And Research With… 12:21 PM EDT

NYMEX-Crude up on Australia, Fed, but eyes demand 12:20 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-More coordinated action needed in market crisis-IMF 12:20 PM EDT

Semiconductor Industry Association Applauds Announcement of U.S. banks more GSE debt 12:44 PM EDT

Carlson Hotels Worldwide Partners With the American Red Cross in Texas to Provide… 12:44 PM EDT

REG-Countrywide Financial Corporation FRN Variable Rate Fix 12:44 PM EDT

Catholic Health Organizations Launch Ministry-Wide Effort to Raise Awareness About… 12:43 PM EDT

Jain Center of Southern California Concludes Eleven-Day Community Event With Grand Closing Ceremony 12:42 PM EDT

ISE CEO sees mixed blessing in credit collapse 12:42 PM EDT

Britain seeks further U.N. Beer Industry Posts Second Consecutive Year of Case Sales Gains – Light and… 09:00 AM EDT

The Perfect Holiday Gift — Your Children’s Own Published Books for Family and Friends 09:00 AM EDT

The Unraveling Economy Puts Los Angeles Residents Under Pressure 09:00 AM EDT

Smartphones, iPhone, and Messaging Driving ARPU Gains for ATT Mobile Business Customers, Says ABI Research 09:00 AM EDT

Zogby International and JumpTap Team Up for Mobile Advertising Election Polling Campaign 09:00 AM EDT

Gamer Doc(TM) Video Games Will Be Streaming Live Video Feed from the Los Angeles… 09:00 AM EDT

Glencoe Literature’s Expressions Helps Build English Language Learners’ Language… 09:00 AM EDT

Accounting Management Solutions Names Three Engagement Managers 09:00 AM EDT

The Unraveling Economy Puts Seattle Residents Under Pressure 09:00 AM EDT

New Research From Enterprise Strategy Group Recommends Liquid Machines for Persistent Data Loss Prevention 09:00 AM EDT

The Unraveling Economy Puts Atlanta Residents Under Pressure 09:00 AM EDT

eQuest Wins HR Product of the Year Award for Prophesy3(TM) 09:00 AM EDT

EADS North America Delivers the DT35/DT45 Jet-Powered Aerial Target Drone System for U.S. Initiates Digital Prescription Software and Reauthorization Call Center Services for 09:40 AM EDT

American DG Energy Names New VP of Operations and VP of Business Development 09:40 AM EDT

iGPS Forms Partnership with the National Forest Foundation to Plant Trees and Help… 09:40 AM EDT

Cable Operators Face Stark Choices in Quest for More Bandwidth, According to ABI… 09:40 AM EDT

OPEC may need new oil supply cut: Libya 09:39 AM EDT

TREASURIES-10-year Treasury note losses 1 point on Fed CP plan 09:39 AM EDT

The Offshore Group Hosts 14th Annual Manufacturing in Mexico Summit 09:39 AM EDT

Globally coordinated actions needed – IMF official 09:38 AM EDT

A.J. and Schaeff Forklifts 02:07 PM EDT

Ward Manufacturing Selects Datalliance Vendor Managed Inventory 02:07 PM EDT

Say It ‘Loud and Proud’ on National Coming Out Day with SpinVox 02:05 PM EDT

Fitch Rates Chandler, Arizona GOs ‘AAA’; Excise Tax Revs ‘AA+’ 02:05 PM EDT

Brazil stocks, currency tumble on global downturn 02:04 PM EDT

New Book “Managing to Learn” Gets to the Heart of Lean Management 02:04 PM EDT

US STOCKS-Market slides further as financials sink 02:03 PM EDT

IBM Builds on Industry-Leading UNIX Portfolio With New Servers, Software 02:03 PM EDT

BEING DAD DVD Offers a Sneak Peek at Pregnancy From a Guy’s Point of View 02:03 PM EDT

3forward Announces New Offerings for Outsourcers to Accelerate Development of Global… 02:03 PM EDT

Latest LOGICARE(R) EDIS User Sees ‘Tremendous Results’ 02:02 PM EDT

Fitch Affirms 34 2006 Vintage U.S. Decides to Cease Stock Purchase of OneFi Technologies Stock 11:33 AM EDT

China slams U.S. Best Withdraws Ratings of Two Aviva USA Subsidiaries Due to Legal Entity Mergers 04:02 PM EDT

Fitch Affirms Short-Term Ratings for FSA/Dexia Liquidity Supported Issues at ‘F1+’ 04:02 PM EDT

Global financial crisis may help Amazon rainforest 04:01 PM EDT

Day-Brite(R) Lighting Sponsor of the 2008 IES Annual Conference 04:01 PM EDT

Integra LifeSciences to Host Analyst Forum On November 17, 2008 04:01 PM EDT

Holly Corporation Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Release and Conference Call 04:01 PM EDT

Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health Fundraising Stamp on Sale Now 04:01 PM EDT

Sealy Corporation Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2008 Results 04:01 PM EDT

Holly Energy Partners Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Release and Conference Call 04:01 PM EDT

Allied Nevada Completes Second Phase of Exploration Drilling at the Hycroft Mine 04:01 PM EDT

PharmaCom BioVet, Inc. 2nd Quarter Operating Results Conference Call 08:00 AM EDT

Vodafone Germany Uses KXEN 08:00 AM EDT

Disney Interactive Studios Excavates New Intergalactic Adventures With Spectrobes:… 08:00 AM EDT

UDR Announces Dates for Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Release and Conference Call 08:00 AM EDT

Made Fresh Daily! NBA LIVE 09 in Stores Everywhere Today 08:00 AM EDT

Mindwrap Brings Document Management to MacPractice 08:00 AM EDT

INSIDE Debuts MicroPass Contactless Payment Stickers 08:00 AM EDT

Qmotions Big Vert(TM) and Titan(TM) Make Debut as Kings of the Halfpipe and Mountains… 08:00 AM EDT

Nuance Mobile Care Available for T-Mobile USA Customers 08:00 AM EDT

In Vivo Data on Taligen Therapeutics’ Pipeline Candidates Presented at the XXII International… 08:00 AM EDT

Endosense Launches TOCCATA Clinical Study 08:00 AM EDT

Emergency Medical Services Names New EmCare President and COO 08:00 AM EDT

LenderLive Network, Mavent Offer Compliance Validation Services 08:00 AM EDT

K2M Names Gregory Cole as Chief Financial Officer 08:00 AM EDT

Veeco Announces Date for Third Quarter 2008 Financial Release 08:00 AM EDT

Diddy and CIROC Vodka Pay Homage to Sinatra in New Ad Campaign 08:00 AM EDT

Index Engines Announces Alliance with Quantum to Deliver eDiscovery Capability for… 08:00 AM EDT

iS3′s STOPzilla Anti-Spyware Awarded West Coast Labs’ Checkmark Certification 08:00 AM EDT

MEMC Schedules Third Quarter Conference Call 08:00 AM EDT

Lakes Entertainment Announces Dividend of WPT Enterprises, Inc. to Update Resource Estimate 03:31 AM EDT

Malaysia AirAsia sees strong demand despite crisis 03:30 AM EDT

Following Is a Test Release 03:30 AM EDT

Insight into South African Wound Care Management Investment Opportunities, Analysis… 03:30 AM EDT

BOJ’s Shirakawa: Japan shares reflect global falls 03:28 AM EDT

BOJ Shirakawa: cenbank steps must suit own economy 03:25 AM EDT

Equity risk appetite at historic lows-UBS 03:25 AM EDT

S.Korea plays down crisis as won hits 7-yr low 03:24 AM EDT

Gene discovery may help hunt for blindness cure 03:24 AM EDT

Fortis shares suspended pending statement 03:20 AM EDT

BRIEF-TGS-Nopec starts seismic survey off Liberia 03:20 AM EDT

Red Sox squeeze past Angels, advance to ALCS 03:20 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Toshiba in talks to buy Spansion -sources 03:20 AM EDT

BERU AG: Release according to Article 26, Section 1 of the WpHG (the German Securities… 03:20 AM EDT

European shares rebound; banks, energy, miners lead 03:19 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-Air France-KLM Sept passenger traffic up 0.5 pct 03:14 AM EDT

Jyske Bank joins Denmark deposit guarantee scheme 03:13 AM EDT

Iceland’s Straumur: no sign needs state intervention 03:13 AM EDT

Only state can save markets-head of Russia’s MICEX 03:11 AM EDT

India’s Bharti to launch DTH services on Oct. Army Operational 09:00 AM EDT

Upstream Biosciences’ Potential Tropical Disease Treatments Demonstrate Promising Signs of Efficacy at McGill 09:00 AM EDT

Zeesman Communications Taps Oracle’s Award-Winning John Taylor as Creative Director 09:00 AM EDT

Americans Getting on Board With Public Transportation 09:00 AM EDT

Riverbed Showcases Market-Leading WAN Acceleration Technology at Telework Exchange Town Hall Meeting 09:00 AM EDT

Mechdyne Awarded $2.9 Million Contract by US Army Command and Control Directorate 09:00 AM EDT

Kerio Teams Up With Habeas Data to Grow Channel Presence in Mexico 09:00 AM EDT

Atna Resources Denied Grant of Certiorari in the McDonald Takings Case 09:00 AM EDT

The Unraveling Economy Puts New Yorkers Under Pressure 09:00 AM EDT

The Unraveling Economy Puts Detroit Residents Under Pressure 09:00 AM EDT

The Unraveling Economy Puts D.C. Final Assembly Line Process 10:01 AM EDT

MembersFirst(R) Launches Gen M(TM), an Online Member Engagement Solution Built on Next Generation Technology 10:01 AM EDT

New Study Places AVST in Top Spot Among Unified Messaging Leaders 10:01 AM EDT

DIARY – Czech Republic – to November 30 10:01 AM EDT

Nextel Mexico Selects Telcordia for Number Portability 10:01 AM EDT

Baldwin Technology Company Engages Hawk Associates for Investor Relations Services 10:01 AM EDT

Research and Markets: A Strategic Corporate Assessment of Jack Henry and Associates,… 10:01 AM EDT

Persistent Systems Named as One of the Leaders in Life Sciences Manufacturing and Laboratory Information Management 10:01 AM EDT

Longitude Health Names Former Dynatech CEO and WebMD VP to Board of Directors 10:01 AM EDT

New Ad Format Makes Video Advertising Better for Consumers, Website Publishers and… 10:00 AM EDT

Pfizer creates 3 units as realignment continues 10:00 AM EDT

Burcon announces GRAS status for Puratein(R) Supertein(TM) 10:00 AM EDT

Photographer Wim Tellier Plans Installation in Antarctica 10:00 AM EDT

Early Bird Ends Friday – 3rd Annual, “Municipal Communications Conference,” in Ottawa,… 10:00 AM EDT

Chile brewer CCU 3rd-qtr sales volume up 11.3 pct 10:00 AM EDT

Lockheed Martin Wins U.S. Private Equity Firms Raise $222.6 Billion in First Nine Months of 2008, on Pace… 07:30 AM EDT

Instra Links ENUM Convergence to .tel Domain 07:30 AM EDT

AAR Earns Top Honors From FAA for Fourth Consecutive Year 07:30 AM EDT

China Advanced Construction Materials Group Appoints Jeremy Goodwin to the Board… 07:30 AM EDT

Enfora Appoints CST as Part of its Expanding Footprint in South Africa 07:30 AM EDT

Merge Healthcare Announces Authentic eFilm Software Amnesty Program 07:30 AM EDT

EMCOR Group, Inc. Endorses Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria 10:29 AM EDT

Chill winds buffet Iceland’s foreign investments 10:29 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-Credit crisis has had little direct impact – ADM 10:29 AM EDT

UPDATE 3-Gold soars on flight to safety, weaker dollar 10:29 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Poland upbeat on euro entry despite financial crisis 10:29 AM EDT

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Appoints Nicholas Procyk as Senior Vice President… 10:29 AM EDT

Air Canada and TAM expand network between major cities in Brazil and Canada 10:29 AM EDT

Color Play: Exploring the Art Science of Color at The Children’s Museum of Memphis 10:29 AM EDT

REG-INVESCO Limited Rule 8.3 – CENTRICA PLC 10:29 AM EDT

Teamsters and SABMiller Brewery Open Negotiations at Eden, NC Facility 10:29 AM EDT

Mystery S.Africa killer disease may be Congo fever 10:28 AM EDT

BA pension deficit leaves Iberia wanting more 10:28 AM EDT

Singapore told Lehman-linked “minibonds” set to default 10:28 AM EDT

For miners, credit taps haven’t run dry 10:28 AM EDT

Hydro Increases Stake in Ascent Solar to 35% 10:28 AM EDT

Lifetime Movie Network Announces New Original Movie, ‘The Natalee Holloway Story’… 10:27 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-RBC cuts Canadian banks and insurers’ price targets 10:27 AM EDT

Centerline forms venture for commercial real estate 10:27 AM EDT

EU proposes to cut carbon offsets for industry 10:27 AM EDT

Italy minister says EU CO2 targets too costly: report 10:27 AM EDT

FOREX-U.S. Will Hold a Conference Call to Discuss its Third Quarter 2008 Results 08:51 AM EDT

Medivisor, Inc. Army 09:17 PM EDT

Uneasy calm in Bangkok after day of deadly riots 09:14 PM EDT

Uneasy calm in Bangkok after day of deadly riots 09:14 PM EDT

Nikkei down 4 pct on economy fears, strong yen 09:13 PM EDT

Obama: U.S. plane forced to land 11:29 AM EDT

Dan Tasset Establishes Integral Life Foundation 11:29 AM EDT

Impulse Monitoring and Charlton Memorial Hospital Sign IONM Services Agreement 11:29 AM EDT

Discovery Education and 3M Announce America’s Top Young Scientist and Top Science… 11:28 AM EDT

KETIV Technologies’ Autodesk Manufacturing Academy Delivers Real-World Training 11:28 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-HEADLINE STOCKS-Some U.S. to Release Earnings on October 28, 2008 01:14 PM EDT

REG-Morgan Stanley Full Early Repurchase 01:14 PM EDT

UPDATE 11-Thai clashes kill 2 in Bangkok, hundreds injured 01:13 PM EDT

WRAPUP 3-EU in deposit, recapitalisation deal as crisis rages 01:13 PM EDT

Royal Dutch Shell Plc: Buyback of Own Shares 01:13 PM EDT

GLOBAL MARKETS-Equities slide amid investor doubts, gold jumps 01:13 PM EDT

Notice From Dimond Kaplan Rothstein, P.A. to Present at the Canaccord Adams Healthy Living Conference 09:00 AM EDT

CytoDyn Relocates Offices to Accommodate Expanded Activities 09:00 AM EDT

Interactive Data Delivers Real-Time Data from BATS Trading to Clients 09:00 AM EDT

University of Arizona College of Education Cooper Center Receives $30,000 Qwest Foundation… 09:00 AM EDT

Fastenal to Improve Customer Service, Expand Globally with ActiveVOS 09:00 AM EDT

Internet Payment Exchange Launches Check Intercept 09:00 AM EDT

ViASIC’S Place and Route Technology Chosen by Achronix Semiconductor 09:00 AM EDT

Intellicheck Mobilisa TWIC Reader Approved 09:00 AM EDT

NCCN, Abraxis BioScience and AstraZeneca Announce Collaboration to Conduct Anti-Cancer… 09:00 AM EDT

Invitrogen Files Merger Notification With European Commission 09:00 AM EDT

LaCrosse Footwear Announces Third Quarter Reporting Date 09:00 AM EDT

Integrity Deduces Formula for Ethics Compliance Spending at Global Companies 09:00 AM EDT

Covidien Launches Hernia Website to Educate Public About Solutions for Inguinal Hernia… 09:00 AM EDT

Allianz Global Investors Reveals Key Trends in Asian Pension Reserve Funds 09:00 AM EDT

YoNaturals Launches Innovative Health Club Vending Program 09:00 AM EDT

Double-Take(R) Software Expands Infrastructure Software Solutions with Network Boot… 09:00 AM EDT

Distressed Investors See Turmoil as Opportunity, Says New Survey By Bracewell Giuliani… 09:00 AM EDT

Discover New Music from Pandora on Your Chumby(R) 09:00 AM EDT

Harmonic Announces Third Quarter 2008 Reporting Date 09:00 AM EDT

Research and Markets: Teleflex Incorporated Medical Equipment Company Share Analysis… 09:00 AM EDT

Exelon CEO Outlines Top Five Energy Policy Imperatives for the Next President 09:00 AM EDT

Hospitals, Healthcare Providers to Save with Premier Agreements for Intra-Aortic… 09:00 AM EDT

Research and Markets: US SOHO Business TDM Integrated Access Services Expenditures… 09:00 AM EDT

Essential Apparel Launches Personalized Product Recommendations with MyBuys and Sees… 09:00 AM EDT

BAE Systems Unveils “Caiman Light” Prototype MRAP During AUSA 09:00 AM EDT

Police say could restart StatoilHydro Libya probe 08:59 AM EDT

Grange Insurance Welcomed As FHLBank Cincinnati Member 08:59 AM EDT

Bridges to Excellence Study in AJMC Shows Participating Physicians Provide Better… 08:59 AM EDT

EU to support systemic financial institutions-Germany 08:58 AM EDT

Bank savers run at the click of a mouse 08:58 AM EDT

Compliance11 Announces Enhanced Affirmations and Disclosure Product 08:58 AM EDT

Lexmark International announces date of third quarter 2008 earnings release, conference… 08:58 AM EDT

GreenHunter Energy CEO to Present at William Blair Co Small-Cap Growth Stock Conference 08:58 AM EDT

Afghan war cannot be won militarily: U.N. 08:57 AM EDT

Afghan woman rights campaigner wins courage award 08:57 AM EDT

Germany not to renew special forces’ Afghan mission 08:57 AM EDT

Diebold to Conduct Investor Call on Third Quarter Financial Results; Sets Date for… 08:57 AM EDT

Petrolia, Junex and Gastem Complete a 3D Seismic Survey on the Haldimand Project 08:57 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Bank of Canada opts out of coordinated US$ actions 08:57 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – DJ STOXX 600 INDUSTRIAL GOODS ETF Net Asset Value(s) 08:57 AM EDT

Whitney Announces Preliminary Third Quarter Results 08:56 AM EDT

Pipex Pharmaceuticals’ Oral Flupirtine Receives IRB Approval to Initiate Phase II… 08:56 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-RESEARCH ALERT-Analysts cut eBay price target 08:56 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – DJ STOXX 600 FOOD BEVERAGE ETF Net Asset Value(s) 08:56 AM EDT

TABLE-US chain store sales rise 0.8 pct last week-Redbook 08:55 AM EDT

Gravitas Ventures and DISH Network Reach Agreement to Offer On Demand Entertainment… 08:55 AM EDT

Goodrich to Equip U.S. nears decision date on Finmeccanica-DRS deal 02:16 PM EDT

UK under pressure to act as banks slide 02:16 PM EDT

Soccer player drowns in ritual swim 02:15 PM EDT

Naked swimmer evades police in Tokyo palace moat 02:15 PM EDT

Brits value sex and in-laws, Web dating company finds 02:14 PM EDT

New Dexia heads promise measures soon, shares drop 02:14 PM EDT

Eden Spine Receives CE Mark for its Nonfusion Wellex(TM) Interspinous Process Medical… 02:14 PM EDT

TREASURIES-Mixed as stock dive spurs safety bid 02:12 PM EDT

Undelete 2009 Fills the Black Hole in File Back-Ups 02:12 PM EDT

Iberdrola in 6.4 million euro capital hike 02:12 PM EDT

Ipswitch, Inc. Announces Share Repurchases in the Third Quarter of 2008 08:15 AM EDT

RPC, Inc. Unveils Virtual Appliance to Enhance Remote IT Support 10:00 AM EDT

10 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS ”Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

13 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Seven Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Two Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Fanatec(R) Puts Gamers behind the Wheel Like Never Before! 10:00 AM EDT

Three Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Samsung Adds Three High-Speed Models to Super-WriteMaster(TM) DVD Burner Lineup 10:00 AM EDT

17 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

37 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Six Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Four Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Bridge Laboratories Awarded Major Contract to Support the National Institute on Drug… 10:00 AM EDT

11 Elite Local Drivers Added To UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

10 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Seven Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS ”Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Air Liquide: Free Translation of Declaration to AMF on Number of Shares Voting… 10:00 AM EDT

14 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS ”Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

New Stonesoft Firewall Provides Remote Offices with Next Generation Functionality… 10:00 AM EDT

16 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS ”Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Two Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

16 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS ”Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

41 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS ”Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

24 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Six Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Four Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS ”Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

25 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Power3 Medical Products in Talks with Industry Leaders to License and Market Its… 10:00 AM EDT

Konarka Opens World’s Largest Roll-to-Roll Thin Film Solar Manufacturing Facility… 10:00 AM EDT

Transcepta Revolutionizes How Suppliers Can Deliver e-Invoices 10:00 AM EDT

Eight Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Eight Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Care Communications, Inc. hedge funds losses balloon in September – HFR 04:03 PM EDT

Brush Up on Fire Safety Basics 04:03 PM EDT

Hillman Group Capital Trust Announces Cash Distribution on Trust Preferred Securities 04:03 PM EDT

Discussing death is good for patients: study 04:03 PM EDT

San Jose’s Green Vision: One Year Later 04:03 PM EDT

Pioneer Municipal and Equity Income Trust (NYSE: PBF) to Cease Trading on NYSE as… 04:03 PM EDT

Green car investment seen settling on electric 04:02 PM EDT

Consumer credit marks first fall since January 1998 04:02 PM EDT

Dukas Public Relations Expands Tech and Financial Practices with Four New Client… 04:02 PM EDT

Fortissimo Acquisition Corp. plane violated Iran’s airspace 10:46 AM EDT

Clothesource Business Profile: Casual Outerwear Report Provide The Essential Information… 10:46 AM EDT

Rayonier Third Quarter Earnings Release Schedule 10:46 AM EDT

Duracell and Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal Launch 2008 Search for Holiday Ambassadors 10:45 AM EDT

Environmental Integrity Project, Sierra Club Announce Plans to Sue EPA Unless It… 10:45 AM EDT

FACTBOX-UK banks need more capital under Basel II 10:45 AM EDT

NewMarket Technology, Inc. reforms to save lives 02:30 PM EDT

Compellent Receives Highest Ratings for Networked Storage, ILM and Replication by… 02:30 PM EDT

Research and Markets: A Comprehensive Company Profile of Mentor Graphics Corporation:… 02:30 PM EDT

UPDATE 3-Corning sees Q3, Q4 weakness, plans spending cuts 02:29 PM EDT

Nalbandian cruises into Stockholm second round 02:29 PM EDT

Susan G. Announces Estimated Hurricane Ike Losses… 05:37 PM EDT

Governor Should Add Housing Crisis to Budget Agenda in Special Session, Coalition… 05:37 PM EDT

Continuing Care Risk Retention Group Inc. Komen for the Cure(R) Advocacy Alliance Educates Voters, Debate Watchers… 02:28 PM EDT

Out of Market Crisis Comes Opportunity for Atlantic Trust, a Boutique Wealth Advisory… 02:28 PM EDT

Top Organizations Select Peopleclick for High Volume Recruiting 02:28 PM EDT

Meg Whitman, Former CEO and President of eBay, to Keynote NVTC’s TechCelebration… 02:27 PM EDT

Raymor Signs Titanium Powder Supply Agreement With New European Client for a Minimum of $1,000,000/Yr for 2008 2009 02:27 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Economy might just cost Canada Tories the election 02:26 PM EDT

Mexico peso, stocks tumble on credit worries 02:25 PM EDT

Moody’s delays moving muni ratings to global scale 02:25 PM EDT

Toronto stock index falls 300 points 02:24 PM EDT

Raymor Signs Titanium Powder Supply Agreement With New European Client for a Minimum of $1,000,000/Yr for 2008 2009 02:24 PM EDT

Rosetta Named Microsoft National System Integration Partner 02:22 PM EDT

US STOCKS-Nasdaq briefly drops 4 pct in Wall St slide 02:22 PM EDT

Audyssey Labs Sound Technology Selected by Volvo 02:22 PM EDT

Italy’s illegal fishing threatens tuna species: WWF 02:21 PM EDT

Enbridge CEO says Harper bitumen plan no threat 02:21 PM EDT

Bush: spoke with European leaders for coordination 02:20 PM EDT

Rocca Skincare Launches in Apothia at Fred Segal 02:20 PM EDT

Vulcan Minerals Inc.: 14 Metres of 1.02% Nickel Drilled at the Tasisuak Lake Property in Labrador 02:20 PM EDT

Guinea power protest halts RUSAL bauxite trains 02:20 PM EDT

Aquiline Receives Positive Scoping Study on Navidad’s Loma de La Plata Zone; Average Yearly Silver Production of 15 02:19 PM EDT

U.S. Rendell 03:15 PM EDT

Wausau Signature Agency Helps Clients Combat Equipment Theft 03:15 PM EDT

The Fiscal Wake-Up Tour Visits Philadelphia to Discuss Nation’s Finances 03:15 PM EDT

“Deadly dozen” diseases seen due to climate change 03:15 PM EDT

Education Secretary Zahorchak Announces Pennsylvania’s ’2009 Teacher Of The Year’ 03:15 PM EDT

DNC Releases New Video Highlighting John McCain’s Town Hall Strengths 03:15 PM EDT

Biovail to Present at Natixis Bleichroeder Hidden Gems Conference 03:15 PM EDT

Steven Ross to Lead Gardere’s IP Group 03:14 PM EDT

SCI Solutions Launches New Version of Schedule Maximizer 03:14 PM EDT

U.S. to limit oil development in polar bear habitat 08:22 AM EDT

Vishay Issues Open Letter to International Rectifier Stockholders 08:22 AM EDT

India’s Tata Motors signs deal for Nano in Gujarat 08:21 AM EDT

Acuity 4th-quarter net profit falls, to cut jobs 08:21 AM EDT

Semotus Completes Flint Transaction and Changes Name to Flint Telecom Group, Inc. 08:20 AM EDT

HEADLINE STOCKS-Some U.S. bailout? 02:06 AM EDT

Home shopping firm N Brown H1 profit tops forecast 02:05 AM EDT

Russia’s Medvedev calls for joint action on crisis 02:01 AM EDT

Fed hawk wary of rate cut but another softens tone 02:00 AM EDT

Following Is a Test Release 02:00 AM EDT

REG-Aer Lingus Group Plc Statement re September Traffic Stats 02:00 AM EDT

Global Semiconductor Alliance Adds DiBcom and Infineon Executives to EMEA Leadership… 02:00 AM EDT

Altin AG, Baar (CH): Disclosure Obligation 02:00 AM EDT

REG-Altin AG Disclosure of Shareholdings 02:00 AM EDT

REG-Mitsui Co Ltd Additional Investment in Brazilian Agricultural Business, Multigrain AG 02:00 AM EDT

Enova Systems and China FAW Group Corporation Conduct Successful Field Trial of Pre-transmission… 02:00 AM EDT

REG-Westchester Capital Management Rule 8.3 – Enodis 02:00 AM EDT

REG-JGD Management Corp. Announces Purchase of Certain Assets of Osram… 04:30 PM EDT

ITT declares fourth quarter dividend of 17.5 cents per share 04:30 PM EDT

UPDATE 3-Enbridge says unworried by bitumen plan, credit 04:29 PM EDT

Fitch Affirms Wesbury United, Pennsylvania’s Bonds at ‘BB+’; Outlook Stable 04:29 PM EDT

Fitch Affirms Seagate’s IDR at ‘BBB-’; Revises Outlook to Negative 04:28 PM EDT

O’Connor Capital Partners Completes $86 Million Sale of 102,842-Square-Foot Upper… 04:28 PM EDT

20 Free Downloads in Every Bag of HevyD’s Kettle Korn 04:27 PM EDT

Election on track in drug-infested Guinea-Bissau: U.N. 04:27 PM EDT

Jobs Stimulus Plan Will Be Focus of BioOhio Annual Conference 04:27 PM EDT

Burger King Corp. EPT Disclosure 10:22 AM EDT

Texas Hospital Association Endorses nTelagent as Vendor to Improve Handling of Self-Pay… 10:22 AM EDT

Upton blasts help Rays advance to ALCS 10:21 AM EDT

Spin3 Heads South This Winter, Launching Mobile Casino Services in South America 10:21 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-RESEARCH ALERT-RBC starts Mercator with outperform 10:21 AM EDT

The RLJ Companies and the U.S. Featured in Profile at 08:51 AM EDT

Iceland bans short-selling in biggest banks 08:51 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Norway’s CCS budget up 70 pct to $309 mln in 2009 08:50 AM EDT

Mortgage companies lost $560 per loan in 2007 – MBA 08:50 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – DJ STOXX 600 UTILITIES ETF Net Asset Value(s) 08:50 AM EDT

D.Bahn, government to mull IPO price range Thurs: sources 08:49 AM EDT

REG-Qatar Global Sukuk QSC FRN Variable Rate Fix 08:49 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – DJ STOXX 600 TECHNOLOGY ETF Net Asset Value(s) 08:49 AM EDT

Rare Middle East ewer sells for $5.6 mln at auction 08:48 AM EDT

Rambus says top U.S. as Luncheon Keynote… 04:33 PM EDT

National Security/Border Patrol: CEUDA Applauds the Conservative Initiative 04:32 PM EDT

EEGS Publications Join SEG Digital Library on Scitation 04:32 PM EDT

Force Protection, Inc. David’s Medical Center Selected to Conduct… 01:40 PM EDT

Pacific Sunwear to Present At Wachovia 2008 Consumer Growth Conference 01:39 PM EDT

Job Magnet: Jobs Available in B.C, If You Give a Good Interview 01:39 PM EDT

INSTANT VIEW: Fed’s Bernanke signals readiness to cut rates 01:39 PM EDT

U. Announces Issuance of 29th U.S. arms sale to Taiwan 11:33 AM EDT

US govt to answer soon on aid for California–Lazear 11:33 AM EDT

Taiwan suggests SARS was China warfare plot 11:33 AM EDT

What Are The Emerging Trends In The Global Pharmaceutical Sector? 11:33 AM EDT

Road Wings, Inc. To Hold Conference Call To Discuss Third Quarter 2008 Results 04:30 PM EDT

Hungarian Telephone and Cable Corp. Reports Composition of Trust Account Investment… 08:00 AM EDT

Online MBA Survey by Reveals Most Distance MBAs Require No GMAT or… 08:00 AM EDT

Music Choice Gives Its Viewers a Chance to Be On TV with the Launch of ShowOff(TM) 08:00 AM EDT

i.TV Launches Movie and TV Guide for the iPhone and iPod touch 08:00 AM EDT

Small Cap Strategies Announces Signed Letter of Intent to Acquire the Assets of Xtreme… 08:00 AM EDT

Ocean Power Technologies to Deploy PowerBuoy(R) Developed for US Navy off Coast of… 08:00 AM EDT

MAXON to Showcase CINEMA 4D at Three Key Animation and Motion Graphics Events in… 08:00 AM EDT

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Delivers Key Services with Ingres Open Source 08:00 AM EDT

Panini Team Walks for a Cure 08:00 AM EDT

NetLogic Microsystems Schedules Third Quarter 2008 Conference Call for October 28,… 08:00 AM EDT

Acton School of Business Sees Five-Year Streak Atop Princeton Review’s Best Business… 08:00 AM EDT

Toshiba Launches Premium Slim Projector with Closed Captioning Capabilities 08:00 AM EDT

Electro Rent Reports Financial Results for Fiscal 2009 First Quarter 08:00 AM EDT

US Supreme Court Denies Samsung Appeal in Rambus Case 08:00 AM EDT

blinkx Grows Advertising Sales Team to Meet Growing Online TV Opportunity 08:00 AM EDT

Mobivox and Unyk Partner to Bring Voice-Activated Mobile Services to Growing, 10-Million-Plus… 08:00 AM EDT

VMware Helps Interior Health Authority of British Columbia Improve Patient Care and… 08:00 AM EDT

Allurent and ForeSee Results Host Webinar on the “Virtuous Cycle” of Online Shopping 08:00 AM EDT

Research and Markets: Romania Insurance Report Q3 2008 – in 2007 Non-Life Premiums… 08:00 AM EDT

OpSource Billing CLM Generates Revenue for On-Demand Companies 08:00 AM EDT

Seaway Valley Capital Announces Agriculture Venture 08:00 AM EDT

Data Released Today Demonstrate That Mesalamine Granules Maintain Remission in Ulcerative… 08:00 AM EDT

12th Annual WebAwards Recognize Vignette Customers 08:00 AM EDT

TriQuint Powered Integrated Circuits Used in “Big Bang” Experiment at CERN Facility 08:00 AM EDT

Celadon Wins U.S. Declares Quarterly Cash Dividend 07:31 AM EDT

Monro Muffler Brake, Inc. CBO says FY08 budget deficit hit $438 billion 06:02 PM EDT

U.S. 1 WpUG 10:20 AM EDT

REG-Fortelus Capital Management LLP Short Selling Disclosure 10:20 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Implements Oracle Hyperion Financial Management for the Leading Latin American Private 10:45 AM EDT

BreakingPoint Announces Competitive Trade Up Program for Network Equipment Testing Products 10:45 AM EDT

Mideast property market seen outperforming – survey 10:45 AM EDT

Financial Institutions Not Communicating with Customers Enough in Present Economic… 10:45 AM EDT

To heat or to eat? Britain in court on fuel poverty 10:44 AM EDT

FACTBOX: British government in court over “fuel poverty” 10:44 AM EDT

Parks Associates’ Global Forecasts of Technology Products and Services Guide Companies… 10:44 AM EDT

BostonCoach Wins Award For “Best New Workplace” From CoreNet Global New England 10:44 AM EDT

Champion Teams with Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate 10:44 AM EDT

TGS Announces Multi-Client 3D Sweep of Offshore Liberia 10:43 AM EDT

REG-UK Debt Management Office Issue of Debt 10:43 AM EDT

To heat or to eat? Britain in court on fuel poverty 10:42 AM EDT

FRC to Host Panel Discussion on Post-Abortion Mental Health Effects 10:42 AM EDT

Seven Summits Research Releases Comments on SLB, MRK, NOK, WYNN, and VRSN 10:41 AM EDT

Wayne County Community College District Hosts Open House at the New Northwest Campus 10:41 AM EDT

Partner Communications Announces Date of Third Quarter 2008 Results 10:41 AM EDT

VoxSciences Integrates Voicemail-to-Text with Office Telecoms Networks via Strategic… 10:41 AM EDT

Nigeria’s Fidelity Bank almost triples 2008 profit 10:40 AM EDT

Russian stocks hit new troughs, helps ruble 10:40 AM EDT

FEATURE-To heat or to eat? Britain in court on fuel poverty 10:40 AM EDT

North America’s Largest Solar Cell Manufacturing Facility to Host Grand Opening Event 10:40 AM EDT

Innovative Strategies and Models for RD Success: The Evolving Networked Pharma Company 10:40 AM EDT

Nigeria’s Oceanic Bank more than doubles profit 10:39 AM EDT

Michigan governor signs energy package 10:39 AM EDT

EU lawmakers watch credit crisis in climate fight 10:39 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Sonus Networks sees lower Q3, full year rev;shares fall 10:38 AM EDT

PPG Wins RD 100 Awards for Two ‘Green’ Innovations 10:38 AM EDT

Fortress International Group Closes $25 Million in New Work for the 3rd Quarter 2008 10:38 AM EDT

Air Liquide Announces $100,000 Contribution to Hurricane Relief Funds 10:37 AM EDT

Milacron Sets Q3 Earnings Release and Investor Call for November 5 10:37 AM EDT

NCPA Media Roundtable and Conference Call 10:36 AM EDT

FACTBOX-Global interest rates in 2008 10:36 AM EDT

New Democrats Launch Latest TV Ad on Healthcare 10:36 AM EDT

Transplace Selected by SmartWay For Environmental Excellence Award 10:36 AM EDT

Canada dollar falls, US$ regains safe-haven status 10:35 AM EDT

Live From Hollywood: The L. calls for tougher financial regulation 03:20 PM EDT

Ralph Izzo Addresses National Energy Workforce Development Summit 03:20 PM EDT

TABLE-U.S. Gas Stations with Convenience Stores Industry Report Features 2009… 10:16 AM EDT

Caliper Life Sciences and DiscoveRx Announce Availability of PathHunter eXpress Reagents… 10:15 AM EDT

FirstMerit Announces Conference Call to Discuss 2008 Third Quarter Earnings 10:15 AM EDT

Sustainable Power Corp. EPA SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award 08:00 AM EDT

NetApp Helps Gorilla Nation Crush Data Storage Barriers 08:00 AM EDT

Paragon Intellectual Properties Restructures Company to Form Nexeon MedSystems, Inc. 08:00 AM EDT

Commtouch Scheduled to Release Third Quarter 2008 Results on Monday, November 3,… 08:00 AM EDT

Terremark Provides Infrastructure for WiMAX 08:00 AM EDT

Nexeon MedSystems, Inc., Announces Enrollment of First Patient in Feasibility Trial… 08:00 AM EDT

Roche NimbleGen Multiplex CGH Arrays Enable Detection of Exonic Deletions and Duplications… 08:00 AM EDT

Hydrodec Opens Nation’s First Refinery for Sustainable and Reusable Transformer Oil 08:00 AM EDT

ProPay Announces Details of Electronic Payment Alternative for eBay Sellers 08:00 AM EDT

Alnylam Earns $20 Million Payment from Takeda 08:00 AM EDT

i2Telecom International Appoints Tim McGeehan To Board of Directors 08:00 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – MSCI KOREA TRN ETF Net Asset Value(s) 07:59 AM EDT

GLOBAL MARKETS-World stocks tick higher; Iceland pegs FX 07:58 AM EDT

Ryanair CEO says may help set up long-haul carrier 07:58 AM EDT

KPN’s budget brand Blau targets crisis-hit Spain 07:58 AM EDT

Anadarko Provides Capital Markets Update 07:58 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – SP CNX NIFTY ETF Net Asset Value(s) 07:58 AM EDT

US STOCKS-Wall St eyeing bounce after sell-off 07:57 AM EDT

AMD shares rise on plant spin-off plan 07:57 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – MSCI BRAZIL TRN INDEX ETF Net Asset Value(s) 07:56 AM EDT

The Best of Awards 2008-2009: Reviews Determine… 07:55 AM EDT

New Nationwide Survey Shows More Than 54% of ‘Main Street’ Business Owners Will Vote… 07:55 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – MSCI TAIWAN TRN INDEX ETF Net Asset Value(s) 07:55 AM EDT

6WIND Offers 6WINDGate(TM) Networking Embedded Software to Simplify, Expedite Application… 07:55 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – MSCI EM EMEA TRN INDEX ETF Net Asset Value(s) 07:54 AM EDT

ECB’s Ordonez says cenbanks should coordinate 07:53 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Suspected car bomb kills one in Bangkok -police 07:53 AM EDT

Suspected car bomb kills one in Bangkok -police 07:53 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-French govt wants golden parachute pledges this yr 07:53 AM EDT

Africo Resources Appoints Four New Directors 07:53 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Announces Earnings Release Date 01:42 PM EDT

Safeway profit rises, shares up 5 percent 01:42 PM EDT

Fitch cuts Swedbank outlook due to Baltic worries 01:42 PM EDT

UPDATE 3-Safeway quarterly profit rises, shares up 5 pct 01:41 PM EDT

More TV Choice and Competition Near for Residents of Hudson, Mass. 01:41 PM EDT

UPDATE 3-AMD spins off plants into venture with Abu Dhabi 01:41 PM EDT

Golf Trust of America, Inc. Ron Hubbard Stories From the Golden Age Theater 10:35 AM EDT

GenerationOne, University of Miami Collaborate to Advance Mobile Healthcare through… 10:35 AM EDT

CEL-SCI Enters Agreement With National Institutes of Health Clinical Center To Determine… 10:35 AM EDT

EU lawmakers back CO2 cap on new power plants 10:34 AM EDT

Zoom Announces Money-Saving Product to Make Skype(TM) Calls With Ordinary Phones, Available Now at Wal-Mart 10:34 AM EDT

UltraCell(R) Completes All Phases of DoD Wearable Power Competition 10:34 AM EDT

The Unraveling Economy Puts Seattle Residents Under Pressure 10:33 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Banque Pop, Caisse d’Epargne work on merger -sources 10:33 AM EDT

ASID Weighs In on Value of Design in Tough Economic Times 10:33 AM EDT

Astrata Group Makes First Deliveries on Contract for Senegal Government 10:32 AM EDT

Sentillion Positioned In Challengers Quadrant In 2008 Enterprise Single Sign-On Magic… 10:32 AM EDT

This 2008 U.S. Telemarketing Services Industry Report with 2010 Forecast Estimates 09:33 AM EDT

Financial crisis far from over – ECB’s Quaden 09:32 AM EDT

Financial gloom clouds environment fund 09:32 AM EDT

Video: Brother(R) Introduces the Smarter Choice For Today’s Home Office With New,… 09:32 AM EDT

Credit crisis has had little direct impact – ADM 09:31 AM EDT

Some hope amid the gloom for broadcasters 09:31 AM EDT

Russia sold around $4 bln Tuesday -dealers 09:31 AM EDT

DIARY-G7, IMF and World Bank meetings in Washington 09:31 AM EDT

Hershey to Web Cast Third Quarter Conference Call 09:31 AM EDT

Generex Biotechnology to Present At 2008 BioNetwork Conference 09:31 AM EDT

Seven Summits Research Releases Alerts on MSFT, PEP, BNI, JWN, and HBAN 09:31 AM EDT

Seven Summits Research Releases Alerts on BAC, HAL, NEM, SNDK, and HBC 09:31 AM EDT

Geoexchange Technology Manufacturer Essential Innovations Announces Revolutionary Patent-Pending “Communication  09:31 AM EDT

Antenna Software’s AMP Studio(TM) Sets New Standard for Dynamic Mobile Application Development 09:31 AM EDT

C-COM Reports Increased Profits in its Third Quarter 09:31 AM EDT

Fila and Samaritan’s Feet Partner for 300 Mile Barefoot Walk 09:31 AM EDT

Accounting rules help pension plans, but losses continue, according to Mercer 09:31 AM EDT

Tops Friendly Markets and Tim Hortons Sign an Exclusive Agreement to Bring Tim Hortons… 09:30 AM EDT

Yuba Community College District Offers ATT Wireless Internet Access to Students 09:30 AM EDT

RSA Unveils PCI Packages for Level 2 Merchants to Address Key PCI DSS Compliance… 09:30 AM EDT

InkSure Technologies to Present on Covert Anti-Counterfeiting Protection at the IMI… 09:30 AM EDT

ATT U-verse TV and Debut Weather On Demand 09:30 AM EDT

Great Basin Scientific, Inc. 2 WpUG 10:12 AM EDT

REG-AQR Capital Management Short Selling Disclosure 10:12 AM EDT

REG-AQR Capital Management Short Selling Disclosure 10:12 AM EDT

REG-Lloyds TSB Group Plc Rule 8.3 – Rio Tinto 10:12 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Brigham says first Three Forks well starts producing 10:11 AM EDT

Governor Rendell Proclaims REALTORS(R) Reach Out Week Across PA 10:11 AM EDT

Iran state TV says plane was Hungarian 10:11 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-India’s Tata Motors to make cheap Nano in Gujarat 10:11 AM EDT

SECNAP Network Security Names Jim Garrity Vice President of Sales and Marketing 10:11 AM EDT

Kabillion to Implement Innovative BlackArrow Video Advertising System Across Multiple… 10:11 AM EDT

Mincom Focuses on Global Growth with New Executive Team Appointments 10:11 AM EDT

The Unraveling Economy Puts Dallas Residents Under Pressure 10:10 AM EDT

Brainshark Expands SaaS Portfolio With Personal Edition for SOHO and Individual Users 10:10 AM EDT

UPDATE 3-TRW withdraws full-year outlook, sees 3rd-qtr loss 10:10 AM EDT

Terry Pratchett’s The Color of Magic Set to Make U.S. to Present at The Natixis Bleichroeder Second Annual Hidden… 01:16 PM EDT

RPT-WRAPUP 4-Australia rate cut stuns, markets thirst for more 01:16 PM EDT

Traffic Dude Joins IAB as First General Member Adult Ad Agency 01:16 PM EDT

ADTRAN, Inc. Capital Inc. Announces Strategy Update 04:30 PM EDT

Visionet Systems Integrates Loan Performance Indicators and Proactive Risk Identifiers… 04:30 PM EDT

Charles River Schedules Third-Quarter 2008 Earnings Release and Conference Call 04:30 PM EDT

Ultratech to Broadcast Third Quarter 2008 Conference Call on the Web 04:30 PM EDT

Voltaire Schedules Third Quarter 2008 Results Release Date and Issues Preliminary… 04:30 PM EDT

Campbell Soup Company Pledges $10 Million to Benefit Camden Residents 04:30 PM EDT

Tenet Subsidiary to Close Irvine Regional Hospital and Medical Center 04:30 PM EDT

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. Announces New Credit Facility and Appointment of Directors and Officers 11:53 AM EDT

COGECO Inc. Secures 7.4 Million in Venture Funding 08:00 AM EDT

Spain’s Caja Madrid sticks with Cibeles IPO plan 08:00 AM EDT

CIMZIA(R) (Certolizumab Pegol) Provides Long-Term Benefit Without Dose Escalation… 08:00 AM EDT

Mozy Delivers First Online Backup Service for Mac-Powered Businesses 08:00 AM EDT

New Survey Uncovers Critical Need for Education on Key Issues in Parkinson’s Disease… 08:00 AM EDT

Dental One Acquired by MSD Capital and North Peak Capital 08:00 AM EDT

Point Blank Solutions Announces Change in Senior Management 08:00 AM EDT

Residents in 2,029 Yonkers Public Housing Apartments Will Soon Be Able to Enjoy Verizon’s… 08:00 AM EDT

Experts Unite in New York; Discuss Hepatitis C and New Treatment Developments 08:00 AM EDT

University of Memphis Renovates Campus as Part of Green Initiative, Saves $2 Million… 08:00 AM EDT

Christopher Cooke to Join Greenhill as Managing Director 08:00 AM EDT

Euclid Discoveries is Granted 2nd Patent From the United States Patent and Trademark… 08:00 AM EDT

RPT-DEALTALK-For miners, credit taps haven’t run dry 08:00 AM EDT

Divine Duo: SENSEO Gourmet Coffee Partners With Godiva Chocolatier to Create the… 08:00 AM EDT

“Weird Al” Yankovic Digitally Releases a Parody of the Current #1 Song in the Country 08:00 AM EDT

ChosenSecurity Issuing On-Demand Digital Certificates for Adobe AIR Applications 08:00 AM EDT

Iteris, Inc. 2008 Sales Plan Is on Track and New Products Have Strong Appeal 12:10 PM EDT

MultiVu Video Feed: Neiman Marcus Presents the 82Nd Edition of Its World Renowned… 12:10 PM EDT

IntriCon to Introduce New Wireless Product Family at EUHA Congress in Germany 12:10 PM EDT

K-Swiss Makes Its Footprint at Ironman, Announces Official Run Course Sponsorship 12:10 PM EDT

CHDT Corp. Announces Expanded Team Due to Growth over Past Year 05:01 PM EDT

XeroCoat(R) Industry-Leading Anti-Reflective Coating Technology Receives Patent Grants 05:01 PM EDT

UAW president says not open to delays in VEBA 05:01 PM EDT

China Organic Provides Preliminary Earnings Estimate for Third Quarter 2008 05:01 PM EDT

Messaging Professionals Gather at IceWarp’s Advanced Messaging and Information Technology… 05:00 PM EDT

DME Railroad announces management change 05:00 PM EDT

International Game Technology and Las Vegas Gaming, Inc. Department of Education Consumer Guide 04:07 PM EDT

Fitch Rates CoxHealth’s (Missouri) $35MM 2008C Health Facilities Revs ‘AA+/F1+’ 04:07 PM EDT

Alphatec Spine Launches New Orthobiologics Product – ProFUSE Bone Scaffold Packaged… 04:06 PM EDT

PAB Bankshares, Inc. Obtains Financial Holding Company Status in the United States 03:46 AM EDT

Money mkts in lockdown; o/n rates near target, 3-mth high 03:45 AM EDT

Banks up use of ECB deposit facility, trim borrowing 03:43 AM EDT

Winbox Technologies Drives Further Expansion Together With Long Term Strategic Partners… 03:43 AM EDT

Morphic Technologies: New Order for Hydroelectric Subsidiary 03:43 AM EDT

Jury clears way for New York Plaza in Las Vegas: report 03:41 AM EDT

Hedge fund firm GAM planning distressed fund 03:41 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Two more TNK-BP executives to leave 03:40 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-British Energy H1 output falls, meets hopes 03:39 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Yell renegotiates covenant terms, shares rise 03:39 AM EDT

Hynix to slash 09 capex, focus on cash mgmt 03:39 AM EDT

Thai deputy PM quits, accepts blame for clashes 03:38 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Qantas jet hits turbulence from Singapore; 30 hurt 03:36 AM EDT

MTelekom says “still keen” on Telekom Slovenia 03:36 AM EDT

Financial crisis drives Nikkei to 5-year closing low 03:35 AM EDT

Czech Republic – Factors To Watch on Oct 7 03:35 AM EDT

Salzgitter sees output goal reached soon – paper 03:31 AM EDT

Paramount Gold and Silver Corp. Casey and Lehigh County Executive Cunningham… 09:58 AM EDT

Tyco International Announces Acquisition of Vue Technology to Strengthen its Sensormatic(R)… 09:58 AM EDT

/C O R R E C T I O N — GTSI Corp./ 09:58 AM EDT

Iran TV says plane forced to land not American 09:58 AM EDT

DIARY – Slovakia – to December 26, 2008 09:58 AM EDT

Mobile Banking Poses Fraud and Money Laundering Threats for Financial Institutions 09:58 AM EDT

KEMP Technologies Accelerates Website Efficiency for K-12 Schools and Universities 09:58 AM EDT

Porsche says bought small VW stake off bourse 09:57 AM EDT

Stallionaires ‘Real and Chance’ From ‘I Love New York’ Return To Find Love in New… 09:57 AM EDT

Survey Finds PC Tune-Up(TM) 2.0 Improves PC Boot Time on Average by 50 percent 09:57 AM EDT

Calloway Announces New Management Structure 09:56 AM EDT

BlackPlanet Powers A Network of Content Sites Serving the African American Online… 09:56 AM EDT

Juhl Wind Inc. Corporate Update 09:44 AM EDT

Somali piracy monitor may be freed pending trial 09:44 AM EDT

New Version of CA NSM Provides Comprehensive Service Availability Management 09:44 AM EDT

UniFirst Corporation Plans to Announce Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results on October… 09:44 AM EDT

CORRECTED – Kuwait cbank says banks not hit by crisis- paper 09:43 AM EDT

Shoreham Options It’s Remaining 40% Interest in Sachigo Lake Claims 09:43 AM EDT

San Gold Drills 103 g/tonne Over 1.8 m at Hinge #4 09:43 AM EDT

Breakthrough CA Data Center Automation Manager for Virtualized and Physical Environments… 09:43 AM EDT

Iran says U.S. CBO says FY08 budget deficit hit $438 billion 06:50 PM EDT

This Election Is About Coming Together to Defeat Harper 06:49 PM EDT

For sale at Neiman Marcus: Yourself, in Legos 06:49 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Vonage revises terms of its debt financing 06:47 PM EDT

Kitchen Bath Makeovers With Robin Hartl, Columnist, Remodeling Ideas 06:47 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-U.S., India to sign civil nuclear deal on Friday 06:46 PM EDT

FED FOCUS-Grim Bernanke makes rate cut seem inevitable 06:46 PM EDT

Group of 22 Postal Workers Share $10.2 Million Powerball(R) Jackpot Prize 06:46 PM EDT

Dekania Corp Announces Actions by Advanced Equities Financial Corp. / 03:57 PM EDT

Football Champion Michael Strahan and Baseball All-Star Chase Utley Join Forces to… 03:57 PM EDT

BofA shares tumble 25 percent 03:57 PM EDT

Cox Offers Debates on Demand 03:56 PM EDT

Credit crisis to hit ship sector hard: OSG 03:56 PM EDT

US cattle, hogs end up despite stock mkt jitters 03:56 PM EDT

SmartLabs Introduces HouseLinc 2 – INSTEON Desktop Software w/ USB Interface: Easy… 03:56 PM EDT

A.M. and Cogeco Cable Inc. Best to Discuss Insurance Industry Financial Suite Products at SIR Conference 01:27 PM EDT

Joe Abrams Joins ideaEDGE Board of Advisors 01:27 PM EDT

Adam Curry Goes Beyond MTV Roots as MEVIO Launches TeXtraTV, the Fresh Daily Tech… 01:26 PM EDT Marches Past 150,000 01:25 PM EDT

OAO Technology Solutions, Inc. Announces Revised Terms for Its Proposed Private Debt Financing 05:11 PM EDT

Global turmoil knocks Brazil real, stocks further 05:11 PM EDT

US judge says cannot rewrite BP refinery plea deal 05:10 PM EDT

Saba CEO to Present at HR Tech October 15 05:10 PM EDT

Locale Media Launches Zip-Code Targeted Advertising in the San Francisco Bay Area 05:08 PM EDT

McCain and Obama comic book biographies hit stands 05:07 PM EDT

NASDAQ OMX Holds Third Quarter 2008 Investor and Media Conference Call 05:07 PM EDT

NZ stocks open down 1 percent 05:07 PM EDT

Dollar falls on Bernanke rate cut signal, growth gloom 05:06 PM EDT

US consumer confidence falls in the latest week-ABC 05:05 PM EDT

ING Clarion Global Real Estate Income Fund and ING Clarion Real Estate Income Fund… 05:05 PM EDT

Cenveo Updates Shareholders 05:04 PM EDT

Credit crisis to hurt ship orders: OSG 05:04 PM EDT

U-Store-It Announces the Date of Its Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Release and Conference Call 05:03 PM EDT

Premier Commercial Bank Selects Goldleaf’s Web Solutions 05:03 PM EDT

Mad-cow ban cost U.S. EPT Disclosure 10:18 AM EDT

The Mexico Equity and Income Fund, Inc. Ekstrom to Executive Director,… 08:01 PM EDT

Elephantiasis elimination programme on track-study 08:01 PM EDT

Asia-Pacific Food Beverage Sectors Reports Highlights How Food Safety Is Becoming… 08:01 PM EDT

LF Elimination Program Treats Over Half Billion People and Protects Millions More… 08:00 PM EDT

Social Auditor Standards Survey: Your Voice Counts 08:00 PM EDT

Taiwan Insurance Report Q3 2008 Provides Independent Forecasts And Competitive Intelligence… 08:00 PM EDT

Savory Snacks in Malaysia to 2011 Includes Company And Brand Share Data By Categories 08:00 PM EDT

Thai troops patrol Bangkok after clashes 07:59 PM EDT

Japan’s Suntory plans drink price hike – Nikkei 07:58 PM EDT

McCain aims to stop Obama momentum in debate 07:58 PM EDT

Frank Langella the right “Man” for tepid revival 07:57 PM EDT

Wall St sinks for fifth day as credit worries mount 07:57 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-Australia’s CBA buys HBOS’s BankWest for $1.5 bln 07:57 PM EDT

Harris Corporation Awarded $140 Million Order Under New IDIQ Contract From the National… 07:56 PM EDT

David Cronenberg circling Ludlum thriller 07:55 PM EDT

DOE Invests in Ormat Enhanced Geothermal System Research 07:54 PM EDT

Room for lower interest rates in Europe-IMF chief 07:51 PM EDT

Fear index ends at record high for second straight day 07:51 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-US FDA cites Bayer for misleading birth control ads 07:49 PM EDT

Alabama governor begins push for sewer-debt plan 07:48 PM EDT

North Korea fires missiles into sea: Yonhap 07:47 PM EDT

Lennar Corporation Declares Quarterly Dividends 07:47 PM EDT

PeopleSupport and Essar Services Announce Schedule for Completion of Merger Transaction 07:47 PM EDT

Nikkei set to fall on Wall St slide, strong yen 07:46 PM EDT

Fidelity, Vanguard money funds to seek guarantee 07:46 PM EDT

MetLife Preannounces Expected Third Quarter 2008 Results 07:45 PM EDT

Alcoa third-quarter net down; cutting back spending 07:44 PM EDT

Jury selection begins in army base attack trial 07:43 PM EDT

TBS sticking with “My Boys” in 2009 07:43 PM EDT

Red Mango Selects The Richards Group as Agency of Record 07:43 PM EDT

BOJ supplies $20 bln in dollar funding operation-Kyodo 07:42 PM EDT

China milk scandal province reveals mine disaster cover-up 07:41 PM EDT

UPDATE 1- Court approves Goody’s reorganization plan 07:40 PM EDT

McCain and Obama comic book biographies hit stands 07:40 PM EDT

Easy test detects blood clots just as well: study 07:40 PM EDT

MetLife Announces Common Stock Offering 07:40 PM EDT

Bernanke signals readiness to cut rates 07:39 PM EDT

UPDATE 3-Alcoa third-quarter net down; cutting back spending 07:38 PM EDT

ATA Expands Its Highway Safety Agenda 07:38 PM EDT

Esquire crowns Halle Berry “Sexiest Woman Alive” 07:34 PM EDT

Seoul shares seen lower as financial crisis deepens 07:34 PM EDT

St. Plans Conference Call on 3rd Quarter 2008 Results… 11:00 AM EDT

Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers Leads $75 Million Investment in Silver Spring Networks,… 11:00 AM EDT

Crayola Glow Station and Crayola Color Surge Win Coveted Platinum Award from the… 11:00 AM EDT

Research and Markets: Ruddick Corporation’s Subsidiary Harris Teeter Plans to Pursue… 11:00 AM EDT

Research and Markets: A Strategic Corporate Assessment of Viropharma Incorporated:… 11:00 AM EDT

US SOHO Business IP Expenditures by Category, 2007-2012 Report 11:00 AM EDT

Schneider National Wins Unprecedented Third Consecutive Environmental Excellence… 11:00 AM EDT

IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report Shows First Half of ’08 Up 15.2% from Same… 11:00 AM EDT

Health Net of California Signs Agreement with Bear Valley Community Healthcare District 11:00 AM EDT

Rite Aid Pharmacies: Destination for Comprehensive Diabetes Care 11:00 AM EDT

Zurich Delivers Tools to Help Crane Users and Owners Build Crane Management Systems 11:00 AM EDT

Libercard, ViVOtech and Inteligensa Collaborate on First Transit Retail Combination… 11:00 AM EDT

DataFlux and SAS Introduce New Approach to Managing Enterprise Data Lifecycle 11:00 AM EDT

NeighborWorks America Launches New Resource for Community Stabilization at 11:00 AM EDT

LifeSpring Home Nutrition Named among Orange County’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies 11:00 AM EDT

MedAssets Signs Agreement with West Tennessee Healthcare for Supply Cost Management… 11:00 AM EDT

TRADE NEWS: Agilent Technologies, Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions Partner to Produce… 11:00 AM EDT

Research Confirms Tegrity Impacts Student Achievement 10:59 AM EDT

Palin’s husband to testify at abuse-of-power inquiry 10:59 AM EDT

REG-Bear Stearns Partial Early Repurchase – Amendment 10:59 AM EDT

Invesco Multi-Strategy Capability Grows to $100 Million 10:59 AM EDT

ECB’s Ordonez says cenbanks should coordinate 10:58 AM EDT

Bill Oberlander Joins Cossette New York as CCO 10:58 AM EDT

Covenant Transport, Inc. Caputo, MD, FACC, FSCAI, Reports… 08:15 AM EDT

DR Systems Lands Four New Contracts Worth $2.19 Million 08:15 AM EDT

The Legend of Kage 2 Ships to North American Retailers Today 08:15 AM EDT

GM Europe cuts production as demand slows 08:14 AM EDT

Afilias Announces New Policy to Make .INFO Even Safer for Internet Users 08:14 AM EDT

Serbian testicle chef offers world “good balls” 08:11 AM EDT

Iceland PM says country will not default on debt 08:11 AM EDT

Scripps to Report Third-Quarter Results; Webcast of Conference Call Available 08:11 AM EDT

Lihir Gold’s (LGL’s) Bonikro Operation Pours First Gold 08:11 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-RESEARCH ALERT-Wachovia ups Jefferies to market perform 08:10 AM EDT

Covanta Celebrates Major Milestone 08:10 AM EDT

Indian stocks fall; Tata Motors up on Nano hopes 08:10 AM EDT

Briefs2-Hiddink calls up Lokomotiv pair for World Cup game 08:10 AM EDT

BalletX Opens Dance Season with World Premieres by Neenan and Booker 08:10 AM EDT

BLOOMBERG.COM Is Now Available to Mobile Users 08:10 AM EDT

SoSure Launches New Continuous Online Backup Solution 08:09 AM EDT

Acuity Brands Reports Record Diluted EPS and Accelerates Streamlining Plans 08:09 AM EDT

Japan dollar funding ops keep credit open for world 08:08 AM EDT

Russian tycoon cancels asset split on force majeure 08:08 AM EDT

Candidate advisers debate carbon capture funds 08:08 AM EDT

FACTBOX-European bank deposit schemes 08:08 AM EDT

Expand Networks Wins Braemar Seascope as WAN Optimisation Saves Shipping Experts… 08:08 AM EDT

Expand Network’s Wins Braemar Seascope as WAN Optimization Saves Shipping Experts… 08:08 AM EDT

Hearst Corporation’s UGO Networks Changes Name to UGO Entertainment 08:08 AM EDT

Black Box Introduces New Products to Its Award-Winning Web Site and Catalog 08:07 AM EDT

Web Associates Rebrands As LEVEL Studios 08:07 AM EDT

Eli Lilly and Company Resolves Investigation Involving Numerous States 08:06 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-China toughens guidance on some bank capital ratios 08:06 AM EDT

Argentine beekeepers no longer in clover 08:05 AM EDT

I-many Sets Third Quarter 2008 Conference Call for Thursday, October 30 at 4:30 p.m. Announces Class Action Lawsuit on Behalf… 11:14 AM EDT

USA Technologies Strikes an Exclusive OEM Agreement with AIR-serv for ePort(R) G8… 11:14 AM EDT

Pew’s Nonprofit Village Gets First New Tenant 11:13 AM EDT

Victory Nickel Takes Up and Pays for Shares of Independent Nickel and Extends Bid to October 17th; Special Meeting of 11:13 AM EDT

Insurance Professionals See Investor Confidence of Retirement-Minded Americans Waning 11:13 AM EDT

BRIEF-Komercni says Julius Baer funds acquire stakes 11:12 AM EDT

Cyprus says banks safe, will intervene if needed 11:12 AM EDT

US STOCKS-Market flat; rate worry tempers Fed action 11:12 AM EDT

At least 17 killed in south Sudan floods 11:12 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-French strike cuts 1,000 MW in nuclear capacity-CGT 11:12 AM EDT

Gartner to Report Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results on October 30, 2008 11:12 AM EDT

Yesmail Partners with EdgeCast to Provide Superior Content Delivery Network Service 11:12 AM EDT

Europe Insurance Sectors Shows How Many Of The Continent’s Motor Insurers Are In… 11:12 AM EDT

Brown, Darling to meet BoE’s King for talks: spokesman 11:11 AM EDT

Kaman Acquires Industrial Rubber and Mechanics, Inc. 20 08:01 AM EDT

Metastorm Hosts Webinar on Process Management in the Securities Industry 08:01 AM EDT

Leading Online Retailer,, Partners With SquareTrade to Provide Consumers an Enhanced Consumer Product 08:01 AM EDT

New Ohio Survey Shows More Than 54% of ‘Main Street’ Business Owners Will Vote McCain/Palin… 08:01 AM EDT

PetroVietnam Selects Engineering Firm to Begin FEED Work on Vietnam’s Second Refinery, an Industrial Info News Alert 08:01 AM EDT

Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Completes Two Phase 2 Milestones for Ganaxolone in… 08:01 AM EDT

Infobright and OpenBI Announce Alliance for Open Source Data Warehousing 08:01 AM EDT

Stein Mart Offers Men Fashionable Way to Support Breast Cancer Research 08:01 AM EDT

Verenium Appoints Gregory Powers Executive Vice President of Research and Development 08:01 AM EDT

TOPWRAP 7-Russia and Iceland act to stem banking crisis 08:01 AM EDT

appssavvy Secures $3.1 Million in Venture Capital Funding 08:01 AM EDT

CCID Consulting: Opportunities and Challenges Coexist as Carriers Juggle Both Hope… 08:01 AM EDT

Interstate Hotels Resorts to Hold Third-Quarter 2008 Earnings Call on November… 08:01 AM EDT

CSC Adds Subrogation Recovery Solution to Hosted Healthcare Offering 08:01 AM EDT

Smart Move Engages Capital Insight Partners to Expand Investor Outreach and Financial Communications 08:01 AM EDT

Omnify Software Helps Crystal Technology Reduce Engineering Change Cycles by 16% 08:01 AM EDT

Zamp Media Chooses Boomdash, to Enable Local Businesses to Advertise Online 08:01 AM EDT

Riverwalk Casino Hotel Selects Agilysys Property Management Solution 08:01 AM EDT

Micrium Supports ARM Cortex Processors with Broad Portfolio of Embedded Systems Software… 08:01 AM EDT

The FactPoint Group Publishes Research Detailing How Retailers Use Market Basket… 08:01 AM EDT

J.D. plane landed in Iran 09:34 AM EDT

Iran report says U.S. wheat, soy rally after Monday’s heavy sell-off 02:19 PM EDT

Ipswitch, Inc. Vivek Mohindra as Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business… 05:00 PM EDT

Bryan Ferry Receives Top Honor at 2008 BMI London Awards 05:00 PM EDT

Inland Real Estate Corporation Announces Date of Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Release,… 05:00 PM EDT

Venture Capitalists Continue to Invest in Young, Promising PA Companies, says Governor… 04:59 PM EDT

Mad-cow ban cost U.S. reforms to save lives 12:42 PM EDT

Britain seeks further U.N. Increases Capital Share Dividend 04:30 PM EDT

5Banc Split Inc. Municipal Ratings Recalibration 09:45 AM EDT

LifeSource Cryobank Only Company in U.S. Governor, National Association of Manufacturers President John Engler… 06:13 PM EDT

Tomorrow’s Rainbow Charity Seeking Project Runway Wannabes to Benefit Children’s Grief Support Program in Broward 06:12 PM EDT

Xenomics Announces Board Restructuring 06:12 PM EDT

Former Department of Defense Contractor Pleads Guilty To Participating In Scheme… 06:11 PM EDT

Netflix trims outlook and shares sink 06:11 PM EDT

OMA’s September 2008 Total Passenger Traffic Decreases 7.5 percent 06:10 PM EDT

AutoZone to Present at Upcoming Wachovia 2008 Consumer Growth Conference 06:10 PM EDT CEO John J. Walsh as Senior Vice President Engineering and Operations 08:04 AM EDT

RPT-FEATURE-Argentine beekeepers no longer in clover 08:03 AM EDT

Obama lead over McCain narrows in ABC/Post poll 08:03 AM EDT

Poll: Americans rate Obama over McCain on economy 08:03 AM EDT

POLL-Obama has 2-point lead on McCain-Reuters poll 08:03 AM EDT

Obama says Wall St bailout may cut his energy plan 08:03 AM EDT

Health Care Stakeholders Release ‘How-To’ Guide to Help Clinicians Switch from Paper… 08:03 AM EDT

Eastman Receives Favorable Decision in ParaStar(TM) PET Patent Infringement Case 08:03 AM EDT

Technitrol Announces Webcast of Conference Call on Third-Quarter 2008 Results 08:03 AM EDT

TruEffect Appoints Kurt DeMarais Senior Vice President of Global Sales 08:03 AM EDT

NeuroSky to Unveil Brainwave-Controlled Video Game Concept Co-Developed With Square… 08:03 AM EDT

Lexar Media Unveils Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR3 Memory for Enthusiasts and Gamers 08:03 AM EDT

Northrop Grumman’s Safety Program Wins Recognition From OSHA 08:02 AM EDT

QLogic to Announce Second Quarter Results 08:02 AM EDT

Thai military to help police patrol Bangkok 08:02 AM EDT

Seventy-Seven Percent of Dealers Increasing Focus on Customer Follow-Up and Lead… 08:02 AM EDT

BN ImmunoTherapeutics Announces Positive Mature Phase II Results From Newly Acquired… 08:01 AM EDT

Ness Technologies Sets Reporting Date for Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results 08:01 AM EDT

Ivivi Technologies Reports FDA Decision to Reopen SofPulse 510(k); Rescission of… 08:01 AM EDT

ECtel to Release Third Quarter Results on Wednesday, November 5, 2008 08:01 AM EDT

Bristow Group Reports Update on Operational Status and Impact of Recent Storms 08:01 AM EDT

NBA 09 The Inside Scores With High-Flying Hoops Action for PLAYSTATION(R)3, PSP(R)… 08:01 AM EDT

Veterinarians Say Good Hygiene, Common Sense Key to Healthy Pets and Families 08:01 AM EDT

Trelawney to Start Drilling Program in Wawa 08:01 AM EDT

AVG Technologies Extends Executive Ranks 08:01 AM EDT

MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals Announces Changes to Management Team 08:01 AM EDT

Potash One Inc.: Legacy Project Update 08:01 AM EDT

Austria’s Erste Bank cuts guidance, shares drop 08:01 AM EDT

Life Spine Announces Launch of APEX(TM) 08:01 AM EDT

Ardea Biosciences Presents Preclinical Anti-Inflammatory Data on its Lead MEK Inhibitor,… 08:01 AM EDT

Integrated Asset Management Corp. Increases Dividend and Declares Third Quarterly Cash… 02:00 PM EDT

Britain poised to unveil bank rescue plan — BBC 02:00 PM EDT

Sustainable Power Corp.’s Clarification Relating to Bartley Law Offices and Daniel Bartley 02:00 PM EDT

Mexican stocks extend losses after Bernanke comments 02:00 PM EDT

CGI announces $15 million award from Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services to… 02:00 PM EDT

Pro-Fac Posts Annual Report on Web Site 02:00 PM EDT

Alfred Taubman Announces New $22M Gift to U-M 02:00 PM EDT

A Company Profile of ConocoPhillips across the Oil and Gas Value Chain, with Forecasts… 02:00 PM EDT

HP and TANDBERG Unveil New Managed Service Offering and Expanded Reseller Agreement 02:00 PM EDT

Sogeti’s US Presence Continues to Grow with the Addition of Two Key Members to the… 02:00 PM EDT

Our Undiscovered Universe Author Discusses Einstein’s Relativity Theory and Its Link… 02:00 PM EDT

HP Offers New Web Solutions for Creative Print Projects, Small Business Marketing;… 02:00 PM EDT

HP Announces Host of New Imaging and Printing Products and Solutions for Enterprise… 02:00 PM EDT

REFILE-FOREX-Dollar falls vs yen as Morgan Stanley shares plunge 01:59 PM EDT

FCC wins 260 mln euros rail deal in Austria 01:59 PM EDT

Hop-on Releases Upgraded Anti-iPhone for $13.99 01:59 PM EDT

A.M. is Increasing Its Private Equity Business 07:10 AM EDT

Research and Markets: Despite Strong Improvement in Profit Levels, CNP Assurances… 07:08 AM EDT

Zuora, Inc. recession fears 03:30 PM EDT

Firstgold Corp. says 08:22 PM EDT

Balts hope Georgia conflict boosts energy case 08:22 PM EDT

PRESS DIGEST-Financial Times, Wall St Journal Asia editions 08:20 PM EDT

Irrigation advances fuel Cambodian rice dream 08:17 PM EDT

Nissin Food may buy stake in China firm -report 08:13 PM EDT

Elephantiasis elimination program on track: study 08:12 PM EDT

FDA cites Bayer for misleading birth control ads 08:10 PM EDT

Seoul shares open 3 pct lower; techs, banks tumble 08:10 PM EDT

Nikkei falls 1.5 pct on Wall St slide, strong yen 08:08 PM EDT

Rep. Army to Produce MK19 Grenade Machine… 11:00 AM EDT

Emily Post Children’s Etiquette Workshops Offered at Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon, NYC 11:00 AM EDT

Chili’s Grill Bar(R) Raises More Than Six Million Dollars for St. Launches Enhanced Web Site Featuring Innovative Collagen- and… 10:12 AM EDT

Chemtura Corporation Announces Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Release Date and Conference… 10:12 AM EDT

TDK Germany GmbH: Notification pursuant to sec. Ticker Symbol Changes to NMKT Accurately Reflecting Sustained SEC Compliance With Possible 10:08 AM EDT

HairDX Announces Clinical Trial Of Genetically Tailored Therapy for Female Baldness 10:08 AM EDT

Dick Armey Press Conference to Award Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) Jefferson… 10:08 AM EDT

Embraer Sells Four Executive Jets to Vibroair 10:07 AM EDT

DEALTALK-BA pension deficit leaves Iberia wanting more 10:07 AM EDT

SCI Deploys Rigorous Re-Certification Program for GM Lead Management Providers 10:07 AM EDT

Citizens Financial Services, Inc. EPT Disclosure 04:58 AM EDT

World shouldn’t foot bill for U.S. Announces New Chief Executive Officers 06:10 PM EDT

Fire damages Nick Nolte’s home in Malibu 06:10 PM EDT

T. mergers and acquisitions 04:50 PM EDT

UPDATE 3-Toronto stock index drops below 10,000, led by oil 04:50 PM EDT

International Rectifier States Vishay “Open Letter” Contains No New Information,… 04:50 PM EDT

Two Japanese, American win 2008 physics Nobel 04:49 PM EDT

Chesapeake Corporation Announces Move to OTC Bulletin Board(R) 04:49 PM EDT

FACTBOX: Nobel Physics prize — Who are the winners? 04:49 PM EDT

Bederra Corporation Notices Substantial Increase in Revenue Since Hurricane IKE 04:47 PM EDT

SeaBright Insurance Holdings to Release 2008 Third Quarter Results on October 21,… 04:47 PM EDT

Cbeyond Continues to Serve Atlanta Community Through Volunteerism 04:47 PM EDT

Fitch Affirms JPMCC 2007-LDP12; Assigns Outlooks 04:46 PM EDT

Dell Remote Access Makes It Simple for People to Access and Share Digital Content… 04:46 PM EDT

Gladstone Commercial Announces Common and Preferred Stock Distributions for October,… 04:46 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-ScanSource Q1 sales outlook trails Street 04:46 PM EDT

Mayo Clinic Conference on Continuing Medical Education (CME) for Physicians Produces… 04:45 PM EDT

Northern Technologies International Corporation Announces Filing of Shelf Registration… 04:45 PM EDT

Northern Technologies files for $50 mln shelf offer 04:45 PM EDT

Gladstone Capital Announces Monthly Distributions for October, November and December… 04:45 PM EDT

Gladstone Investment Announces Monthly Distributions for October, November and December… 04:45 PM EDT

The St. Announces Final Approval of Settlement of Derivative Actions… 04:05 PM EDT

Yum! Brands Inc. Berkeley 04:44 PM EDT

UPDATE 9-Britain to launch bank rescue package 04:43 PM EDT

US STOCKS-Wall St slides for 5th day as credit worries spiral 04:43 PM EDT

DME Railroad announces management change 04:42 PM EDT

US oil production at lowest level since 1946-gov’t 04:41 PM EDT

Creditors offer $1 bln debt forgiveness to Alabama county 04:40 PM EDT

Fitch Affirms BSCMS 2007-PWR17; Assigns Outlooks 04:40 PM EDT

Ultimate Ski, Travel and Resort 1-800 Brand Opportunity Available to New and Established… 04:39 PM EDT

PR Newswire Entertainment Summary, Tuesday, Oct. Advances RNAi Pipeline With Selection of Lead Candidate for Hypercholesterolemia Program 08:01 AM EDT

St. 7, 2008 04:31 PM EDT

Retirees flee stocks to save shrinking nest eggs 04:31 PM EDT

Alaska’s Icy Strait Point Honored for Sustaining Native Culture 04:31 PM EDT

Fitch Takes Various Rating Actions on 1 Merit MH RMBS Deal 04:31 PM EDT

Alcoa profit drops on lower aluminum prices 04:30 PM EDT

OccuLogix Effects Reverse Stock Split 04:30 PM EDT

Big 8 Split Inc. SEC’s conduct of probe 05:57 PM EDT

ReverbNation Secures $3 Million in Series B Expansion Funding 05:57 PM EDT

Verizon and i-SAFE Partner for Second Cyber Safety Week in Colorado 05:56 PM EDT

Roy’s Tribute Dinner: Final 20th Anniversary Celebration Showcases Famous Chefs’… 05:56 PM EDT

HealthSouth Announces Date of 2008 Third Quarter Earnings Conference Call 05:56 PM EDT

Anheuser-Busch and Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement 05:56 PM EDT

New-Hire Announcement: Douglas Humphrey Joins DLC 05:54 PM EDT

LANA MARKS Debuts Spring/Summer 2009 Collection 05:53 PM EDT

Pennsylvania Governor Rendell’s Public Schedule Oct. Wright Brings Fall Fashion to Albany 09:38 AM EDT

Brazil to offer $2.3 bln in swaps on Tuesday 09:38 AM EDT

liveBooks Empowers World-Renowned Photographers to Expand Their Businesses, Gain Exposure 09:37 AM EDT

Toronto stock index opens up more than 200 points 09:37 AM EDT

Technology Leader Atrenta Selects Halogen Talent Management Software 09:37 AM EDT

digiMedical Solutions, Inc. Announces Asset Investigation Techniques Seminars… 08:01 AM EDT

Marketo Rocks Lead Management Market With Record-Setting 20 New Customers in September 08:01 AM EDT

Atmel Enrolls BitSim as Expert Design Center for AT91CAP Customizable Microcontroller… 08:01 AM EDT

Nationalised Fortis unit gets central bank loan 08:01 AM EDT

INTERVIEW-Prudential Fin int’l arm to weather crisis 08:01 AM EDT

Tournigan Intersects High Grade Uranium at Kuriskova 08:01 AM EDT

NeuroFocus Announces Dr. President’s Letter 09:00 AM EDT

Philadelphia Tourism Industry Shows 10-Year Growth 09:00 AM EDT

Asyncast Partners With KUSA-TV to Deliver News Anytime Anywhere With Rocketron (SM) 09:00 AM EDT

American Laser Centers Opens Call Center in Tempe 09:00 AM EDT

SMART Modular Technologies to Showcase at KioskCom Self Service Expo 2008 09:00 AM EDT

Speakeasy’s New Bundled Telecom Services Expand Savings for Small Businesses 09:00 AM EDT

The Weather Outside is Delightful; Prepare Before it Turns Frightful 09:00 AM EDT

Launch of New Drugs and Increased Uptake of Current Agents Will Drive Robust Annual… 09:00 AM EDT

Stratus Technologies Survey Finds Large Percentage of Companies With Untested Disaster… 09:00 AM EDT

IDEASTOX Launches IDEASTOX Facebook 09:00 AM EDT

XS Games Unveils AirG(TM) Peripheral for PopStar Guitar 09:00 AM EDT

Sanimax and StormFisher to Build Eight Biogas Plants 09:00 AM EDT

BioMarin to Host Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results Conference Call and Webcast… 09:00 AM EDT

Beacon Equity Issues Technical Trade Alerts on Market Movers: DNDN, SPSN, SONS, CEGE,… 09:00 AM EDT Now Accepts Credit Cards From 14 European, Asia-Pacific Countries 09:00 AM EDT

NTT Group and EnterpriseDB Announce Comprehensive Partnership to Advance PostgreSQL and to Drive Enterprise Adoption 09:00 AM EDT

Fanfare Launches Online Community 09:00 AM EDT

Stornoway Diamond Corporation: Aviat Conceptual Study Outlines 24.1-40.3 Million Carats of Diamonds 09:00 AM EDT

BioMarin Opens Office in Brisbane to Support Expanding Operations 09:00 AM EDT

Attivio Hires Alan Cooke as Chief Financial Officer 09:00 AM EDT

EducationDynamics Aims to Combat Falling Retention Rates Among Non-Traditional Learners With the Debut of Its Adult, 09:00 AM EDT

Fannie Mae Redemption 09:00 AM EDT

MEDIA ALERT: New Youth Justice Coalition Press Conference Today at 10:30 am 09:00 AM EDT

ST Bancorp to Webcast Third Quarter Earnings Conference Call 09:00 AM EDT

VerticalResponse, Inc. Mary’s Receives Boost With Generous Gift From Mike Riehl’s Roseville Chrysler… 08:01 AM EDT

Waytronx Signs Exclusive Licensing and Royalty Agreement With Japanese Company, Stonewells 08:01 AM EDT

Pentaho Hires Lars Nordwall as Senior Vice President of Business Development 08:01 AM EDT

LeapFrog Scores With New Pocket-Sized Tool for Studying On the Go 08:01 AM EDT

ANALYSIS-Wachovia deal could help Citigroup raise capital 08:01 AM EDT

EU lawmakers pass diluted insurance reform 08:01 AM EDT

‘How I Won $1 Million by Eating Breakfast’ 08:01 AM EDT

Everyone’s Favorite Bandicoot Crashes onto Store Shelves – Crash: Mind Over Mutant… 08:01 AM EDT

NXP World-Class 200mm Fab Available for Immediate Operations 08:01 AM EDT

iSECUREtrac Announces Contract Win From Pitt County, North Carolina for Monitoring Center Intervention 08:01 AM EDT

Ironwood and Forest Present Positive Phase 2b Study Results for Linaclotide in Patients… 08:01 AM EDT

Premier Inc. 2008 Sales Plan Is on Track and New Products Have Strong Appeal 12:09 PM EDT

International Steering Committee for RVX-208 IVUS Trial Formed 12:09 PM EDT

Best-in-Class Organizations Spend Nearly Half the Time Manually Correcting Erroneous Reports and Information Than All 12:09 PM EDT

BAE unit to pay $30 million over defective body armor 12:09 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-Assura scales back fundraising 12:09 PM EDT

NuVox’s MPLS Solution Now Available Across U.S. 12:09 PM EDT

REG-Vodafone Group Plc FRN Variable Rate Fix 12:09 PM EDT

Armor Holdings Products LLC Pays U.S. Best Affirms Ratings of Royal Bank of Canada Insurance Company Ltd. 03:56 PM EDT

Johnson Controls sees hybrid unit profit in 5 years 03:55 PM EDT

Annual Reception to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage With Speakers, Artistic Performances 03:55 PM EDT

A NATO ally in Afghanistan 03:55 PM EDT

Capgemini Reiterates its 2008 Guidance 03:55 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-Telco to raise funds, not pledge more T.Italia shares 03:54 PM EDT

CoStar Group to Announce Financial Results for Third Quarter 2008 On October 29,… 03:54 PM EDT

UPDATE 3-Deals of the day — mergers and acquisitions 03:54 PM EDT

Chevron Loses Another Round in Legal Battle over Ecuador Rainforest Contamination;… 03:54 PM EDT

Mexico cenbank chief says govt comfortable on debt 03:53 PM EDT

Army Selects Goodrich for AH-64 Apache Helicopter Mission Data Recorder Upgrade 03:53 PM EDT

Fitch Rates Texas Turnpike Auth Bank Bonds ‘BBB+’; Outlook to Negative 03:53 PM EDT

Vanguard says to apply for US money market program 03:52 PM EDT

TV’s “Mr Clean” dies at age 92 03:52 PM EDT

Toronto stock index falls 400 points 03:51 PM EDT

Canada says Afghan mission can’t last indefinitely 03:50 PM EDT

D.C. Lee Jess Elected President of Minnesota Dental Association 10:53 AM EDT

The Lilly TB Drug Discovery Initiative Begins Work on New Compounds to Fill Early-Stage… 10:52 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-France seeks G8 summit on financial crisis 10:52 AM EDT

Moody’s cuts UniCredit ratings to “Aa3″ 10:52 AM EDT

HealthPort Pulls Together Expert Panel to Discuss RAC 10:52 AM EDT

PAREXEL Announces Date of First Quarter Fiscal Year 2009 Earnings Release and Conference… 10:51 AM EDT

Data show no stroke risk with Pfizer lung drug-FDA 10:51 AM EDT

Corporate, Government and Academic Leaders Unite to Fight Cyber Crime, Identity Theft… 10:51 AM EDT

BMJ Group Expands into India 10:50 AM EDT

US copper up in early rebound from 19-month lows 10:49 AM EDT

Chile stocks rebound a bit after rout, peso slips 10:49 AM EDT

Research and Markets: 2009 U.S. Expands Research Agreement and Enters Negotiations to Finalize an Exclusive License 11:48 AM EDT Gets a Face-Lift 11:48 AM EDT

Depending on the Time of Day, Cardiac Patients Spend Too Much Time Waiting for Life-Saving Procedures 11:48 AM EDT

Trans World Corporation Updates 2008 Company Outlook Based on Strong Year-to-Date… 11:48 AM EDT

Veteran Emerging Markets Manager Launches Victoria 1522 Fund 11:48 AM EDT

Historical Novel’s Message More Relevant Than Ever: Gershowitz’s Poignant Jewish… 11:47 AM EDT

TAM and Air Canada expand flight service between Brazilian and Canadian cities 11:46 AM EDT

Anhanguera Educacional Participacoes Acquires LFG 11:46 AM EDT

FreePatentsOnline Launches the Patent Plaque Program to Honor Inventors 11:46 AM EDT

iLOOKABOUT Captures The City of Hamilton 11:45 AM EDT

PracticeOne and the e-Medsys Solutions Suite Selected by Weight Loss for Life 11:45 AM EDT

SolarCity Announces Major Expansion in Southern California 11:45 AM EDT

Cohn Wolfe Celebrates Merger and Teams with Renowned Artist George Rodrigue to… 11:45 AM EDT

New Democrats Launch Latest Quebec TV Ad 11:44 AM EDT

U.S. SIPC Trustee, Announces Protocols Regarding… 04:36 PM EDT

Sept US corp rating cuts 2nd-highest since 01-Moody’s 04:36 PM EDT

Advanced New LA County-USC Trauma Center Redefines Resuscitation Through Integrating… 04:36 PM EDT

Webcast of Alexander Baldwin’s 2008 Third Quarter Earnings Call Live at 8 a.m…. 04:36 PM EDT

Intel says will defend patent rights against AMD 04:35 PM EDT

Alcatel-Lucent Completes Acquisition of Motive, Inc. 04:35 PM EDT

Organic To Go Announces Preliminary Sales for the Third Quarter and Nine-Month Periods 04:35 PM EDT

UPDATE 3-Canada’s Harper brushes off call for crisis steps 04:34 PM EDT

Pomerantz Haudek Block Grossman Gross LLP Charges Underwriter Defendants in Securities… 04:34 PM EDT

Fog Cutter Capital Group Inc.’s Fatburger Unit Opens Two New Mid-West Locations 04:34 PM EDT

Rankin(R) Automation Debuts Manual Vibratory Carbide Feeder and Single Axis Automated… 04:33 PM EDT

MHF Trucking Drayage Opens Jacksonville, FL Terminal 04:33 PM EDT

Prudential Financial Eligible Funds Participate in U.S. Posts Third Quarter 2008 Results 04:30 PM EDT

Brocade Announces $1.1 Billion Term Loan Funding for Acquisition of Foundry Networks 04:30 PM EDT

Exponent to Announce Third Quarter 2008 Results 04:30 PM EDT

FEMSA Schedules Conference Call to Discuss Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results 04:30 PM EDT

Sauer-Danfoss Inc. to Report Third Quarter Earnings on October 29,… 08:01 AM EDT

Mark Logic Unveils Open Enrichment Framework Initiative to Speed Integration With Cutting-Edge Entity Extraction 08:01 AM EDT

Arena Pharmaceuticals to Present at the Natixis Bleichroeder Second Annual Hidden… 08:01 AM EDT

BPL Global Recognized as a Green, Smart Grid Company to Watch 08:01 AM EDT

Mark Logic Extends Market Leadership With MarkLogic Server 4.0 08:01 AM EDT

Survey Shows Attorneys Desire Decreased Anxiety, More Personal Time 08:01 AM EDT

Odyssey Thera Announces New Equity Financing 08:01 AM EDT

CyberDefender Earns TRUSTe Trusted Download Program Certification 08:01 AM EDT

Hook, Line, and Sinker: You’ll Fall for Australis Barramundi 08:01 AM EDT

Plainville, Massachusetts Residents to Benefit From Verizon Wireless Network Expansion 08:01 AM EDT

Brick Mountain Trucking Acquires A-Diamond Delivery Service 08:01 AM EDT

ION Awarded Multi-Year, Marine Multi-Component Processing Contract 08:01 AM EDT

Kidoodlyrocks: Introduces Product to Help Children Deal With Pet Loss 08:01 AM EDT

MDRNA, Inc. Sunrise natgas unit shut 08:45 AM EDT

Ontario Greenfield 4 natgas unit shut 08:45 AM EDT

‘The Rubicon Memo’: Action-packed New Novel Full of Twists, Turns and Social Commentary 08:45 AM EDT

Varicent Partners with the Glenture Group to Align Pay-for-Performance Initiatives… 08:45 AM EDT

Medivisor, Inc. Announces the Transfer of Assets… 11:25 AM EDT

Republican National Committee to Hold Conference Call Regarding ACORN Vote Fraud 11:25 AM EDT

REG-Ramius UK Ltd Rule 8.3 – Axon Group PLC 11:25 AM EDT

Vectron International Announces Fully Integrated Frequency Translator for Complete… 11:24 AM EDT

WRAPUP 3-Russia gives banks extra $36 bln to fight crisis 11:24 AM EDT

REG-UK Debt Management Office Issue of Debt 11:24 AM EDT

Americans are in a Pessimistic Mood According to Latest CNN/Opinion Research Corporation… 11:24 AM EDT

Avery Dennison and iStockphoto Join Forces to Provide Affordable, High-Quality Imagery… 11:23 AM EDT

Anadarko retires debt, has $1.9 billion cash 11:23 AM EDT

REG-Ramius UK Ltd Rule 8.3 – Benfield Group Ltd 11:23 AM EDT

Countdown to FACT Act Compliance: 11:22 AM EDT

Monte Paschi asset sales on track despite crisis 11:21 AM EDT

Cimatron and American Machinist Magazine Attract Hundreds of Tool Makers to Online… 11:21 AM EDT

Wireless AMBER Alerts(TM) Are Available to Help Reunite Abducted Children in Missouri… 11:21 AM EDT

Repeat Airing of ‘Why Usability Is No Longer Enough: The Need For Persuasion, Emotion,… 11:20 AM EDT

Johnson Johnson to Host Analyst Meeting to Discuss Third-Quarter Financial Results… 11:20 AM EDT

Highmark and IBC CEOs Urge Committee to Recommend Approval of the Combination to… 11:20 AM EDT

Trailer Bridge Wins US EPA SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award 11:20 AM EDT

A Worldwide Acrylic Acid Market Outlook for 2008 – Including Major Producer Profiles,… 11:20 AM EDT

IAR Systems Launches IAR KickStart Kit for NXP LPC2478 11:20 AM EDT

UN council again urges action against Somalia piracy 11:19 AM EDT

UN council again urges action against Somalia piracy 11:19 AM EDT

Information Management Solutions Provider OCI Announces Redesign of Corporate Web… 11:19 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-Anadarko retires debt, has $1.9 billion cash 11:19 AM EDT

BofA remains core holding for investors-CreditSights 11:18 AM EDT

Berwind Selects Rolls-Royce CorporateCare for BR725-Powered G650 11:18 AM EDT

Atlanta Great Clips Franchisee to Shave Head to Benefit Children’s Miracle Network 11:17 AM EDT Asks SP 500 Futures Trader About Technical Damage to Market 11:17 AM EDT

Geneart AG from Regensburg Wins 2008 EUROPEAN BIOTECHNICA AWARD 11:17 AM EDT

Video: Verizon Wireless and Yasmin Davidds Join Forces to Mobilize Youth Against… 11:16 AM EDT

Bank of Canada injects C$800 mln into market 11:16 AM EDT

Hispanic NASCAR Fans Are Focus of New Report from Knowledge Networks, rEvolution 11:16 AM EDT

Former Newsman and Digital Media Exec Joins Media Training Consultancy CommCore 11:16 AM EDT

PREVIEW-Financial crisis adds to Sept US retail sales woes 11:16 AM EDT

Museum of American Finance Walking Tour Commemorates Anniversaries of 1929 and 1987… 11:16 AM EDT

Olin Corporation Third Quarter Earnings Conference Call Announcement 11:16 AM EDT

Worried Italians besiege consumer groups on crisis 11:15 AM EDT

Leading Payroll Company Counting on LifeLock(R) Identity Theft Protection 11:15 AM EDT

Fitch Downgrades Lehman Brothers Financial Prods’ LT IDR to ‘D’, Counterparty to… 11:15 AM EDT

Biovest Announces BiovaxID(R) Anti-Cancer Vaccine Prolongs Cancer-Free Survival by… 11:15 AM EDT

HealthMarkets Appoints New Chief Financial Officer 11:15 AM EDT

Consumers Confirm Growing Appeal of Supermarket Prepared Meals, Finds Technomic 11:15 AM EDT

Reuters summit-Economic woes may give planet a breather 11:14 AM EDT

CHS Increases Investment in Brazilian Joint Venture 11:14 AM EDT

SouthWing(R) SH241 Bluetooth headset with PUSH4(TM) Streams Important News Directly… 11:14 AM EDT

Cohen, Milstein, Hausfeld Toll, P.L.L.C. Announces the Annual Meeting of Stockholders… 10:18 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Announces Founding Board of Directors for Legacy Oil… 09:15 AM EDT

Mannatech Launches OsoLean(TM) Powder Fat Loss Product 09:15 AM EDT

EverDrive Offers Consumers Tips to Buy Used Auto Parts 09:15 AM EDT

EU bank fund would be too slow, French PM says 09:14 AM EDT

Nearly 60 militants killed in southern Afghanistan 09:14 AM EDT

Turmoil won’t affect Polish euro plan-FinMinister 09:14 AM EDT

REG-db x-trackers DJ STOXX@ Technology Short ETF Net Asset Value(s) 09:14 AM EDT

MTL Doubles Gift Card Manufacturing Capacity, Improves Distribution Capabilities 09:13 AM EDT

REG-db x-trackers Short DJ STOXX@ Oil Gas Short ETF Net Asset Value(s) 09:13 AM EDT

JackBe and CapGemini Collaborate To Talk Mashups 09:13 AM EDT

EU bailout fund would have sent stronger message- Italy 09:12 AM EDT

Norsk Hydro chairman clears CEO in Libya case 09:12 AM EDT

TREASURIES-Bonds fall after Fed announces CP funding plan 09:12 AM EDT

TEXT-Terms and conditions of Fed CP funding facility 09:12 AM EDT

Curtiss-Wright Awarded F-16 Fighting Falcon Production Contract From Lockheed Martin… 09:12 AM EDT

Cybernomics Brings First Green Server Fridge to Canada 09:12 AM EDT

Tervela Announces Integrated Options Market Solution to Address Volatile, High-Volume… 09:12 AM EDT

REG-db x-trackers DJ STOXX@ 600 Health Care Short ETF Net Asset Value(s) 09:12 AM EDT

National City Closes on First Sale of a Condo Unit in the New Book Cadillac Hotel… 09:11 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Russian tycoon cancels asset split on force majeure 09:10 AM EDT

Awareness and Use of Mobile Banking Low, But Poised to Grow 09:10 AM EDT

SpongeTech(R) Delivery Systems, Inc. Felgoise, P.C. Announces Participation in the Wachovia 2008 Consumer Growth… 07:30 AM EDT

Ariad Appoints Two New Members to Its Board of Directors 07:30 AM EDT

Cytori Receives Two Patent Allowances Related to Uses of the Celution(R) System Output 07:30 AM EDT

Autonomic Software’s ANSA Platinum Power Conservation Offers Greenest Option for… 07:30 AM EDT

NGAS Resources Provides Operational Update 07:30 AM EDT

Iraq says bold decisions needed on U.S. Announces Third-Quarter 2008 Earnings 09:00 AM EDT

Reed’s, Inc. Increases Capital Share Dividend 04:30 PM EDT

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. reforms to save lives 12:42 PM EDT

REG-Commonwealth Bank of Australia FRN Variable Rate Fix 12:42 PM EDT

Europe stocks fall on weaker banks; RBS, HBOS sink 12:41 PM EDT

MYST Announces Online Movie Income of $1.2 Million for Last Quarter 12:41 PM EDT

Mexico’s one-month Cetes yield falls to 7.99 pct 12:41 PM EDT

South Sudanese women arrested for tight trousers 12:41 PM EDT

CORRECTED-TREASURIES-US 3-mo T-bill rate above 1 pct 12:41 PM EDT

REG-Commonwealth Bank of Australia FRN Variable Rate Fix 12:41 PM EDT

Strong American Schools Official to Discuss the Undeniable Link Between Educating… 12:41 PM EDT

German fin minister confirms Wieandt new HRE CEO 12:40 PM EDT

Report questions impartiality of SEC: NY Times 12:40 PM EDT

US judge orders Chinese Muslims at Guantanamo freed 12:40 PM EDT

Rodobo Successfully Completes Its RTO 12:39 PM EDT

Studio Photography Readers’ Choice Award 2008 Winners Announced 12:38 PM EDT

Distributor Boundless Network Named Best Place to Work in Industry by ASI 12:38 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-Illinois Tool Works lowers outlook, shares fall 12:38 PM EDT

Fed’s Stern says credit rescue moves will succeed 12:38 PM EDT

3D Social Media Application Aims to Cut Workplace Obesity 12:38 PM EDT

California seeks energy savings as economy sours 12:37 PM EDT

AVT, Inc. CEO Interviewed Live on Steve Crowley’s American… 09:10 AM EDT

REG-db x-trackers DJ STOXX 600@ Banks Short ETF Net Asset Value(s) 09:10 AM EDT

SumTotal Systems Announces Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Release and Conference Call… 09:10 AM EDT

French prosecutors seek trial for ex-PM Villepin 09:09 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-BofA drops nearly 8 percent on capital-raising 09:09 AM EDT

Chile peso slides more than 1 pct on trade deficit 09:09 AM EDT

REG-db x-trackers FTSE Vietnam ETF Net Asset Value(s) 09:09 AM EDT

World 2009 oil demand growth cut by 140,000 bpd: EIA 09:08 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-As credit losses mount,IMF warns of deeper slowdown 09:08 AM EDT

Spain’s BBVA raises treasury stock stake to 3.41% 09:08 AM EDT

Nextanalytics Announces Version 4.0 of its Powerful “Bolt-on” Analytics for Software Vendors and Solution Providers 09:08 AM EDT

Tecplot Adds VISEA Award to “Tecplot on Campus” Academic Program 09:08 AM EDT

Bank, broker CDS tighter; Merrill narrows-CMA 09:08 AM EDT

Calling All Proud Jersey Parents: Gap Takes Its Casting Call Search to The Garden… 09:08 AM EDT

Calling All Proud New York Parents: Gap Takes Its Casting Call Search to the Big… 09:08 AM EDT

Calling All Proud Parents: Gap Takes Its Casting Call Search to the Greater Boston… 09:08 AM EDT

REG-db x-trackers MSCI Russia 25% capped Index ETF Net Asset Value(s) 09:08 AM EDT

MOVES-BlackRock, Greenhill, Threadneedle 09:07 AM EDT

CME Group and Citadel to Launch the First Integrated Credit Default Swaps Trading… 09:07 AM EDT

ip.access Chooses Keithley for Mass-Market Femtocell Production Testing 09:07 AM EDT

Vertafore Announces WTIA Sponsorship 09:07 AM EDT

CA Acquires IDFocus LLC and Its Identity Management Technology 09:07 AM EDT

REG-db x-trackers SP 500 Short ETF Net Asset Value(s) 09:06 AM EDT

FastUpFront New Technology Frees Small Business Cash Advances from Credit Card Processors 09:06 AM EDT

Pro Travel Network Reports a Record Increase in Revenues, Profits 09:05 AM EDT

Alamos Gold Inc. EPT Disclosure 07:51 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – MSCI EM ASIA TRN INDEX ETF FRN Variable Rate Fix 07:51 AM EDT Celebrates One Year of Helping Job Seekers and Students 07:50 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Initiates Digital Prescription Software and Reauthorization Call Center Services for 09:37 AM EDT

BroadSoft and Microsoft Bring Unified Communications to Businesses of All Sizes 09:37 AM EDT

ShareThis Appoints Industry Veterans From PayPal and Fortune/Money Group to Board… 09:37 AM EDT

City of Charlotte Enters Agreement to Use Gordian Health Solutions’ Personal Health… 09:37 AM EDT

Naked swimmer evades police in Tokyo palace moat 09:36 AM EDT

CME Group, Citadel to launch CDS trading 09:36 AM EDT

ARI Announces Partnership With CALSTART 09:36 AM EDT

Plunging platinum nears gold price in market turmoil 09:36 AM EDT

Welch’s Expands Use of Oco’s Business Intelligence Solution 09:36 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Range Resources reiterates production outlook 09:35 AM EDT

ACIST Medical Systems Announces the Opening of Its New Expanded Corporate Headquarters… 09:35 AM EDT

AudioCodes Reaffirms Guidance for 2008 09:35 AM EDT

Ten Million Customers and Counting: Reaches Milestone Through Superior Service, Competitive Pricing and 09:35 AM EDT

Pentagon denies report U.S. Paul Police Department Uses Wireless Video Surveillance System During the Republican… 08:00 AM EDT

SurModics Announces First Human Use of Finale(TM) Prohealing Coating Technology on… 08:00 AM EDT

Hamilton Thorne is Granted Exclusive Rights to Intelligent Monitoring System for… 08:00 AM EDT

Customers Recognize the Power of Solar Tracking by Selecting RayTracker GC for Their… 08:00 AM EDT

Monitor Group Research Reveals Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment Shift from Western… 08:00 AM EDT

AirMagnet Extends PCI Data Security Standard Support to Include Version 1.2 08:00 AM EDT

St. Announces a Prepayment on its Outstanding Notes 01:28 PM EDT

UPDATE 3-European carmakers cut output as credit crisis hits 01:28 PM EDT

Zenoss Adds Network Management and Systems Management Veterans to Leadership Team From Sun Microsystems, IBM, BMC, CA, 01:28 PM EDT

FOREX-Dollar extends losses vs euro as Bernanke signals cut 01:28 PM EDT

Greece to boost deposit guarantees to 100,000 euros 01:28 PM EDT

LRG Capital Real Estate Partners I Fund Purchases California Apartment Complex 01:28 PM EDT

Toronto stock index falls 200 pts on energy, banks 01:28 PM EDT

Strategy Analytics Predicts 32-Bit Microcontroller Dominance in Autos 01:28 PM EDT

TANDBERG to Webcast/Conference Call Third Quarter Earnings Review 01:28 PM EDT

Salvation Army in charity record deal 01:27 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-Taiwan to protect deposits as global crisis spreads 01:27 PM EDT

Police bust illegal Venezuela ammunition factory 01:27 PM EDT

Eastern Union Introduces a Revolutionary New Division to Assist Investors in this… 01:27 PM EDT

A.M. 9 05:00 AM EDT

Arm Introduces LPDDR2 Memory Controller to Accelerate Chip Performance and Improve… 05:00 AM EDT

ARM Announces Active Assist Service to Accelerate Parter Deployment of ARM Architecture 05:00 AM EDT

Following Is a Test Release 05:00 AM EDT

Monogram Reaffirms Guidance for Year and Provides Update on Oncology Programs 05:00 AM EDT

Rainmaker Research Releases Revolutionary Writer’s Reference Software for Mac OS… 05:00 AM EDT

Escape the Real World With a Great Getaway With AirTran Airways’ Sale 05:00 AM EDT

Securian ‘Money Management’ Program Helps Retirement Plan Participants Eliminate… 05:00 AM EDT

Cognizant Formally Inaugurates Delivery Center in Hungary to Meet Global 2000 Clients’… 05:00 AM EDT

Golden Age of Youth Research Challenges Assumptions About the Meaning of Youth 05:00 AM EDT

Holiday Stationstores and Coca-Cola Announce Away From Home Recycling Program 05:00 AM EDT

Internet Access in Russia Report 05:00 AM EDT

Travel Frustrations Dip…Except over Costs 05:00 AM EDT

Key Points for the OTC Healthcare Market in Croatia to with Forecasts to 2011 05:00 AM EDT

TA Associates Completes $60 Million Minority Investment in e-Rewards 05:00 AM EDT

New Report from Arthur D. Barry IV Provides Comprehensive Company Update in Open Letter to Investors 06:03 PM EDT

CORRECTED-Palin warns Florida voters of ‘rough’ campaigning 06:03 PM EDT

Obama urges swift U.S. Schedules 2008 Third Quarter Earnings Release and… 05:27 PM EDT

UPDATE 4-CME, Citadel to jump into default swap market 05:27 PM EDT

Stephanie Streeter Elected to Goodyear Board 05:26 PM EDT

BroadSoft Adds Support for IBM SPDE 05:26 PM EDT

Fitch Takes Various Rating Actions on 1 Bombardier MH Issue 05:26 PM EDT

Entertainment Properties Trust Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Conference Call Scheduled… 05:26 PM EDT

New Issue-Detroit Edison sells $250 mln in debt 05:25 PM EDT

Bailout Plan Not Likely to Solve Financial Woes for Average Americans 05:25 PM EDT

No Stone Left Unturned in 1968 Murder Case: Webcast Live By TodoCast 05:25 PM EDT

Global Energy Appoints Hezy Ram to its Board of Directors 05:25 PM EDT

Bush speaks with European leaders for coordination 05:24 PM EDT

DiversityInPromotions, LLC and m strategies inc. Announces $30 Million Financing for Cogeco Cable Inc. 08:01 AM EDT

Food Execs Urged to Step Up or Be Left Behind in Consumer-Controlled Future 08:01 AM EDT

National Survey Shows Need to Improve Community Wellness Options 08:01 AM EDT

Study Finds Tax Departments Are Stretched Dangerously Thin and at the Mercy of Spreadsheet Sprawl 08:01 AM EDT Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff Receives 2008 CEO Vision… 08:01 AM EDT

Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Brews Double Dose of Wellness With New Superberry Teas For Women 08:01 AM EDT

NewCardio Opens Office in Princeton, New Jersey 08:01 AM EDT

GelStat Corporation’s CEO Issues Shareholder Update 08:01 AM EDT

Able Forensic Investigations, Inc. Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) Conclude… 10:21 AM EDT

John Hancock Funds Advances Two Spots in kasina Rankings of Top Financial Intermediary… 10:20 AM EDT

Ace Marketing Promotions Partners With the NHL and Def Leppard to Deliver Rockzimity Marketing Campaign 10:20 AM EDT

Beacon Equity Issues Technical Trade Alerts on Recent Analyst Upgrades: SBH, LSTR,… 10:20 AM EDT

APA Poll Finds Women Bear Brunt of Nation’s Stress, Financial Downturn 10:20 AM EDT

Halcyon Jets Appears on VH1′s I Want to Work for Diddy 10:20 AM EDT

TDK Germany GmbH: Notification pursuant to sec. 7, 2008 04:38 PM EDT

GLOBAL MARKETS-U.S. of Puerto Rico 11:11 AM EDT

CORRECTING and REPLACING Ivara’s Asset Performance Management Software Drives Bottom… 11:11 AM EDT

DIAGNOS Launches its New CARA (Computer Aided Retinal Analysis) Application and Signs the First Canadian Reseller for 11:11 AM EDT

Fully Automatic Defrag: “Not Like in Our Day!” 11:10 AM EDT

Susser Holdings to Present at Wachovia Consumer Growth Conference October 14 11:10 AM EDT

Horizon Bancorporation Reports Third Quarter Consolidated Earnings 11:10 AM EDT

AAA Mid-Atlantic Selects Mzinga to Launch Two Enterprise Social Media Solutions 11:10 AM EDT

UBS Hires Gregory Feller as Managing Director in Technology Banking 11:10 AM EDT

Unique Report – US SOHO Business Broadband Services Expenditures by Size of Business,… 11:10 AM EDT

Sabertec Secures Second Round of Funding 11:09 AM EDT

PTA Hits Online Radio Waves 11:08 AM EDT

TAM Announces its Entry Into the Star Alliance 11:08 AM EDT

FACTBOX-Iran’s major oil customers, energy partners 11:08 AM EDT

Brown, Darling to meet BoE’s King for talks-spokesman 11:08 AM EDT

Financial Planner’s Advice: Don’t Tap Your Retirement Account! 11:08 AM EDT

United Hospital Fund Honors Rear Admiral Robert A. 8, 2008 05:53 PM EDT

Robert F. Updates Gulf of Mexico Operations and Impacts of Hurricanes… 08:41 AM EDT

No business like monkey business at Japan tavern 08:40 AM EDT

‘Play Works’: Setting the Record Straight on Play and Its Critical Role in Education 08:40 AM EDT

REG-Intnl. Announces Fiscal 2009 First-Quarter Earnings Conference Call and… 03:32 PM EDT

Data show no stroke risk with Pfizer lung drug: FDA 03:31 PM EDT

Launch of New Outreach Effort to District’s Latino Business Community, Release of… 03:31 PM EDT

Mexican stocks dive on U.S. Homeowners are Concerned about Home Energy… 09:00 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – SHORTDAX ETF Net Asset Value(s) 09:00 AM EDT

WebTrends Named Best in Reporting and Analytics in the 2008 Streaming Media Readers’… 09:00 AM EDT

Matter Communications Expands Management Team 09:00 AM EDT

Simon’s Chelsea Outlet Division Begins Construction of Ami Premium Outlets(R) 09:00 AM EDT

As Energy Costs Rise, Survey Finds Oklahoma Homeowners are Concerned about Home Energy… 09:00 AM EDT

Study Published in Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Showed Once-Daily VYVANSE(R) (lisdexamfetamine… 09:00 AM EDT

Thermo Fisher Scientific to Hold Earnings Conference Call on Thursday, October 23,… 09:00 AM EDT

BioVigilant Submits Drug Master Files to U.S. Hires Senior Mechanical Engineer to Complete the RadMax(R) Diesel… 09:30 AM EDT

Reg Technologies Inc. FFELP Student Loan ABS Deals Placed Under Analysis 11:57 AM EDT

REG-db x-trackers SP JAPAN 500 SHARIAH ETF Net Asset Value(s) 11:57 AM EDT

Oklahoma’s First Wind Energy Conference Planned for December 2 and 3 in Oklahoma… 11:56 AM EDT

JM Capital Executes Definitive Agreement to Complete Its Qualifying Transaction With Stans Energy Corp. 11:56 AM EDT

Elron Announces Appointment of New Director 11:56 AM EDT

UPDATED: Republican National Committee To Hold Conference Call Regarding ACORN … 11:55 AM EDT

Fannie Mae and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago to Provide Additional Liquidity… 11:55 AM EDT

Jose Rodriguez, Former Director of the CIA National Clandestine Service, Joins National… 11:55 AM EDT

REG-db x-trackers SP EUROPE 350 SHARIAH ETF Net Asset Value(s) 11:55 AM EDT

Russian oil majors seek state funds: LUKOIL 11:54 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Short-squeeze sends Volkswagen into stratosphere 11:54 AM EDT

RoaDor Industries Ltd. official visits 04:44 AM EDT

Iceland FSA issues statement on Landsbanki takeover 04:40 AM EDT

Iceland FSA issues statement on Landsbanki takeover 04:40 AM EDT

Market slump takes toll on China rich list 04:40 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Australian banks cut variable rate 80 basis points 04:39 AM EDT

Thai TUF plans up to 2 bln baht bond sale 04:38 AM EDT

FOREX-Euro recovers, c.banks eyed after RBA rate cut 04:36 AM EDT

China Medical Technologies Acquires HPV-DNA Biosensor Chip and SPR-based Analysis… 04:36 AM EDT

REG-Tiger Global Management, LLC Short Selling Disclosure 04:36 AM EDT

Research and Markets: Vodafone Technology Day: CEO Arun Sarin and Senior Management… 04:35 AM EDT

UK govt says not speculating on policy options 04:34 AM EDT

GENEART wins “European Biotechnica Award” 04:34 AM EDT

REG-Tiger Global Management, LLC Short Selling Disclosure 04:33 AM EDT

European shares fall 1 pct as bank woes grow 04:32 AM EDT

REG-Tiger Global Management, LLC Short Selling Disclosure 04:32 AM EDT

Perfect World Announces Shareholder Resolution Adopted at Extraordinary General Meeting 04:31 AM EDT

Following Is a Test Release 04:30 AM EDT

REG-Tiger Global Management, LLC Short Selling Disclosure 04:30 AM EDT

Food Retail in the Czech Republic Report – Essential Data 04:30 AM EDT

Jyske says will stay focused on organic growth 04:30 AM EDT

REG-Tiger Global Management, LLC Short Selling Disclosure 04:29 AM EDT

Gates in Kosovo, underlines U.S. Giddens, Lehman Brothers Inc. Rowe Price Announces Participation in U.S. Wineries… 07:00 AM EDT

IDC Identifies 2007 Global Leaders in Discrete and Embedded Application Outsourcing… 07:00 AM EDT

Covington Capital Finds Vital Industrial Property At the Heart of the Two Highest-Traffic… 07:00 AM EDT

National Coatings’ AcryShield Roof Coating Products Are Approved for the Florida… 07:00 AM EDT

New Harris Poll “FlashBack” Finds Half Of Americans Favor Building More Nuclear Power… 07:00 AM EDT

Pluristem Announces its Appointment to the Advisory Board of The Stem Cell Partnering… 07:00 AM EDT

Hersha Hospitality Trust to Announce Third Quarter 2008 Earnings on November 6, 2008 07:00 AM EDT

A Report on the Emerging Organic Foods Market Which is Expected to Reach US$ 70.2… 07:00 AM EDT

IMF team is in Iceland, spokesman says 06:58 AM EDT

Taiwan’s HTC to buy back up to T$5 bln own shares 06:58 AM EDT

Nearly 60 militants killed in southern Afghanistan 06:58 AM EDT

The Introduction of Thatcham Standards in Sweden is Just Some of the Important Changes… 06:58 AM EDT

Vietnam’s Sept car sales at lowest this year 06:57 AM EDT

UK campaigners call for ban on smoking in cars 06:56 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-UK’s National Grid to invest extra 2 bln pounds 06:56 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-Banesto profit grows but crisis yet to hit 06:56 AM EDT

Manila’s Ayala says may be interested in AIG unit 06:54 AM EDT

Japan to tell US banks need capital injection -Jiji 06:53 AM EDT

AtheroGenics Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 06:52 AM EDT

StatoilHydro execs resign in Libya bribery probe 06:51 AM EDT

Gates pledges weapons, aid for Kosovo security force 06:51 AM EDT

Indian shares provisionally fall 0.15 pct 06:51 AM EDT

A Company and Industry Analysis of Europe’s Banking Sectors – Examine Leading Players,… 06:50 AM EDT

REG-Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd. muni ratings system delayed 03:35 PM EDT

MAACO Upgrades to Audatex(R) Estimating(TM), Leading Software for Auto Collision… 03:35 PM EDT

UPDATE 4-Spain to boost deposit guarantee, create fund 03:34 PM EDT

Tonogold Resources, Inc. author of critical Obama book 10:54 AM EDT

eVox Appoints New Management Team, Launches and Restructures Internal… 10:53 AM EDT

Greenberg blames AIG woes on shorts, accounting 10:53 AM EDT

Grand Rapids Dentist Dr. official visits 05:09 AM EDT

A Crisis Communication Tool for Family Medical Emergencies 05:09 AM EDT

WRAPUP 1-China top refiners to raise Oct runs after repairs 05:08 AM EDT

DIARY – Greece to December 10, 2008 05:08 AM EDT

Mommy’s ER Provides Natural Relief for Sniffles, Fever, Allergies and More 05:08 AM EDT

Halkbank sees no liquidity problem in Turk banking 05:07 AM EDT

Aeffe’s Moschino signs kids clothes deal with Altana 05:07 AM EDT

Early Days of Breastfeeding: Overcoming Initial Challenges 05:07 AM EDT

Despite Economic Pressures, 73 Percent of Non-HDTV Owners Plan to Purchase an HDTV… 05:07 AM EDT

SAS Sept traffic down 6.7 pct, says market worse 05:06 AM EDT

Sumo wrestlers admit beating up trainee: media 05:06 AM EDT

Pregnant Women Missing Important Protection During Flu Season 05:06 AM EDT

Family VII, Baby Maternity III 05:05 AM EDT

Replisaurus Taps Industry Heavyweight Mike Thompson to Lead Commercialization of… 05:05 AM EDT

INTERVIEW-UPDATE 1-Hynix to slash capex, focus on cash mgmt 05:03 AM EDT

World needs to rethink biofuels – U.N. stocks slide, gold rises on crisis jitters 04:52 PM EDT

FIABCI to Participate in EXPO REAL 04:51 PM EDT

ScanSource sales outlook trails Street 04:51 PM EDT

FACTBOX-Spreads of U.S. (LVGI) Announce Investment… 07:16 PM EDT

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Launches Complete Line of Sanitary Gaskets 07:15 PM EDT

Tropical Storm Marco lashes Mexico’s Gulf coast 07:15 PM EDT

Former AIG execs draw fire from lawmakers 07:12 PM EDT

Aflac may buy AIG’s Japan unit Alico: paper 07:12 PM EDT

US judge urges Asarco, Grupo Mexico settlement 07:12 PM EDT

Skilled Healthcare to Announce 2008 Third Quarter Results 07:12 PM EDT

Tycoon Pickens sues Lehman over collateral 07:10 PM EDT

CWLA Cheers President Bush for Signing Child Welfare Legislation 07:09 PM EDT

Morgan Stanley and Mitsubishi clear hurdle, shares fall 07:09 PM EDT

Fed: Mitsubishi UFJ won’t control Morgan Stanley 07:09 PM EDT

Shorts say stock woes prove crisis not their fault 07:07 PM EDT

Vonage Holdings Corp. EPA SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award 10:58 AM EDT

REG-JGD Management Corp. Edward Coleman as Chairman and CEO 07:00 AM EDT

Atmos Energy is Sharing the Warmth in Your Community 07:00 AM EDT

CollegeWikis Receives $2 Million in Funding 07:00 AM EDT

Molina Healthcare of Florida Awarded Medicaid Contract 07:00 AM EDT

Just What the Doctor Ordered: Survey Shows Americans Adopting Healthier Lifestyles 07:00 AM EDT

Whitemark Homes Inc. Bank RecDev Partial Early Repurchase 08:40 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – DJ EURO STOXX SELECT DIVIDEND 30 ETF Net Asset Value(s) 08:40 AM EDT

Russia “positive” on Iceland loan request-FinMin 08:38 AM EDT

Mexico peso falls to all-time low of 12 per dlr 08:38 AM EDT

Miranda Technologies Inc. to Extract and Store Stem Cells Directly… 09:45 AM EDT

ColoSpace Completes SAS70 Audit 09:45 AM EDT

Big Screen Entertainment Group Updates Shareholders on Latest Company Business 09:45 AM EDT

Capitol Hill Workshop: 2008 Election to be Cosponsored by TheCapitol.Net and Congressional… 09:45 AM EDT

TowerGroup: Proposed Changes to Accounting Rules May Signal Demise of Asset- Backed… 09:45 AM EDT

Shoreham Resources Ltd. Army UH-72A Helicopters Produced on the U.S. 1 sentence 1 no. bailout may boost oil: Merrill 06:43 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Vopak lifts oil, chemical storages in Asia 06:42 AM EDT

Thai PM says not considering emergency decree 06:42 AM EDT

Thai PM says not considering emergency decree 06:42 AM EDT

Malaysia AirAsia key holder mulls buyout 06:41 AM EDT

Russia to refinance offshore debt under new law-sources 06:41 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-RBS, Iceland, EU response eyed as money mkts freeze 06:40 AM EDT

COMMODITIES-Gold up on flight to safety, others rise 06:40 AM EDT

Standard Life fund arm wins 200 mln pound mandate 06:39 AM EDT

China again slams U.S. Announces Corporate Vision to Research, Treat and Compassionately Care for Companion Animals 04:01 PM EDT

SpaceDev Completes Third Milestone Under NASA Space Act Agreement for Development of Commercial Access to Space 04:01 PM EDT

Diamond Foods Announces Quarterly Dividend of $0.045 04:01 PM EDT

CalAmp Reports Fiscal 2009 Second Quarter Results 04:01 PM EDT

CombinatoRx to Present at the Natixis Bleichroeder Second Annual Hidden Gems Conference 04:01 PM EDT

The Revolution Continues: More and More Financial Institutions Choose Open Solutions’… 04:01 PM EDT

Unica Announces Preliminary Financial Results for Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2008 04:01 PM EDT

Duke Energy Supports Boucher-Dingell ‘Legislative Discussion Draft’ to Address Climate… 04:00 PM EDT

U.S. Wins US EPA SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award 02:39 PM EDT

Celebrated Bakery The Cupcakery Expands Into Texas Market 02:39 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-VeriSign sells Jamba stake to News Corp 02:39 PM EDT

New World Wine Food Festival Pairs the Best of Wine and Cuisine 02:39 PM EDT

Uranerz Expands Mineral Holdings at North Reno Creek 02:38 PM EDT

Whipsaw Featured in Fast Company Masters of Design Issue 02:38 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-Alaska Air sees third-quarter loss on hedges 02:38 PM EDT


ANADIGICS Earnings Conference Call to Be Webcast October 22, 2008 02:37 PM EDT

Red Rocket, Inc. Steel Conference Call Available on Company Web Site 01:39 PM EDT

Margie Montes of Prudential California Realty Whittier Goes Green by Planting 100… 01:39 PM EDT

TREASURIES-Losses cut as Bernanke hints ready to cut rates 01:38 PM EDT

Atessa Benefits Selects Anacomp for Document Scanning and Streamlined Digital Access 01:38 PM EDT

US Cash Products-NYH distillates up on pipe outage 01:38 PM EDT

Energy firms to cut spending as crisis spreads 01:37 PM EDT

US STOCKS-Market extends losses after Bernanke’s comments 01:36 PM EDT

Economy might just cost Canada Tories the election 01:36 PM EDT

TerreStar Europe Submits 2GHz MSS S-Band Spectrum Authorization Application to European… 01:36 PM EDT

Nature inspires new products in “biomimic” study 01:35 PM EDT

Photo Release — Northrop Grumman Tests Airborne Surveillance, Target Acquisition… 01:35 PM EDT

Medline Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement for abaqis(R) Nursing Home Quality Assurance System 01:35 PM EDT

Pension Dynamics Selects ASI Portfolio Forecaster(SM) 01:35 PM EDT

Zenoss Adds Network Management and Systems Management Veterans to Leadership Team From Sun Microsystems, IBM, BMC, CA, 01:35 PM EDT

Alstom CEO confirms targets 01:34 PM EDT

Former AIG CEOs back credit default swap regulation 01:33 PM EDT

A Rare and Unparalleled Offering in Today’s Real Estate Market – The 1-800Foreclosure… 01:33 PM EDT

LRG Capital Real Estate Partners I Fund Purchases California Apartment Complex 01:32 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-MOVES-Deutsche Bank, Duncan-Williams, UBS, Penton 01:32 PM EDT

Asylum Records Partners With PopJax for Customized Hip Hop Games 01:31 PM EDT

Pathbuilders Equips 80 High-Potential Women to Make a Greater Impact on Bottom Line… 01:31 PM EDT

Wells-Gardner Announces Investor Presentation at the Goldman Sachs Deutsche Bank Financial Forum at G2E in Las Vegas 01:30 PM EDT

Pension Dynamics Selects ASI Portfolio Forecaster(SM) 01:30 PM EDT

REG-Business Wire End of Day Message 01:30 PM EDT

First European commercial paper indexes launched 01:29 PM EDT

Air Partner Launches JetCard Membership Program in the U.S. 01:29 PM EDT

Congratulations Are in Order for Oklahoma’s 2009 ‘Teacher of the Year’ 01:29 PM EDT

Telecom Argentina S.A. Wins Two Web Marketing Association WebAwards 09:00 AM EDT

VeriSign Sells Minority Share of Mobile Entertainment Joint Venture to News Corporation 09:00 AM EDT

ICE Millions FX Futures Contracts to Launch November 6 on ICE Futures U.S. 09:00 AM EDT

MTV Games and Harmonix Tap Z Corporation to Create Real-world Rock Stars for Rock… 09:00 AM EDT

StudioNow to Provide Cost-Effective Video Content for the Global Real Estate Market at 09:00 AM EDT

Amitive Launches First Supply Chain Software Suite for Brand Owners Who Outsource Manufacturing 09:00 AM EDT

GBS/CIDP Foundation to Hold 10th International Symposium 09:00 AM EDT

SocGen to merge internal fund management arms-memo 09:00 AM EDT

Give the Gift of Reliable Communication this Christmas with the Motorola TALKABOUT(R)… 09:00 AM EDT

Raytheon Reaches Production Milestone on Critical Communications Capability 09:00 AM EDT and Create Integrated Resource for Online Brands… 09:00 AM EDT

The World First 6500 Lumen Portable Battery Operated LED Area Light 09:00 AM EDT

Torvec Delivers FTV to U.S. Rosen, NYNM (Ret.) for Creating… 11:08 AM EDT

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services Releases Version 2.0 of ComplianceOne 11:08 AM EDT

WSO2 Makes SQL SOA Friendly; DBAs Can Create Data-Based Web Services in Minutes! 11:07 AM EDT

ACTRA and Joint Producers Reach Tentative Settlement in Landmark Commercial Agreement 11:06 AM EDT

This Is a Test From PR Newswire 11:06 AM EDT

Leading Payroll Company Counting on LifeLock(R) Identity Theft Protection 11:06 AM EDT

Israeli Organization Helps Children Victimized by Terrorism 11:05 AM EDT

Research and Markets: Netherlands Multiparameter Patient Monitoring Devices Market… 11:05 AM EDT

Top Five Hottest Holiday Beauty Quick Fixes 11:05 AM EDT

Exall Strengthens Management Team 11:04 AM EDT

Celebrity Cars to Star at Barrett-Jackson Inaugural Collector Car Event in Las Vegas 11:04 AM EDT

Remgro shareholders approve BAT spin-off 11:04 AM EDT

Data show no stroke risk with Pfizer lung drug: FDA 11:04 AM EDT

Goodyear Awarded Long-Term Contract with New York City Transit 11:04 AM EDT

SogoTrade Adds Two Trading Dashboards to Online Trading Platform 11:04 AM EDT

Identify Growth Segments and Opportunities with Belgium Multiparameter Patient Monitoring… 11:04 AM EDT

Northrop Grumman Highlights Army C4ISR Systems At AUSA Show 11:03 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Cabela’s cuts headquarters jobs in tough economy 11:03 AM EDT

EU mergers and takeovers (Oct 7) 11:03 AM EDT

Mystery S.Africa killer disease may be Congo fever 11:02 AM EDT

Polyurethane Chemicals And Products In Europe, Middle East And Africa (EMEA) – 2008… 11:02 AM EDT

Nation’s Top Healthcare Organizations Announce Strategies to Prevent the Six Most… 11:02 AM EDT

20 Free Downloads in Every Bag of HevyD’s Kettle Korn 11:01 AM EDT

New Democrats Will Invest in Public Transit for Vancouver 11:01 AM EDT

MPH Ventures Prepares for Bulk Sample at Pidgeon Molybdenum Deposit 11:01 AM EDT

Abducted aid workers healthy in Somalia -residents 11:01 AM EDT

Abducted aid workers healthy in Somalia -residents 11:01 AM EDT Adds Another Major Account to Its Roster 11:01 AM EDT

Doping-Greek hurdler Halkia says dope tests were sabotaged 11:01 AM EDT

Hudson Entertainment’s DECA SPORTS(TM) Reaches 1,000,000 Units Shipped Worldwide 11:01 AM EDT

Mitsubishi Electric Will Power Large Solar Winery Project 11:01 AM EDT

ImageRight Delivers System Training Via E-Learning Platform 11:00 AM EDT

ISCS Hires Darin Archer as Vice President of Professional Services and Promotes Mike… 11:00 AM EDT

20 Free Downloads in Every Bag of HevyD’s Kettle Korn 11:00 AM EDT

CONNX Solutions, Inc. Announces Commencement of Drilling on Tonopah Divide Gold Project 03:33 PM EDT

FDA cites Bayer for misleading birth control ads 03:32 PM EDT

Sonic Automotive, Inc. Announces Results of Stockholder Vote On Proposed Business… 04:02 PM EDT

Aastra Completes Acquisition of Ericsson Enterprise Communications Operations in South Africa 04:02 PM EDT

Rudy Rivas, CEO President of Provides Health Insurance Solutions… 04:02 PM EDT

IPC The Hospitalist Company Acquires Two Hospitalist Practices and Signs New Contract 04:02 PM EDT

A.M. Provides Lenders With Updated Information 08:42 PM EDT

Platinum falls 3 pct on weaker gold, below $1,000 08:41 PM EDT

Immigration agents nab 300 in factory swoop 08:36 PM EDT

Iranians bring love of American football to Tehran 08:36 PM EDT

BofA shares fall 26 percent; rest of sector also battered 08:33 PM EDT

China Vanke September property sales fall on year 08:29 PM EDT

Ivory Coast land tensions fester ahead of polls 08:26 PM EDT

PRESS DIGEST – South Korean newspapers – Oct 8 08:26 PM EDT

PRESS DIGEST – Philippine newspapers – Oct 8 08:23 PM EDT

Financial crisis scuffs well-heeled shoppers 08:23 PM EDT

Credit crunch hits auto market’s weak link 08:22 PM EDT

Get 2 1/2 hours of exercise per week, U.S. Frozen Food Manufacturing Industry Report Includes Industry Definitions… 12:33 PM EDT

REG-Swedbank Foreningssparbanken AB FRN Variable Rate Fix 12:33 PM EDT

Hedge investors ask for lock-ups to avoid closures 12:32 PM EDT

Often Disenfranchised, People With Mental Disabilities Can Assert Their Voting Rights 12:32 PM EDT

Fed lends $6.48 bln of Treasuries at auction 12:32 PM EDT


Sandestin Offers Great Values for Family Getaways 12:31 PM EDT

MADD Urges Pennsylvania House to Pass Lifesaving Legislation 12:31 PM EDT

NEC Adopts Waves MaxxAudio Sound Enhancements 12:31 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Landsbanki takeover casts pall over West Ham 12:31 PM EDT

Starboard TCN Retail Group Represents ScanSafe, LLC in Lease at 185 Berry Street,… 12:31 PM EDT

Turning to Inflation Protected Investments: PIMCO, Ford Foundation and Oppenheimer… 12:31 PM EDT

Resverlogix Issues a Management Statement 12:30 PM EDT

Alabama governor to present sewer-debt plan 12:30 PM EDT

Microsoft Research, NYU and Consortium of University Partners Create First Scientific-Based… 12:30 PM EDT

Go Daddy Revved Ready for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Debut 12:29 PM EDT

Freeverse Provides Tranquility to iPhone users 12:29 PM EDT

In a Slowing Economy: Cleaning Services Today Need To Be Much More Personal Says… 12:28 PM EDT

SureWest Connects First Homes in Kansas City Market to Fastest Communications Network… 12:28 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-ECB’s Quaden says rate cut no longer ruled out 12:28 PM EDT

Paul Stefanick to Join Deutsche Bank as Global Head of Industrials Group 12:28 PM EDT

Service Catalogs Have Transformed from Simple IT Tools into Critical Enterprise Business… 12:28 PM EDT

States Face Two Immediate Financial Issues: Short-Term Borrowing and Big Budget Deficits 12:27 PM EDT

Evidence of warming growing: Pachauri 12:27 PM EDT

Q2 Small Business Research Board Food Beverage Industry Key Issues Report: Food Beverage Companies’ Economic 12:27 PM EDT

REG-Norges Bank Rule 8.3 – Banco Santander SA 12:27 PM EDT

REG-Nationwide Building Society FRN Variable Rate Fix 12:27 PM EDT

Dimond Kaplan Rothstein, P.A. of Boulder, Colorado 11:32 AM EDT

Wireless AMBER Alerts(TM) Are Available to Help Reunite Abducted Children in Pennsylvania… 11:32 AM EDT

Research and Markets: Most Medical Device Companies Posted Firm Growth In The Second… 11:32 AM EDT

Morphic Technologies: Automotive Maker Increases Order from Three to Nine Test Platforms… 11:32 AM EDT

Fed’s Stern sees more job losses, lower inflation 11:31 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Jury clears way for New York Plaza in Las Vegas 11:31 AM EDT

New Zimbabwe talks fail to break deadlock-MDC 11:30 AM EDT

NetWrix Corporation to Exhibit at TechMentor Conference in Las Vegas 11:30 AM EDT

For international media contact – please note the following enquiry point in Iceland 11:30 AM EDT

Rocket City Moves Quickly to Capture Market Share 11:30 AM EDT

Former President of WaMu Capital Corp Joins Duncan-Williams as Senior Vice-President/Director… 11:30 AM EDT

How Sweet The Sound Names The Church at Bethel’s Family Houston’s Best Church Choir 11:30 AM EDT

Hill Consulting Group Offers Solutions for Small Business 11:30 AM EDT and Convera(R) Launch Vertical Search Site for Family Physicians 11:30 AM EDT

Longport, Inc. Declares Quarterly Dividend 07:00 AM EDT

Henry Fahman, CEO of Providential Holdings, Inc. stock futures point to slight recovery 06:31 AM EDT

Fortis, BNP plan to incorporate commods: sources 06:31 AM EDT

China again slams U.S. stocks to watch on Oct 7 08:19 AM EDT

FACTBOX-Military and civilian deaths in Iraq 08:19 AM EDT

Afghan govt denies Saudi meeting was peace talks 08:19 AM EDT

Delay in U.N. food agency 05:00 AM EDT

World needs to rethink biofuels – U.N. Announces From Trash to Gas in 8.5 Minutes 10:15 AM EDT

Size of Fed CP facility as yet unclear-officials 10:15 AM EDT

REG-Lloyds TSB Group Plc Rule 8.3 – Axon 10:15 AM EDT

REG-Halcyon Asset Management LLC Rule 8.3 – Taylor Nelson Sofres plc 10:15 AM EDT

Cabela’s Inc. in October 06:12 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Key advertising report downgrades global forecasts 06:10 AM EDT

ANALYSIS-US, Europe defence spending faces long-term hit 06:09 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Thai Amata cuts 2008 land sales target amid crisis 06:09 AM EDT

IOActive Selected to Be a Member of Microsoft’s Innovative Security Program 06:08 AM EDT

Aisle7(TM) Brings Everyday Food Magazine Recipes for Healthy, Great-Tasting Meals… 06:08 AM EDT

Oscar-winning duo mix old, new at L.A. Sullivan Joins Abt Bio-Pharma Solutions, Inc., as Senior Director, Reimbursement… 11:34 AM EDT

Engineering a Solution to America’s Health Care Woes 11:34 AM EDT

Military Spouses Find Employment Despite Tough Economy 11:34 AM EDT

SPADAC Awarded $1.1M Contract by Office of Naval Research to Develop a Behavioral… 11:34 AM EDT

Brazil’s currency weakens 2 pct, reverses gains 11:33 AM EDT

Road Wings, Inc. troops 07:27 AM EDT

TRW Automotive Withdraws Full-Year 2008 Guidance; Expects Third Quarter Net Loss 07:27 AM EDT

Research and Markets: OTC Healthcare in South Korea to 2011 – the Market for OTC… 07:26 AM EDT

U.S. Shareholders… 06:45 PM EDT

Analysts cut 2009 cell phone growth estimates 06:45 PM EDT

Cooper Industries to Announce Third Quarter 2008 Results 06:45 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-UAW president says not open to delays in VEBA 06:44 PM EDT

UPDATE 4-Former AIG execs draw fire from US lawmakers 06:44 PM EDT

General Growth shares fall as credit fears loom 06:43 PM EDT

YRC insists credit solid after stock plunges 30 pct 06:42 PM EDT

Anheuser-Busch, Teamsters reach tentative 5-year deal 06:39 PM EDT

Cargill, Bunge seek changes in CBOT wheat plan 06:38 PM EDT

Nalco Defines Earnings Impact of Hurricanes; Preliminary Third Quarter Sales Strong 06:38 PM EDT

CORRECTING and REPLACING LLE Royalty Trust Announces No Trust Distribution for September… 06:37 PM EDT

Green Building is Growing Despite Down Market, According to Report from McGraw-Hill… 06:36 PM EDT

B of A sells 455 mln shares at $22 apiece-source 06:36 PM EDT

CORRECTING and REPLACING LLE Royalty Trust Announces No Trust Distribution for August… 06:34 PM EDT

CORRECTING and REPLACING LLE Royalty Trust Announces No Trust Distribution for July… 06:34 PM EDT

Ventas Announces 2008 Third Quarter Earnings Release Date and Conference Call 06:34 PM EDT

Iran: six powers “unreasonable” in nuclear row 06:33 PM EDT

LLE Royalty Trust Announces No Trust Distribution for October 2008 and Corrections… 06:33 PM EDT

Wanzek Construction Prepares for Future With Viewpoint V6 Software(R) 06:32 PM EDT

Brazil to offer $2.05 bln in swaps on Wed 06:31 PM EDT

Sweden Box Office 06:30 PM EDT

Italy Box Office 06:30 PM EDT

South Africa Box Office 06:30 PM EDT

American Business Bank Announces Its Results for the Third Quarter Ended September… 06:30 PM EDT

United States Box Office 06:29 PM EDT

USAID Announces New Mission Director for Lebanon 06:29 PM EDT

Equal Pay Pioneer Lilly Ledbetter in the Lehigh Valley to Speak on Equal Compensation… 06:28 PM EDT

Thousands march against Garcia, corruption in Peru 06:28 PM EDT

Netflix Popcorn Bowl Event Breaks Guinness World Record(R) for Movie Watching 06:27 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-Service Corp withdraws buyout offer for Stewart 06:27 PM EDT

Former Montgomery County, Maryland Man Sentenced for Holding a Nigerian Teenage Girl… 06:27 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Anheuser-Busch, Teamsters reach tentative 5-yr deal 06:27 PM EDT

American Red Cross, GSDM Idea City and the Ad Council Launch Disaster Relief Campaign… 06:26 PM EDT

Approximately 300 Arrested by ICE Agents During Search of South Carolina Poultry… 06:24 PM EDT

Majestic Gold Announces Private Placement 06:23 PM EDT

Britain to unveil major bank rescue package 06:23 PM EDT

Time frame unclear for loans to auto companies 06:21 PM EDT

Britain to unveil major bank rescue package 06:18 PM EDT

TNK-BP head says Russian oil company still strong 06:18 PM EDT

Pyramid Petroleum, Inc. Exploring Strategic Alternatives 08:42 AM EDT

Wonderware Strengthens Partner Ecosystem by Endorsing Selected Systems Integrators… 08:42 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – DJ STOXX 600 BASIC RESOURCES ETF Net Asset Value(s) 08:42 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Rambus says top US court denies Samsung appeal 08:41 AM EDT

Reuters summit-Energy need unchanged by financial crunch-Vestas 08:41 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – DJ STOXX GLOBAL SELECT DIVIDEND 100 ETF Net Asset Value(s) 08:41 AM EDT

McMoRan Exploration Co. EPT Disclosure 04:55 AM EDT

AU Optronics Corp. Launches Pilot Study on Leadership in Health Information… 10:00 AM EDT

22 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

26 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Pacific Media Partners Adds New Broadcast Component to NewsBreak TV(TM) 10:00 AM EDT

Elite Local Driver Added to UPS ”Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Two Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

54 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

17 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

15 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS ”Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

12 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Nine Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Concept Media Releases New Program on Medication Administration 10:00 AM EDT

56 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS “Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

Fall Is The Ideal Time For Planting, PECO Says Plant The Right Tree In The Right… 10:00 AM EDT

16 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS ”Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

14 Elite Local Drivers Added to UPS ”Circle of Honor” 10:00 AM EDT

2009 Version of U.S. CBO says FY08 budget deficit hit $438 billion 06:02 PM EDT

Ingham Circuit Court Agrees with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan on Two Counts… 06:02 PM EDT

EnergySolutions Announces $19,000,000 Remedial Stewardship Contract 06:02 PM EDT

New Dexia heads promise measures soon, shares drop 06:02 PM EDT

EU in deposit, recapitalisation deal as crisis rages 06:02 PM EDT

REFILE-UPDATE 5-UK banks in govt funding talks as crisis grips 06:02 PM EDT

RBS says strong enough to meet challenging 2009 06:01 PM EDT

Allianz- sale of Dresdner to Commerzbank on track 06:01 PM EDT

Wounded Iceland takes over top bank, seeks Russia loan 06:01 PM EDT

UniCredit to cut 700 investment banking jobs-source 06:01 PM EDT

Morgan Stanley, Mitsubishi clear hurdle, shares fall 06:01 PM EDT

RBS shares hit lowest level in 15 years 06:01 PM EDT

BofA shares tumble 25 pct, rest of sector weak 06:01 PM EDT

Wells could win 75-80 pct Wachovia deposits-source 06:01 PM EDT

Medicare Fraud Strike Force Indicts Eight Miami-Dade Residents for AIDS/HIV Infusion… 06:01 PM EDT

W.House disagrees with court on Guantanamo ruling 06:00 PM EDT

DIARY-Japan Oct 8: Aeon H1, Daiichi Sankyo briefing 06:00 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Moody’s cuts Legg Mason rating to “A3″ 06:00 PM EDT

EnergySolutions Announces $19,000,000 Remedial Stewardship Contract 06:00 PM EDT

Ibiz Network: Email is Obsolete 06:00 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Moody’s cuts Legg Mason rating to “A3″ 05:59 PM EDT

Fiat and AKQA launch eco:Drive(TM) 05:59 PM EDT

For sale at Neiman Marcus: Yourself, in Legos 05:59 PM EDT

For sale at Neiman Marcus: Yourself, in Legos 05:57 PM EDT

UPDATE 3-Watchdog criticizes U.S. agency 2008 note sales calendar 09:01 AM EDT

BUY OR SELL: Is Standard Pacific too pricey? 09:01 AM EDT

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar 09:01 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-MOVES-BlackRock, Greenhill, Threadneedle 09:01 AM EDT

Canadian First World War Soldier 09:01 AM EDT

Venues and Artists Leverage Veritix’s Patented Digital Ticketing and Transfer Technology 09:01 AM EDT

Center 7 and Velosum Ink Multi-Year Agreement 09:01 AM EDT

Serious Materials Launches ThermaProof Energy-Saving Windows and Doors 09:01 AM EDT

TOKYObay Robots Unleashed on Unsuspecting Cubicles 09:01 AM EDT

eSecLending Selects Asset Control for Data Management 09:01 AM EDT

Avalanche Suite of Online Dating Sites Flourishing in Recessed Economy 09:00 AM EDT

Reliant Technologies Announces FDA 510(K) Clearance of New Handpieces for Skin Resurfacing… 09:00 AM EDT

Food Retailers Stock-Up on SAP Solutions 09:00 AM EDT

Casino Gaming, LLC Unveils ’7 Point 7,’ a New Craps Bet at The Orleans Hotel Casino… 09:00 AM EDT

Trend Micro Now Offers a New Industry-Leading Service Level Agreement for Hosted… 09:00 AM EDT

Orange County Public Schools Selects Mimosa Nearpoint to Simplify Email Retention… 09:00 AM EDT

Taylor Hicks Exclusively Partners With A2M to Release Album, Due Winter 2009 09:00 AM EDT

American Commerce Solutions, Inc. Cookie, Cracker Pasta Manufacturing Industry Report… 10:49 AM EDT

George Washington University Hospital Purchases Orthocrat’s TraumaCad(TM) for Orthopedic… 10:48 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Toronto stocks higher after errratic swings 10:48 AM EDT

Hagin Investment Management Bullish on Hiring Following Launch of Market Neutral… 10:47 AM EDT

Morningstar, Inc. nears decision date on Finmeccanica-DRS deal 02:18 PM EDT

Italy’s illegal fishing threatens tuna species-WWF 02:18 PM EDT

FOREX-Dollar extends losses versus euro on Fed minutes 02:17 PM EDT

Get 2 1/2 hours of exercise per week, U.S. to Release Third Quarter Results on October 27, 2008 09:56 AM EDT

Hamas takes its turn at reconciliation talks 09:55 AM EDT

New Era Cap Celebrates the 5th Annual ‘Wear Your Cap to School Day – Event to Help… 09:55 AM EDT

Capital Expenditures Rises 14 Percent to Record High in 2006 09:54 AM EDT

Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. arms sale to Taiwan 06:37 AM EDT

Art guru Saatchi back with new gallery, China show 06:36 AM EDT

Citibank China to set up two rural lending firms 06:35 AM EDT

Symphony Metreo Customer Linksys Presenting at Council of Supply Chain Management… 06:35 AM EDT

New England Council to Present “New Englander of the Year” Awards October 7 06:35 AM EDT

Libya investigation submitted to Okokrim 06:34 AM EDT

Volkswagen shares leap; traders cite short squeeze 06:33 AM EDT

Landsbanki says to restructure under state control 06:32 AM EDT

Russia says to lend $37 billion roubles to key banks 06:32 AM EDT

U.S. Reports on Status of Acquisition by Tilman J. plane violated its airspace 10:46 AM EDT

Iran says U.S. Direct Mail Advertising Industry Report Includes Estimates on up to 10… 11:58 AM EDT

REG-db x-trackers SP 500 SHARIAH ETF Net Asset Value(s) 11:58 AM EDT

Panther Express Scores Industry First in HD Delivery 11:58 AM EDT

Europe stocks fall as banks slip; RBS sinks 40 pct 11:57 AM EDT

Federal and Local Law Enforcement Officials in Los Angeles to Conduct News Conference… 11:57 AM EDT

DealerTrack Broadens Compliance Solution With Free Sample Red Flags Program 11:57 AM EDT

Spin Master’s Bakugan Battle Brawlers Named One of the ‘Hot Dozen’ Holiday Toys by… 11:57 AM EDT

Fitch SMARTView: 50 U.S. Fertitta 07:00 AM EDT

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Completes Patient Enrollment in First Stage of Its Second… 07:00 AM EDT

RealAge’s Beauty Doctor Writes Groundbreaking Book on Mind-Beauty Connection 07:00 AM EDT

Cepheid Announces CE IVD Release of First On-Demand Test for van A/van B Genes Most… 07:00 AM EDT

Laid-Off Workers Sue Bill Heard Enterprises, Inc., Alleging WARN Act Violations,… 07:00 AM EDT

FDA Hearing on Kids’ Cold Medicines Spells Greater Confusion for Parents 07:00 AM EDT

Standard Poor’s Capital IQ Acquires a Copy of the Reuters Estimates and Reuters… 07:00 AM EDT

Alon USA Announces Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Release and Conference Call Schedule 07:00 AM EDT

DineEquity, Inc. Power and Associates Reports: High Levels of Dealer Satisfaction Translates… 08:01 AM EDT

Swarmcast Solidifies Presence in China With Partnership 08:01 AM EDT

VIPdesk and Interval International to Co-Present an Educational Session on Home-Based Customer Service on October 8, 08:01 AM EDT

StorMagic Customers University of Illinois and Weiss Group Named Finalists for the… 08:01 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – FTSE/XINHUA CHINA 25 ETF Net Asset Value(s) 08:01 AM EDT

Vizada Quickest-to-Market for Iridium Deployment During Recent Storms 08:01 AM EDT

Obama or McCain? Goes Inside Swing State Airports to Assess U.S…. 08:01 AM EDT

Untangle Names Kelly Robertson VP of Business Development 08:01 AM EDT

BIOTONE Continues Support for Massage Therapy Foundation Research and Community Service… 08:01 AM EDT

Break Media Research Paints Portrait of Men Aged 18-34 08:01 AM EDT

Plus Consulting Recognized as Elite SugarCRM Partner 08:01 AM EDT

NYC Clinic Goes Paperless With MedInformatix/ZirMed System, Sees 35% Cut in Accounts Receivable Days 08:01 AM EDT

Pete Blanco, CFP, A Top New England Financial Hispanic Producer, Honored at Annual… 08:00 AM EDT

Data Released Today Demonstrate That Mesalamine Granules Maintain Remission in Ulcerative Colitis Patients Who Switch 08:00 AM EDT

ITW Releases Reclassification Results for Discontinued Operations; Company Lowers… 08:00 AM EDT

Vital Products, Inc. $11 billion in beef exports 05:02 PM EDT

Collectors Universe Appoints Don Willis as President of PCGS 05:02 PM EDT

DIARY – Today in Washington – Oct 8 05:02 PM EDT

MonoGen, Inc. Celebrates Fifth Anniversary 05:37 PM EDT

Walt Disney Pictures Presents “High School Musical 3: Senior Year”: MOVIE PREMIERE,… 05:37 PM EDT

People Shopping for In-Ground Pools in Southeastern PA Can Dive into the New Fronheiser… 05:36 PM EDT

Fitch Affirms 4 Revises 1 from 1 Lehman ABS Resecuritization Transaction 05:35 PM EDT

SEMI Names Sathya Prasad President of SEMI India 05:35 PM EDT

Reuters Summit-China seen as potential electric car hub 05:34 PM EDT

Continental examines unit sale options: German paper 05:34 PM EDT

MultiVu Video Feed: The Flagship Group and Tiger Woods Announce Plans For Punta Brava,… 05:34 PM EDT

Boston Properties To Release Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results On October 28,… 05:34 PM EDT

REFILE-Fidelity funds to take part in government guarantee 05:32 PM EDT

Continental examines unit sale options – German paper 05:32 PM EDT

Interpublic Schedules Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Release 05:32 PM EDT

American Airlines to Filter Pornographic Content on the Gogo Inflight Internet System 05:31 PM EDT

UPDATE 4-Toronto stock index drops below 10,000, oil leads 05:31 PM EDT

Republican National Committee to Hold Conference Call Regarding ACORN Vote Fraud… 05:31 PM EDT

Corporate America Credit Union and FIMAC Reach Agreement to Offer Risk Management and Profitability Solutions to Credit 05:30 PM EDT

IPC Holdings Provides Comments on the Impact of Hurricanes and Recent Events in the Financial Markets 05:30 PM EDT

Calamos Re-opens Convertible Fund and Select Institutional Convertible Managed Account… 05:30 PM EDT

Tiger Woods Announcement 05:30 PM EDT

Video: The Flagship Group and Tiger Woods Design Announce Plans for Punta Brava,… 05:30 PM EDT

Texas Jury Rules Against Candela in Its Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Palomar… 05:30 PM EDT

Travelers to Sell Unionamerica Holdings Limited to Enstar Group Limited 05:30 PM EDT

How low can U.S. Receives Joint Venture Proposal to Develop La Tapata Gold Mine 10:23 AM EDT

Ethiopia says Kenya suspects were caught in Somalia 10:23 AM EDT

Dubai battles illegal sewage dumping off beach 10:23 AM EDT

REG-Lloyds TSB Group Plc Rule 8.1 – Lloyds TSB Group 10:23 AM EDT

Portuguese bank offers “McCain/Obama” rate deal 10:22 AM EDT

“X-Files” star David Duchovny leaves sex rehab 10:22 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Challenge(TM) High… 11:34 AM EDT

Erin M. Expands IT Asset Management Services 01:25 PM EDT

Great Kids Expo(R) Comes to Metropolitan Washington With Live Entertainment, Shopping and Education for Families 01:25 PM EDT

Belgian PM says government will back Dexia 01:25 PM EDT

BofA share sale two-thirds subscribed – sources 01:25 PM EDT

Empire Resorts Announces Update on Financing of Concord Resort Redevelopment Project 01:25 PM EDT

Briefs3-Sweden’s injured Larsson to miss Portugal qualifier 01:23 PM EDT

Wounded Iceland takes over top bank, seeks Russia loan 01:22 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Mexico’s one-month Cetes yield falls to 7.99 pct 01:22 PM EDT

ATEL Ventures Invests $1.8 Million of Financing in GangaGen, Inc. 01:22 PM EDT

Landsbanki’s UK bank icesave suspends operations 01:21 PM EDT

EU in deposit, recapitalization deal as crisis rages 01:21 PM EDT

OPEC doing good job keeping market supplied: Bodman 01:21 PM EDT

ADR Report-Banks lead ADRs lower as credit worries mount 01:21 PM EDT

Open Casting Call for Season 9 of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ 01:21 PM EDT

Less Than A Week Until Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2008 Comes to Orlando 01:21 PM EDT

Financial Bailout Includes Critical Legislation to End Discrimination and Improve… 01:21 PM EDT

Ex-UBS top lawyer settles insider trading case 01:20 PM EDT

Prudential California Realty of Ontario Goes Green by Planting 250 Trees – Receives… 01:20 PM EDT

Rabobank reduces London operations, cuts jobs 01:20 PM EDT

Vicious killings escalate in Mexico drug war 01:20 PM EDT

MedLink Partners With HealthBanks for Patient Education on 01:20 PM EDT

Great Kids Expo(R) Comes to Metropolitan Washington With Live Entertainment, Shopping and Education for Families 01:20 PM EDT

Opawica Exploratons Inc.: Flow-Through Private Placement Share Offering Closes 01:19 PM EDT

Delta Oil Gas Files Form S-4 in Anticipation of Offer to Acquire at Least 80% of the Shares of The Stallion Group on 01:19 PM EDT

BioEnergy International, LLC Announces Norman R. Navy SeaPort-e Contract 10:09 AM EDT

NetSPI Helps City of St. Selects KORE Telematics to Power Its Vehicle and Asset… 09:00 AM EDT

TSMC Adopts Mentor Graphics Calibre Equation-Based DRC Feature for Advanced Physical… 09:00 AM EDT

Knoa Survey Results Illuminate Opportunity for End-User Experience Management 09:00 AM EDT

Pep Boys Streamlines Field Structure to Improve Customer Focus 09:00 AM EDT

Medtronic and Scoliosis Research Society Provide Free Scoliosis Screening Kits to… 09:00 AM EDT

Zynex Announces Additional Board Members 09:00 AM EDT

HP Honored by U.S. Names Brian Foster as New Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product… 08:01 AM EDT

Restaurant Business Named Exclusive Media Partner for Restaurant Leadership Conference 08:01 AM EDT

Preparing for Expansion, Multicast Strengthens Management Team 08:01 AM EDT

Enomaly Appoints Doug Levin to Its Board of Advisors 08:01 AM EDT

Enomaly Announces Its Elastic Computing Platform for Enterprise Class Cloud Computing… 08:01 AM EDT

JDSU Introduces New Pump Laser to Support FTTH Networks for Voice, Video, and Data… 08:01 AM EDT

RPT-WRAPUP 4-Wachovia, Citi, Wells Fargo to halt litigation 08:01 AM EDT

Fujitsu Introduces UDS 1000 — Easy-to-Manage Unified Data Storage System 08:01 AM EDT

Talisma Announces Participation in ICCM Canada 2008 08:01 AM EDT

Lender Processing Services, Inc. Money Closing – OCTOBER 07, 2008 04:59 PM EDT

LA’s Lowe opposes Phillies’ Hamels in opener 04:59 PM EDT

Notice From the Law Firm of Tramont Guerra Nunez, PA to Fannie Mae Preferred Stock Shareholders Underwritten Through 04:59 PM EDT

Constellation Wines U.S. should expect tough couple of months: Lazear 10:19 AM EDT

Ace Marketing Promotions Partners With the NHL and Def Leppard to Deliver Rockzimity Marketing Campaign 10:19 AM EDT

Energy need unchanged by financial crunch: Vestas 10:19 AM EDT

As credit losses mount, IMF warns of deeper slowdown 10:19 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Little Warns Technical Investment Necessary to Ensure Offshore… 05:00 AM EDT

IMTC Examines Unified Communications by Industry, Reviews Early Test Cases at Fall… 05:00 AM EDT

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill Opens First Baja Fresh Express Restaurants at Los Angeles… 05:00 AM EDT

Capitalize on Trends and Shifts in the Marketplace with Money Fund Report with Weekly… 05:00 AM EDT

Report Details the Regulation of Mobile Access and Origination in Europe and Includes… 05:00 AM EDT

World shouldn’t foot bill for U.S. John L. Rendell Announces Infrastructure Projects to Stimulate Economy, Create Thousands… 01:18 PM EDT

New Market and Policy Solutions Center, CalCEF Innovations, Targets Cleantech Bottlenecks 01:18 PM EDT

Arbitron Confirms ‘Currency’ Status of New PPM Radio Audience Estimates as the Basis… 01:17 PM EDT

Cameco Provides Dates for Q3 Results and Conference Call 01:17 PM EDT

Strategic Energy Fund (TSX: SEF.UN) Announces Monthly Distribution of C$0.06 per Unit for October 2008 01:17 PM EDT

Shoshone Silver Mining’s Lakeview District Fall Update 01:17 PM EDT

Presidential Debates Are Loud and Clear on V CAST 01:17 PM EDT

Reyal Urbis to mull refinancing on Weds-source 01:17 PM EDT

ED MAP Hires Chris Carroll as Director of Learning Services 01:17 PM EDT

EU in deposit, recapitalization deal as crisis rages 01:16 PM EDT

Walter Industries, Inc. Decides to Cease Stock Purchase of OneFi Technologies Stock 11:32 AM EDT

Cadence Collaborates With ARM to Deliver Hardware/Software Emulation Environment, Accelerating Processor-Based Design 11:32 AM EDT

UTC Power Acquires Architectural Energy Corp. S. commitment 04:28 AM EDT

French strike cuts 1,000 MW in nuclear capacity-CGT 04:27 AM EDT

Nordea says Iceland exposure 15 mln euros 04:27 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-F5 Networks sees Q4 sales below expectations 04:27 AM EDT

Watchdog urges release of Somali piracy source 04:26 AM EDT

WRAPUP 3-S.Korea plays down crisis as won hits 7-1/2-year low 04:25 AM EDT

Indian shares extend fall to 2 pct on day 04:25 AM EDT

Research and Markets: European IPTV Business Models Report: Profit and Loss in the… 04:25 AM EDT

Auctioneer sees Korean, S.E. Government Contracts for Armored Commercial… 09:30 AM EDT

REGI U.S., Inc. Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center Awards $200,000 Security Solutions Contract to Vigilos 05:18 PM EDT

Crash Course in Finding the Work You Love 05:18 PM EDT

San Diego / Tijuana Students Eligible for Six Kyoto Scholarships Valued at Up to… 05:18 PM EDT

Canada says Afghan mission can’t last indefinitely 05:17 PM EDT

EpiCept Corp files for $50 mln stock, debt shelf 05:17 PM EDT

New Issue-Southern California Edison sells $500 mln debt 05:17 PM EDT

CORRECTING and REPLACING Zuora, Inc. Announces First Quarter Earnings for 2009 09:00 AM EDT

U.S. Reports September 2008 Traffic 07:01 PM EDT

CORRECTING and REPLACING No Stone Left Unturned in 1968 Murder Case: Webcast Live… 07:01 PM EDT

Borealis Purchases Teranet Units in Market 07:00 PM EDT

1.5 Million HD Radio(TM) Chips Shipped to Date 07:00 PM EDT

100 HD Radio(TM) Products Certified by iBiquity Digital 07:00 PM EDT

Green Enterprise Unconference Announced – Sustainability Issues and Best Practices… 07:00 PM EDT

1 Million HD Radio(TM) Modules Manufactured to Date 07:00 PM EDT

Ten Finalists Chosen for Hutch Award(R) 07:00 PM EDT

St. Software Publishing Industry Report 01:12 PM EDT

REG-Pendeford Mst Issuer FRN Variable Rate Fix 01:11 PM EDT

The Game That Makes You Scream Woo-Hoo! Line Rider(TM) 2: Unbound for Wii(TM) Now… 01:10 PM EDT

Dailymotion and Warner Bros. action on markets 06:03 PM EDT

McCain, Obama unleash another round of attacks 06:03 PM EDT

Obama accuses McCain of smear campaign 06:03 PM EDT

McCain aims to stop Obama momentum in debate 06:03 PM EDT

UCLA Anderson Forecast Presents: Orange County Economic Outlook for 2009 06:03 PM EDT

CORRECTED – U.S. Forge Strategic Alliance to Offer… 05:24 PM EDT

Canada says Afghan mission can’t last indefinitely 05:23 PM EDT

INSTANT VIEW: Alcoa third-quarter profit falls 05:21 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-BAE unit in $30 mln U.S. Office of Cable Television, Verizon Negotiate Franchise Agreement; Legislation… 03:50 PM EDT

Toyota’s FY’08 operating profit seen falling-report 03:50 PM EDT

International CES(R) Extends Contract with GES(R) Through 2013 03:50 PM EDT

Western Asset Premier Bond Fund Announces Revised Ex-Dividend Date for October 2008 03:50 PM EDT

Fitch Affirms Morgan Stanley Capital I Trust 2007-HQ13 03:50 PM EDT

A.M. food agency 05:00 AM EDT

Norsat to Launch 40W Extended Ku Band Block Up-Converter at SATCON 2008 05:00 AM EDT

ARM Tackles Design Challenges for Complex, Application-Rich Consumer Devices With… 05:00 AM EDT

Itronics Reports Three More States Register GOLD’n GRO Guardian Deer Repellent; Environmentally Green Product 05:00 AM EDT

Iowa’s First Stand-Alone Chick-fil-A Restaurant Opening Oct. Launches Enhanced Web Site Featuring Innovative Collagen- and… 09:36 PM EDT

Broadband Taiwan 2008 – Setting the Pace in Asian ICT with New Trend Broadband Technology 09:36 PM EDT

Seoul shares down 2.6 pct led by banks, steelmakers 09:33 PM EDT

McCain says he would buy up bad home mortgages 09:28 PM EDT

HK shares seen lower tracking global equity slump 09:25 PM EDT

McCain says he would buy up bad home mortgages 09:22 PM EDT

Pelosi Calls on Paulson to Strengthen Conflict of Interest Rules for Financial Rescue… 09:21 PM EDT

Indonesia’s Bakrie: no forced sale on pledge shares 09:18 PM EDT

BOJ Shirakawa to appear in parliament on Wednesday 09:18 PM EDT

Reuters Summit-Water is the new oil for U.S. Notified by NYSE of Non-Compliance with Continued Listing Standards 04:17 PM EDT

Charter Medical Receives 510(k) Clearance for CELL-FREEZE(R) Cryogenic Storage Containers for Peripheral Blood Stem 04:17 PM EDT

Soapstone Networks Schedules Q3’08 Earnings Release Date and Time 04:17 PM EDT

Bank of Canada leaves C$1.48 bln in settlement system 04:17 PM EDT

Election on track in drug-infested Guinea-Bissau-UN 04:16 PM EDT

Canadian dollar hit by deteriorating world outlook 04:16 PM EDT

TEL Offshore Trust Announces Hurricane Damage to Properties 04:16 PM EDT

Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico Reports Passenger Traffic Decrease of 14.1% for… 04:15 PM EDT

Synthesis Energy Systems to Present at the Natixis Bleichroeder Second Annual Hidden… 04:15 PM EDT

McKesson Corporation Fiscal 2009 Second Quarter Conference Call Scheduled for October… 04:15 PM EDT

Dates Set for Moody’s Earnings Release and Investor Teleconference 04:15 PM EDT

FNCB Reports Third Quarter Earnings 04:15 PM EDT

NMS Communications Announces Date of Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results Release,… 04:15 PM EDT

Oil rises on possible OPEC output cut 04:14 PM EDT

Is Your Store Keeping Customers Away? What Customers Expect When Shopping Retail. 04:14 PM EDT

Magellan Health Services and Healthwise Team Up to Offer New Behavior Change Tools… 04:12 PM EDT

PPD Selected as Clinical Development Preferred Provider by Juvenile Diabetes Research… 04:12 PM EDT

Vantex Acquires 19 Mining Claims Adjacent to the Santa Anna Gold Property 04:11 PM EDT

Canada’s Harper says new credit steps likely 04:11 PM EDT


US STOCKS-Wall Street sinks, again, on fear crisis uncontained 04:10 PM EDT

Toronto stock index closes below 10,000 points 04:10 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Vanguard says to apply for US money market program 04:10 PM EDT

Unica Announces the Appointment of Kevin Shone as Chief Financial Officer 04:10 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Mexican retailer Comerci in debt talks amid crisis 04:09 PM EDT

Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates Announces Live Public Webcast of Upcoming Conference Call 04:09 PM EDT

The Marcus Corporation Declares Quarterly Dividend 04:09 PM EDT

Solidifi Completes Additional Financing 04:09 PM EDT

Jude Metcalfe to Lead Newly-Formed Retirement Servicing Organization 04:08 PM EDT

Mexican stocks close down 3.97 pct on U.S. ET 08:05 AM EDT

ACS Offers the Next Generation of Services for the Federal Market 08:05 AM EDT

Clerity Announces Support for isCOBOL Technology 08:05 AM EDT

Mesa Air Group, Pilots Reach Tentative Agreement 08:05 AM EDT

BMW Financial Services Ranks Highest in All Four Dealer Financing Satisfaction Awards 08:05 AM EDT

Syniverse Announces Three-Year Contract Extension with Verizon Wireless 08:05 AM EDT

E*TRADE FINANCIAL Corporation Announces Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Conference Call 08:05 AM EDT

SOA Software Announces Expanded SOA Governance for Microsoft .NET Framework 08:04 AM EDT

RPT-FEATURE-Bank savers run at the click of a mouse 08:04 AM EDT

BofA shares drop close to 10 percent on capital raise 08:04 AM EDT

Pakistani politican offers militants peace talks 08:04 AM EDT

Reuters Summit-Jakarta sinks as citizens tap groundwater 08:04 AM EDT

RPT-FEATURE-Nuclear power back on German political agenda 08:04 AM EDT

RPT-FEATURE-Nuclear power back on German political agenda 08:04 AM EDT

Constant Contact Hires John J. to Release Third Quarter Earnings on October 14, 2008 01:15 PM EDT

Shoshone Silver Mining’s Lakeview District Fall Update 01:14 PM EDT

Sterling Bancshares, Inc. Wins U.S. Declares Quarterly Dividend 07:03 AM EDT

Nimbit Integrates Redemption Card Program With Storefront Network on MySpace, Facebook, and Artist Websites 07:03 AM EDT

Exobox Announces Development Schedule for First Product 07:03 AM EDT

Margot Fenner Chavellier Launches “THE ONE” Executive Matchmaking and Relational Coaching Business 07:03 AM EDT

Japan says to share experience on financial crisis 07:03 AM EDT

Kenya detains U.S. Treasury Temporary Guarantee Program for… 02:45 PM EDT

WebVisible Partnership With American Classifieds Provides Powerful Internet Marketing to Local Advertisers 02:44 PM EDT

Federal Clean Energy Tax Package Benefits Washington State 02:44 PM EDT

Murad Wins 2008 Fitness Beauty Award for “Best Cell-Renewal System” 02:44 PM EDT

VeriSign sells Jamba stake to News Corp 02:43 PM EDT

Fairfax Announces Acquisition of International Forest Products Shares 02:43 PM EDT

UK bank rescue plan to include recapitalisation-source 02:43 PM EDT

Schaeffer says to hand in takeover draft to EU soon 02:43 PM EDT

Heating costs to jump 15 percent this winter: government 02:42 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Italian watchdog probes Enel on competition 02:42 PM EDT

L-3 Declares Quarterly Dividend 02:42 PM EDT

CompuCredit to Announce Third Quarter 2008 Results on November 5th 02:42 PM EDT

US copper bounces to firmer finish, seen rangebound 02:41 PM EDT

WebMD Highlights Presidential Candidates’ Views on Health Care 02:41 PM EDT

Olympics-IOC approves Sochi 2014 Games sports sites 02:41 PM EDT

Ply Gem to Host Q3 2008 Results Call 02:41 PM EDT

FOREX-Dollar rebounds versus yen on Morgan Stanley 02:40 PM EDT

Hub Group, Inc. Gerald Zaltman Has Joined Its Advisory Board 08:01 AM EDT

Harris Corporation to Feature PacStar Uniformed Communications Platform at AUSA 2008 08:01 AM EDT

WebEOC(R) Enables Boundless Collaboration During the Democratic National Convention 08:01 AM EDT

EastBridge Investment Group Taking Chinese HaoHai Media Company Public 08:01 AM EDT

McAfee, Inc. Closes $3.9 Million in Equity Funding 09:30 AM EDT

SonicWALL Delivers High-Performance Threat Management for Cedarville University 09:30 AM EDT

Amerityre Making Inroads With Light-Weight, Environmentally Friendly Tire Fill 09:30 AM EDT

India’s Hepatitis C Virus Drug Market Will Grow to More than $171 Million by 2012 09:30 AM EDT

Immofinanz: CEO departure not due to financial problems 09:30 AM EDT

CyberTech Offers Improved and Unique Means for Recording Cisco VoIP Telephony 09:30 AM EDT

SkillSoft Kicks Off New Fall Lineup for Leadership Development Channel 09:30 AM EDT

Bitstream to Present at the Wall Street Analyst Forum Annual Analyst Conference 09:30 AM EDT

A Guide to Virtualization Security: Understand the Early Stages of This New Battleground… 09:30 AM EDT

Michael Barone to Address Fasano Life Settlement Conference on November 5 09:30 AM EDT

AGNITY Introduces SIPr Open-Source Application Testing Platform for the Creation… 09:30 AM EDT

BIDS Trading Signs Sponsor Agreement with Industry Leading Minority Investment Banking… 09:30 AM EDT

BAE Systems Receives $9.5 Million U.S. Music Publishing Industry Report Contains Timely and Accurate Industry… 11:40 AM EDT

Integrated BioTherapeutics Awarded NIAID Contract For Up to $65 Million for Development… 11:39 AM EDT

NASA Astronaut Talks With Student Chess Opponents Thursday 11:39 AM EDT

US STOCKS-Market drops as financial shares decline 11:38 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Jefferies starts 3 coal producers with buy 11:36 AM EDT

Report: NYC Avg Home Prices up Slightly in Third Quarter; One-to-Three-Family Home Prices Decline 11:36 AM EDT

Central Texas Health Care Provider Develops Instructional DVD for Individuals and… 11:36 AM EDT

Fed’s Stern sees more job losses 11:35 AM EDT

OpenMake Software Offers Serena Builder Customers the Opportunity to Move to OpenMake… 11:35 AM EDT

Sharon Rowlands, Former Thomson Financial CEO, Named CEO of Penton Media 11:35 AM EDT

Acuity Brands Announces Annual Meeting Date 11:35 AM EDT

mylife-pages Announces Business Building Web Pages for Photographers 11:35 AM EDT

Hospira Hosts Conference Call for Third-Quarter 2008 Earnings 11:34 AM EDT

Area Students Invited to Participate in Fifth Annual C.A.U.S.E. Announces Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Conference… 04:05 PM EDT

Compellent Schedules Third Quarter Earnings Release and Announces Conference Call 04:05 PM EDT

StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. Reports Third-Quarter 2008 European Fund Performance 10:47 AM EDT

Research and Markets: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Refining Operation Asset Summary… 10:47 AM EDT

Fisher Coachworks Recipient of the Clean Transportation Technology Innovation Award 10:47 AM EDT

NIRI Supports Public Disclosure of Stock Short-Sale Positions 10:47 AM EDT

MedShare International Announces Kimberly-Clark’s Four-Year Commitment to Ship Medical… 10:46 AM EDT

Iran denies report that U.S. stocks slide, gold rises on crisis jitters 04:38 PM EDT

SunOpta Announces Implementation of Shareholder Rights Plan 04:38 PM EDT

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel: Fundamental Question Unanswered Heading Into Tonight’s… 04:38 PM EDT

Wabash National’s DuraPlate(R) Products Group Launches Website 04:38 PM EDT

Notice From the Law Firm of Tramont Guerra Nunez, PA to Washington Mutual Shareholders Concerning the Pending Class 04:38 PM EDT

National Safety Council Supports 21 Drinking Age 04:36 PM EDT

Australia rate cut stuns, markets thirst for more 04:36 PM EDT

No taboos, no scapegoats in market reform: Trichet 04:36 PM EDT

Russian stocks hit new troughs 04:36 PM EDT

More coordinated action needed in market crisis: IMF 04:36 PM EDT

U.S. Announces New 6.0 Version of MOVEit Enterprise Managed File Transfer… 02:12 PM EDT

HealthPartners Posts Prices for Care at 500 Clinics 02:12 PM EDT

Starz Entertainment Relaunches Website as Showcase for New Starz Original… 02:11 PM EDT

US RATE FUTURES-Minutes, Bernanke boost Fed cut ideas 02:11 PM EDT

Indianapolis Travelers Will Reflect, Refresh and Refill at New Upscale Cambria Suites… 02:10 PM EDT

Linkage Announces Exclusive Partnership with Rothwell Associates, Inc. 02:10 PM EDT

Regulators and Compliance Professionals to Gather at Complinet’s 2008 Customer Summit… 02:10 PM EDT

AGI and X PRIZE Foundation Partner for Moon Prize 02:09 PM EDT

Watchdog criticizes SEC’s conduct of probe 02:09 PM EDT

Quaker Chemical Corporation Announces Third Quarter Earnings and Investor Conference… 02:09 PM EDT

Mascoma Corporation Announces $49.5 Million in DOE and State of Michigan Funding… 02:08 PM EDT

Medidata Solutions Announces New Capabilities to Streamline Clinical Trial Start-Up… 02:08 PM EDT

Gasoline demand down on economic woes: MasterCard 02:07 PM EDT

Manitex International Acquires Assets of Crane and Machinery, Inc. Iraq on Tuesday 03:01 AM EDT

ProGenTech Targets Clinical Diagnostics and Applied Sciences Markets with Human Genetic… 03:01 AM EDT

Tiny Prints Reveals Fresh Holiday Card Designs for 2008 03:01 AM EDT

The World’s First Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower was Today Launched at Cityscape 03:00 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Chemring to buy mine detection company for $30 mln 03:00 AM EDT

Following Is a Test Release 03:00 AM EDT

HSBC Argentina Secures Online Retail and Corporate Customers With Digipass Go 3 03:00 AM EDT

VASCO to Release Q3 2008 Results on October 23, 2008 03:00 AM EDT

Adaptec Raid Storage Processor Technology Integrated Into IBM’s Highly Successful… 03:00 AM EDT

blinkx Grows Advertising Sales Team to Meet Growing Online TV Opportunity 03:00 AM EDT

F5 Networks Announces Preliminary Results for Fourth Quarter of Fiscal 2008 03:00 AM EDT

Enza Chooses Fluidigm BioMark System to Help Assure Core Seed Quality 03:00 AM EDT

Kofax Extends Global Leadership in the Capture Market with Unveiling of New Batch… 03:00 AM EDT

Freescale’s Third-Generation eXtreme Switch Sets Performance Standards for Automotive… 03:00 AM EDT

Surfers Have New Community at 03:00 AM EDT

Chi-X Europe Granted FSA Approval to Offer Sponsored Access 03:00 AM EDT

Large Area Nanoimprint Lithography Now Available on SUSS Mask Aligners 03:00 AM EDT

Jealous hostage-taker surrenders in Guatemala 02:57 AM EDT

Economic crisis hits New York dining out: Zagat 02:57 AM EDT

Mitsui, CHS to boost Brazil farm operations 02:56 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-International Ferro Metals launches share buyback 02:55 AM EDT

Sparebank1 SMN eyes Glitnir’s Norway assets-report 02:55 AM EDT

Thai Hana plans $47 mln share buyback 02:55 AM EDT

Seoul shares up; exporters, defensive issues rise 02:55 AM EDT

Russia calls for joint action on financial crisis 02:52 AM EDT

PRESS DIGEST – Russia – Oct 7 02:52 AM EDT

Atlas Copco Wins German Geothermal Power Plant Order 02:52 AM EDT

Amer says seen no sign Novator will sell shares 02:51 AM EDT

Turkish markets need no new measures – board 02:51 AM EDT

Psion to book provision over Japanese claims 02:50 AM EDT

Irish plan may be only real EU money market salve 02:49 AM EDT

European Factors — Shares to retrace some losses; cenbanks eyed 02:48 AM EDT

BRIEF-Mouchel Group FY pretax profit 26.3 mln pounds 02:47 AM EDT

Cision: New CEO Appointed and Q3 Trading Update 02:47 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Rio iron ore train drivers vote to strike 02:46 AM EDT

Wine popular on more palates in Muslim Indonesia 02:45 AM EDT

India’s first moon mission to take off on October 22 02:45 AM EDT

Porsche aims to have VW majority by Nov 26 – paper 02:44 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Russia calls for joint action on financial crisis 02:43 AM EDT

Reuters Summit-Tokyo exchange eager to trade CO2, awaits policy 02:43 AM EDT

Turkish lira trades steady after sharp losses 02:42 AM EDT

Last-gasp Longwell goal lifts Vikings past Saints 02:42 AM EDT

IAC’s Diller sees disposal of businesses: report 02:40 AM EDT

Czech Pegas CEO resigns 02:40 AM EDT

French stocks – Factors to watch on Oct 7 02:39 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Kazakhmys plans state joint venture for power unit 02:39 AM EDT

CORRECTED – CORRECTED-RPT-GLOBAL MARKETS-Asia stocks recover on global rate 02:38 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Iceland’s Exista to sell $2.2 bln Sampo stake 02:37 AM EDT

German stocks – Factors to watch on Oct 7 02:37 AM EDT

IAC’s Diller sees disposal of businesses- WSJ 02:36 AM EDT

PRESS DIGEST – New York Times business news – Oct 7 02:36 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Victrex sees year profit meeting forecasts 02:35 AM EDT

Elisa says no sign Iceland’s Novator to sell stake 02:35 AM EDT

Russian markets watchdog halts stocks trading 02:35 AM EDT

Two executives of TNK-BP to leave co 02:34 AM EDT

Cranswick says H1 positive, in line with forecast 02:31 AM EDT

Following Is a Test Release 02:30 AM EDT

SCM Microsystems Introduces Mobile, Contactless, Multi-Application Solution for Secure… 02:30 AM EDT

GM Using Technology Enterprise-Wide to Visualize Software Applications Before Development 02:30 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Altron boosts H1 profit, halts buys on uncertainty 02:29 AM EDT

Indian stocks erase early gains, fall 0.6 pct 02:29 AM EDT

EMERGING EUROPE STOCKS – Factors to Watch Oct 7 02:28 AM EDT

British Energy H1 output falls, meets expectations 02:26 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-French Wavecom rejects Gemalto offer, says too low 02:26 AM EDT

S.Korea plays down crisis as won hits 7-year low 02:25 AM EDT

Baltics, Balkans brace for hard landing 02:23 AM EDT

Commonwealth Bank to cut mortgage rates by 0.8 pct 02:23 AM EDT

Cognizant to set up service centre in Hungary-paper 02:22 AM EDT

European futures rise, point to slight recovery 02:20 AM EDT

Swiss stocks – Factors to watch on Oct 7 02:19 AM EDT

Bavarian to start Phase III prostate cancer vaccine 02:19 AM EDT

Swedbank says no provision for secured Lehman loan 02:18 AM EDT

Banesto 9M net 653.9 mln euros, beats forecasts 02:16 AM EDT

Exista to sell Sampo stake, keep other assets 02:15 AM EDT

Tiburon, Inc. Reports Third-Quarter 2008 EPS of $0.58 per share, 16% Growth; Confirms… 04:05 PM EDT

Caribou Coffee Announces 3Q 2008 Comparable Coffeehouse Sales 04:05 PM EDT

California Pizza Kitchen, Inc. stock futures positive 06:43 AM EDT

Inflationary U.S. EPT Disclosure – Amendment 07:48 AM EDT

WRAPUP 1-Middle East stocks slump as merger rumours fly 07:47 AM EDT

EU vote backs increase in domestic climate action 07:47 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. EPA ‘Smart Way’ Environmental Excellence Award 04:44 PM EDT

New Stater Bros. Named Leader in Bringing Digital Media to the Vending Industry 12:37 PM EDT

Renal Advantage Inc. Robin to Present at Natixis Bleichroeder… 08:30 AM EDT

Pervasive Software Selects Xactly to Automate Sales Compensation Management 08:30 AM EDT

Campero USA Makes Donations to Make-A-Wish Foundation 08:30 AM EDT

WellTek Completes Acquisition of Scoop! Fitness(TM) 08:30 AM EDT

Litigation Support Company, Trial Solutions, Ranks #62 on ‘Houston Fast 100′ 08:30 AM EDT

Cantel Medical Reports 37% Increase in Income From Continuing Operations – EPS of… 08:30 AM EDT

DataPath(R) Receives $3.7 Million Order to Support U.S. Signs Consulting Agreement With DLW Partners of Toronto 08:00 AM EDT

Delphi Supplies Critical Technologies to Hybrid Vehicle Market 08:00 AM EDT

RF Micro Devices to Webcast Quarterly Earnings Conference Call on October 28, 2008 08:00 AM EDT

Nationwide Survey Reveals Consumers Are Not Taking Their Sick Days 08:00 AM EDT

DecisionView Named ‘Best Market Solution’ by IDC 08:00 AM EDT

DigitalPersona(R) Pro Awarded 5-Star Best Buy Rating by SC Magazine for Enterprise Biometrics 08:00 AM EDT

Select Earth Balance(R) Products Now Available Across Canada in Bilingual Packaging 08:00 AM EDT

Steady Rates Prevail in Mortgage Market, Despite Continued Upheaval in Stock Market 08:00 AM EDT

Data Show Aerovance’s Aerovant(TM) Inhalation Powder is Well Tolerated in Asthma… 08:00 AM EDT

Spectrum K12 School Solutions, Inc. Reports Second Quarter Results 05:39 PM EDT

Park Place Energy Corp. EPT Disclosure – Amendment 07:41 AM EDT

@utoRevenue Generates Over $390 Million in Service Revenues and Sees More Customer… 07:40 AM EDT

Chiropractics, More Than Just Back Pain — 07:40 AM EDT

FACTBOX: Governments struggle with financial crisis 07:39 AM EDT

Norddeutsche expands copper scrap recycling 07:39 AM EDT

CORRECTED – UPDATE 1-FDA approves Oxford, Sanofi cancer trial changes 07:38 AM EDT

EZchip Schedules Third Quarter 2008 Results Release For Thursday, November 6, 2008 07:38 AM EDT

Royale Energy Makes New Discovery 07:38 AM EDT

Brigham Exploration Announces Significant Three Forks Discovery in Mountrail County, ND 07:37 AM EDT

Iceland PM-Russia loan funds to bolster FX reserves 07:36 AM EDT

US Financial System Crisis Drives the Release of the 4D Singularity Key(TM) 07:36 AM EDT

XTL Biopharmaceuticals Announces Completion of the Bicifadine Phase 2b Study for… 07:35 AM EDT

Havertys Reports Sales for Third Quarter 07:35 AM EDT

Fresh bank sector aid cheers Russia market 07:34 AM EDT

EU proposes to cut carbon offsets for industry 07:34 AM EDT

Paychex Declares Quarterly Dividend 07:34 AM EDT

Japan PM says wants clear G7 message on markets 07:32 AM EDT

Wipro Appoints Country Head for France 07:32 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Novartis lung disease drug promising in trial 07:31 AM EDT

Monro Muffler Brake, Inc. Medical 08:30 AM EDT

Starent Networks, Corp. Expands its Stable of Focused Entertainment Communities, Signs… 09:25 AM EDT

DRC Wins $4.8 Million Part Identification Engineering Work Under Air Force Depot… 09:24 AM EDT

Cop drama “Life on Mars” a trip 09:24 AM EDT

Sustainable Computing Initiative To Help Companies Reduce Environmental Impact 09:24 AM EDT

Narragansett Bay Insurance Company Succeeds to Adirondack Insurance New York Homeowners… 09:24 AM EDT

D.Bank’s Wieandt set to become HRE CEO – sources 09:24 AM EDT

New Ventyx Maps Frame Debate on Drilling for Oil Gas in U.S. 09:24 AM EDT

Third-Quarter 2008 Asset Manager MA Activity Climbs Amid Financial Crisis, According… 09:23 AM EDT

Atlanta Prepares for Second Annual Contemporary Jewelry Show 09:22 AM EDT

Phoenix Marketing International’s Virtual Mailbox Becomes Staple for Two Leading… 09:22 AM EDT


Iran says six powers “unreasonable” in nuclear row 09:21 AM EDT

Iranians bring love of American football to Tehran 09:21 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-French biotechs set to lure drugmakers – survey 09:21 AM EDT

Epoch Announces Assets under Management of $6.1 Billion 09:21 AM EDT

Beacon Equity Issues Technical Trade Alerts on Auto Part Stores Stocks: AZO, ORLY,… 09:20 AM EDT

Washington State Police Department Trading in Tasers for Stinger S-200′s 09:20 AM EDT

EDC Boosts Global Mobile Workforce Productivity with Trellia Mobility Platform 09:20 AM EDT

Arkema: Statement About the Number of Shares and Voting Rights in Compliance with… 09:20 AM EDT

Bridging the Connectivity Gap Report Examines Automotive Consumer Electronics Trends 09:20 AM EDT

US STOCKS-Futures jump on Fed commercial paper facility 09:19 AM EDT

“American Carol” an unfunny political spoof 09:19 AM EDT

Kazakhs, LUKOIL eye BP’s stake in Caspian pipeline 09:18 AM EDT

CON-SPACE First Quarter Up 25% 09:18 AM EDT

MultiPlan Congratulates Holiday Card Winners 09:18 AM EDT

Europe stocks rise after Fed CP funding facilitiy 09:18 AM EDT

Home Cooking for the Holidays Starts With Best American Lamb Family Recipe Contest 09:18 AM EDT

Doubletree by Hilton and Woodland Trust Invite Travelers to Take a Walk in the Woods… 09:18 AM EDT

Atlantic Energy Solutions Contracts with Local Industrial Company for Energy Procurement 09:18 AM EDT

Acuity profit falls, to cut jobs 09:17 AM EDT

REG-db x-trackers SP/ASX 200 ETF Net Asset Value(s) 09:17 AM EDT

ACORD Licenses PilotFish Technology’s XCS eiConsole to Support Schema Management 09:17 AM EDT

Lifestyles of the rich and boring 09:16 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-Kazakhs, LUKOIL eye BP’s stake in Caspian pipeline 09:16 AM EDT

REG-db x-trackers LPX@ MM Private Equity ETF Net Asset Value(s) 09:16 AM EDT

Circle Peak Capital Announces Investment in Mrs. Jude Medical Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the World’s First Implantable… 08:00 AM EDT

Single Source Group Awarded Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) Contract… 08:00 AM EDT

Red Hat and Tresys Partner to Deliver Enhanced Linux Security Services 08:00 AM EDT

South African Core Lab Adopts Affymetrix Technology for Genomic Studies 08:00 AM EDT

NumeriX Bolsters AsiaPac Leadership Team with Promotion of Yukiko Nakamura to Managing… 08:00 AM EDT

Tyco Electronics PolyZen Devices Now Stocked by Digi-Key 08:00 AM EDT

MWW Automotive Featured in Canadian AutoWorld Magazine 08:00 AM EDT

Music Choice Taps Atrinsic for New Interactive Feature 08:00 AM EDT

Aptus Games Mini-Motion(TM) Line Revs-Up Toy Wishes Holiday Preview with New Era… 08:00 AM EDT

Intelliden Announces Gary Testa as VP of Worldwide Sales 08:00 AM EDT

Budding Welders and Fabricators to Compete for FMA Scholarships and SolidWorks Software 08:00 AM EDT

Liberty Acquisition Holdings Corp. Supermarket to Open in Chino, California 04:44 PM EDT

Dr. Rule 8.3 – Abacus Ord GBP 0.05 06:50 AM EDT

Oscar’s new documentary rules become hot topic 06:49 AM EDT

No deal on Solvency II at EU talks – diplomats 06:49 AM EDT


Russia sells $2 bln to support rouble-dealers 06:46 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Dutch Indover Bank’s assets frozen – DNB 06:46 AM EDT

Lose Your Home? That Doesn’t Mean You Lose Your Right to Vote According to 06:45 AM EDT

Rambler Media Signs Partnership with Netvibes 06:45 AM EDT

An Essential Guide to CMDB Deployments in 2008: The Search for Value in a Pivotal… 06:45 AM EDT

Russia to refinance offshore debt under new law: sources 06:44 AM EDT

A Company and Industry Analysis of the European Pharmaceutical Sectors Providing… 06:44 AM EDT

Tel Aviv shares gain as U.S. Treasury’s Temporary Money Market Fund… 06:10 PM EDT

Obama Widens His Lead, According to Latest CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll 06:09 PM EDT

‘Green’ Automotive Clear Coat Technology 06:07 PM EDT

China vows clean up of ‘chaotic’ dairy sector 06:07 PM EDT

South Korea dismisses North’s nuclear ‘ultimatum’ 06:07 PM EDT

Schools closed for safety after Tibet quake 06:07 PM EDT

China hospital bosses fired in new baby death scandal 06:07 PM EDT

Taiwan suggests SARS was China warfare plot 06:07 PM EDT

Mining shares hammered on fears of Chinese demand 06:07 PM EDT

China’s ZTE plans $875 mln production base 06:07 PM EDT

World Bank chief says G7 should be replaced 06:07 PM EDT

China stocks turn positive, led by banks 06:07 PM EDT

China yields fall; signals possible easing 06:07 PM EDT

World shouldn’t foot bill for US woes -China paper 06:07 PM EDT

Inter-American Development Bank and Goldman Sachs Join Vital Voices Global Partnership… 06:06 PM EDT

Smurfit-Stone Opens High-Tech Plant in Los Angeles Capping $42 Million Investment 06:06 PM EDT

Fitch Rates Idaho Housing Finance Assoc’s $60MM 2008D Bonds 06:06 PM EDT

/C O R R E C T I O N — Construction Industries of Rhode Island/ 06:05 PM EDT

Statement of Brian Roehrkasse, Director of Public Affairs, on Today’s District Court… 06:05 PM EDT

TEXT-Stockland says completes A$300 mln placement 06:04 PM EDT

TrueBlue to Announce 2008 Third Quarter Results 06:04 PM EDT

POLL-Obama has 3-point national lead on McCain 06:03 PM EDT

INTERVIEW-UPDATE 2-McCain eyes potential Treasury picks 06:03 PM EDT

Biden bids farewell to son, other war-bound troops 06:03 PM EDT

CORRECTED-Palins release tax records for 2007, 2006 06:03 PM EDT

Obama doesn’t weed out illegal cash, GOP says 06:03 PM EDT

Palin’s husband, aides to testify at inquiry 06:03 PM EDT CEO John J. dollar, yen fall as risk appetite returns 10:27 AM EDT

Turkey resists call for wider powers to combat PKK 10:26 AM EDT

Russia’s LUKOIL urges Iraq to approve oil deal 10:26 AM EDT

RPT-Landsbanki takeover casts pall over West Ham 10:25 AM EDT

ReachMD XM 157 Announces Siemens Healthcare to Support New Program, Advances in Medical… 10:25 AM EDT

Michigan Physicians, Patient Information Converge to Establish a Health Information… 10:24 AM EDT

Saturn Brings Pictures of Hope Back to Phoenix 10:24 AM EDT

Brazil’s central bank sells $1.36 bln in swaps 10:24 AM EDT

TEXT-Ecofin statement on responding to financial turmoil 10:24 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Announces Litigation Settlement Agreement 01:41 PM EDT

Conservative platform good for families -Canada PM 01:40 PM EDT

Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute at St. Common Stock 08:00 AM EDT

Digium(R) Introduces Asterisk Fast Start Training 08:00 AM EDT

Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) Opens for Membership 08:00 AM EDT

Allianz Life Introduces the MasterDex X Annuity 08:00 AM EDT

Stanford Law School’s Fair Use Project Announces That Yoko Ono and EMI Records Have… 08:00 AM EDT

LucidEra Announces Pipeline Insight Fall ’08 08:00 AM EDT

FDA, NCI, and CRIX International to Collaborate on FIREBIRD Pilot 08:00 AM EDT

KnowledgeLake Awarded Certified Document Imaging Architech Credential from Computing… 08:00 AM EDT

RGB Networks Finalist in Light Reading’s Leading Lights Awards 08:00 AM EDT

Quest Software Spans the Globe with 24-Hour Virtual Tradeshow 08:00 AM EDT

Proficiency Offers Packaged Service Solutions for CAD Translations 08:00 AM EDT

Spanish Acquisition for Presspart 08:00 AM EDT

USA Technologies to Present at the William Blair Small-Cap Growth Stock Conference 08:00 AM EDT

St. gov’t to answer California aid request soon 03:23 PM EDT

Covenant Transport Solutions Launches Fleet$avings Purchasing Program for Truckers 03:22 PM EDT

Air Canada Pilots Sign Protocol Agreement in Response to Airlines Joint Venture 03:21 PM EDT

Harper says Canada not facing banking instability 03:20 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-U.N. Military Uniform Manufacturer Settles Charges of Labor Law Violations 05:45 PM EDT

MySpace and HP to Unlock Online Content Through the Power Of Print 05:45 PM EDT

Community Organizers Available for Comment and Analysis of Presidential Debates 05:44 PM EDT

YouTube to sell music, games in revenue push 05:43 PM EDT

Component Changes Made to Dow Jones STOXX Select Dividend Indexes 05:43 PM EDT

Renowned Fertility Advocate Pamela Madsen Launches Blog and Website 05:42 PM EDT

Virginia Commission Approves Allegheny Energy Transmission Line Project 05:42 PM EDT

Standard Pacific Corp. Hosts Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Conference Call 04:53 PM EDT

Flex-Fuel Vehicle and Year’s Supply of E85 Donated to Extreme Makeover Recipient… 04:53 PM EDT

Education Realty Trust Declares Third Quarter Dividend 04:52 PM EDT

Southridge Enterprises Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Ethanol Plant in Brazil 04:52 PM EDT

U.S. calls for tougher financial regulation 08:23 AM EDT

Netvibes Powers Personalization and Widgets for Russia’s Top Internet Portal, 08:23 AM EDT

Defense spending faces long-term hit 08:22 AM EDT

European stocks up around midday; RBS plummets 08:22 AM EDT

U.S. to Report Results for Third Quarter 2008 on November 3 10:00 AM EDT

National Jewish Health Launches Family Air Care(R) Indoor Allergens and Mold Test… 10:00 AM EDT

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Names Senior Adviser for Nursing 10:00 AM EDT

Lawmakers Consider Legislation to Reduce Obesity in the Workplace 10:00 AM EDT

Local Governments Encouraged to Take Advantage of Roadway Maintenance Training 10:00 AM EDT

Ashford Hospitality Trust Sets Third Quarter Earnings Release and Conference Call… 10:00 AM EDT

National Instruments Introduces Industry’s First USB-GPIB Controller for Macs 10:00 AM EDT

Bomgar Corp. Unveils Plans to Open First WHOPPER BAR(TM) At Universal Orlando… 04:27 PM EDT

Onstream Media Announces Recent Developments 04:26 PM EDT

Alcoa reports Q3 profit $0.33/share, missing estimates; suspen 04:26 PM EDT

Vital Community Program Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary 04:26 PM EDT

Dominion Virginia Power Welcomes Approval of Northern Virginia Transmission Line 04:26 PM EDT

20 Free Downloads in Every Bag of HevyD’s Kettle Korn 04:25 PM EDT

Staying Fit in a Tough Economy 04:25 PM EDT

UPDATE 3-Ciena says caution spreading but demand robust 04:24 PM EDT

Article Published in the American Journal of Clinical Oncology Shows Medipattern’s B-CAD(R) Increases Diagnostic 04:24 PM EDT

Law Offices of Brian M. should expect tough couple of months: Lazear 04:36 PM EDT

U.N. (TSX: ZL) Fiscal 2009 Second Quarter Results Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 01:53 PM EDT

WPPI 2009 “World of Photo” Offers More Ways To Grow Business Recharge Enthusiasm… 01:53 PM EDT

The Brazilian GNU/Linux Insigne Momentum 5.0 Operating System Strengthens Brazilian Digital Inclusion Program 01:52 PM EDT

/C O R R E C T I O N — Una Vez Mas/ 01:51 PM EDT

Final Approval Hearing Set in Class Action Lawsuit against California Utilities in… 01:51 PM EDT

Florida FreedomWorks Calls for an End to Lawsuit Abuse in the Sunshine State 01:50 PM EDT

Belgian PM says fiscal discipline must be maintained 01:49 PM EDT

Congress and President Agree on Vital Renewable Energy Legislation 01:49 PM EDT

DuPage’s Only Provider of Head Start Takes Aim at Childhood Obesity in Minorities 01:48 PM EDT

Bernanke: Inflation outlook better but could reverse 01:47 PM EDT

Lockheed Martin Receives Contract for Four C-130J Super Hercules Aircraft for Qatar 01:47 PM EDT

FDA Clears Biospace med’s New 3D X-Ray Orthopedic Imaging System, ‘sterEOS’, Enabling… 01:46 PM EDT

AMD spins off plants into venture with Abu Dhabi 01:45 PM EDT

Alabama governor to present sewer-debt plan 01:45 PM EDT

Canada PM says will not run deficit if re-elected 01:45 PM EDT

Red Flag Rules Compliance Webinar to be Hosted by SearchAmerica 01:45 PM EDT

/C O R R E C T I O N — Coal Mine Pizza/ 01:45 PM EDT

Mii amo Honors Winter Solstice With Traditional Native American Celebration December… 01:44 PM EDT

National Save for Retirement Week Takes Place October 19-25 01:44 PM EDT

National Association of State Foresters Elects New Officers at 2008 Annual Meeting 01:44 PM EDT

Monsanto Company’s Webcast and Analyst/Media Call for 2008 Fourth-Quarter and Fiscal-Year… 01:44 PM EDT

Zubican Helps Businesses Connect with More Cost-Efficient Partners 01:44 PM EDT

Critical Nursing Shortage in the Region Just Got a Lot Better Thanks to a $11 Million… 01:44 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Alabama governor to present sewer-debt plan 01:43 PM EDT

First Student Workers in Illinois and Delaware Vote Teamsters 01:43 PM EDT

Wolf Haldenstein Announces Investigation into Fortis, Fortis SA/NV, and Fortis NV 01:43 PM EDT

LSB Industries, Inc. Announces Robert Grisar Appointed to the Board of Directors 09:30 AM EDT

Casual Male to Focus on “Business Intelligence Revolution” in Upcoming Webinar Hosted… 09:30 AM EDT

Second Annual Business Executive Summit to Focus on Retailing Solutions for Winning… 09:30 AM EDT

Bosch Advanced Diesel Technology Supports Commercial Vehicle, Off-Highway Industries… 09:29 AM EDT

Teekay Announces 15 Percent Dividend Increase and New $200 Million Share Repurchase Program 09:28 AM EDT

Castle Biosciences Signs Option Agreement for Brain Cancer (GBM) Test with The University… 09:28 AM EDT

DIARY-Federal Reserve Events 09:27 AM EDT

NXT Changes OTCBB Trading Symbol to “NSFDF” 09:27 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Eli Lilly to pay $62 million in Zyprexa settlement 09:27 AM EDT

Asteroid to burn up before hitting Earth 09:27 AM EDT

Kashagan’s new operator to include all companies 09:26 AM EDT

HIGHLIGHTS-EU finance ministers’ meeting 09:25 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-McMoRan Exploration reports platform damage from Ike 09:25 AM EDT

Bank of Granite Corporation Decides Not to Split Stock 09:25 AM EDT

Art’s Way Manufacturing Announces a 15% Increase in Revenue for the Third Quarter… 09:25 AM EDT

Giant Realm, Inc. Jude Children’s… 11:00 AM EDT

Tegrit Financial Group Announces Hiring of Corinne Larson 11:00 AM EDT

Southwest Airlines’ Gary Kelly Named Texas Public Schools ‘Friend of the Year’ 11:00 AM EDT

Step2 50′s Diner Wins Top Awards for 2008 11:00 AM EDT

Caterpillar Inc. FDA, Accelerating Regulatory Approval… 09:00 AM EDT

As Energy Costs Rise, Survey Finds Iowa Homeowners are Concerned about Home Energy… 09:00 AM EDT

Majority of Companies Concerned They’ll Need to Raise Salaries to Offset Rise in… 09:00 AM EDT

Disability Access Corp. CEO Bruce Berman Voluntarily Waives His Salary for 2008,… 02:55 PM EDT

Russia to extend Georgia pullback on Wednesday 02:54 PM EDT

URGENT-Bill to raise NYC term limits is introduced 02:54 PM EDT

USW Calls for Resolution of Fundamental Causes of Financial Crisis as $700 Billion… 02:53 PM EDT

Amnesty International Thrilled by Constitutional Victory in the Uighur Detainees’… 02:53 PM EDT

PRESS DIGEST-New Zealand newspapers – Oct 8 02:53 PM EDT

New Jersey Volunteer Fire Department Uses New Technology to Save Another Home From Perishing 02:52 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Hypo Real Estate names Wieandt as new CEO 02:52 PM EDT

UK poised to unveil bank rescue plan: report 02:52 PM EDT

Ex-Restoration Hardware VP settles SEC trading probe 02:52 PM EDT

UK bank rescue plan to include recapitalization: source 02:52 PM EDT

Tri-Valley Shareholders Support Management and Project Plans to Increase Oil and… 02:52 PM EDT

Gardner’s Way Nursery Sod Announces Grand Opening Celebration in Miami 02:51 PM EDT

News Media Advisory: World’s Leading Surgical Oncologists to Gather at McLaren Regional… 02:51 PM EDT

GM looking to refinance Detroit headquarters 02:51 PM EDT

Search Engine Optimization Firm, Epiar Inc., Unveils New Paid Search Advertising… 02:51 PM EDT

Morocco’s ONA says planning overhaul by March 02:50 PM EDT

GM looking to refinance Detroit headquarters 02:50 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Shareholders block Telefonica Chile unit buy-out 02:50 PM EDT

Goldman had $20 billion in AIG CDS exposure: Willumstad 02:50 PM EDT

FACTBOX: Fed staff forecasts from FOMC minutes 02:48 PM EDT

Emportal Appoints Senior Executive to Head Development 02:48 PM EDT

USW Papermakers at Appleton Papers, NewPage Look to Hear Solutions on Trade Crisis 02:48 PM EDT

How Sweet the Sound Seeks Bay Area’s Best Choir 02:48 PM EDT

Fitch: AMD’s Ratings Unaffected by Proposed Formation of Foundry Joint Venture 02:47 PM EDT

Goldman had $20 bln in AIG CDS exposure-Willumstad 02:46 PM EDT

SoBran Introduces On Demand Web-Based Training for OSHA and Other Government Required… 02:45 PM EDT

Zacks #1 Rank Top Performers: Diamond Foods, SureWest Communications, Sun Healthcare… 02:45 PM EDT

Van Kampen Announces Participation in U.S. $30 Million for the Sale of Defective Zylon… 12:08 PM EDT

Tropical Storm Marco lashes Mexico’s Gulf coast 12:08 PM EDT

DocSite PQRI Registry with ePrescribing Offers Simple Solution to Improve Care and… 12:08 PM EDT

YWCA USA Launches Website to Promote Voter Education and Participation 12:07 PM EDT

Joan and David, Authors of the Groundbreaking Self-Help Book ‘The Member and Me’,… 12:07 PM EDT

Fitch Rates Missouri Environ Improvement Energy Resources Authority’s $72MM SRF… 12:07 PM EDT

Spectra Logic CEO Dispels the Myths around Disk and Tape at SNW Fall 12:07 PM EDT

New Absoft Pro Fortran v10.2 – SSE4a for AMD 12:06 PM EDT

NetShelter Technology Media Announces Major Win Adding to Portfolio 12:06 PM EDT

Nicotine gum has benefits in pregnant smokers 12:06 PM EDT

Convergence Technologies Group Incorporated Continues Growth with Government Agencies… 12:06 PM EDT

REG-db x-trackers SP SELECT FRONTIER ETF Net Asset Value(s) 12:06 PM EDT

Greece vows to shield consumers from price-fixing 12:05 PM EDT

Stern: Fed moves to unlock credit markets over time 12:05 PM EDT

Singapore Insurance Report Q3 2008 Is Available Now 12:05 PM EDT

Howard University Hospital Offers PHR 12:05 PM EDT

HHS Announces Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans 12:05 PM EDT

REG-db x-trackers MSCI Europ Small Cap ETF Net Asset Value(s) 12:05 PM EDT

Tiger Woods Announcement 12:04 PM EDT

Help a School in Need Win $25,000 for Renovations and Updates 12:04 PM EDT

Council on Competitiveness Bolsters Communications Operation With Experienced Public Affairs Professional 12:04 PM EDT

On Your Birthday Reaches Milestone, Gifts 1000 Children With Birthday Cheer 12:04 PM EDT

REG-db x-trackers MSCI Europe Mid Cap ETF Net Asset Value(s) 12:04 PM EDT

Access Merchant Network Expands to 250,000 Retailers 12:03 PM EDT

Safeway sees 4th-qtr sales, traffic improving 12:03 PM EDT

Torstar Corporation to Report 2008 Third Quarter Results 12:03 PM EDT

Achieving Operational Excellence in the Process Industries 12:03 PM EDT

Research and Markets: Access All The Important Information And Analysis On United… 12:03 PM EDT

Stern-Fed moves to unlock credit markets over time 12:02 PM EDT

Green Is the New Gold: Miami-Dade Public Schools Takes Top Honors in Computerworld Green IT Best Practices Awards ROI 12:02 PM EDT

REG-Lloyds TSB Group Plc 4.2 Announcement re HBOS 12:02 PM EDT

REG-db x-trackers FTSE All-World ex UK ETF Net Asset Value(s) 12:02 PM EDT

Digital Animation Studio Plastic Wax Announces Global Expansion Plans 12:02 PM EDT

Celltick’s Solution Supports U.S. Asian art “next big thing” 04:24 AM EDT

Gain a Strong Understanding of the Patient Monitoring Devices Market with China Patient… 04:23 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-Northern Foods H1 sales boosted by TV campaign 04:21 AM EDT

PKO should look for acquisitions-Polish Treasury 04:19 AM EDT

Landsbanki in receivership, board dismissed -radio 04:19 AM EDT

Demand for Talent Management Drives Substantial Revenue Growth for StepStone in Q3 04:19 AM EDT

Russian retailer Magnit 9-mth sales rise 51 pct 04:18 AM EDT

Daimler says has “extremely comfortable” liquidity 04:18 AM EDT

French biotechs set to lure drugmakers – survey 04:17 AM EDT

Sterling falls on talk of UK govt funding for RBS 04:17 AM EDT

Nigerian peacekeeper killed in Darfur ambush 04:17 AM EDT

Nigerian peacekeeper killed in Darfur ambush 04:17 AM EDT

7Seas Technologies Launches a New Online Game ‘Operation Big Bang’ 04:14 AM EDT

Blasts near Iraq ministry as US official visits 04:13 AM EDT

Japan PM says economy facing tougher conditions 04:13 AM EDT

Philippines misses poverty goals due to inflation 04:12 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Thai Hana plans $47 mln share buyback, stock jumps 04:12 AM EDT

EU lawmakers vote to cut carbon offsets to 2020 04:08 AM EDT

RPT-Talk of Deutsche capital hike “nonsense” – source 04:08 AM EDT

European shares trim gains as banks retreat 04:06 AM EDT

Science and Environment: Examines International Geophysical Year 04:05 AM EDT

South Korea dismisses North’s nuclear ‘ultimatum’ 04:05 AM EDT

Tax rules on borrowing from subsidiaries eased 04:04 AM EDT

Lithuania ready to lend to banks, no need now 04:03 AM EDT

Atos Origin and InfoGin Deploy Innovative Mobile Internet Services at Telefonica… 04:00 AM EDT

Fortis shares suspended pending statement on assets 04:00 AM EDT

Fiat Group Automobiles Selects IDOL to Power its Worldwide Technical Assistance Portal 04:00 AM EDT

Clique Girlz Announced as Opening Act for the Cheetah Girls One World Tour 04:00 AM EDT

Following Is a Test Release 04:00 AM EDT

BYE-BYE BUSH! Takes Aim at the Presidential Elections 04:00 AM EDT

Stream57 Lands in London: Webcasting Leader Launches First European Office 04:00 AM EDT


AEN Wins ITFlorida Competition 12:46 PM EDT

Travelers to Astoria, Ore., Enjoy “Bites, Books, and Buzz” 12:46 PM EDT

Dom Perignon Celebrates the Centenary Year of Ian Fleming, Creator of James Bond 12:46 PM EDT

Sanswire’s New Ticker Symbol SNSR Effective October 8, 2008 12:45 PM EDT

T.Italia debt not a worry, CEO tells employees 12:45 PM EDT

New IT Optimization Offerings From IBM Reduce Cost and Complexity for Midsize Companies 12:45 PM EDT

REG-Australia and New Zealand Banking Group FRN Variable Rate Fix 12:45 PM EDT

Consumers Life Expands Healthcare Network in Northeast Indiana 12:44 PM EDT

FDIC proposes to allow U.S. Announces World’s Largest Winery Solar Installation 04:58 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Sealy Q3 results beat Wall Street view on lower costs 04:57 PM EDT

Host, Presenters and Honorees for 2008 DGA Honors 04:57 PM EDT

Kelly Services Announces Third Quarter Conference Call 04:57 PM EDT

AIG former execs draw fire from lawmakers 04:56 PM EDT

AFTER THE BELL-Alcoa shares fall on lower profit 04:56 PM EDT

Kineticsware Acquires Trade Promotion Management Leader Flintfox 04:55 PM EDT

Chef Paul Prudhomme Shows Why He’s Still the Best 04:54 PM EDT

Homeland Security Capital Corporation Awarded $3.1 Million Remedial Action Contract 04:54 PM EDT

Sun Microsystems Announces Appointment of Christine Bucklin as Senior Vice President… 04:54 PM EDT

Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. Automobile Parts Supplies Wholesales Industry with this Comprehensive… 06:30 AM EDT

athenahealth to Present at the Third Annual JMP Securities Healthcare Focus Conference 06:30 AM EDT

New Vista Asset Management Model Sees Success in Creating Homeownership Opportunities… 06:30 AM EDT

Research and Markets: China’s Fast Food Industry is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of… 06:29 AM EDT

U.S.,Afghan forces kill 43 militants 06:28 AM EDT

Japan broker group eyes tighter bond rules -source 06:25 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-Roche’s MabThera meets goal in leukaemia study 06:25 AM EDT

Lupus Foundation of America’s Live Webchat to Discuss Reproductive Health and Lupus 06:25 AM EDT

Research and Markets: Ordina Has Recorded Strong Financial Performance in the Recent… 06:24 AM EDT

SE Asian Stocks-Mostly weaker as global crisis deepens 06:22 AM EDT

Danish PM says economy is healthy, banks sound 06:20 AM EDT

COMPLETExRM’s Success Leads to New Funding 06:19 AM EDT

Broadway musical “13″ has tween market to itself 06:18 AM EDT

Japan PM asks BOJ governor to keep markets stable 06:18 AM EDT

France says will take stake in banks if needed 06:17 AM EDT

Schools closed for safety after Tibet quake 06:16 AM EDT

Japan’s JBIC says credit woes may delay sukuk 06:15 AM EDT

Obama urges swift action on markets 06:15 AM EDT

NetLine Launches Business-Focused Ad Network 06:15 AM EDT

Research and Markets: 2008 Study on the Butanediol Market Outlook Includes Profiles… 06:15 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Shin Kong Grp Ratings on Watch Negative-Fitch 06:14 AM EDT

China hopes “right person” wins Nobel Peace Prize 06:13 AM EDT

EU vote supports aid for carbon capture 06:13 AM EDT

McFarlane Toys Announces February Release of SLASH Action Figure Based on the Guitar… 06:13 AM EDT

BRIEF-National Grid says financing risk very low 06:12 AM EDT

Summit High School Track and Field Athletes to be First in Oregon to Take Their Marks… 06:12 AM EDT

Third Annual Homeland Security Investor Conference Comes to Washington, D.C. Augustine to Join Advisory Board 01:18 PM EDT

Salvation Army in charity record deal 01:18 PM EDT

PA Gov. plane violated Iran’s airspace 09:34 AM EDT

Revelex Expands Its Customer Portfolio with the Addition of Cheap Caribbean 09:34 AM EDT

2008 Health Confidence Survey: Americans Are Battered by Rising Health Care Costs,… 09:33 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Debt insurance costs fall for range of US firms-CMA 09:33 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Whitney sees Q3 profit below analysts’ estimates 09:33 AM EDT

Sci Fi Thriller or A Glimpse Into Our Inevitable Future? 09:33 AM EDT

Carriers Leverage Competitive Edge With MetaSwitch 09:33 AM EDT

Star Bulk Delivers the Panamax ‘Star Iota’ to Its Buyers 09:33 AM EDT

Record Libor to boost mortgage defaults 10 pct-Citi 09:33 AM EDT

Gina Russo Opens Trenchant Insurance in Las Vegas 09:33 AM EDT

2009 U.S. dollar, yen slip after Fed creates facility 01:00 PM EDT

CleveMed Receives $1.23 Million in NIH Funding to Develop a System to Augment Deep… 01:00 PM EDT

Living Proof, Inc. 01:00 PM EDT

thePlatform Manages 329 Million Premium Video Views in July 01:00 PM EDT

Particle Sciences sells T-COTE(R) Line of Microfine Titanium Dioxides to Sensient 01:00 PM EDT

Video: Neiman Marcus Reveals the 82nd Edition of Its Legendary Christmas Book 01:00 PM EDT

New Agreement with ServiShare of Iowa Allows Iowa Hospitals Access to Premier Healthcare… 01:00 PM EDT

Detailed Report Reveals US Mid-Sized Business: Number of Firms, 2007-2012 01:00 PM EDT

Mirion Technologies Awarded the Contract for the Radiation Monitoring Systems for… 01:00 PM EDT

Acme United Corporation Board Increases Cash Dividend 25 Percent 01:00 PM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – FTSE All-Share ETF Net Asset Value(s) 01:00 PM EDT

Saia to Announce Third Quarter 2008 Results on October 24, 2008 01:00 PM EDT

Viant Statement on the CMS Recovery Audit Contractor Award 12:59 PM EDT

Wall Street Media Presents Exclusive Videos from the JMP Healthcare Focus Conference 12:59 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-RESEARCH ALERT-Goldman cuts target on 7 US lodging cos 12:58 PM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – FTSE 250 ETF Net Asset Value(s) 12:58 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Monte Paschi asset sales on track despite crisis 12:57 PM EDT

Mexican stocks turn negative on credit worries 12:57 PM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – FTSE 100 ETF Net Asset Value(s) 12:57 PM EDT

UN chief Ban may drop plans for Myanmar visit 12:56 PM EDT

UN chief Ban may drop plans for Myanmar visit 12:56 PM EDT

Tony Roberts of Georgia Elected Chairman of the State Leaders Council for the National… 12:56 PM EDT

Toronto stocks fall 100 pts as energy shares sag 12:56 PM EDT

REG-db x-trackers DJ EURO STOXX50 ETF Net Asset Value(s) 12:56 PM EDT

WaterPure International, Inc. Receives Notice of Continued NASDAQ Listing 04:32 PM EDT

Argentine peso sinks; stocks, bonds extend losses 04:31 PM EDT

PR Newswire Summary of Technology Copy, Oct. Patent 07:30 AM EDT

MediaScrape(TM) Supplies New PBS Program 07:30 AM EDT Announces Additions to Management and Network Growth; Speculative… 07:30 AM EDT

Unique Virginia Partnership Will Study Disappearance of Pagan River Marshlands 07:30 AM EDT

KVH Announces Pacific Ocean Coverage for mini-VSAT Broadband Service 07:30 AM EDT

WaferGen Signs Distribution Agreements for SmartSlide(TM) Micro-Incubation System… 07:30 AM EDT

U.S. Announces Reduction in Workforce 10:15 AM EDT

Britain exceeds biofuels target: government agency 10:14 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-US Mint halts some American Eagle coin production 10:14 AM EDT

NCsoft’s Carbine Studios Names Tim Cain Design Director 10:14 AM EDT

Dick Armey to Visit Oregon Highlighting Importance of Pocketbook Issues in Election 10:14 AM EDT

Digium(R) Introduces Asterisk Fast Start Training 10:14 AM EDT

Endwave Announces Conference Call for Q3 2008 Financial Results 10:14 AM EDT

North Texas Expands Global Presence with Dallas Regional Chamber’s Launch of Mexico… 10:13 AM EDT

US STOCKS-Market loses ground as financials weigh 10:13 AM EDT

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Announces Expansion of BlueMedicare Plans Into… 10:13 AM EDT

Ahura Scientific Announces New European Partners 10:13 AM EDT

AmeriCredit Announces $500 Million Senior Subordinate Asset-Backed Securitization 10:13 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Barclays Capital absorbs Lehman forex, commods ops 10:12 AM EDT

London “getting to grips” with security, mayor says 10:12 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-PKO raises $1.1 bln from new deposit offer 10:12 AM EDT

“Hydrogen cities” seen driving fuel cell adoption 10:12 AM EDT

As 401(k) Plan Sponsors Enter Economy-Fueled ‘Termination Season,’ RolloverSystems… 10:12 AM EDT

Collagen Matrix, Inc. to Present at the William Blair Company Small-Cap Growth Stock Conference 09:56 AM EDT

The Navigators Group, Inc. Announces Cessation of Commercial Operations 05:02 PM EDT

Utah State Office of Education Online Suite of Services Wins National Award 05:02 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Unica cuts Q4 outlook; appoints new CFO 05:01 PM EDT

CSA Medical, Inc. Television Group Bring ‘jPod’ to Life on the Web 01:10 PM EDT

FreedomVOICE Forms Strategic Partnership With TAG 01:10 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-No taboos, no scapegoats in mkt reform-Trichet 01:09 PM EDT

TechTeam Global Appoints New Chief Financial Officer 01:09 PM EDT

REG-Pendeford Mst Issuer FRN Variable Rate Fix 01:09 PM EDT

NRW.INVEST GmbH Establishes its Presence in North America 01:09 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Polish Millennium Q3 net profit at $49.7 mln 01:08 PM EDT

Zila Requests NASDAQ Investigation 01:08 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Tel Aviv shares soar after surprise rate cut 01:07 PM EDT

REG-Pendeford Mst Issuer FRN Variable Rate Fix 01:07 PM EDT

Seligman LaSalle International Real Estate Fund, Inc. 23 para. Files Additional FINRA Arbitration Claims Against… 12:26 PM EDT

BMW Creates Limited-Edition 2009 BMW Individual 7 Series for 2008 Neiman Marcus Christmas… 12:26 PM EDT

REG-Norges Bank Rule 8.3 – HBOS Plc 12:26 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-Fred’s cuts Q3 profit outlook on US economic woes 12:25 PM EDT

Zix Corporation’s CEO Provides Corporate Update 12:25 PM EDT

RPT-Brazil sets 10 bln real ship building credit line 12:25 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-Advance Auto warns on slowing sales growth 12:25 PM EDT

Taking the Waste Out of Production: The Integrated Approach to Manufacturing Planning and Preparation 12:25 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Areva signs nuclear deals with China’s CGNPC 12:25 PM EDT

Evaluate And Compare The Attractiveness Of The Canadian Patient Monitoring Market… 12:25 PM EDT

ATT Awards $700,000 in Grants to Help Address High School Dropout Crisis in Sacramento… 12:24 PM EDT

Honeywell exec sees bargains amid turmoil 12:24 PM EDT

REG-Lloyds TSB Bank PLC FRN Variable Rate Fix 12:24 PM EDT

There Is No Debate: The Broad Accounts Payable Transformation Is Underway 12:23 PM EDT

The Last Days of Erte 12:23 PM EDT

BofA remains core holding for investors: CreditSights 12:22 PM EDT

Bank of Canada injections now total C$1.675 bln 12:22 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-UN council calls for action against Somalia piracy 12:22 PM EDT

UN council calls for action against Somalia piracy 12:22 PM EDT

REG-De Nationale Investeringsbank N.V. to Senior Vice President 03:25 PM EDT

Telephone access available for Inmet Mining third quarter conference call 03:24 PM EDT

Nationally Recognized Program on Caring for African Americans at the End of Life… 03:24 PM EDT

SP cuts Dexia ratings for second time in a week 03:23 PM EDT

Mexican retailer Comerci in debt talks amid crisis 03:23 PM EDT

Climate change seen aiding spread of deadly diseases 03:23 PM EDT

UPDATE 3-U.S. Commercial Banking Industry Report for 2009 is Now Available, with… 03:00 PM EDT

Rod Humble Promoted to Executive Vice President and Head of The Sims Label at Electronic… 02:59 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Bush: spoke with European leaders for coordination 02:58 PM EDT

Polling Shows ‘Too Much Polling,’ Pollster Says 02:58 PM EDT

CORRECTING and REPLACING Starboard TCN Office Group Represents ScanSafe, LLC in 6,416… 02:58 PM EDT

Bill to raise NYC term limits is introduced 02:57 PM EDT

Introducing the Perfect Classroom 02:57 PM EDT

Seattle Sutton Appointed to What’s In Your Lunch Box? Advisory Board 02:57 PM EDT

Sensient Announces $85 Million Term Loan Agreement 02:57 PM EDT

Forster Drilling Corporation Announces Senior Management Change 02:57 PM EDT

iPhone Indulgences: Whiteboard Labs Launches Site for Spa Appointments on iPhones,… 02:57 PM EDT

America On the Move (AOM) in Pittsburgh Seeking ‘Schools On the Move’ 02:56 PM EDT

Russia to extend Georgia pullback 02:56 PM EDT

Weis Markets Approves Quarterly Dividend of $.29 Per Share 02:56 PM EDT

Simplified Landscape to Portrait Screen Orientation and Unlimited Possibilities for… 02:56 PM EDT

Hilarious Board Game About Retirement for Baby Boomers Combines Nostalgia, Life Experiences… 02:55 PM EDT

Hill House, One Hill Coalition Schedule Press Conference 02:55 PM EDT

Prepaid Card Holdings, Inc. says 02:17 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-U.S. Foundry 12:20 PM EDT

FDIC proposes doubling bank assessments 12:19 PM EDT

Tim Mauer Named CEO of Relay Worldwide 12:19 PM EDT

Arrayit – BSI Alliance Provides New Research Technology to Identify Disease Diagnostics 12:19 PM EDT

Tootie Pie Debuts “Nanny Cam” 12:19 PM EDT

API Signs Five-Year Contract With MidEast Aviation Academy (MAA) to Provide Supply Chain and Inventory Management 12:19 PM EDT

Iceland did not want to seek IMF help -G7 source 12:19 PM EDT

REG-Cargill Incorporated FRN Variable Rate Fix 12:19 PM EDT

The Cambridge Group Names Richard Srednicki a Director 12:18 PM EDT

World needs to rethink biofuels: U.N. closes a $500,000 convertible secured debenture financing 03:36 PM EDT

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Morgan Stanley Obtain Key Regulatory Clearances 03:36 PM EDT

Rite Aid Pharmacies to Host Flu Pneumonia Shot Clinics October 21-23 at Nearly… 03:36 PM EDT

Western Asset Income Fund Announces Revised Ex-Dividend Date for October 2008 03:36 PM EDT

UPDATE-Changes to U.S. Discusses Formation of New Subsidiary in Audio Interview… 08:25 AM EDT

3D Systems Announces iPro 9000 XL SLA Precision Center 08:24 AM EDT

John D. EPT Disclosure 10:19 AM EDT

Credit crisis compounds Nigerian oil funding woes 10:18 AM EDT

Lime Energy Signs Over $8 Million in Energy Efficiency Contracts 10:18 AM EDT

Cough, cold meds not for kids under 4, makers say 10:18 AM EDT

New Digital Public Relations Services Launched for Healthcare, Insurance and Technology… 10:18 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Air Force studying heavy-lift transport needs 03:13 PM EDT

U.S. woes: report 04:58 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Singapore govt to put Changi Airport under Temasek 04:58 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Announces Third Quarter 2008 Sales Activity 11:30 AM EDT

Cousins Properties Third Quarter Earnings Release and Conference Call Notice 11:30 AM EDT

UPDATE 3-Russian stocks hit new troughs, helps rouble 11:29 AM EDT

Iran denies report U.S. ECP buys stake in Togo’s Financial BC bank 11:44 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-BT says no need to go to bond market in coming year 11:43 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Landry’s buyout in doubt as funding eludes Fertitta 11:43 AM EDT

Russia gives banks extra $36 billion to fight crisis 11:43 AM EDT

FACTBOX: How Russian authorities are dealing with market crisis 11:43 AM EDT

Hamas takes its turn at reconciliation talks 11:43 AM EDT

Telenor says will not lower Vimpelcom stake 11:43 AM EDT

Rolls-Royce CorporateCare on Track for Fifth Consecutive Record Year 11:43 AM EDT

Sunquest Announces $1.5M Sale of Its Laboratory Information Software and Services… 11:43 AM EDT

A Produce First – Pink Guacamole – Fighting for a Cause 11:42 AM EDT

Escala Enters Second Year of JV Operation by Franklin Mining/COMIBOL/Cooperativa Minera INTI 11:42 AM EDT

Precept Productions Promotes Film “Streets of Karachi” in Cannes 11:42 AM EDT

CDC Corporation Reiterates Second Half 2008 Guidance 11:42 AM EDT

Revised Location: NASA Astronaut Encourages Teachers to ‘Build a Presence’ 11:41 AM EDT

Judicial Watch Uncovers Documents Detailing Suspicious Illinois State Senate Earmarks by Barack Obama 11:41 AM EDT

UPDATE 3-StatoilHydro execs resign in Libya fees probe 11:41 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-Airbus leads Boeing in 9 mth orders, output 11:41 AM EDT

K-Sea Transportation Partners Announces Withdrawal of General Partner Initial Public… 11:41 AM EDT

Transite Technology Signs Multi-Year Deal with Ellman International to Provide Shipping… 11:41 AM EDT

GTX Corp Completes Shipment of First Volume 2 Way GPS(TM) Order 11:41 AM EDT

Dynamic Solutions International Introduces its Second Version DSI9000 Virtual Tape… 11:41 AM EDT

Markets situation serious, unprecedented: Merkel 11:40 AM EDT

WMS Launches Premium, For-Sale, Multi-Game Gaming Machine on Popular Transmissive… 11:40 AM EDT

Lipscomb University Launches Dean Institute for Corporate Governance and Integrity 11:40 AM EDT

This 2009 U.S. Installs Consumer Financing and Leasing Plans for Its… 12:55 PM EDT

The Jackson Laboratory Selects Accellion Virtual Appliance for Secure File Transfer… 12:55 PM EDT

REG-DB x-trackers MSCI USA TRN INDEX ETF Net Asset Value(s) 12:55 PM EDT

OppenheimerFunds, Inc. Kennedy, Jr., to Address Architects and Home Improvement Professionals… 05:52 PM EDT

Ex-president of Guatemala extradited for corruption 05:51 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Flaherty says Canada Savings Bonds coming Wed 05:50 PM EDT

YouTube to sell music, games in revenue push 05:50 PM EDT

Dow Jones High/Low – Oct 7 05:50 PM EDT

Dow Jones Open/Close – Oct 7 05:49 PM EDT

TREASURIES-Prices slip on Fed moves, supply prospects 05:49 PM EDT

Journalists at NPC Forum Foresee Huge Changes 05:48 PM EDT

PMI Mortgage Insurance Co. Region’s ‘Fast 50′ Companies 09:05 AM EDT


Wicklander-Zulawski Further Expands Its Line of Non-confrontational Interrogation… 09:05 AM EDT

World Jewish Congress Welcomes UN Official’s Remarks on Durban Anti-Semitism 09:04 AM EDT

Newspapers Turn to 2ergo to Extend Content Beyond Print 09:04 AM EDT

Canadian First World War Soldier 09:04 AM EDT

Sanimax and StormFisher to Build Eight Biogas Plants 09:04 AM EDT

MEDIA ALERT: New Youth Justice Coalition Press Conference Today at 10:30 am 09:04 AM EDT

Stornoway Diamond Corporation: Aviat Conceptual Study Outlines 24.1-40.3 Million Carats of Diamonds 09:04 AM EDT

EADS North America Delivers the DT35/DT45 Jet-Powered Aerial Target Drone System for U.S. EPT Disclosure 04:56 AM EDT

German federation to begin action against Schumacher 04:55 AM EDT

Examine This Global Vaccine Market Forecast to 2012 as the Market is Expected to… 04:55 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Best to Discuss Credit Ratings at California Association of Health Plans 2008… 01:59 PM EDT

Utilizing Experiential Marketing to Promote Your Brand 01:58 PM EDT

Ebix Announces Post Split-Adjusted Trading Date for Common Stock 01:58 PM EDT

Fed creates facility to buy commercial paper 01:57 PM EDT

Red Sox squeeze past Angels, advance to ALCS 01:56 PM EDT

Morgan Stanley shares fall 35 percent 01:56 PM EDT

FreshXtend Announces Closing of Private Placement 01:56 PM EDT and DotGlu Win MIXX Award for BMW North America ’1 Series Interactive… 01:56 PM EDT

FaceTime Unified Security Gateway Named Best Anti-Malware Gateway by Network Testing Labs 01:54 PM EDT

DS2′s Chano Gomez to Present at Set Top Box 2008 Conference 01:54 PM EDT

Domino’s Pizza Announces Earnings Web Cast 01:53 PM EDT

Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. Announces Commencement of Drilling on Tonopah Divide Gold Project 03:32 PM EDT

Twin Disc, Inc. Undertakes Normal Course Issue Bid to Buy Back Shares 06:16 PM EDT

‘The Healthcare Debate Our Nation Should Be Having’ Headlines NQF Conference 06:14 PM EDT

Assured Pharmacy Announces $12 Million Financing 06:14 PM EDT

Time frame unclear for US loans to auto companies 06:13 PM EDT

Wells could win 75-80 percent of Wachovia deposits: source 06:13 PM EDT

Former Mich. Dobb’s Events Now Accepting Speaking Proposals for Software Development West… 03:03 PM EDT

Aeropostale to Announce September Sales Results on Wednesday, October 8, 2008 03:03 PM EDT

RPT-WRAPUP 2-McCain aims to stop Obama momentum in debate 03:02 PM EDT

Falls Church News-Press Endorses Obama, Warner, Connolly, Moran and Feder 03:01 PM EDT

UniCredit to cut 700 investment banking jobs -paper 03:01 PM EDT

Deutsche Bank says does not plan to raise capital 03:01 PM EDT

HSBC could consider Swiss bank buy – exec to press 03:01 PM EDT

Realtors(R) Rally In Orlando 03:00 PM EDT

EarthLink to Announce Third Quarter 2008 Earnings 03:00 PM EDT

National Study Presented at ACG 2008 Confirms New Device Functions Like ‘Rear-View… 03:00 PM EDT

John Legend Launches Worldwide Concert Tour in November in Support of New Album,… 03:00 PM EDT

Amerinet “GreenCare Initiative” Focuses on Responsibility and Savings 03:00 PM EDT

The Annual U.S. Announces Extension of Warrant Term 03:30 PM EDT

Critical Nursing Shortage in the Region Just Got a Lot Better Thanks to an $11 Million… 03:29 PM EDT

Kristi Yamaguchi Chairs American Lung Association Christmas Seals Campaign 03:28 PM EDT Attracts Record Number of Inquirers Interested in Catholic Religious… 03:28 PM EDT

Aldagen Inc files to withdraw IPO plans 03:28 PM EDT

Reformed Rule Encourages Small Firms to Recycle 03:28 PM EDT

Michael Davis of Savid Technologies to Speak at ChicagoCon 2008 03:28 PM EDT

REFILE-US retirees flee stocks to save shrinking nest eggs 03:27 PM EDT

Bush to answer California aid request soon 03:27 PM EDT

Fitch: U.S. Reports Preliminary Third Quarter 2008 Results; Comparable… 04:05 PM EDT

Vascular Solutions, Inc., to Webcast Third-Quarter Conference Call Tuesday, October… 04:05 PM EDT

Piper Jaffray Companies Announces Changes Related to Tender Option Bond Program 04:05 PM EDT

HCP to Report Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results and Host Conference Call/Webcast 04:05 PM EDT

Exchange Rate Set For ACE Limited Quarterly Dividend 04:05 PM EDT

ScanSource Posts Quarterly Sales 04:05 PM EDT

Performance Health Technologies Participates in Interactive Metronome Sales Conference… 04:05 PM EDT

Health Management Associates, Inc. (NYSE: SLS) Adjourns Special… 01:07 PM EDT

Australia rate cut stuns, markets thirst for more 01:06 PM EDT Calls for Suspension of Anti-Plastic Bag Initiatives to Protect… 01:06 PM EDT

UPS Joins EPA’s ”Climate Leaders” Program 01:06 PM EDT

IBM Signs IT Services Agreement With NV Energy 01:05 PM EDT

REG-Pendeford Mst Issuer FRN Variable Rate Fix 01:05 PM EDT

Eaton Vance Short Duration Diversified Income Fund Report of Earnings as of July… 01:05 PM EDT

TREASURIES-Bonds ease as Fed’s CP program hits safety bid 01:04 PM EDT

McGraw-Hill Higher Education and National Journal Join Forces to Bring Today’s Politics… 01:04 PM EDT

Unraveling the Mysteries of Rett Syndrome and the Brain 01:04 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-Daimler says has “extremely comfortable” liquidity 01:03 PM EDT

Next Inning Technology Updates Outlooks for Analog Devices, Intersil, Linear Technology,… 01:03 PM EDT

Drexel Neumann Academy Students to Receive ‘Safe,’ New Playground 01:03 PM EDT

Yahoo! and Ticketmaster to Offer Tickets to Internet’s Largest Sports and Entertainment… 01:03 PM EDT

Stockholders of Tri-Continental Corporation (NYSE: TY) Approve New Investment Management… 01:03 PM EDT

REG-Australia NZ Bank. Army Operational 09:04 AM EDT

Zeesman Communications Taps Oracle’s Award-Winning John Taylor as Creative Director 09:04 AM EDT

Upstream Biosciences’ Potential Tropical Disease Treatments Demonstrate Promising Signs of Efficacy at McGill 09:04 AM EDT

The Tic Tac(R) Brand Invites Consumers to Take a Moment to CHILL 09:04 AM EDT

Riverbed Showcases Market-Leading WAN Acceleration Technology at Telework Exchange Town Hall Meeting 09:04 AM EDT

Mechdyne Awarded $2.9 Million Contract by US Army Command and Control Directorate 09:04 AM EDT

REG-db x-trackers FTSE 100 Short ETF Net Asset Value(s) 09:04 AM EDT

Orchestria and Industry Thought-Leader to Discuss How to Enhance IT GRC with DLP… 09:04 AM EDT

Kerio Teams Up With Habeas Data to Grow Channel Presence in Mexico 09:04 AM EDT

Reuters summit-Evidence of warming growing day by day – Pachauri 09:03 AM EDT

Metro-Detroit’s Body Enhancement Team Has Arrived 09:03 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-ECB’s Kranjec-inflation to subside barring FX pressures 09:03 AM EDT

Jaros Technologies Corporation to Participate in the Walk Now for Autism 09:03 AM EDT

Passenger Names Samantha Skey GM of Eastern Region and Senior Vice President of Business… 09:03 AM EDT

Liberty Mutual and Holly Robinson Peete Team Up to Encourage Families to Be Fire… 09:02 AM EDT

Acorn in Negotiations to Acquire Yiyang Yukang, a Leading Domestic Communication… 09:02 AM EDT

Gates pledges aid for Kosovo security force 09:02 AM EDT

REG-DB X-Trackers – DJ EURO STOXX 50 SHORT ETF Net Asset Value(s) 09:02 AM EDT

Tetra Tech Awarded $25.6 Million to “Green” Southern California Ports 09:02 AM EDT

Tetra Tech Acquires International Consulting Firm DPK 09:02 AM EDT

Pharmatech Associates Leads Design for First FDA-licensed Biomanufacturing Facility… 09:02 AM EDT

Kenya to deport U.S. FRN Variable Rate Fix 01:03 PM EDT

X PRIZE Foundation Announces Two New Teams and Preferred Partner in Private Moon Race 01:02 PM EDT

Arizona Developer Agrees to Settle Clean Water Act Violations Along the Santa Cruz… 01:02 PM EDT

Canada Conservatives vow surpluses through 2013 01:02 PM EDT

Diversified Mortgage Workout Seeks to Acquire a Small to Mid-Sized Regional Bank 01:02 PM EDT

Carnival Corporation plc’s Puerta Maya Cruise Center in Cozumel Set to Re-open… 01:02 PM EDT

inTEST Acquires Environmental Chamber Manufacturer 01:01 PM EDT

UPDATE 4-EU lawmakers watch credit crisis in climate fight 01:01 PM EDT

Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital Goes Solar 01:01 PM EDT

Ukraine may offer helicopters for Darfur – UN’s Ban 01:00 PM EDT

Ukraine may offer helicopters for Darfur – UN’s Ban 01:00 PM EDT

IBM Completes Build Out of Green Data Center for Tucson Electric Power 01:00 PM EDT

Four51 Signs Joint Marketing Agreement With SAP America, Inc. 01:00 PM EDT

FOREX-U.S. Schedules Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Release and Conference… 04:06 PM EDT

VistaPrint Announces Date and Time for Its Fiscal Year 2009 First Quarter Financial… 04:06 PM EDT

A Statement by the Hon. Sets Date for Third Quarter 2008 Results, Dividend Announcement, Conference Call and Webcast 04:05 PM EDT

Leadis Technology Schedules Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Conference Call for October 23rd 04:05 PM EDT

Prometheus Presents Findings From Development of PROMETHEUS(R) IBS Diagnostic, First… 04:05 PM EDT

Southwest Securities Opens Second Private Client Office in Houston 04:05 PM EDT

ShoreTel to Report First Quarter Fiscal Year 2009 Results 04:05 PM EDT

Monster Worldwide, Inc. Announces Operational Update 05:38 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Yum third-qtr net rises, sees FY08 US profit down 05:38 PM EDT

China seen as potential electric car hub 05:37 PM EDT

Philadelphia Consolidated Holding Corp. EPT Disclosure 10:20 AM EDT

U.S. (LVGI) Announce Investment… 05:00 PM EDT

XATA Announces New Chief Technology Officer as Company Expands Application Capabilities 05:00 PM EDT

Fitch Affirms Morgan Stanley Capital I 2007-TOP25 05:00 PM EDT

WSI Industries Reports 38% Increase in Full Year Sales 98% Increase in Full Year… 05:00 PM EDT

Panacos’ Study 114 Supports the Company’s New Tablet Formulation of Bevirimat 05:00 PM EDT

Rambus to Outline Memory Trends in High-Definition Consumer Devices at ARM Developers’… 05:00 PM EDT

Freescale Names Dr. Credit Card ABS Issuance Trusts Updated 03:27 PM EDT

VGX Animal Health Announces the Commercialization of its LifeTide(TM) SW 5 GHRH Gene… 03:26 PM EDT

Center Financial to Host 2008 Third Quarter Conference Call on Thursday, October… 03:25 PM EDT

Allstate appoints Joseph J. woes: report 04:57 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-Michael Page profit up, UK job market slows 04:56 AM EDT

Taiwan suggests SARS was China warfare plot 04:56 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Plans Denver Expansion 08:31 AM EDT

3PAR to Report Fiscal Second Quarter 2009 Financial Results on October 30, 2008 08:31 AM EDT

Auctions International Inc. From CEO Cristian Turrini 06:00 AM EDT

Fed should cut rates to 1 percent: Pimco’s Gross 06:00 AM EDT

Russia’s Mechel to Spend Nearly $3 Billion in Mines and Smelters, an Industrial Info News Alert 06:00 AM EDT

EDX Wireless Expands Its Asian Presence 06:00 AM EDT

Hoisting Equipment Remains an Important Part of Material Handling Systems 06:00 AM EDT

Davinci Virtual, LLC Will Pay Out Over $1.5M to Preferred Partner Center Network in 2008 06:00 AM EDT

Langella is new “Man for all Seasons” on Broadway 06:00 AM EDT

Sesca Launches iDial Mobile Community for Mobile Phone Users 06:00 AM EDT

AMN Healthcare Services to Present at the Oppenheimer 19th Annual Healthcare Conference… 06:00 AM EDT

Ceragon Boosts Backhaul Capacity for Worldmax’s WiMAX Network 06:00 AM EDT

A-Power Energy Appoints New Interim Chief Financial Officer 06:00 AM EDT

Following Is a Test Release 06:00 AM EDT

Isilon CTO Addresses Life Science Data Storage Challenges at Harvard Medical School’s… 06:00 AM EDT

EPA Recognizes Esurance Among Nation’s Leading Green Power Purchasers 06:00 AM EDT

Coremetrics 2009 Offers Unparalleled Insight Into Online Visitor Behavior 06:00 AM EDT

Personal Injury EMR: Personal Injury Software SEQUOIA Taps MPMsoft as its Medical… 06:00 AM EDT

LightWild’s LED Lighting Products Illuminate Anaheim GardenWalk 06:00 AM EDT

ONStor to Showcase Its Enterprise Clustered NAS Gateways Featuring Heterogeneous… 06:00 AM EDT

Bulgaria’s Mobiltel Selects Amdocs’ Software and Services to Enhance Customer Experience 06:00 AM EDT

Newspapers Turn to 2ergo to Extend Content Beyond Print 06:00 AM EDT

Xyratex Takes OneStor(TM) Family to the Next Level 06:00 AM EDT

B2BGateway and LeSaint Logistics Partner to Provide Supply Chain and EDI Solutions 06:00 AM EDT

Baker Hughes Announces September 2008 Rig Counts 06:00 AM EDT

XsunX Exhibiting at the Solar Power International 2008 Conference in San Diego 06:00 AM EDT

Healthy Snack and Fitness Information Site Gives Away Fourth Nintendo… 06:00 AM EDT

ConsumerView Offers Up-Close Look at Consumers 06:00 AM EDT

Budweiser Renews Sponsorship of Manchester United 06:00 AM EDT

U.S. food agency 12:18 PM EDT

Canada PM promises C$400 mln for technology funds 12:18 PM EDT

Norwest Mezzanine Partners Invests $40 Million in Norwesco 12:18 PM EDT


Tootie Pie Debuts “Nanny Cam” 12:17 PM EDT

Govts should agree on deposit insurance-IMF’s Lipsky 12:17 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-FDIC proposes doubling US bank assessments 12:16 PM EDT

Arrayit – BSI Alliance Provides New Research Technology to Identify Disease Diagnostics 12:16 PM EDT

Macedonia to end mission in Iraq this year 12:16 PM EDT

First Potomac Realty Trust Sets Dates for Third Quarter Earnings Release and Conference… 12:16 PM EDT

Demand Management in Process Industries: Strategies for Being Demand Driven in a Globalized Economy 12:15 PM EDT

Zimbabwe talks deadlocked, mediation needed: MDC 12:15 PM EDT

Arizona State University Recognizes American Traffic Solutions as a Spirit of Enterprise… 12:15 PM EDT

Arts Alive Receives Award from American Society of Interior Designers 12:15 PM EDT

Michael J. Army NETCOM Satellite Terminals 08:30 AM EDT

Huifeng Bio-Pharmaceutical (HFGB) Signs Exclusive Management Operating Agreement… 08:30 AM EDT

Samsung Signs as a Global Sponsor of the NAVTEQ LBS Challenge(R) 08:30 AM EDT

NETGEAR Introduces First Dual-Band Secure Wireless-N Solution for Small Businesses 08:30 AM EDT

Borders Extends E-Books Commitment; Carrying Sony’s New Reader PRS-700 and Expanding… 08:30 AM EDT

Iron Mountain Announces Senior Executive Appointments to Support Global Growth and… 08:30 AM EDT

Vectron International Announces TM-056 Synchronous Timing Module for Stratum 3 Clock… 08:30 AM EDT


Accuray Management to Speak at Natixis Bleichroeder Annual ‘Hidden Gems’ Conference 08:30 AM EDT

Sandy Spring Bancorp to Record Noncash Goodwill Adjustment for Third Quarter 08:30 AM EDT

Sonus Networks Announces Preliminary Financial Results for Third Quarter 2008 08:30 AM EDT

CSC Named ‘Best Technology Firm’ by Reactions Magazine 08:30 AM EDT

Reverse Mortgages Help Seniors Access Cash in Financial Crisis 08:30 AM EDT

Alcatel-Lucent Completes Tender Offer for Motive 08:30 AM EDT

ANTs Ensures Availability of Critical Network Resources for IGT’s SystemWatch Solution 08:30 AM EDT

PeopleSupport Announces Receipt of Request to Delay Closing of Merger Transaction… 08:30 AM EDT

ATP Advances Asset Monetization 08:30 AM EDT

RedPrairie Execution Management Chosen by Sheetz to Maximize Store Consistency and… 08:30 AM EDT

There Are 11 Million Man Caves in America 08:30 AM EDT

Aster Data Systems Releases nCluster 3.0: A Frontline Data Warehouse for Monetizing… 08:30 AM EDT

Netrics Introduces Data Matching Solution for Public Health and Human Services Agencies 08:30 AM EDT

MoneyAisle Announces Save! America Contest Winner 08:30 AM EDT

California Department of Public Health Deploys Netrics Innovative Matching Platform 08:30 AM EDT

Electronic Sensor Technology Appoints Stetsonex International Company as Distributor… 08:30 AM EDT

SeeWhy Tracks Individual Customers’ Digital Mood 08:30 AM EDT

Avago Technologies First to Market With 8 Gb/sec SFP+ LR Transceiver for Fibre Channel 08:30 AM EDT

InterContinental Hotels Group Partners with Communispace and Digitas to Harness the… 08:30 AM EDT

Christopher Jones, Chief Investment Officer for Financial Engines, Available for… 08:30 AM EDT

SEPATON Extends Data Deduplication Guarantee 08:30 AM EDT

SouthPeak Interactive Posts Record Revenues of $40.2 Million and Record Adjusted… 08:30 AM EDT

SEPATON Extends Data Deduplication Guarantee 08:30 AM EDT

Converted Organics Inc. Subsidiary Awarded Contract for New York Water Treatment Plant… 07:30 AM EDT

The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. stocks on the move on Oct 7 11:27 AM EDT

Africa Israel says won’t delist AFI Developement 11:27 AM EDT

Fitch Upgrades CE Generation, LLC’s Secured Bonds to ‘BBB-’; Outlook Stable 11:27 AM EDT

‘RUM OF THE BAT’: Perfect Complement to a Special Halloween 11:27 AM EDT

BAE unit in $30 mln settlement over body armor 11:26 AM EDT

Bio-Clean International, Inc. Launches Second Product, Z-Payments, with Integration… 05:16 PM EDT

Edison International to Hold Conference Call on Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results 05:16 PM EDT

US STOCKS-Wall St sinks for 5th day as credit worries mount 05:15 PM EDT

TOWN HALL Los Angeles Named in Nation’s Top 10 Leadership Forum List 05:15 PM EDT

October 2008 Mayo Clinic Health Letter Highlights Preventing Alzheimer’s, Toenail… 05:15 PM EDT

HCCA Schedules Audio/Web Conference to Review OIG 2009 Work Plan 05:15 PM EDT

PCTEL Schedules Third-Quarter Earnings Call and Webcast For October 27, 2008 05:15 PM EDT

Heritage-Crystal Clean, Inc. Will Hold a Conference Call to Discuss its Third Quarter 2008 Results 08:38 AM EDT

OptionMetrics Leverages SpryWare FASTOR for Intelligent and Accurate Market Data 08:38 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Acuity 4th-quarter profit falls, to cut jobs 08:37 AM EDT

WRAPUP 1-Libor rates, spreads jump as money mkt jam persists 08:37 AM EDT

BOJ to hold three more dollar auctions 08:37 AM EDT

FocusShares Board of Trustees Votes to Close 4 Funds 08:37 AM EDT

CANADA STOCKS – Factors to watch on Oct 7 08:36 AM EDT

US STOCKS-Futures drop after Fed auction statement 08:36 AM EDT

New England Motor Freight to Implement OPS-1 System Across Fleet of 1,000 Vehicles 08:36 AM EDT

CA Acquires IDFocus LLC Identity Management Technology 08:36 AM EDT

Barclays Capital integrates Lehman forex, commods ops 08:35 AM EDT

Damaged option dealers at risk if yen surges more 08:35 AM EDT

New Book Explains Why the United States Is About to Enter the 21st Century’s Great… 08:35 AM EDT

Seanodes Scores Customer, Market Success in First Three Quarters of 2008 08:35 AM EDT

CFSI Announces Latest “Catalyst Fund” Investee 08:35 AM EDT

ShareThis Chooses Aster nCluster 3.0 to Power Their Data-Driven Business 08:35 AM EDT

Survey Says! “FAMILY FEUD” Comes to Mobile Phones 08:35 AM EDT

MOL says INA share swap with govt a ‘win-win’ deal 08:34 AM EDT

Monotype Imaging Releases the Tanseek Family of Arabic and Latin Fonts 08:34 AM EDT

Research and Markets: Slovenia Insurance Report Q3 2008 – In 2007, Total Premiums… 08:34 AM EDT

Thousands of Science Educators to Convene in Charlotte for NSTA Conference on Science… 08:32 AM EDT

Goldman sees oil slump until global GDP stabilizes 08:32 AM EDT

Ross Aviation, LLC FBO Network Contracts for PASSUR(R) FBO 08:31 AM EDT

Frequency Electronics Selected for $4 Million Satellite Payload Products 08:31 AM EDT

Edgetech International Expands Internet Sales Channel to Include and… 08:31 AM EDT

Quaterra and Blackberry Announce Additional Drill Holes With Significant Silver Mineralization at Nieves Project, 08:31 AM EDT

Yellow Pages Group and TELUS Use Call Genie’s Mobile Search and Advertising Product Suite to Provide Enhanced Directory 08:31 AM EDT

Somatic Systems, Inc. EPT Disclosure – Amendment 07:44 AM EDT

FTSE rises on commodities, banks slide further 07:43 AM EDT

Premiere Global Services to Announce Third Quarter Results on Thursday, October 23,… 07:43 AM EDT

ChinaCast Education Corporation Announces CEO Stock Purchase 07:42 AM EDT

Given Imaging Launches VueSpan Reading Service for PillCam(R) Video Capsules 07:42 AM EDT

MedAptus Introduces Inpatient Edition for Hospital-based Practice 07:42 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Munich Re still sees reinsurance price hikes 07:41 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Commercial Mobile Alerting System (CMAS) Launch 12:01 PM EDT

Safeway sees 4th-qtr sales, traffic improving 12:01 PM EDT

Argentina’s peso weakens despite cenbank comments 12:01 PM EDT

CryoLife Hosts Worldwide Surgical Congress for the Ross Procedure 12:01 PM EDT

REG-db x-trackers SP Global Infrastructure ETF Net Asset Value(s) 12:01 PM EDT

/C O R R E C T I O N — Nokia Corporation/ 12:00 PM EDT

Husky Lima refinery back near planned rates 12:00 PM EDT

General Dynamics Awarded $13 Million to Continue Developing Maritime Air and Missile… 12:00 PM EDT

Toy Wishes Magazine Announces the Highly Anticipated ‘Hot Dozen’ Toys of the Holiday… 12:00 PM EDT

Carneros Wine Alliance Moves to Downtown Napa Food Wine Corridor 12:00 PM EDT

Visible Technologies and M80 Continue to Expand Strategic Social Media Partnership 12:00 PM EDT

Verification Now 2008 Global Seminar Series to Focus on Verification Planning and… 12:00 PM EDT

National Museum of the Marine Corps Unveils Commemorative Exhibit 12:00 PM EDT

REG-db x-trackers DOW JONES ISLAMIC MARKET TITANS 100 ETF Net Asset Value(s) 12:00 PM EDT

Some of the World’s Most Exotic Luxury Cars on Display During the Caruso Concours… 12:00 PM EDT

Forest Foundation, Allstate Foundation Partner to Educate Californians on Wildfire… 12:00 PM EDT

Nicast’s AVflo(TM) for Hemodialysis Patients Receives CE Mark 12:00 PM EDT

DV Expo Gets “Behind The Camera” With Focus On RED ONE, Sony EX3 and Panasonic AVCCAM;… 12:00 PM EDT

Research and Markets: CSR Has Strong Research and Development Capabilities Achieved… 12:00 PM EDT

Consumer Targeting in Food and Drinks: Lifestyle Brands, Personalized Nutrition and… 12:00 PM EDT

DICE Announces Mirror’s Edge Remix Album Hitting Airwaves This November 12:00 PM EDT

Millipore Opens New Manufacturing Facility in Ireland 12:00 PM EDT

Shengtai Pharmaceutical Receives GMP Certificate for Its New Glucose Manufacturing… 11:59 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-Toronto stocks turn lower, oil offsets materials 11:59 AM EDT

Italy facing solar power rush, but hurdles remain 11:59 AM EDT

Canada PM promises C$400 mln for technology funds 11:58 AM EDT

Aon Declares Quarterly Dividend 11:58 AM EDT

2009 U.S. author of critical Obama book 09:01 AM EDT

U.S. EPT Disclosure 10:24 AM EDT

Unisys Hosts Open House to Mark Opening of Its New Maine Administration Office 10:24 AM EDT

Gemini Explorations, Inc. 7 12:13 AM EDT

PRESS DIGEST – Washington Post – Oct 7 12:09 AM EDT

Thai Hot Stocks-Index falls, electronics at multi-year lows 12:04 AM EDT

BOJ keeps rates on hold but says to watch markets 12:04 AM EDT

EQUITIES Magazine’s Third Annual MarketSite Conference to Highlight Emerging Growth… 12:02 AM EDT

U.S. Schedule Release of Financial Results for the Fourth Quarter of Fiscal 2008 and 11:53 AM EDT

RHJ International: CME gives notice of revision of business result forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2009 11:53 AM EDT

PowerSteering Announces Strong Q3 Sales Performance 11:53 AM EDT

New Survey Shows Significant Numbers of Latino Voters Still Persuadable in Battleground… 11:52 AM EDT

HOT or NOT(R) Launches Search for Hottest Co-eds at America’s Biggest Party Schools! 11:52 AM EDT

Fannie Mae to buy mortgage loans from FHLB Chicago 11:52 AM EDT

Board Member Resigns from the Hexagon Board of Directors 11:52 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-Israel cenbank chops key rate in surprise move 11:51 AM EDT

FRC Defends Conscience Law 11:50 AM EDT

Italian cigars give a puff of dark chocolate 11:50 AM EDT

Research and Markets: Brazil Multiparameter Patient Monitoring Devices Market Report… 11:50 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Nigeria’s Fidelity Bank almost triples year profit 11:49 AM EDT

German cabinet backs extra troops for Afghanistan 11:48 AM EDT

BeamPines Extends Reach, Adds Fourth Senior-Level Consultant to Southeast region 11:48 AM EDT

Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. Graham to Receive President’s Award from the International Public Relations… 08:24 AM EDT

U.N. Barry IV Provides Comprehensive Company Update in Open Letter to Investors 06:10 PM EDT

Limco-Piedmont Inc. show 06:07 AM EDT

Aisle7(TM) Announces Aisle7 IN-STORE(TM) 2009 — First Product Suite under New Brand… 06:07 AM EDT

Bank of Japan plays down coordinated rate cut talk 06:06 AM EDT

Actresses have the floor for HBO’s Hill comedy 06:06 AM EDT

VisionChina Media to Attend Five Investor Conferences and Conduct an Overseas Non-deal… 06:06 AM EDT

Orsus has Deployed Situator at the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) – a Facility Where… 06:05 AM EDT

Burger King to open first Whopper Bar in Feb-WSJ 06:04 AM EDT

Iceland says pegs crown at 131 per euro 06:04 AM EDT

Iceland to peg crown at 131 per euro-radio 06:03 AM EDT

Jealous hostage-taker surrenders in Guatemala 06:03 AM EDT

WealthTouch Names New CEO, Expanded Management Team and New Board of Directors 06:03 AM EDT

AMD and Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC) to Create New Leading-Edge… 06:03 AM EDT

Deutsche Bahn, govt to mull IPO price range Thurs: sources 06:02 AM EDT

Norway earmarks $309 mln for carbon storage in ’09 06:01 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Amlin boosts expansion in Europe with French buy 06:01 AM EDT

PBG eyes opportunities in Ukraine-deputy head 06:01 AM EDT

Modern Healthcare Names American Specialty Health One of the ‘Best Places to Work… 06:01 AM EDT

The Fraser Institute: Surgical Wait Times Down but Canadians Still Waiting More Than 17 Weeks for Treatment 06:01 AM EDT

Eco-Safe Announces Upcoming Annual Stockholders’ Meeting 06:01 AM EDT

Goldman Sachs Leads $12 Million Investment in Nimsoft 06:01 AM EDT

Biz360 Launches New Opinion Insights Service 06:00 AM EDT

New Web-Based Product Locator From Krillion Lets Manufacturers Turn “Out-of-Stock” Alert Into a Sure-Fire Sales 06:00 AM EDT

Industry Visionary Dave Lewis Joins Message Systems as CMO 06:00 AM EDT

Avenda Systems Announces Participation in EDUCAUSE 2008 With New Identity Management Solution 06:00 AM EDT

Letter to the Shareholders of Calypso Wireless, Inc. Announces New Potential Revenue Stream 08:31 AM EDT

Kazeon Announces Alliance With Quantum to Solve Enterprise eDiscovery Challenges 08:31 AM EDT

Delphi Rolls Out Durable, Fuel-Efficient Technologies at 2008 SAE Commercial Vehicle Congress 08:31 AM EDT

Daresbury Laboratory Chooses TotalView(R) for Application Development on the Blue Gene(R)/P 08:31 AM EDT

FSI Announces Third Quarter Revenues Significantly Above Expectations 08:31 AM EDT

eCopy Announces Software Partner Excellence Awards 08:31 AM EDT

eCopy Announces Customer Best Practices Award Winners for 2008 08:31 AM EDT

U.N. EPT Disclosure 07:50 AM EDT


China shying from climate obligations, adviser says 07:49 AM EDT

ECB’s Ordonez says Ecofin struggles for answers 07:48 AM EDT

QNAP TS-509 Pro Turbo NAS Honored as Editor’s Choice from CNET France 07:48 AM EDT

REG-ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Short Selling Disclosure 10:58 AM EDT

A. to Announce Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results on October… 08:30 AM EDT

Amherst Holdings Announces $225 Million Investment from Private Investment Group 08:30 AM EDT

IXYS Reports Denial Of International Rectifier’s Petition For Supreme Court Review 08:30 AM EDT

C2C Extends Automated Data Management beyond Just Archiving for Lotus Notes/Domino… 08:30 AM EDT

RTI Biologics Launches Bovine Pericardium Membrane Implant for Dental Applications 08:30 AM EDT

O1 Communications Expands Service Offering with Acme Packet Net-Net 4500 08:30 AM EDT

Eclipsys Fosters Client Collaboration, Launches Online Social Network at Annual User… 08:30 AM EDT

Luna Innovations Receives Funding for Brain Cancer Diagnostic Agent Using Nanotechnology 08:30 AM EDT

Car Dealership Profitability Down 25 Percent According to 08:30 AM EDT

Barnes Noble to Open New Store in the Augusta Mall at 3450 Wrightsboro Road Augusta,… 08:30 AM EDT Names Former Network Solutions Executive Jeffrey Grosman as Chief Marketing… 08:30 AM EDT

Microfluidics Introduces New Services Designed to Enhance Customer Success 08:30 AM EDT

Bank of Canada opts out of coordinated US$ actions 08:29 AM EDT

CyberPatrol Recognizes National Cyber Security Awareness Month with New Online Safety… 08:28 AM EDT

Culinary Excellence Spans the Globe During International Guest Chef Exchange 08:28 AM EDT

Velvet Revolution Calls on John McCain to Fire Michael Connell for Covering Up for… 08:27 AM EDT

SAFE Corporation Opens Grid Computing System for Software IP Comparisons 08:27 AM EDT

Iran says six powers “unreasonable” in nuclear row 08:27 AM EDT

REG-NIBC Bank N.V. rescue plan for banks 04:17 PM EDT

Talent Alliance Announces New Client Contracts 04:17 PM EDT

The Coalition for Children and Youth: Statement on Children and Youth Justice Needs in Canada 04:17 PM EDT

Coalition for Children and Youth Speaks Out on Youth Justice in Canada 04:17 PM EDT

Energy Fuels Retracts and Clarifies Previous Disclosure Regarding Possible Economic Outcome at the Energy Queen and 04:17 PM EDT

RMK Multi-Sector High Income Fund, Inc. Schulman to Webcast Fiscal 2008 Fourth-Quarter Earnings Conference Call 10:58 AM EDT

Celltick’s Solution Supports US Commercial Mobile Alerting System (CMAS) Launch 10:57 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-ECB’s Ordonez says cenbanks should coordinate 10:57 AM EDT

Clockwork Home Services Expands Its Market Share in the Oklahoma City Area with New… 10:56 AM EDT

Colorado Goldfields Showcased in Regional Press 10:55 AM EDT

LFile Interactive Launches LDAFile: Web-based Lobbying Disclosure Compliance Management… 10:54 AM EDT

H-92(TM) Helicopter Finishes European Tour in Greece 10:54 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Top Saudi banks say not hit by global mortgage woes 10:54 AM EDT

Kenya to deport U.S. CMBS Deals; Assigns Rating Outlooks 02:01 PM EDT

New Ad Says Trade Imbalance is Driving the Collapse of the Global Economy 02:00 PM EDT

US gasoline demand down on economic woes-MasterCard 02:00 PM EDT

First Financial Northwest, Inc. 23 para. to Hold Third Quarter Earnings Conference Call 05:14 PM EDT

Innovative Solutions Support Announces the Vantage Cockpit/IP(TM) Display at NBAA 05:13 PM EDT

Chile stocks drop to 2-yr low, peso nears 4-yr trough 05:12 PM EDT

Gannett to Webcast Third-Quarter 2008 Earnings Conference Call 05:12 PM EDT

Second Annual Business Executive Summit to Focus on Retailing Solutions for Winning… 05:12 PM EDT

Vonage Holdings Corp. Short Selling Disclosure 02:00 AM EDT

REG-Bank of Georgia JSC Bank of Georgia Announces New Senior Appointments 02:00 AM EDT

PRESS DIGEST – Turkey – Oct 7 01:59 AM EDT

PRESS DIGEST – Wall Street Journal – Oct 7 01:58 AM EDT

Italy bank system “absolutely solid”-UniCredit CEO 01:58 AM EDT

UK Stocks — Factors to Watch on Oct 7 01:54 AM EDT

UPDATE 2-Gold rides on rising oil, extends 4 percent gain 01:51 AM EDT

Indian shares turn negative after rising 3.2 pct 01:50 AM EDT

ADB to aid energy-efficient building in China 01:49 AM EDT

Sampo says Exista decided to sell stake in it 01:49 AM EDT

South African Markets – Factors to watch on Oct 7 01:44 AM EDT

Toshiba in talks to buy Spansion -sources 01:40 AM EDT

Following Is a Test Release 01:30 AM EDT

Phase III Study Showed Rituxan in Combination with Chemotherapy Improved Progression-Free… 01:30 AM EDT

TREASURIES-Drop as RBA slash stokes coordinated rate cut hopes 01:26 AM EDT

Sicap 3rd Generation Loyalty Manager Goes Live 01:25 AM EDT

CORRECTED – CORRECTED-Crisis drives Nikkei dives to 5-year low 01:24 AM EDT

Bank rout impact on sharia finance is limited-Malaysia 01:24 AM EDT

RPT-Novartis says NVA237 promising in mid-stage trial 01:16 AM EDT

Seoul shares turn higher after RBA rate cut 01:15 AM EDT

Aussies protest airport “virtual strip search” 01:15 AM EDT

Novartis says NVA237 promising in mid-stage trial 01:15 AM EDT

NVA237 Phase II Results Presented at the European Respiratory Society Annual Meeting… 01:15 AM EDT

China hospital bosses fired in new baby death scandal 01:14 AM EDT

China hospital bosses fired in new baby death scandal 01:13 AM EDT

China to skip Oct petrol imports; to export 180,000T 01:09 AM EDT

HSBC Taiwan to invest more in Taiwan despite global crisis 01:09 AM EDT

Taiwan c.bnk says ample liquidity in banking system 01:09 AM EDT

China yuan tumbles vs dollar in NDF market 01:09 AM EDT

UBS lowers China 2009 GDP growth forecast to 8 pct 01:09 AM EDT

Taiwan protects customers of local AIG units 01:08 AM EDT

Shanghai eyes merging two big taxi firms -sources 01:08 AM EDT

South Korea finds melamine in 10 China-made products 01:08 AM EDT

China detains six suspected in milk scandal-Xinhua 01:08 AM EDT

Taiwan stocks hit over 4-yr low as financials dip 01:08 AM EDT

China stocks tumble despite govt support steps 01:08 AM EDT

HK shares fall below 17,000 pts, China stocks drop 01:08 AM EDT

More die as clashes continue in India’s troubled Assam 01:07 AM EDT

E.Lilly to pay $62 mln to settle Zyprexa case -NYT 01:07 AM EDT

European stocks seen 2-2.3 pct higher – bookmakers 01:07 AM EDT

Indonesia raises alert level of Sulawesi volcano 01:07 AM EDT

TABLE-Japan Aug coincident indicator index -2.8 points 01:05 AM EDT

Indonesia raises alert level of Sulawesi volcano 01:05 AM EDT

Bill Clinton vows to do what he can to elect Obama 01:04 AM EDT

Too early to tip next Treasury chief-McCain adviser 01:04 AM EDT

McCain-Obama debate draws 52.4 million viewers 01:04 AM EDT

McCain, Obama tentatively support bailout plan 01:04 AM EDT

McCain supports increasing deposit insurance 01:04 AM EDT

Obama urges bailout bill’s passage, offers plan 01:04 AM EDT

Kazakh ENRC to double investment to $6.9bln -report 01:03 AM EDT

Dexia rescue measures promised after shares dive 01:03 AM EDT

FDIC working to bolster fund for more bank failures 01:03 AM EDT

NY Fed to push ahead with CDS market regulation 01:03 AM EDT

Scotia buys C$2.3 bln CI stake from Sun Life 01:03 AM EDT

UniCredit shares fall after U-turn capital hike 01:03 AM EDT

Allianz invests $2.5 billion in Hartford Financial 01:03 AM EDT

Barroso urges EU states to coordinate crisis moves 01:02 AM EDT

BofA in $8.6 bln settlement over Countrywide loans 01:02 AM EDT

REFILE-WRAPUP 3-Lehman’s Fuld: Where was our US bailout? 01:02 AM EDT

TOPWRAP 12-Crisis hammers stocks, US urges unified response 01:02 AM EDT

Westpac says to cut variable rate by 80 bps 01:02 AM EDT

CGGVeritas Provides Vessel Utilization Update for the Third Quarter 2008 01:00 AM EDT

DIARY – Today in Germany – October 7 01:00 AM EDT

DIARY – Germany – to November 6 01:00 AM EDT

DIARY – Economic Indicators in Germany from October 7 01:00 AM EDT

Tesacom, Stratos and Addvalue Support Brazilian Elections with BGAN Mobile Satellite… 01:00 AM EDT

Following Is a Test Release 01:00 AM EDT

ILOG and Sodifrance Collaborate on Joint Solution for Legacy Modernization 01:00 AM EDT

Dassault Systèmes S.A.: Disclosure of Trading in Own Shares 01:00 AM EDT

Wavecom Comments on Gemalto’s Unsolicited Offer 01:00 AM EDT

Kiddicare Integrates PowerReviews and Endeca to Offer Unique Social Commerce Experience 01:00 AM EDT

Dassault Systemes: The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Evaluates Offshore Platforms… 01:00 AM EDT

REG-Business Wire Start of Day Message 01:00 AM EDT

Japan opposition leader Ozawa hospitalized: report 12:59 AM EDT

More die as clashes continue in India’s troubled Assam 12:58 AM EDT

More die as clashes continue in India’s troubled Assam 12:58 AM EDT

France proposes emergency G8 on financial crisis: report 12:53 AM EDT

CORRECTED – CORRECTED-AMD hives off factories in bid to fight Intel-sources 12:53 AM EDT

Last-gasp Longwell attempt lifts Vikings past Saints 12:51 AM EDT

France proposes emergency G8 on financial crisis-paper 12:50 AM EDT

Taiwan suggests SARS was China warfare plot 12:46 AM EDT

Report questions impartiality of SEC: report 12:46 AM EDT

Rio iron ore train drivers vote to strike 12:45 AM EDT

VIDEO: Dozens die in Central Asia quake 12:43 AM EDT

VIDEO: Afghanistan: 7 years after invasion 12:41 AM EDT

Royal Caribbean Cruises sells 50 pct in jv to TUI Travel 12:33 AM EDT

Softbank wins more users for 17th month in Sept 12:33 AM EDT

Platinum jumps more than 3 pct on bargain hunting 12:32 AM EDT

Following Is a Test Release 12:30 AM EDT

Indian shares rise more than 3 pct early 12:29 AM EDT

Report questions impartiality of SEC- NY Times 12:28 AM EDT

Thai police, protesters clash at police HQ 12:24 AM EDT

September consumer sales drop sharply: MasterCard 12:23 AM EDT

BOJ’s Nishimura in parliament from 0550-0631 GMT 12:21 AM EDT

Kazakhstan confident in oil sector despite crisis 12:19 AM EDT

PRESS DIGEST – Washington Post Business – Oct. Sept consumer sales drop sharply -MasterCard 12:01 AM EDT

ATT U-verse Introduces Total Home DVR in San Antonio, Taking ‘When You Want, Where… 12:01 AM EDT

Zagat’s 2009 NYC Restaurant Survey Finds New Yorkers Are Downsizing Dining Out 12:01 AM EDT

Recommind Secures Funding for Acquisitions, Continued Global Expansion 12:01 AM EDT

DIARY – Belgium to December 31, 2008 12:00 AM EDT

DIARY – Today in Belgium/Luxembourg – Oct 7 12:00 AM EDT

Following Is a Test Release 12:00 AM EDT

Arecont Vision to Demonstrate World’s First H.264 Panoramic Cameras at Security 2008… 12:00 AM EDT

Solyndra Reshapes Solar Panels for Commercial Rooftops 12:00 AM EDT

Entrepix Expands CMP Service Offerings in European Market 12:00 AM EDT

Brands Inject Wetpaint to Power Significant Traffic Growth 12:00 AM EDT

Research and Markets: A Company Profile of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited… 12:00 AM EDT

. airlines September traffic data 03:20 PM EDT Offers Fans Big Savings for AC/DC and Madonna Concert Tickets 03:20 PM EDT

Ex-UBS senior lawyer settles insider trading case 03:19 PM EDT

John Galt Solutions Introduces Consumer Centric Planning for Retail-Level Demand… 03:19 PM EDT

Financial crisis adds to September retail woes 03:19 PM EDT

Canadian Labour Congress: Working Families Demand a Fundamental Change 03:19 PM EDT

Essex Announces Release and Conference Call Dates for Its 2008 Third Quarter Earnings Results 03:19 PM EDT

PepsiAmericas Announces Third Quarter Earnings Conference Call 03:19 PM EDT

Fujitsu Rings-Up POS and Store Management Software for RadioShack 03:19 PM EDT

Singer-Songwriter Greg Copeland’s New Album Diana and James Released Today on Inside… 03:18 PM EDT

UPDATE 2-Ex-UBS senior lawyer settles insider trading case 03:18 PM EDT

Annual AD/HD Conference in Anaheim 03:18 PM EDT

UPDATE 1-Data show no stroke risk with Pfizer lung drug-FDA 03:18 PM EDT

PA Continuing its Support for Agriculture, Tourism with Latest First Industry Fund… 03:17 PM EDT

QualSec Responds to McCain and Obama on Bio-threat Detection 03:17 PM EDT

Three MS-13 Members Sentenced for Role in RICO Conspiracy 03:16 PM EDT

Yankee closer Rivera has shoulder surgery 03:16 PM EDT

Fed minutes: financial strains boosted growth risk 03:15 PM EDT

State Investments Helping to Develop, Strengthen Neighborhoods, Says Gov. Best Special Report: Companies Pressured by Higher Claims, Expense and Debt… 03:50 PM EDT

Vicious killings escalate in Mexico drug war 03:49 PM EDT

Setai San Diego Announces Executive Team 03:49 PM EDT

Soulo Communications Wins Three Graphic Design USA Awards 03:48 PM EDT Expands Talent Management Suite and Unveils Advanced Succession and… 03:48 PM EDT

Top Insurance Advertisers, Communicators, Market Researchers Headline 2008 Insurance… 03:48 PM EDT

Fitch Revises Outlooks on Five Brazilian Banks to Stable 03:48 PM EDT

Don’t use cold drugs in kids under 4: manufacturers 03:47 PM EDT

Entertainment Industry Veterans Headline Platinum Studios Advisory Board 03:47 PM EDT

Environment is a Key Element of Post-Conflict Stability, Say Experts at World Conservation… 03:46 PM EDT Launches Second Edition of Chefs To Know: A Guide to Chefs for Chefs 03:46 PM EDT

NYC lawmakers mull bill to raise term limits 03:46 PM EDT

Mexican Man Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking of Minors and Transportation for the… 03:46 PM EDT

RNC: ‘ACORN Office in Vegas Raided in Voter-Fraud Probe,’ From Associated Press 03:45 PM EDT

Brazil Lula urges crackdown on market speculators 03:44 PM EDT

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U.S. 9 03:11 AM EDT

Financial crisis drives Nikkei to 5-year closing low 03:10 AM EDT

Singapore govt to put Changi Airport under Temasek 03:09 AM EDT

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Blasts near Iraq ministry as U.S. grains go? 05:29 PM EDT

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Rainmaker to Announce 2008 Third Quarter Financial Results on October 30, 2008 06:30 AM EDT

Vical and AnGes MG Sign Letter of Intent for Pandemic Influenza Program 06:30 AM EDT

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Examine the U.S. President” 09:00 AM EDT

As Energy Costs Rise, Survey Finds Wisconsin Homeowners are Concerned about Home… 09:00 AM EDT

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. Joe Polastre to Speak at Wireless Sensor Network Forum on 10/8 at U.C. Debut on ION Television 10:10 AM EDT

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Olympics-London “getting to grips” with security, mayor says 10:09 AM EDT

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Largest U.S. Comments on Passage of HR 1424′s Geothermal Heat Pump Tax Incentives 01:43 PM EDT

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Jig-A-Loo’s Popularity Continues – Product Now Available on HomeDepot.Com 08:18 AM EDT

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According to Cutting Edge Information, Potential of Innovative Treatments Found as Primary Incentive for Patients to 08:17 AM EDT

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Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.0 Can Cut Costs of Unstructured Information by More Than 60 Percent 08:16 AM EDT

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Symantec Brightmail Gateway 8.0 Adapts to Environment and Starves Spam Connections 08:16 AM EDT

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RPC, Inc. Best to Discuss Ratings at ACLI Conference 03:39 PM EDT

NQ Exploration Inc.: Closing of $400,000 Flow-Through Private Placement With MineralFields 03:37 PM EDT

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UPDATE 1-NYC lawmakers to weigh bill raising term limits 03:37 PM EDT

Helicos Ships Genetic Analysis System To Stanford University 03:37 PM EDT

Buckingham Exploration Inc. calls for tougher financial regulation 08:31 AM EDT

eCopy Announces Office Equipment Channel Partners Best Practices Awards 08:31 AM EDT

Secrets of Finding Work Past Age 50 Is the Topic of Next Experts Connection Teleseminar 08:31 AM EDT

PKO raised $1.1 bln so far from new deposit offer 08:31 AM EDT

UPDATE 1-Maybank tenders for remainder of Indonesia’s BII 08:31 AM EDT

VoxSciences Integrates Voicemail-to-Text with Office Telecoms Networks via Strategic… 08:31 AM EDT

Poland analysing whether to raise bank guarantees 08:30 AM EDT

Nektar Therapeutics President and CEO Howard W. to present at IPAA Oil Gas Symposium 09:40 AM EDT

Secured Financial Network, Inc.’s Virtual Payment Solutions Subsidiary Announces… 09:40 AM EDT

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liveBooks Empowers World-Renowned Photographers to Expand Their Businesses, Gain Exposure 09:40 AM EDT

digiMedical Solutions, Inc. Joins the Midrange Alliance Program 11:00 AM EDT

The Brazilian GNU/Linux Insigne Momentum 5.0 Operating System Strengthens Brazilian… 11:00 AM EDT

GS EnviroServices Announces Dividend 11:00 AM EDT

Neal Spector Guy Hepner Los Angeles Announce the Opening Date for ‘Labels’ 11:00 AM EDT

Smart grid company gets $75 mln in venture capital 11:00 AM EDT

MyPunchbowl Relaunches, Unveils Groundbreaking Design Studio 11:00 AM EDT

Telegent Systems Names Joe LaValle as Vice President of Sales 11:00 AM EDT

General Dynamics Awarded $66 Million by U.S

Backpacking in Southeast Asia: Packing Tips

Mason Porter

Mason Porter

The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher for Business Development. Visit at to know more about betting on sports and sports betting website
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2. Plus, if you plan to take advantage of one of the low-cost airlines that abound in Asia, the checked baggage weight limit is usually 15 kgs, or just over 33 pounds.

5. Multiple memory cards allow you to take many photos without worrying about finding the next place to upload.

For any backpacking trip, whether it be to Asia, Europe, Central America, Australia, etc., the space limitations are generally the same: one expedition-sized backpack and one day bag. It is also a way to conveniently let a lingering stranger know that you are not alone (even if you are) by saying loudly, “yes, I’m almost there,” or “I’m walking down Center Street right now, and I’ll meet you in five minutes.” Why no service? I didn’t want to actually use the phone, because it’s too easy to disconnect from your traveling experience. I wore the light, comfortable flip-flops everywhere–in the shower, out walking, to the beach, whitewhater rafting. I tried this, and spent too much time worrying about whether or not someone had seen me stash my laptop and was, at that very moment, breaking in to take it. I’d much rather forget a pair of $5 Target flip-flops in a hostel than a $100 pair of Tevas!

3. You’ll never be without a supply of fresh reading material!

Absolute Necessities: What to pack for a backpacking trip in Southeast Asia

1. Stick to colors that don’t show dirt as well.

4. “I’ll wear my Chacos when I go kayaking in Vietnam and tubing in Laos,” I thought. Anything you are uncomfortable wearing at home You know that pair of safari shorts hanging in the back of your closet? Leave them there! They will not miraculously become stylish, comfortable, and flattering upon arrival in Asia. Hardly. If you’re planning to do some serious water sports, bring tough sandals. An iPod with maximum memory and video capabilities The purist, idealist travelers out there will scoff at this one, saying, “but your iPod separates you from the culture.” I absolutely agree, but on a multi-month trip, sometimes that separation is vital if you are to remain a tolerant, positive ambassador for your country. Free up room in your backpack for fisherman’s pants from Thailand or an amazing Lao wood carving.

Four months of lugging too much stuff around the world has taught me one thing: pack light!

First things first: What NOT to pack for backpacking in Southeast Asia

1. A small camera and multiple large memory cards Buy one that allows you to change the resolution settings of your photos. Thinking of bringing an additional bag? Reconsider! I have countless entertaining memories of watching overladen backpackers struggle through crowded Asian streets, trying to avoid people, traffic, and pickpockets. It should be tough, light, and not so complicated that you’ll never use it. I’d simply pull it out, pretend to dial, and then hold a one-way conversation–an easy way to politely avoid making eye contact or conversation. How, I wondered, would I ever manage to narrow it all down to the few necessary items I’d need for a four-month trip backpacking across Southeast Asia?

5. I’ve used several models in the Canon PowerShot line, and have only good things to say. (Great, free service, Skype. The cell phone provided a non-confrontational way to get out of potentially dangerous or unwanted situations. A microfiber towel In the humidity of Southeast Asia, regular towels are bulky and can stay wet for days. Use your iPod as a connection–use one earbud and let your Thai seatmate listen to your favorite song with the other.. Internet cafes are literally everywhere. Occasionally, I was one of them. I do NOT recommend the Kodak EasyShare line, which doesn’t tolerate rough use or exposure to water. Bring a cheap phone to which you are not attached–leave the fancy, thief-attracting iPhones at home!

4. I’ve dropped them down cliffs, used them in rain and snow and sleet, shoved them in open backpack spaces—and they still perform beautifully. On days when you’ve been chased by street vendors, hunted for hours in the heat for an open hostel bed, and spent even more time throwing up last night’s curry dinner, a retreat to your favorite music or a rerun of The Office is a lifesaver. (As a solo traveler, I try to avoid confrontations lest they lead to more dangerous situations.) My phone allowed me to avoid pushy street vendors, sketchy men, irritating tourists, etc. In four months, I didn’t even take the much heavier Chacos out of my pack, much less wear them. Check it out!) As it turns out, I didn’t once use it for that purpose, but it proved to be a useful deterrent. A cell phone with no service Hands down, this was one of the best things I brought when backpacking in Asia. This applies largely to solo travelers, but can also be useful if you will be alone at times. Store photos online with a service like Picasa, or load them onto your iPod (see Absolute Necessities section).

3. More than one pair of sports sandals On my last trip, I brought a pair of sturdy flip-flops and my Chaco trail sandals. An iPod (or other music device) will store your photos, serve as entertainment for long bus/boat/train rides, and is a great way to connect with other travelers and locals. Originally, the plan was to use the phone to get numbers to call from my Skype account. A sarong Use it as a scarf when it’s cold, a cover-up for the beach, modesty when visiting temples, a light blanket for over-air-conditioned trains/buses, a sheet when the hostel bed/pillow doesn’t look quite clean, something to sit on at outdoor events, an impromptu towel, something to wear back from the hostel shower…the list goes on and on.

Six months ago, I sat in despair on my living room floor, surrounded by my belongings. A laptop/big, expensive camera Unless you are a professional writer or photographer, leave them at home! You’ll spend more time worrying about where to store them (believe me, you won’t want to carry them everywhere–even the lightest laptop gets heavy after 8 hours of walking) than you will actually use them. Clothing, camping equipment, electronics, books, and shoes (oh, so many shoes) littered every surface. More than two books They’re heavy, hostels often have book exchanges, and other travelers are always willing to trade. As a solo, blonde, female traveler in Asia, I received a lot of unwelcome attention. Otherwise, cheap flip-flops are more than adequate, and you can always find another pair in Asia to replace them when necessary. White clothing In the heat, humidity, and dirty confines of your backpack, white clothing will not stay that way for long. Hostels in Asia often advertise lockers, but they are frequently beat up and unmonitored. Microfiber towels are light, compact, and dry quickly.